Regis and Kelly meet Superman

Regis and Kelly meet Superman

Note: This story was started at AmazOns quite a while ago. I finally got around to finishing it.

Chapter 1.

On location at Superman Day

Regis “And we’re back, live at Superman Day here in Metropolis.”

Kelly “That’s right Rege, and we’re here with the man himself looking over some items he uses to work out with. And I’ve got to tell you, these are MUCH bigger than the weights I use.”

Regis “Ha-ha. Of course they are. Now Superman, why don’t you describe to us what some of these items are.”

Superman “Sure thing Regis. This bar over here has 100,000 pound plates on it. Each plate is 10 feet in diameter and two feet thick. With 5 plates on each side, it’s over a million pounds with the weight of the bar included. It’s really more for show that anything else, but it looks pretty cool when I lift it.”

Regis “Ha-ha. Of course it does.”

Kelly “Now Superman, what is this bar over here? There’s no weight on it.”

Superman “Ah yes. This bar is made of the strongest metal in the galaxy, forged in the pits of Apokolips. This was a gift from the New Gods. Only one other bar like this exists and is in Darkseid’s palace. Even I can’t bend it. And while the bar is only three inches thick and 10 feet long it weights 50,000 pounds. This is the bar I use in my fortress for serious workouts.”

Regis “Ha-ha. Of course it is. Now why don’t you explain how you get such a muscular physique? Everyone has noticed that at times you look big, but other times you look incredibly buff.”

Superman “Well, my body can build up muscles pretty quick. I can get bigger just by flexing really hard. Call it super expansion. For example, I can flex my bicep from 16 inches all the way up to 24 inches if I really put my mind to it.”

Regis “Ha-ha. Of course you can. And after the break, you and Kelly are going to flex up together to see if you can get any super expansion from her muscles.”

Kelly “Yeah, this ought to be great for my ego.”

Regis “Ha-ha. Of course it will.”

The producers and stage hands jump onto the set during the break, checking make-up and bringing over a bunch of metal bands. Kelly pulls off her jacket and sweat pants and the crowd oohs and ahs as she curtsied in her red and blue shorts and a red and blue tank top with a familiar S on it. Kelly flexes her right bicep for the crowd and Superman reaches over and gives it a gentle squeeze. Kelly winces in pain and releases her flex.

Superman “That’s a cute little bicep you have there.”

Kelly, rubbing her arm. “And that’s a tight little grip you have there.”

Superman snickers and moves toward the next staging area. Kelly mumbles about “men” under her breath.

In an office directly across from the set two men struggle to set up seats and check out the view.

Thug 1 “I told you we needed to get here earlier. Look, they must be half way done with the show.”

Thug 2 “Yeah, yeah. Who knew traffic would be this bad. Have you got the window open?”

Thug 1 “Yes. Do you have the gun?”

Thug 2 “Pffff. Of course I have the gun.”

Thug 1 “OK. Do you know how to use it?”

Thug 2 “Uh, I think so. It doesn’t look too bad.”

Thug 1 “What do mean you think so? You took the gun because you said you knew how to use it.”

Thug 2 “Hey, don’t get all over me. I’ve got ADD. I have a hard time focusing. Now let’s take a look at it.”

Thug 1 “Do you even know what ADD is?”

Thug 2 “Just shut up and help.”

Thug 1 “OK, it looks like a pistol with some sort of dial on the side and switch next to it.”

Thug 2 “Oh yeah, now I remember. This switch is up when we point it at Superman and down when we point it at Toro.”

Thug 1 “Ha! Toro. What a funny name for a super villain.”

Thug 2 “Hey, he’s paying us, isn’t he? And once he gets Superman’s powers we’ll all be rich.”

Thug 1 “So what’s the dial for then?”

Thug 2 “The gun copies Superman’s powers and then multiplies it by the number on the dial. At least I think so.”

Thug 1 “Let’s see. The numbers go from 1 to 10. So what do we set it to?”

Thug 2 “I dunno, 10 I guess. That way he’ll be 10 times as powerful as Superman.”

Thug 1, looked through a set of binoculars. “Oh look, the camera’s coming back on. Get lined up. Are you sure you can aim from here?”

Thug 2 “It has a sight on it doesn’t it? Besides I’m an excellent shot.”

Thug 1 “I’m better.”

Thug 2 “You are not. Now shut up.”

Thug 1, mumbling under his breath. “Am too.”

Regis “And we’re back! We’re here at Superman Day in Metropolis and Superman is about to work with Kelly and show her how he can flex up really big muscles.”

Superman “That’s right. And I have a few rings that we can use to try and break through.”

Regis “Ha-ha! Of course you do! And Kelly, you look awfully fetching in your little Superman sports gear. Given to you by Superman by the way.”

Kelly “Yes, it’s what all the fashionable ladies are wearing to the gym these days.”

Superman reaches down and picks up two rings and hands one to Kelly. Kelly struggles to hold it up.

Superman “Now these rings are 22 inches in diameter, two inches wide and are made from tempered steel. I have several others ranging from 36 inches to 72 inches for flexing up my thighs and chest, but for now we’ll just concentrate on biceps.”

Kelly “Wow, this is pretty heavy.”

Superman “Well it is a half inch thick and weighs 20 pounds. Now just slide it over your arm up to your shoulder and hold up your arm to get ready to flex your bicep.”

Kelly, struggling, as the ring hangs low on her comparably thin arm. “OK, what’s next?”

Superman “Now all you do is start bringing your forearm up and down like you’re curling a weight, holding the flex hard for a moment each time, pulling more muscle into your bicep.”

As Superman and Kelly begin pumping their arms, an invisible beam strikes Superman.

Thug 1 “So how do you know if it’s working?”

Thug 2 “Uh, what now?”

