Slave Girls From the Planet Nurtz pt. 3

Te’Durghyen stared up into the cloudless blue-green sky. His tiny eyes and prominent brow were perfectly suited for life on this semi-arid planet. As he stared, his eyes moved quickly, as if he were tracking the flight of a tiny insect. The black dots he was following, grew suddenly larger and larger, and then practically disappeared again into the sky.

Then, one seemed to be coming down practically on top of him. The tiny speck grew and grew, until it’s shadow covered Te’D and a large area around him. The Turgentoi soldier merely scowled as it approached. “Finally,” he mumbled to himself, “maybe now I can get something to eat!”

“I heard that,” came a voice out of the shadow.

“Well, it’s about time!” Te’D hollered back, “You been playing with that thing for the last two hours. And although the galley on that ship is not very large, it’s the only food around. And I’m very hungry.”

A large woman with bright blond hair was silently descending with Taylor’s cruiser held above her head. “Sorry, but my new powers are just so intoxicating.”

“Well that’s fine for ...” Te’D stopped abruptly. He quickly swept the skies again with his trained eyes. Kar’La was holding the the cruiser. He counted three other women practicing loops and dives. Where’s ....

“Heads up,Te’D!” Suddenly the big man was whisked away in the strong hands of a fifth woman. She had been practicing low flying maneuvers, trying to sneak up on her prey and had completely caught him off guard. In mere seconds, he was lifted hundreds of feet off the ground. Te’D braced himself for what he knew in the back of his mind was coming next.

Suddenly, Te’D felt himself launched like a missile toward the stratosphere. He was strangely calm about all this, maybe because Ca’Mel’A had done this to him several times over the last day or two. After traveling upward for a mile, his velocity slowed down. Just as he was about to begin his descent to the surface and certain death, he was cradled in the muscular arms of Carmella Espinoza and nestled against her bountiful breasts.

“I would never let anything happen to you, Te’D,” Carmella smiled at her passenger.

“You are very thoughtful, Ca’Mel’A,” Te’D practically rolled his eyes, “and I’m glad that you were thoughtful enough to launch me into space before I had a chance to eat lunch. Could we go back now?”

“Sure thing, sweetie,” Carmella swooped and dove back to the cruiser, giving Te’D the equivalent of a super roller coaster ride.

Through it all, Te’D was stoically calm. He had come to expect the unexpected, now that he had helped to create a band of superwomen. All in all, they weren’t a bad lot. Young, excited about having new found freedom after years of slavery, excited about their new powers. Marveling at the latest changes to their bodies. Constantly amazed at what they could do.

Carmella set Te’D down gently where she had scooped him up moments ago. Karla Nielsen, the tall, thickly muscled blond who had been flying around with the cruiser in her hands (and alternately balancing it on her toes while she hovered upside down) was in the process of placing the ship back where it had been left abandoned years ago. As the ship settled back to the ground, it sagged a little where one of the landing gear struts had been ripped out.

Te’D sighed as he passed by the two women and headed into the galley to find some food. Karla and Carmella ignored their sullen friend as they excitedly compared notes about their flying abilities. The two women could not have looked more different. Karla was tall, not as tall as Te’D, but alt least 6’10”. The muscles across her shoulders and arms were staggeringly huge and defined. She wore a skin tight outfit that exaggerated her already exaggerated physique. Her hair, knit in a kind of Swedish braid, was a brilliant blond that caught the sunlight and nearly glowed. She looked for all the world like a very feminine version of a certain God of Thunder.

Carmella, on the other hand, was only 5’ 6” tall, and had the build of a middleweight bodybuilder, not exactly in the same league size-wise as the other women. But her beauty was breath taking. Tight curls of raven colored hair cascaded past her softball size shoulders and framed her amazing light brown face. She was the daughter of an Irish mom and a Mexican dad, and had inherited the best genetics of both nationalities. Carmella had discovered that although her muscles looked quite a bit smaller than the other women, when she flexed them really hard, they could double, even triple in size.

In one way, both women were extremely similar. Their tits were enormous. Both had responded to the treatment received on the way to Nurtz by growing basketball sized breasts overflowing with mother’s milk. The subsequent transformation into Krystarr females had diminished their assets only a little. They both looked like they had more than enough breast flesh for any six average Terran women .

