The Wandering Eye part 2

Erik and Sharon passionately began what became their longest and most intense session of sex ever. Sharon seemed much more sure of what she was doing than ever before, much more knowledgeable, bringing Erik to heights of sexual pleasure that he'd never experienced. Every time he began to think he was finished, she would do something to keep him going.

"Oh my God," Erik gasped out in dazed amazement.

"I don't know where I learned to do that," Sharon told him with a sultry smile, then beginning to try something new, making Erik gasp out louder, "Or that..."

And at the same time, Sharon seemed more confident of what it was that she wanted as well and gently guided Erik into giving her just that. As much as she delighted in giving pleasure to Erik, she made sure that it was returned.

Eventually, Erik and Sharon both pushed themselves until they were both well spent, then they curled up next to each other, exhausted but extremely satisfied. And soon after, they drifted off into the peaceful embrace of sleep.

When Sharon awoke from her brief nap a short time later, she discovered that the bed was empty and that Erik had left it before her. However, as Sharon could hear the TV in the next room, there was no question as to his whereabouts.

"Wow," Sharon muttered as she thought about the great sex that they'd just had. It had been absolutely incredible. "This new body must really have inspired both of us," Sharon grinned.

Then Sharon turned to admire herself in the mirror again, making sure that it hadn't been some dream. But her reflection was still that of the gorgeous woman that Mrs. O'Reilly's magic potion and Erik's wandering eye had turned her into, much to her relief.

Turning away from the mirror, Sharon started putting some clothes on, having to use Erik's sweats for the moment as she had outgrown all of her own clothes. She was tempted to take a shower first, but she wanted to save that for when she and Erik could do it together. And besides, she rather suspected that they would be getting wild again before too much longer.

"I'd better give him a little while to recover," Sharon laughed.

Still smiling at the thought of all that the gypsy's little misunderstanding had given her, Sharon made her way to the kitchen. While there, she poured herself another glass of that delicious wine, then noticed the small tray of Hershey's Kisses that was sitting on the table. And at the moment, they certainly looked appealing.

"Maybe just one," Sharon told herself, carefully taking a single kiss and opening it in a delicate manner which was quite different from her normal method of quickly tearing the wrapper off. However, Sharon didn't notice that, nor the unusually well mannered way in which she carefully picked it up with the tips of her nails, being careful not to let her actual fingers touch it as she placed it in her mouth.

"Oooh, that's good," Sharon sighed after eating the heavenly chocolate. The rich chocolate flavor made her moan slightly as it dissolved in her mouth. She didn't remember them ever tasting so good before.

Sharon smiled, licking her lips absently before taking a sip of her wine and deciding to go check on her husband. She was curious as to what he was up to. After all, she thought to herself with some amusement, what could possibly be more interesting than her.

When Sharon stepped into the living room, she saw Erik sitting back on the couch and watching TV. She stood there for a moment, staring at the screen until she realized what it was that Erik was watching. It was that old Supergirl movie.

For several minutes, Sharon just stood there, watching the movie silently from behind Erik. And as Sharon watched the young super heroine using her powers on the screen, an idea began to slowly form in her mind. Sharon frowned, absently flicking her hair back as she thought about it.

"I wonder...," Sharon finally mused aloud.

As Sharon stared at the TV, she couldn't escape the idea. It had formed as just a brief curiosity, but the more that she thought about it, the more interesting it became.

"I wonder," Sharon continued, "if that potion works on fictional characters..."

Sharon didn't know the answer to that, though it did seem pretty unlikely. Of course, the whole concept of magic potions and being able to absorb other women's characteristics were both extremely unlikely. Sharon didn't know if it would work...but she had to try. It was far too tempting not to.

"You know honey," Sharon bent over and whispered into Erik's ear, "The way that she can do that stuff is amazing...." Then Sharon gave a sexy smile and added, "Don't you think that girls with super powers are really incredibly sexy..."

"Uh huh," Erik nodded absently. However, the thought had gotten through and he stared at the super heroine with a new interest, wondering what it would be like to have sex with a woman like that.

Sharon let out a faint gasp as the dizziness and tingling suddenly hit her, rushing through her entire body. And as she stood there, the sounds around her seemed to become more alive. Sharon's hearing was expanding, with the sound of a humming from the TV becoming more distinct while the very pounding of Erik's heard was now clearly audible to her.

At the same time, everything that Sharon could see suddenly snapped to with a new crystal clarity. Sharon could make out details in things that she had never noticed before, such as the tiny scratches on the coffee table which she normally would have bent over close to with a magnifying glass to clearly see.