Thug 1 “You don’t know do you.”

Thug 2 “Don’t distract me, I’m aiming.”

Thug 1 “How do you even know if you’re hitting him. Oh, wait, a light bar just turned on. Oh, and now another one.”

Thug 2 “How many bars are there?”

Thug 1 “Um, it looks like 5. Oh wow, it’s already on four.”

Thug 2 “Good, then I’m almost done.”

As the last bar filled up, a loud beep came from the gun. Thug 1 reaches over, knocking the gun and flipping the switch.

Thug 2 “Hey, watch it.”

Thug 1 “Sorry, my bad. I just wanted to turn off the noise. Hey, what happened to the bars?”

Thug 2 looks at the gun. “Did you flip the switch?”

Thug 1 “Oops. Uh, does this mean it discharged?”

Thug 2 “Oh no. If it did, who did it discharge into?”

Kelly smiled weakly as her pumping was causing her bicep to fill with blood and look more defined, but it certainly wasn’t getting any bigger. She looked over with envy as Superman’s muscle continued to grow.

Regis “Oh look Superman, your bicep appears to have gotten a lot bigger. How are you doing over there Kelly?”

Kelly “Not so good Rege. My arm looks about the same. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.”

Regis “Of course you are. You’re not Superman.”

Kelly scrunched her face in mock disgust, wishing that she could show both men up, but knowing she never could. Sighing, she looked over at Superman with growing jealousy as he slid the ring tightly over his now bulging bicep.

As the invisible beam hit Kelly she took a deep breath, momentarily losing her balance. She closed her eyes as a roar filled her ears, followed by voices. Many, many voices that she soon recognized as everyone around her. Regaining her balance, she held still, picking through the voices until she settled onto just two.

Thug 1 “What do mean the gun is dead?”

Thug 2 “Well sparks shooting out of it pretty much told me that.”

Thug 1 “What are we going to do? The boss will be pissed.”

Thug 2 “About what? The fact that he’s not getting Superman’s powers or the fact that someone out there is now 10 times as powerful as Superman.”

Thug 1 “Uh, the first one?”

Thug 2 “You idiot. Now give me your cell phone, we need to call him up.”

Thug 1 “I thought you had a cell phone.”

Thug 2 sighed. “Well yeah, I have mine. I uh, just don’t know how to use it.”

Thug 1 “ADD?”

Thug 2 “Shut up and give me a hand.”

Regis “Kelly are you alright? Superman is about to snap his band. Should be pretty exciting.”

Kelly, opening her eyes and smiling knowingly, stopped flexing and slid the ring off her arm, chuckling to herself at how light it felt. She casually slid it back up to her shoulder. “I’m fine Rege. I can hardly wait.”

Superman smiled at them, nodding his head and looking at the camera. “So you see, with less than a minute of pumping, my bicep is now over 20 inches around.”

Superman flexed down hard and his bicep swelled bigger, stretching the band taught and with one last hard flex, snapping it with the sound of a gunshot. Holding his pose as those around him ducked, his bicep stood firm at nearly 24 inches in circumference.

Regis “Wow. Super fantastic! How did you do Kelly?”

Kelly, smiling with authority, walked over toward Superman.

Kelly “Not so good Rege. But I’m willing to give it another try. Now Superman, how did this go again?”

Superman, taken aback from the change in script, looked confused, but just went back to his previous statements. “Uh, you just need to pump your arm a few times and the muscle will expand.”

Kelly, moving her 5 foot 2 inch thin frame close to Superman’s 6 foot 4 massive body, brought her arm out straight and clenched her fist.

Kelly “Well you see Superman, when we did the first flex I didn’t have a super powers like you, so of course my bicep didn’t get any bigger. But it seems that I’ve just become ten times as powerful as you, so this time we should see some action.”

Superman gave her a quizzical look that soon turned to surprise as Kelly slowly brought her forearm up. The sound of volcanic magma cooling into rock began to emanate from her arm as her small bicep began to add inches of incredible, detailed muscle, building up bigger and more defined as her fist inched upward. Superman’s eyes widened as Kelly did her best to hide her surprise. Sure she was boasting about super powers, but this was more than she had dreamed possible. And Superman didn’t create this sound when he expanded his muscles. Was she really 10 times as powerful as Superman? Smiling as her confidence grew, she watched as her bicep continued to expand at an incredible rate just by bringing her forearm up.

The further Kelly’s forearm crept upward the larger her bicep grew. Her nicely defined 9 inch bicep had now morphed toward 12 inches. As her forearm crossed 45 degrees, the bicep continued to expand at a super human rate, approaching 14 inches around. Her bicep was already bigger than most fitness stars and as big as many female bodybuilders her size. And the more mass that was added, the more defined her bicep became. A clear bicep split had come into view, while muscle fibers usually reserved for contest level bodybuilders pressed their way forward. A few veins began to snake around her bicep, pulsing to the surface.

Kelly “Well what do you know? My bicep IS getting bigger. And by the sound of it, my bicep must be pretty darn strong. It took you nearly 50 repetitions to add 8 inches to your bicep Superman. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve added over 5 inches with my first pump. Over a 50 percent volume increase in one moment versus nearly a minute for you. And I haven’t even finished my first flex yet.”

Superman continued to stare at the burgeoning bicep muscle on the tiny talk show host, wondering how this was happening, why the sound of her flex was so intimidating and just how big she was going to wind up.

Director “Holy crap, camera one, zoom in on her bicep! Camera two, lock in to both her and Superman. His look is priceless.”

