She proved that she is stronger than me - part 1

I am married to a beautiful woman in her mid thirties, five feet ten inches tall with an athletic build from years of swimming. We met in college and I was in love at first sight, a blond, with broad shoulders and who could water ski for hours. After getting married and starting our family I always encouraged her to continue her dedication to fitness - even joing a gym. She resisted,although she is the most competitive women I have ever met, she certainly sets her own agenda.

Her excercise regimine has always been the morning push ups, sit ups and a nice five mile run before breakfast. That dedication and fortitude provided her a fit and toned body.

Off and on I would kid her about looking strong and maybe someday I could see how strong - I suggested we could arm wrestle. My words seem to fall on disinterested ears, when finally, maybe only to shut me up, she agreed. We decided that that later after the kids went to bed we would try our test of strength. Later that night I reminded her of her promise and she pulled up a table in the den and said let's go.

I sugested she change into a sleevelss top so I could see her arms in action - fully thinking she waould resist - but she quickly agreed and minutesd later retuned in a great halter type top. Wow, she looked terrific, so confident and in control as she sat at the table awaiting her opponent.

We assumed the arm positions and grasped hands, I could feel her grip tightening as I said GO. We both sort of increased tension, but as I soon realized her arm was remainign vertical and she certainly wasn't straining as much as I was. I would relax and increase my pressure, but she persisted to hold her position. After a measurbale time my arm began to slightly tremble and I could feel my strength waining, yet she remained undaunted. As I tried and regroup she simply smiled and as I weakened, she slowly pulled my arm to the table in triumph.

I sat back, excited by feeling her strength, watching her mucles work and experiencing a strong woman defeating her husband in the manly test of strength. I expressed my amazement that she was able to win so easily and she explained that she could have held my arm all night long - "There is no way you can win!" she decried.

Undaunted, I pleaded that we try again - so we wrestled for nine more times, right and left handed and each time she held out as I weakened and then won again. As we sat there for the last time, she slowly raised her arms in a bicep pose and flexed. "Any time you think you can defeat me, just come right ahead - these little ladies will prove me stronger every time!" With that she arose and left me hard and excited wondering when we could do this again.

As I walked ito the bedroom, my wife was standing in front of the mirror and clad only in her bikini panties, she was flexing again watching her biceps swell and ripple. Proudly she admired the scene and realizuig that she had opened a door to female superiority in our family. decalred "God that felt good".

As I found out later - she had plans for much more!!

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