"Wow," Sharon gasped in amazement, completely overwhelmed by the drastic increase in her senses, in the new awareness of her surroundings. It was unbelievable and she never would have imagined that she could see so many things, or hear such tiny details.

And then, Sharon was abruptly aware of the new energy that filled her body to near bursting. She could feel it, a raw burning vitality that seemed to supercharge her entire being. And once she was aware of it, Sharon let out another gasp, wondering how she could have missed that filling her.

Then Sharon's amazement was interrupted by the realization that something strange was happening on the TV. Or at least in the movie. Supergirl had suddenly collapsed to the ground, and Sharon was pretty sure that this wasn't supposed to happen in the movie.

Erik gasped, "What the...?" He blinked, knowing that this wasn't supposed to happen in the movie. For a moment, he just stared at the screen in confusion, wondering if this was supposed to be some sort of directors cut version with deleted scenes or something.

Sharon just smiled at the sight, then picked up the remote and turned the TV off. "I don't think you need that anymore," she told Erik, then surprised him by turning and leaving the room.

As soon as Sharon stepped outside, she paused, taking a deep breath and smiling at the awesome feeling of power that filled her. It had worked. She had super powers... And she burst out laughing in delight.

Knowing that she had to try them out, Sharon concentrated just a little bit and felt herself pull away from the ground. She was floating, and with a tiny bit of concentration, she was shooting straight up into the air, then flying high above everything. It was all so effortless.

"I can fly," Sharon cried out excitedly, nearly crying from joy. It gave her such a sheer sense of exhilaration and freedom...

Sharon looked down at the ground which was such a long distance below, yet could still see everything and make out all of the details, thanks to her super eyesight. Then she sped up, flying a bit further before finally landing back to the ground, miles away from her home.

"I can't believe it," Sharon stared down at herself, seeing that her clothes were a bit torn from the wind stress while flying. "No wonder super heroes wear spandex... Nothing for the wind to catch on and tear off..." Except for the capes, she reminded herself absently.

After just standing there for a few more seconds, Sharon decided to go back home. She was about to take up into the air again, to go flying a little more, but smiled instead and decided to try something else. She mentally crossed her fingers, then started running.

Everything around Sharon seemed to go to a standstill as she raced down the street. A bird seemed to be frozen in mid-flight, a little boy in mid stride of his frozen bicycle. Sharon covered the miles between where she had been and her own house in mere seconds, though it did seem just a little longer to her.

"Holy shit," Sharon exclaimed as she stared down at herself, her borrowed sweats shredded even worse than before. She had just run miles...and wasn't even breathing hard. In fact, she didn't feel the least bit tired at all. "This is great..."

Then Sharon confidently started for the basement, knowing exactly what she wanted to do next. She got to the basement door and was surprised when the metal handle actually squished in her hand, as though made of clay...soft clay. Sharon stared at her hand in amazement, and then the bent and twisted handle.

"How strong am I?" Sharon whispered, making a mental note to be a LOT more careful from then on. She certainly didn't want any accidents like that while hugging Erik. She shuddered at the very thought.

Sharon shook her head slightly and continued down into the basement, stopping just in front of Erik's weight set. There was already a bench full of weights set up, with more weight than Sharon could possibly lift...normally. But after what had just happened with the door handle, she was suddenly pretty sure that this whole weight set wouldn't be too much trouble for her.

"Let's see," Sharon started, picking up the loaded bar with one hand, and staring at it in amazement at just how light it was. She loaded it up with all of the remaining weights, then tried again, being hard pressed to notice any increase in weight whatsoever. It felt as though she was lifting nothing heavier than a can of Diet Coke.

After this, Sharon turned her attention to the exercise machine that was sitting just a few feet away. It was one of those multiple exercise weight machines with built in weights. Fortunately, there was a way to attach extra free weights as well, so Sharon went and did that, loading it up with as much as she could put on it.

"That should do it," Sharon announced.

With that, she reached for the machine. Sharon made absolutely no attempt to sit on it and use it as it was intended, being pretty sure that it wouldn't do much good. Instead, she put her arms around the machine itself and lifted, pulling the whole thing off of the ground, extra weight and all, then pressing it above her head. She could tell that it was a bit heavier than the free weights that she'd already lifted, yet it still seemed pretty light.

"I can see that it's going to be hell looking for a real workout," Sharon mused as she carefully set the machine back down. "Maybe I should do a car next..."

While Sharon was considering her options, Erik remained on the couch, staring at the blank TV in stunned confusion. He had been trying to make sense of the extra scene that he'd seen in the movie before Sharon had turned it off, but he was even more confused as he tried making sense of what had happened with Sharon. He still didn't have any explanation for what had happened.