As her forearm finally reached vertical, the sound quieted, and her bicep, once a “cute” little muscle that was admired by many, had expanded into an incredible rippling mass of female might, bulging up above the plane of her arm and pulsing with vitality. Her tricep had added mass along with her bicep, giving her arm a balanced shape built up to 16 absolutely awe inspiring inches. Her body, already low on fat, allowed the details of her bicep to crystallize into a textbook mound of muscle. Small veins worked their way around her throbbing muscle as the bicep split was now a small cavern etched across her perfect peak.

Kelly “So was this was what I was supposed to do? Is this what you meant Superman?”

Superman’s jaw dropped open and Regis looked like his eyes were about to leap out their sockets.

Superman “Uh, yeah. Just like that.”

Kelly “Mmmmmm. Then one more flex ought to knock this baby as big as yours, eh Superman? Should I move the band over my bicep now? I’d hate to outgrow the ring after just two flexes.”

As Superman stumbled for words, Kelly smiled at him and pulled the band over her bicep. She then brought her arm back down.

Kelly “Better safe then sorry. Get ready Rege, we may be seeing some history being made.”

Regis in full bug eyed mode, but still the consummate professional, smiled weakly and nodded his head “That would be something all right. Good luck Kelly.”

Kelly looked at Superman, still stunned by the unforeseen events, and then back at her bicep, wondering herself if she could add even more mass to a bicep that looked larger than it had a right to be on her small frame. But as she slowly brought her forearm back up, the air filled with the same granite forming sound, signaling that more growth was not only possible, but inevitable. Suppressing a giggle, Kelly marveled as her bicep began to grow once again.

The vision was out of comic book as muscle fibers expanded across her arm and build on top of each other, crystallizing into a massive form that was quickly approaching the size of Superman’s pumped up arm. Within seconds her 16 inch bicep was approaching 20 inches with her forearm pulling up to 45 degrees. The band became taught against the raging female power and seemingly endless potential. Kelly’s smile grew wider as she could feel her strength build with her increase in size. The once heavy band begin to stretch against her bulging bicep, adding another delicious sound of muscle superiority to her burgeoning power.

Kelly “Better duck everyone, it looks like this baby is about to blow!”

And right on queue, with her forearm still not reaching vertical, the band stretched to the limit, snapping off with a bang and flying off her mega muscle, exposing the huge rippling bicep for all to see.

As her forearm continued to work upward, her bicep continued to expand in every direction, while her tricep belly drew deeper. By the time her now strapping forearm reached vertical, her arm had added 8 inches of raw female fury, blowing her bicep up to 24 inches around, looking sexy and poetic on her small frame, yet frighteningly powerful at the same time.

Kelly “Gee Superman, I’ve gotten more expansion out of my bicep with just two flexes that you could out of yours after a minute of pumping. I’ve more than doubled the size of my bicep. In fact, my bicep now looks to be as BIG as yours. Why don’t we compare?”

Chapter 2.

Superman, now looking nervous and wondering if this was a practical joke, blinked hard, then moved in and flexed his arm back up next to Kelly’s. Sure enough, they were about the same size. But Kelly’s bicep was more defined and better shaped. Superman’s arm was smooth and bulky, Kelly’s arm looked harder and stronger. Her skin rapped tight around her huge bicep, highlighting petrified muscle fibers and small pulsing veins.

Kelly “Why sure enough. Just two flexes and I’ve already matched the size of your super arm with your best flex. And I’m a foot shorter and over 100 pounds lighter. Oh, and I’m just a girl. Isn’t that right Rege.”

Regis was beside himself, nearly drooling as he was building up his first Viagra free boner in 10 years. “Oh, you’re more than just a girl Kelly.”

Kelly flipped her hair over her shoulders. “Oh, how sweet.”

She peered over at Superman, who was still holding his flex. Sliding behind him she looked for the camera and made sure her arm was directly behind Superman’s. Slowly pulling her forearm back down she oozed confidence.

Kelly “Now what do you suppose will happen if I flex down again? Can my bicep possibly get any bigger? Bigger than yours Superman’s? As big as old Arnold used to flex? Let’s find out!”

This time a rumbling began to emanate from her arm as she tensed her small fist. Her forearm expanded quickly, filling up with nuclear powered blood and grinding to 6 inches wide. The rumbling pick up intensity and began to shake the stage as Kelly brought her forearm up, infusing mega strength into her bicep as the density of her muscles increased well beyond what any human or super human has ever experienced before. The volcanic noise finally crescendoed with a loud crackle and a thunderous boom as her bicep blew up beyond human capacity, adding more mass to her bicep than any being had ever flexed before. Muscle fibers pulsed, expanded and multiplied at an alarming rate, adding inches of mega muscle to her overloaded arm. Her peak built up and up and up, rising higher and higher above Superman’s muscle like the morning sun against the horizon, adding mass beyond reason, strength beyond imagination and size beyond belief. Her bicep was soon towering over Superman’s peak, eight inches higher, ten inches higher, 12 inches higher. As the volcanic sounds quieted, her bicep peak pushed up toward her wrist, pressing her forearm back and rising up over her shoulder, finally settling at 46 inches of the biggest, strongest most awe inspiring bicep muscle ever flexed. The crowd, huddled around TV screens and watching from the street below, was going nuts. Kelly was blowing away the Man of Steel!

Kelly. “Now how’s that for a flex? Why if I didn’t know better, I’d say that my bicep is now about twice your size, Superman. And on my petite frame it looks rather impressive wouldn’t you say?”

Superman, shocked beyond words stared wide eyed at the sight of the glorious, humongous bicep before him. Kelly snickered and reached her other arm up to his bicep.

Kelly. “But don’t feel too bad Superman. Your bicep is still pretty big. It must be pretty hard too.”

Rubbing her small hand along his bicep, she reached his peak and tensed her fingers. And with just one small squeeze from Kelly, Superman gave out a small yelp as her fingers began to penetrate his previously invulnerable muscles. Kelly snickered and squeezed down harder, digging into his muscles as though they were made of warm Play Do. Superman winced in pain, released his flex and dropped down to one knee. Kelly released her bicep flex and smiled, holding her pneumatic grip.

