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In an idyllic Amish county near Preston, Minnesota; children born in the spring of 1991 were considered very fortunate. The native crop of corn and wheat had been bountiful that year and the community of about 8500 people had traded their surplus to the outside 'English' country. A total of 300 boys and girls were born but only a group of 4 children belonging to 3 close knit families were growing up in a relatively wealthy setting. Their families as all other Amish families did not have the trappings of 'Outside Life' but lived well. The had more native beer and meat to feed their children.
Two boys and two girls, growing up together in this community, did everything as a group. Thomas and Grace Shachtman were twins born during the third week of February. Paul Hostetler was born 3 fortnights later. And the cute brunette Jodi Bouman was born the month immediately after. Thomas and Grace were pale and had blonde hair just like their mother. Paul was odd in the fact that he had a difficult time being healthy. He was sick most of his first and second years. He was thin and had curly black hair. Jodi was the most vocal of the four. She screamed for attention and was the first to walk. The twins walked after that while Paul was always lagging.
They grew up together, played outside and were the brghtest of kids. Jodi seemed almost tomboyish, while Thomas grew up to be a big boy. Grace always stuck to her books and Paul was always by her side mostly resting because of his weak predisposition. But they all played together and were a constant team. The prayed at church and helped their parents with their chores. Their parents often ate together and hence these children were almost ever apart.
When they were ten Paul seemed to be in good health while the other three were always stayed healthy. Jodi seemed to be growing more and more beautiful while Grace always played down her features. The boys Thomas always seemed to rebel against their customary beliefs and practices. But nonetheless followed the unspoken rules. In the eyes of their parents they were just the perfect set of children. Then came the age of courtship.
The kids were turning fourteen in the summer of 2005, but while all the other children in the community were trying to court a mate, our group seemed oblivious. They turned down offers and courtship from other children. The parents thought that the 4 of them would eventually end up marrying each other. But Thomas, Paul, Jodi and Grace had other plans. They felt the small community was restricting their spirits. They soon started talking of what would define their lives, The ritual called Rumspringa.
Life after 14 was led in anticipation of their 16th birthdays. The girls were developing into full grown women. Grace was more full figured with good sized breasts and a good posture. She was the object of desire of many a boy in the community. Jodi on the other hand seemed to be more outward. She was tight and fit and had a medium sized cleavage. She was tall at 5'7" and 2 inches taller than Grace. Thomas was hunky while Paul was lanky. Paul's childhood troubles didn't show but manifested in a closed personality. Thomas was outgoing but Paul was more reserved. Thomas was nearing 6 feet in height and Paul wasn't far behind at 5'10".
The four adolescents did all their chores, farming, carpentry and house building. They were really looking forward to being out in the real world. The days rolled by and the kids couldn't contain their excitement. On Thomas and Graces 16th, their parents hugged them and said that no matter what life they chose, their prayers were always with them. Thomas left for the world ten days later. He promised to write every week. Jodi kissed him on the cheeks and said good luck. Paul gave him a good hand shake while Grace just hugged him tight. Jodi asked Grace, "Why aren't you going? We've waited so long for this day." Grace just smiled and said, "I'm not ready yet. Maybe we'll leave together." And just like that Thomas had left.
When it was Paul's turn, the girls were in for a surprise. "I'm not going outside with you all", Paul said with a look of disappointment. "I don't think I will survive".
"Nonsense", said Jodi. "We'll all be together just as were. We'll help you", said Grace. "No! It's Ok", said Paul. "I'm not going. But when you do leave, don't forget me. Write as
often as you can. Remember the stories we've hear. About the ones who never come back here", he said factually.
That night Jodi went home and locked herself in her room. She couldn't understand why Paul wouldn't go. They still hadn't heard from Thomas. But she knew that she wanted to leave. She knew for sure. She opened her closet and looked in. There was a large full length mirror. She removed her clothes at a hastened pace. She then stood naked, the
candlelight above her, illuminating her figure. She was beautiful. Her tight trim body was almost muscular. She had a fit tummy with a trace of muscular prominence. Her arms were well shaped. Her waist was small and her chest was large. She then reached down between her legs and touched herself. She wanted leave because she wanted to feel pleasure. The kind that was frowned upon in her life in Preston. She knew the outside world was her answer.
The next day, Grace and Jodi talked about what they would do on the outside. Jodi wanted to work and study. Grace said that she wanted to be happy before she thought about going with her. Paul seemed to be left out of these conversations. He was staying. Then it was Jodi's turn. The day couldn't come fast enough. Jodi was packed and all set. She went to Graces home and waited outside. Grace then packed and they walked out of their home together. Paul watched from inside the walled compound and waved.

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Good start. I guess I'll ask the main question, will any muscle growth be coming up in the next installment? Ya, I get inpatient, ;)

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Young Amish cutting loose was an idea I played with
years ago, but never got around to writing. I'll have to
read the whole thing this week.

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