"I'll have to talk to her about that when she gets back," Erik thought aloud as he glanced back to where Sharon had left a few minutes earlier. "That's an explanation that I'm just dying to hear..."

However, as Sharon was doing something or other at the moment, Erik decided that he might as well occupy himself until she came back. He couldn't resist smiling in anticipation though as he thought about that, wondering if maybe the explanation could wait until another bout of sex. That had been absolutely amazing. And the way Sharon had done new things to him... Unbelievable.

Erik shook his head, deciding that he definitely needed a distraction. He turned the TV back on, though quickly changed to a different channel since he didn't want to have to think about that weird scene that he'd seen in Supergirl. It took Erik only a few seconds to realize that he'd ended up watching Attack of the 50 foot Woman, the newer version with Daryl Hannah. And he'd come in on the movie halfway through.

While Erik watched the movie, he smiled faintly as he thought about what Sharon had whispered to him earlier about women with super powers being sexy. If women with super powers were sexy, didn't that make giant women sexy too? And as he stared at the character on screen, he had to admit that he could definitely see the possibilities.

Sharon smiled as she looked down at the metal bar which was laying on the floor in front of her, bent severely out of shape. Just a minute earlier, it had been the barbell from Erik's weight set, though she didn't think that it would do her any more good so had decided to test her strength on it in another way. It had bent in her hands without any effort.

"I wonder what Erik will think of my new powers," Sharon thought to herself, feeling a tiny stab of worry that he might get afraid, but excited at the same time. It could be a LOT of fun. "And I wonder which powers I should try out next..."

Then Sharon let out a sudden gasp as she felt the dizziness hit again, followed by the tingling which rushed through her entire body. It was so strong...just as strong as when she'd gained her new super powers such a short time ago.

"What's Erik...?" Sharon started.

However, Sharon paused when she realized that her borrowed clothes were getting tight on her...extremely tight. They didn't pinch, though Sharon suspected that was probably due to the invulnerability which she had assumedly gained from Supergirl.

"I'm growing," Sharon gasped in surprise as it dawned on her.

But before Sharon had even finished saying that thought, the sweats that she was wearing, already torn from the stress of flying and running at super speeds, could not contain her growth and tore apart, falling away from her expanding body. Sharon gasped as the clothes fell away, shocked and confused as she continued to grow, her head getting closer and closer to the ceiling so that she had to curl up just to keep from hitting her head. And still she grew...

"What's going on?" she demanded, though there was no answer. Not that she had expected any. However, it was obvious to Sharon that Erik must have looked at another woman...though who...and what could be making her keep growing was another question.

Sharon was completely stunned as she continued to grow, the small basement becoming more and more cramped, making her gasp at the confines. And still Sharon grew larger, her body swelling outwards, expanding until there was absolutely no more room for further growth in the basement.

"Oh God," Sharon gasped out.

And with that, the basement could no longer contain Sharon and the ceiling burst from her pressure against it. Sharon instinctively stood up to escape the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in a tiny box, tearing the rest of the house above apart with her still increasing size. Wood and debris from the collapsing house tore at her skin, though didn't leave so much as a scratch, thanks to her recent invulnerability.

Sharon quickly scrambled out of the wreckage of her house, climbing out of the debris and then standing up straight once she was clear. She didn't seem to be growing anymore. It had stopped... Then a loud gasp escaped her lips as she looked around, suddenly realizing just how big she had become.

"Everything is so small," Sharon exclaimed in surprise.

For a moment, Sharon just stood there, silently staring down at the roof of the house next door...a two story house. The cars on the street looked like toys. And as Sharon looked down, she gulped estimating herself to be maybe 50 feet tall.

Then Sharon realized that she was naked and vainly attempted to cover herself, until she just as quickly remembered exactly what she now looked like. She was completely gorgeous and had absolutely nothing to be shy about. If anything, she should be proud of her body and more than willing to show it off.

"Get an eyeful," Sharon muttered, knowing that anyone who looked at her certainly would. She did feel just a little embarrassed though as she remembered that kids might be watching as well.

But as Sharon turned, looking at the destroyed house which she had just climbed out of, she suddenly froze. A gasp of horror escaped Sharon's lips as she suddenly remembered... "Erik..." He had been inside the house.

Sharon stared at the wreckage in increased horror, a massive wave of guilt washing up inside of her. It had been her growing that had destroyed the house... She had been so freaked out that she had stood up, destroying everything.