Kelly. “Awe, what a cute little bicep you have Superman. But it seems to be a bit soft. Perhaps you need to up your workouts.”

Kelly gave one last squeeze, driving her fingers through his bicep, tearing his muscle roughly until she reached his bone. Superman groaned in pain and dropped to both knees and bent his head down. Laughing, Kelly leaned forward as his arm moved down and released her grip. Superman fell to the ground at her feet with a thud, reaching over to grab his battered arm.

Kelly looked down at him with satisfaction and dominance. Sure she wasn’t acting in the best interest of the show at this point, but the incredible power pumping through her body was intoxicating. If she could do easily drive Superman to his knees with a gentle squeeze, who could stop her from doing whatever she wanted? No longer acting as the courteous hostess, her thoughts were on showing Superman up. And in front of a huge audience too!

Eyeing the other rings lying near her, she grabbed one marked 48 inches and stood back up. Looking at the camera, Kelly smiled and turned her head to her muscle bloated right arm. Bringing her hand down, she slid the large ring up to her bicep and licked her lips with anticipation. Even unflexed, the muscles built up previously hadn’t reduced down that much yet. The ring fit snuggly over her gigantic bicep as there wasn’t much room to spare.

Kelly “Now this ring is 48 inches around. Twice the size of the ring Superman recently snapped. It already looks tight on my, well, gigantic bicep. And from what we’ve witnessed so far, I would image that it doesn’t stand a chance against my mighty muscles.”

Pulling her forearm up a bit, the ring creaked and squealed as her bicep began to consolidate. Smiling at the camera again Kelly gently pulled her forearm up, once again causing the stage to rumble as her mighty bicep began to grow.

Kelly. “So if this is a 48 inch steel band.”

Bringing her forearm back up her bicep expanded quickly, adding inches of super powered muscle to her already impossibly sized bicep, stretching the ring taught around her humongous muscles. As the metal screeched, vainly trying to contain Kelly’s towering bicep, she looked into the camera, blew a kiss and with the flick of her wrist, shot her bicep peak up several inches, blowing off the band with an ear splitting BANG and sending her bicep peak rising up to new, unheard of heights, up and over her fist, pressing further against her thick forearm and hard against her buffed out shoulder. The crowd responded with thunderous applause and cheers. Kelly held the pose, reveling in the situation.

As the excitement from the crowd reduced a bit, Kelly smiled sexily toward the camera.

Kelly. “Then his must be a 52 inch bicep! I’d wager there isn’t a man alive with a bicep this big, eh Rege?”

Regis, being held up by two stage hands. “Uh, no Kelly, I would think not.”

Director. “Oh crap, Regis has soiled himself. Camera 3, stay tight on Regis, don’t go too low. Camera 1, get a tight shot of that bicep with Kelly’s face. Nobody is going to believe this.”

Kelly held her pose as the sound of digital cameras from the crowd snapped against the murmur of disbelief. Turning to gaze at her bicep, Kelly laughed at the fact that she had to look UP to see her bicep peak. A mountain of female super muscle stared back at her, pulsing with untold strength and power, bulging up a foot and half tall and showcasing uncountable muscle fibers, imposing ridges and a network of pulsing veins. She wondered if she could flex it even bigger, but as she glanced back toward the camera, she noticed that the rest of her body hadn’t been keeping up. Releasing her flex, a disappointed groan built up in the audience and Kelly snickered. With Superman still at her feet she bent down and smiled at him.

Kelly. “Well I guess we’ve shown everyone who the real Super one is on this stage. And whose got the bigger, harder bicep. But I need a little more balance. I can’t be ALL biceps.”

Kelly brought her arms up high and bent them slightly at the elbows. She smiled down at Superman, who looked like he was in shock.

Kelly. “I’m guessing just one good body flex should fix that. I believe this is what is called a crab pose.”

As Kelly pulled her arms forward, the muscle expansion over her entire body shook the city block in a sensory display of grinding rocks, expanding super muscle tissue and low frequency explosions.

Kelly, smiling down at the beaten Man of Tomorrow. “I don’t remember your flexing causing such a commotion. Perhaps I’m MORE than 10 times as powerful as you, hmmmm?”

As her fists reared forward waves of super muscles blew bigger on her small frame. Standing on her toes, her legs crackled as heart shaped calves pushed outward, expanded and consolidated into twin 20 inch balls of might. Her thighs puffed larger, growing thicker as they quivered and formed into two pillars of beef, 42 inches around, rippling with cords of muscles stacked together into massive, detailed mounds of female muscle perfection. Her abs, already showcased with a six pack, remained narrow, but became harder and more defined as her stomach morphed into a 10 pack of deeply separated blocks with sexy, rippling obliques. Her narrow, densely muscular waist curved up into expanding lats that pushed her muscle loaded arms out a bit. Flexing her arms forward fiercely, her triceps bulged obscenely, blowing out nearly 11 inches thick and lined with stacks of muscle fibers. Her forearms expanded to 8 inches wide and her biceps balled up like twin volleyballs against her growing chest. Her tank top pushed outward as her pectorals blasted bigger, stacking inch thick planks of raw muscle on top of each other, pressing hard against her outfit, pushing forward toward 14 inches thick. Her traps and shoulders bulged up with horrifying detail as she completed her crab flex, filling all available space on her upper torso, as she towered over the cowering Man of Steel in a display of complete and utter muscle dominance. Kelly was pulling forth size, density and raw, unchecked power greater than Superman had ever witnessed on any other living being, including Darkseid himself. And Darkseid was a 7 foot tall monster, while Kelly was a 5 foot 2 beautiful woman, making it even harder to accept.