Karla was Swedish. She had been an exchange student at Red Rock High. She had stood 5’ 8” back then, a decent athlete with a quick smile and a pretty Scandinavian face. She had picked up English quickly and was even better than Taylor at learning new languages. There was nearly an international incident when she “mysteriously” disappeared. But like all the rest, with time and enough government money, her family had moved on. For some reason, maybe her favorable genetics, the Med-Tronique 5000 worked especially hard on her physique. And when all was said and done she was by far the largest and strongest of all of the new superwomen.

After chatting for several minutes and comparing notes on their flying techniques, Karla and Carmella gently flexed their pecs and began to rise off the ground. With a little harder flex, the two girls sped off to catch up with the others. It had been Marissa who had discovered the secret to flying. After the robo-doc had finished with her, she had done a super speed search through the on ship computer and any other one that was networked to it to find out anything at all about the Krystarr. While analyzing the functions of various organs found only in Krystarr women, she had hit upon the notion that two small organs buried within the breast tissue might have been developed to allow for anti-gravitational maneuvers.

Marissa tried different ways to activate the organ’s abilities, but couldn’t figure it out. Only when she walked onto the bridge and began using her muscles to crush the metal bar did it occur to her that flexing her muscles, and specifically her pectoral muscles, would stimulate the organ and activate her flying.

It didn’t take the two women long to figure out how to control their flying abilities. And they soon discovered that there were limitations as well. Since the organs acted against gravity, they could only fly while in a gravitational field. No interstellar trips back to Earth were possible. They could also only lift a limited amount of weight along with their own bodies. It seemed to be dependent on the size of their organs and their own strength. Although Taylor was clearly the stronger of the two women, Marissa had larger organs, but neither could actually fly with something as large and heavy as the cruiser, however Karla could. Karla was not only quite a bit stronger than Taylor, she also possessed rather large organs in her chest. This enabled the young Swede to fly with incredible amounts of weight.

Satisfied with their new found ability to fly, Taylor and Marissa set about looking up any of the girls that had been taken with them from the raid on Red Rocks High. They were able to locate only three others from the original eight that were taken that day, Carmella, Karla, and Stacie Smith.

Stacie Smith had always been sort of an odd girl. She never wore up to date clothes, she was tall, skinny, and awkward. On top of that, she was a below average student and she always tried her best to just be invisible at school. When the Turgentoi captured them, she was so confused she just sort of shut down and went along willingly. But the alien hormones that were given to her did more than increase her boob size. Her intelligence somehow was sparked as well. By the time that Taylor flew into her tiny apartment and offered her a chance to escape, she had not only mastered several alien languages, she had also learned the Obernorcans complex computer code and was able to program the most sophisticated computers on the planet (no small feat - the Obernorcans had amassed their great wealth by creating the universe’s most popular computer programs and then keeping the code a secret so no one else could work on it). She had also designed an electronic key that deactivated and opened her slave collar. She wore the deactivated collar when in public, just to avoid detection.

When Stacie went through the superwoman process in the medi-lab on Taylor’s ship, her brain was the first thing to be affected. The Med-Tronique 5000 sensed her innate mental abilities and, while constructing an average Krystarr female physique, it endowed her a far above average intelligence. In fact, Stacie Smith was now one of the most intelligent bipeds in the universe (of course the puny brain of a humanoid could never compare with the exquisite mental capabilities of a race such as the Videons from the Aetari System, who have given up nearly all of their physical existence in the pursuit of pure intelligence, or the race known as Dolphins from the planet Earth). Still physically a little behind her fellow Terrans, she was far beyond them mentally.

Back in the cruiser, Te’Durghyen was just getting ready to tuck into a nice hot lunch when the five superwomen came strolling into the small dining room, chatting excitedly. They pulled up chairs around the only table. It was a table designed for four Obernorcans, so it easily could accommodate six big Turgentoi. However, with the massive muscles and breasts that these women now possessed, Te’D felt a little squeezed for space, especially since Karla had seated herself next to him.

“I’ve been working on something of a plan,” Taylor announced to the assemble group. “It’s time to strike back against the Obernorcan’s slave trade.”

“Even though we’re super powered now,” Karla spoke up, “it’s still going to be be five against a whole planet. What can we do?”

“Not five,” Taylor replied, smiling at Te’D, “there are six of us here.”

Te’D stared straight ahead past his lunch. He wasn’t liking the sound of this plan.

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Please sir can we have some more?

Great story! I love the transformation into superbabes and their feats of superstrength in particular. Thanks for this great series, man!

Human trafficking is a big problem these day and slavery of girls is one of it. Women should be respect and love because they are the one who holds are future. - Feed the Children

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