"If I'd only stayed curled up," Sharon whimpered, her heart racing as tears began pouring down her cheeks... But then Sharon took a deep breath, telling herself to stay calm, though it wasn't easy. "Super powers," she reminded herself, grasping onto that tiny bit of hope, "I have super powers..."

With that, Sharon concentrated, staring at the house and focusing on the power that she wanted. Suddenly, everything shifted and she let out a faint gasp as she was actually looking through the building, through the surface rubble and at the stuff beneath.

"X Ray vision," she mumbled as she concentrated, frantically using her new ability to look for Erik. Then she saw him, letting out a sigh of relief as she saw that he was moving. "He's all right..."

Erik was safe inside a large pocket in what was left of the living room. Much of the room had been collapsed, though fortunately at least a third of it was more or less intact. Or at least intact enough to protect Erik, though he was still trapped inside.

Sharon let out another sigh of relief, "I'll get you out..."

After taking another deep breath, Sharon carefully moved over to the part of the house that Erik was trapped beneath, being careful not to put her weight against anything that could cause it to collapse and kill him. Sharon used her heat vision to burn through several spots which she thought might hang, then carefully lifted a large section of the roof out of the way.

"What the hell," Erik gasped as the ceiling began moving away from him.

Erik had been terrified enough when what appeared to be some sort of horrible earthquake had caused the house to collapse. He had been trapped inside, safe for the moment and desperately praying that Sharon was all right...that she hadn't been killed in the collapse. Now suddenly the house above him was being pulled away.

However, as shocked as Erik had been by both the collapse and the ceiling being pulled back, he was even more so by the sight of an absolutely enormous Sharon bending down over him...holding up the roof. She let out an obvious sigh of relief while it was all that Erik could do not to feint.

"Sh...Sharon," Erik gasped in disbelief. At the same time, a thought quickly ran through his head that this wasn't really any more unbelievable than the other changes that had happened to her.

"You're all right," Sharon sighed, holding the roof with one hand while reaching down for Erik with the other. He tried to struggle a little bit, but it did little good. Sharon was going to get him out of there, even if he was too stunned to realize that it was for his own good. "Don't worry honey, I've got you..."

Once Sharon had Erik out, she dropped the roof then stared at him in amazement. Her husband was so small in her hand. He was no bigger than a doll. Sharon couldn't believe it.

For a minute, Erik just remained motionless in Sharon's giant hands, staring at her in shock. It was his Sharon, of that he had no doubt. She had the same gorgeous face and body that he'd made love with such a short time earlier, but she was MUCH....MUCH larger.

"Sharon?" Erik asked nervously, intimidated by her sheer size...and he realized, the power that came with it.

Sharon smiled shyly, "It's me honey. I've just put on some weight..." That joke was enough to ease the tension a bit and have Erik smile back.

Erik looked around uncomfortably, especially at how far it was to the ground. Then he asked, ""

"Shhh," Sharon winked down at him, "There will be time for that later, my cute little man..."

Then as Sharon stood there, she suddenly realized that nothing could ever be the way it had been again. Not for good or for ill. She glanced down at the complete wreckage of their house, knowing that this was gone, that she'd never be able to go back to work...or do anything normal again now that she was so huge.

"Oh Erik," Sharon sighed, thankful that at least she still had her husband. He might be a little small to fully satisfy her anymore, but he was still the man that she loved and she was going to do everything that she could to make him happy.

With that, Sharon pulled Erik into her massive breasts, then turned her mind to what she should do next. It was immediately obvious that there was no longer a place for her in the normal world. She could easily have passed for normal with just super powers, but not as a giantess.

"We're going on a little trip," Sharon told Erik with a gentle smile, making sure that he was safe and secure. And as soon as she was confident in that, Sharon took to the air, then began flying south, continuing to hold Erik to her breasts as she did so. "I think that it might be a good idea to keep you from looking at other women for awhile..."

Since Sharon obviously couldn't remain in the normal world as she was, she thought that it would be best if she created a place where she did belong...she and her adorable little husband. Sharon decided that she would find a nice deserted tropical island...a BIG deserted tropical island where she and Erik could live together, happily ever after. Her extensive powers would ensure that she could find one as well as get them whatever they really needed.

"This is one way to take care of your wandering eye," Sharon mused to Erik as she flew towards their new home, and with a gentle smile, she continued, "And since it's just going to be you and me for awhile, I just hope that you can handle the woman you served to create..."


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I always enjoy your stories. Part 1 was great but i didn't expect anything else, but i knew it when I've read "I just wish that the features he stares at were mine..."

It's nice to read a new story from such a great author and i can't wait for your next story. You do working on one, don't you?

sry for my bad English^^


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