Finally releasing her earth shaking flex, she stood back up and placed her hands on her hips, looking more heroic than Superman ever did on his best day.

Kelly. “Well would you look at this. It appears that I must be the real super one around here. I appear to be the woman with the biggest muscles and the hardest body. Who would have suspected this would happen? And on Superman day, no less.”

Superman could only look up with awe and wonder. She was right. Who had seen this coming? His thoughts focused on what her next move would be.

Kelly paused as the air grew silent once again and the crowd murmured. The stage hands had pulled up a desk for Regis to sit at and where helping him into a new set of pants. The producers had ordered everyone to stay out of Kelly’s way. The Director leaned forward as the camera men focused in.

Looking around, Kelly smiled, holding the live audience and a growing world wide television audience in her grasp. Flipping her hair over her linebacker thick shoulder, Kelly smiled back at the camera and then down at Superman. Her eyes sparkled as she decided her next move.

This would be wonderful.

Chapter 3.

Kelly “So, Superman, why don’t you help me out and give the audience a run down of my pumped up physique. I’ll flex up a muscle and you can run your fingers over it and see if you can squeeze down. This should give everyone an idea of just how powerful I’ve become.”

Superman looked up at Kelly to see eyes laughing with delight and control. Letting out a nervous breath and swallowing, he sat up, wincing at the pain he still felt from her “gentle” squeeze.

Superman. “Uh, sure thing Kelly. Then maybe we can discuss how this happened.”

Kelly brought her right foot forward and planted it hard on the ground, rotating her foot on her toes, ripping right through the tennis shoe and sock. She snickered and pulled her foot away, brushing the ruined material to the side. Quickly repeating the feat with her other foot, she stepped forward and brought her small bare right foot down, pointing her red painted toes down daintily on the ground. Blinking slowly for effect, she returned Superman’s narrow stare.

Kelly. “Perhaps we will. But for now, why don’t you describe this calf muscle to the audience.”

Thug 1. “No, hit recent calls.”

Thug 2, swatting Thug 1’s hand away and clicking on the keys, furrowed his brow. “I can hear you, you know.” He stared at the screen. “Uh, I don’t seem to see any.””

Thug 1. “Well have you called him recently?”

Thug 2. “Um, I don’t remember.”

Thug 1. “Oh for crying out loud.”

Thug 2. “You’re not helping.”

Thug 1. “And you’re an idiot.”

Thug 2. “Hey! I told you not to call me stupid. I just have a hard time focusing.”

Thug 1, glancing out the window at the pumped up Kelly. “And we are so dead.”

Superman reached out and began to rub Kelly’s calf.

Superman “Kelly’s calf is large, I’d say 22 inches around, it’s uh, incredibly detailed and heart shaped.”

Kelly “Is it bigger than yours?”

Superman “Uh, yes it is.”

Kelly, smiling with satisfaction. “Good. I could always flex it up bigger if needed, like this.”

Pausing to enjoy the situation and the sensation for a moment, Kelly twisted her foot again, jutting the large mass outward, squeezing a few more inches into her already massive calf, causing Superman to pause with disbelief.

Kelly. “And just how hard is my calf Superman?”

Superman sighed and began to push his fingers forward as he reached his large hand around her larger calf muscle. He began to groan as his fingers slowly turned white. He grit his teeth and pushed harder, popping the joints in his fingers. He let out a defeated sigh and looked back up at the smiling Kelly.

Superman. “Harder than anything I’ve ever felt before. I can’t even make a small dent.”

Kelly, twisting her head toward Regis and back to the camera. “So my muscles are not just bigger than Superman’s, they’re harder than Superman’s too. Harder than anything he’s ever felt.”

Regis. “That’s just wonderful Kelly. This is certainly quite a development.”

Kelly smiled and looked back down at Superman. “It certainly is. Now Superman, let’s work your way up to my thigh.”

Kelly began to tense and un-tense her thigh, infusing more muscle into her oversized quads each time. Superman reached up and laid his hands on her thighs, marveling at the fact that even un-tensed, he couldn’t penetrate her muscles and shocked that each flex pushed his arms back, even as he pushed forward with his prodigious strength.

Superman. “Well, these are the thighs of male heavyweight bodybuilder, only condensed down on a small female frame. The separation is shocking, the density is incredible and the thickness is greater than anything I’ve ever seen. The quad is easily 12 inches thick and two feet wide. Right now, Kelly’s leg is 50 inches around and growing. I’m pushing against it, but even unflexed it’s harder than I can penetrate and flexed, her thigh is like a steel statue.”

Kelly smiled again. “So, is my thigh as big around as your chest, Superman?”

Superman. “Uh, no, my chest is over 60 inches around.”

The familiar sound of volcanic rocks soon rose as Kelly flexed down hard, blowing even more mind numbing super muscle into her gigantic legs, pushing hard against Superman’s arms and knocking him back. He shook his head with disbelief. One hard flex had added 12 inches of muscle to her Herculean thigh. And to make it worse, it was ALL muscle. Every detail stood out in bold relief, mocking him, making him feel weak.

Kelly. “How about now?”

Superman, sitting back up. “Uh, now I’d say that your thigh is bigger around than my chest.”

Kelly turned her head around. “You hear than Rege? My little leg is now bigger around than Superman’s chest. Talk about your thunder thighs!”

Regis, pulling on his tie. “Yes. But your thigh looks to be all muscle Kelly.”

Kelly, scrunching her nose. “Why I do believe you’re right.”

Relaxing her flex, her leg muscles receded back down. Rolling her stomach, she nodded her head and Superman reached up once again, running his fingers across Kelly’s narrow, muscle filled abs.

