Sister Surprise 01 - Coming Home

Sister Surprise by Smalls 000
(posted Oct 23rd 2007 on "MAK'S Female Muscle Stories" geocities page)

Josh had been off to college for four years straight. He grew up in the cornfields of the Midwest and went to California for college. His parents came out and visited him a few times, but he never returned home to Indiana once. He left as a skinny 18 year old, and is now returning as a skinnier 22 year old, as he ran 4 years of track and cross country in college. When Josh left for college he was about 5’2 1/2,” 115 lbs. He didn’t think too much of it, because he was a fast runner, and his 14 year old sister at the time was still smaller than him by a couple of inches. Josh and Hannah never got along. Josh was a bully, and Hannah was a pest.

Now, four years later, Josh is returning to Indiana to live at home until he finds a job. Josh and Hannah haven’t seen each other in four years, and now she is a full grown 18 year old, about to start her senior year. The last thing Josh remembers of his little sister is a pesky five foot tall 14 year old that he would bully around whenever he pleased. Walking off the airplane, Josh had no idea what he was about to see waiting for him in the airport. Standing there, towering over both his parents, was his 18 year old “baby” sister, Hannah. Standing next to their parents, who are both around 5’7, Hannah looked like a giant. While Josh was gone for four years at college, Hannah had an unprecedented growth spurt and had become much more serious about basketball, volleyball, softball, and weight lifting. Josh was breathless. Hannah was now a woman of 6’3 inches. She was wearing tight jeans and a skimpy light pink tank top that revealed a significant portion of the massive breasts she had developed. The high heeled shoes she had on must have added 4 inches to her height and made her 6’7.” Josh didn’t even know what to think. Her legs were longer than anything he’d ever seen before. Her boobs were huge and round. She had long flowing brown hair, tanned skin, perfect makeup, and manicured nails. Mostly though, he was blown away by her arms and shoulders. They were huge. Her arms were thick and smooth with biceps and triceps bulging out. Her shoulders were big and defined, like those of a linebacker. Hannah was now a beautiful, powerful woman. Josh was stunned. He wasn’t even sure what to do when she approached to give him a hug. His face was perfectly level with her breasts. They hugged him firmly, squeezing his face right between her enormous breasts. At this moment, he realized what she was doing. She was sending him the message that she’s the boss now. No longer will Josh be picking on her.

In the car on the way back to the house, it was mostly filled with friendly talk about what had been happening since they had all seen each other. Inevitably, the size discrepancy was brought up by Hannah.

“I see you’ve kept up your running…you sure don’t look any bigger. How much do you weigh now, Josh?”

He didn’t really see the point in lying. “Well, I’m at about 105.”

Hannah laughed, “and you’re how tall?”

“Five foot four.”

Hannah chuckles again. “Remember last time we saw each other, and you were bigger than me. Because now, I’m 6’3, 215 lbs. That makes me 13 inches taller than you, and I weigh over twice as much as you! Your baby sister’s all grown up!”

Josh becomes uneasy inside, and then their father decides to pipe up.

“Ha, yeah bud, you better watch out. She’s been beating me in wrestling matches since she turned 16. Just the other day, your mother timed it, Hannah had me pinned in 7 seconds, using just her left arm! Guess how much she’s bench pressing now!”

Josh felt sick. He didn’t want this conversation to be happening. He pretended to be asleep so it would stop. Josh had a fear inside of him though. As much as he knew that Hannah could make his life miserable now, he couldn’t stop looking at her and thinking about how she looked. Throughout college he had secretly been adoring muscular women. Now he would be living a beautiful muscle woman. He had no idea what she was capable of. He had never been so aroused in his life.

He needed some time to relax when he got home, so he hopped in the hot tub. Sure enough though, after about 20 minutes out came Hannah. In a string bikini with a thong bottom, Josh would have paid a million dollars for her not to be his little sister. She stood up on the edge of the hot tub about to get on and she looked like the hottest of the fitness models and bodybuilders Josh had ever seen on the internet. She had chiseled 8 pack abs and this bathing suit revealed the nicest pair of breasts that Josh had ever seen. Her legs were just as thick and chiseled as her arms.

“I forgot how little you are Josh. It’s weird that you’re my big brother. Looks like roles have kind of changed. Ha ha.”

When they were younger they would always put their hands up against each other’s to see whose was bigger. Hannah’s hands were always big and they were close to the same size of Josh’s little hands. Josh put his hand up, which were small even for his size. Hannah had big, strong hands with long fingers and perfect French manicured fingernails. Each of her fingers were at least about at inch and a half longer than Josh’s. He felt like a child next to his little sister.

“So, are you going to get back at me for all the stuff that I did to you back when we were younger?”

“I’ll probably kick your ass once or twice, but I know you’ll like that anyways.”


“I see what’s going on in your pants right now.”

Josh blushed.

“That’s what’s even funnier. You never dreamed that your little sister would look like this, did you?”


“Josh have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Uh, no…why?” Josh had no idea what was going to happen next. His little sister pulled him towards her and attacked him with her lips. Half of Josh was leaping on the inside because he was making out with the hottest woman he had ever seen. The other half of him didn’t know what to do, as this woman was his 18 year old little sister. They made out for nearly an hour. Josh loved it and hated it. He wasn’t even able to escape if he wanted to. The only thing that stopped them was finally Josh convinced her that this was not the best idea.

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