Superman, clearing his throat. “Uh, Kelly’s abs show incredible detail, as each block is separated in bold relief with her skin pulled tight and not an ounce of fat to be seen. I would call them abs of steel, but I’d venture that they’re much stronger than that now. Even the sides of her abs are ridged with layers of imposing muscles.”

Kelly nodded, trying not to snicker. Superman was being quite cooperative. Kelly flexed her lats and Superman moved his hands up to the sides, reaching around a bit to get a feel of her bulging back muscles.

Superman. “Uh, Kelly has flexed up her back nearly four feet wide with dense muscles. Her lats are filled with slabs of incredible muscles bunched together, sweeping up from her narrow waist to her thick, imposing shoulders. I’ve never seen a torso to waist ratio this pronounced, giving Kelly a super muscular, yet still feminine look.”

Suppressing another giggle, Kelly relaxed her back and slowly tensed her pectorals, consolidating her upper torso into bulges, ridges and valleys of intense, gigantic female strength. Her top groaned against the onslaught of expanding female beef, but held up, stretching out across her upper body like a second skin. Superman pulled himself back to his feet as Kelly motioned her head to the side, signaling him to step away so the camera could get a full view. Smiling fully, Kelly pulled up her pectorals, pushing the 12 inch thick balls of muscle up near her chin. Her breasts, small by her own admission, seemed to have disappeared, replaced with muscle cleavage deeper than any porn star. The S stretched out comically and her nipples pressed forward clearly as the material could no longer hide them. But nobody seemed to notice as it was the muscles below that caught everyone’s attention.

Kelly. “Now Superman, could you describe my chest for the audience?”

Letting out another labored breath, Superman stepped forward again, looked around her back and cautiously cupped the side of her chest.

Superman “Well, Kelly, I’d say that right now, your chest is over 70 inches around and littered with more muscle than any man or woman I’ve ever seen. You’re back is wide and thick, and your chest is stacked with intimidating layers of awesome pectorals muscles. Your chest is sticking out over 12 inches and has pulled the top tight and away from your body, exposing deep, muscle laden cleave and powerful pectorals ridges.”

Kelly “Well, they do look much bigger than any Hollywood star I remember seeing. But let’s make sure.”

Kelly snickered with delight, flexed her chest down hard, infusing inches of muscle into her chest in seconds, as the sound of super expansion once again filled the area. 14 inch thick pectorals became 16, then 18, then 20 and with one final flex that shook the stage, Kelly’s Herculean chest blew out 26 inches away from her body, forming two massive balls of muscle, pressed together to create a four foot wall of pectoral fright. Her muscles pulsed with raw, unchecked power, producing a low level booming sound with each tense of her mega muscled pectorals. Superman’s hand shook with envy and fear.

Kelly, laughing at the ridiculous of the situation turned her head toward Superman. “Now HOW thick did you say my chest was?”

Superman, trying to maintain some composure, smiled weakly. “Well over two feet thick. The top has stretched into a narrow band across your chest, exposing the gigantic ridges and deep striations of the top and the bottom of your pectorals. I can’t think of anyone with a chest this thick, this muscular or this detailed.”

Kelly “And just watch what happens when I give them a little pulse.”

As Superman held his trembling hands against Kelly’s mighty pectorals, the soft booming intensified as her muscles flexed and flowed, pushing up inches and re-consolidating bigger and thicker, touching her chin and pressing up higher and further away from her smiling, glowing face to the point where she could no longer look straight ahead. Superman’s hands were pushed back as he felt the muscles reposition with no hopes of pressing into them. The crowd was going nuts, cheering with support and disbelief.

With a feeling of satisfaction, Kelly let out a soft breath and released her flex, watching with interest as her muscles receded once again. She reached out to pull the top back to position and released it with a snap. Pushing her hair over her huge shoulders, Kelly looked back over toward Superman and pursed her lips with anticipation.

Kelly. “And lastly, let’s flex up my bicep one more time. Last time, I believe it was up to 52 inches or so. Let’s see what I can muster this time.”

But instead of just flexing up her arm, Kelly turned toward the surprised Superman, twisted her arm down and tensed her fist, aiming her bicep right at the Man of Steel. With this one hard flex, Kelly succeeded inflating her muscle almost instantaneously with a low frequency explosion, expanding her bicep into an enormous mass with one flex to over 60 intense inches around. As her bicep continued to expand at a phenomenal rate, Kelly snickered as her roaring peak slammed into Superman’s midsection with a loud thud, bending his large frame forward as he expelled his breath with a grunt. Kelly twisted her arm and her bicep back up, lifting Superman off his feet, hanging the helpless superhero over her gigantic bicep as though he were a child. Satisfied with her initial salvo, Kelly turning her body to face the camera once again, flashing another beautiful smile for the audience. The camera pulled back to take in the improbable sight of Kelly flexing up a bicep bigger than a watermelon, with enough power to hang Superman over her mighty peak with ease. His legs and arms dangled toward the stage as his behind faced the camera.

Kelly. “Now this should be quite a test. Let’s see how high I can pump up Superman with my girlish, cute little bicep.”

With his midsection already up above her head, Kelly had blew her bicep to 72 inches in circumference with one super powered flex. Setting herself and trying not laugh at how easily she was humiliating Superman, Kelly brought her forearm back down and grit her teeth, building up her strength for her next flex.

Kelly. “I’ve already flexed up a bicep that must be bigger around than my height, and many times bigger as when I first started. Superman could only muster a small increase compared to mine. Just this flex alone must prove that I’m already more than 10 times as powerful. But I still think I have some more muscle left to unleash. It’s time to give a Superman a ride!”

Bringing her forearm back down, Superman fell down a few inches and let out a breath in anticipation of what was coming. The rumbling returned as the vibration penetrated his entire body. What manner of super power was Kelly sporting? Just how much expansion was she capable of? As Kelly brought her forearm up, the rumbling shook the stage once again and Superman felt a jab in his midsection as he began to rise into the air. Muscles built on top of muscles as Kelly’s proud bicep built up to colossal proportions, adding 12 inches of cosmic powered muscle every second, pushing Superman up higher and higher. Kelly’s bicep exploded up three feet high, four feet high, up to five dizzying feet in height. Her monumental bicep came back into view as Superman’s legs barely covered half of her staggeringly powerful mega muscle. As the earth shaking explosions of super muscle expansion subsided, Kelly’s bicep peak reached it’s zenith at 180 inches around and 7 feet in height from her deep tricep belly to her magnificent peak, towering high above the stage. Superman looked like a doll against Kelly’s mammoth bicep and he had never felt more helpless.

Looking up at Superman and back at the camera, Kelly smiled. “Now that looks like quite a flex. My bicep appears to be taller than I am. Heck, this mighty muscle looks to be taller than even Superman! I wonder just how much more powerful than Superman I really am.”

Looking up into the worried eyes of Superman, Kelly narrowed her eyes with a dominating stare.

“I would wager that he won’t be squeezing down hard on anyone’s bicep for a while.”

Twisting her arm and her giant bicep forward a bit, Kelly flicked her wrist, shooting another 12 inches of ultra muscle into her mountainous bicep, pushing Superman off her peak and sending him down to the stage with a crunch. Superman rolled a few times and clutched his stomach. Kelly pulled her arm back up, giving everyone a full view of her mega powered, impossibly gargantuan bicep, flexed up bigger than the rest of her body and littered with more exposed muscle fibers than an entire Mr. Olympia line up. Veins pulsed gently along her freakishly large 8 foot tall bicep in a ridiculous display of strength, power and dominance.

Kelly. “Get a good look, America. Looks like I’m the new Super Woman in town! Much more powerful than any old Super Man!”

Finally releasing her flex, the bicep reduced quickly, as if by magic, consolidating back to a mere 30 inches around, but still cut harshly with imposing details.

Chapter 4.

Thug 1 “Isn’t Toro on your contact list?”

Thug 2 “Oh. I would think so.”

Thug 1, following an uncomfortable pause. “You don’t know what I’m talking about do you?”

Thug 2. “Hey, it’s just supposed to be a phone, not a stinking computer.”

Thug 1 sighed. “Just give me the damn thing.”

Thug 2 pulled his phone back. “No, it’s mine.”

Thug 1 kept his hands out. “Then what do you plan on doing?”

Thug 2 looked at the phone, then back up. With a grimace he handed the phone over. “Fine, you try. But you’d better hurry up. Toro should be showing up soon.”

Snatching the phone, Thug 1 looked at the phone. “You think?”

Thug 2 craned his neck to look into the small phone screen. “So, can you try and call information?”

Thug 1 sighed again, this time followed by a groan. “That’s right, I’m going to call information.” Under his breath he whispered. “Idiot.”

Thug 2 “I heard that.”

Looking over at the weights, Kelly smiled at Superman, stepped toward him and reached down toward his waist. Superman put his arms up defensively, causing Kelly to smile. The once supremely confident Man of Steel was now afraid of a “petite” woman. Snickering at the role reversal, Kelly grabbed his tights and whispered in his ear.

Kelly. “Oh, don’t worry Superman, I won’t hurt you anymore. Well, at least not right now.”

Pulling him up quickly, Kelly hoisted the Man of Steel up over her head with one arm like a doll and sauntered over toward the large weight. Pausing as she scanned the now perpetually shocked crowd she smiled. Reaching her destination, Kelly plopped Superman down on the ground like a child. She battered her eyes at the concerned super hero.

Kelly. “Now how much does this weigh again?”

Superman. “Uh, over 1 million pounds.”

Kelly looked at the giant weight, once imposing to the point of being dismissed as an immovable object. Now the huge mass of metal offered her the chance to show everyone that her bulging muscles weren’t just for show. The bar was five feet above the stage and five inches thick. Kelly walked up to the center of the weight with the grace and power of a panther. But even with her muscled up frame, she appeared tiny against the immense weight. Setting herself, Kelly looked around to find the camera. Flipping her hair out of her face, she smiled broadly and pulled her small fingers around the bar with her right hand, squeezing the metal to get a good grip and causing the bar to groan as her fingers dug in.

Kelly. “1 million pounds. Just minutes ago I could only look at this weight with awe. Few people on this planet are capable of even moving this weight, much less lifting it.”

Pausing for effect, Kelly looked calmly into the camera. “But now.”

Winking to the camera, Kelly jerked her muscle packed arm up quickly, pulling the gigantic weight up over her head in one smooth movement with shocking ease. The crowd, in a constant state of disbelief went into a mix of cheers, murmurs of disbelief and clicks of cameras. Kelly Ripa was holding up 1 million pounds with one arm! And she was making it look easy!

Kelly, containing a chuckle. “Now it’s so light that I could hold this thing all day!”

Looking over toward the concerned Superman, Kelly smirked. “You’re right Superman, this is more for show that anything. The one million pounds isn’t offering me much resistance at all.”

As the crowd gasped with shock, Kelly brought the bar down and then pushed it back up 50 feet in the air back behind her. The huge weight quickly fell back down, slammed into the ground and breaking through the stage with an earth shaking boom.

Kelly smiled as the sound and dust settled, looking back into the camera with a girlish smile. “Oops. Don’t know my own strength.”

Walking over toward the Apokolips bar, Kelly rubbed her hands.

Kelly. “Well that hardly gave my muscles much of a work out, but this looks like a challenge.”

Bending over, she reached down and picked up the thick metal, standing up straight and holding the bar out in front of her at shoulder width, licking her lips with anticipation. The fact that she held the 50,000 pounds so easily caused Superman to squirm.

Kelly walking over to toward Superman to once again lord over him with satisfaction.

Kelly. “So, no being in the universe can bend this thing, huh?”

Superman shook his head, fearing what laid ahead.

Kelly. “Well we’ll just see about THAT!”

And with one pull, Kelly’s magnificent muscles once again leapt to attention, crunching loudly across her body and consolidating into waves of amped up mega muscles. Her arms groaned as her muscles balled up and expanded out. Her back widened and her chest tensed into a fury of pumped up might.

Superman and the crowd stared at Kelly and at the bar, wondering just how powerful Kelly was. Could she really bend this bar?

Kelly’s face tightened for the first time, indicating just how much she was putting into the flex.

Kelly: “Well, you were right Superman, this bar is pretty tough!”

Superman let out a hopeful sigh. Perhaps her strength wasn’t as great as he feared. But just as some level of confidence was returning a deep low rumble began to emanate from the bar as Kelly’s arms and chest were pumping up with a frenzy of muscle fibers and a spider web of veins.

Kelly’s strained face soon melted back to a sexy smile. “But I’m tougher!”

Superman’s shoulders slumped forward again as the once unbendable bar began to twist against Kelly’s seemingly unstoppable muscles. The ends slowly shifted behind her as she pulled the bar closer to her expanding chest. Bringing the bar back toward her torso, Kelly placed the metal against her pumped up super chest and with a harsh pull, grunted. She tensed her chest and the war was on. Huge muscles rippled on her chest and pushed back against the bar so hard that the force caused the bar to pull back away from her body. Sucking in a breath, Kelly pulled her arms back with more force as the bar pressed hard against her growing chest, actually pushing slightly into the steel muscle. As she pulled harder, her expanding biceps pressed into her growing chest . Her pectorals solidified against the pressure of the hardest substance in the universe and soon the bar was no longer able to penetrate her invulnerable body. Veins now pumped furiously across both her gigantic arms and her pumped up pectorals. The stage shook yet again as her muscles ground forward in waves, increasing in density to unthinkable levels as the “unbendable” bar bent against her pectorals, yielding to muscles flexed up even harder than the Apokolips metal. As she continued to pull back against her now ultra powerful pecs, the bar continued to scream in agony, bending around her chest, no longer even capable of leaving a dent on the rippling, indestructible super muscles flexed back up into a wall of engorged female might.

Now back to a full smile, Kelly pulled the bar away from her chest and turned the ends up into the air to show the bend in the bar that had formed around her pectorals.

Kelly: “Hmmm. It looks like we’re going to have to come up with a new definition for unbendable. Because these muscles are far too hard and strong for this metal!”

Tossing the bar gently in front of her, the heavy metal boomed against the stage and echoed through the streets. Her muscles slowly receded again as she smiled for the camera, placing her fists back on her hips and striking another pose.

Kelly: “Wouldn’t you agree Superman?”

Thug 1 finished pushing buttons and pulled the phone to his ear.

Thug 2: “Are you calling Toro?”

Thug 1: “No, I’m calling Bull Dog. I think he’s supposed to be with Toro.”

Thug 2 looking at his watch. “Oh, right. Uh, you might want to hurry up.”

Thug 1: “Gee, you think? I’m sure he’d like to know about Kelly Ripa and the ruined gun.”

Thug 2 glanced nervously out the window. “Uh, yeah.”

As Kelly walked back toward Superman, anxious to humiliate the Man of Steel further, a shot rang out, followed by a ping. Kelly turned toward Superman, whose hand was clutching his chest.

Superman “That shouldn’t have hurt.”

Both looked down on the stage at the spent shell. It had a distinct green glow. Looking back at each other, the answer became quickly evident.

Another shot rang out and this time the bullet sunk in to Superman’s weakened system. He slumped down on one knee and leaned forward. Looking around frantically to try and determine the source, Kelly stepped in front of Superman, puffing up her chest into a wall of feminine muscle power, flexing her pectorals, expanding her muscles back up into an intimidating wall of female power 12 inches thick and nearly three feet wide.

A third shot rang out as Kelly moved into position. The bullet hit her in the left upper pectoral, ripping a small hole in the top and pinging away. Tingling with anticipation, she looked down to see another spent Kryptonite shell. Bracing herself for some effect from the radiation, she let out a sigh of relief as she felt no ill effects. Holding her position for a moment, the stage went silent. Kelly continued to look around, trying to adjust to her enhanced vision and quickly spying several men just off stage. Worried about the crowd she bent over toward the fallen Superman.

Superman. “I’ll be OK for now. You need to disarm those men before someone gets hurt.”

Kelly, her confidence momentarily shaken looked at Superman with confusion. “What, me? I’m just getting used to this power. What should I do?”

Letting out a rough breath, Superman looked up as he tried to remain conscious. “Use your super speed. Make sure you stay between the men and any other civilians. You can do it Kelly, you’re obviously much more powerful than I am.”

Smiling weakly, she stood back up and pulled herself together. She had been so mean and self centered with Superman. She needed to make up for that.

Shaking her head to concentrate, she narrowed her eyes. She’d been an actress for years, able to focus through chaos around her all the time. This was no different. Turning toward the armed men she smiled confidently.

Those men were toast.

As she took a step forward, ready to use her new powers, the other men in the group pulled out automatic weapons and began to shoot up the stage. Kelly’s eyes widened with surprise and she grit her teeth. No more time to think. It was time to act.

Fortunately, most everyone had already cleared the stage or had hidden behind something once the original shots had been fired. Those that remained jumped out of the way. The men weren’t aiming at anyone, they appeared to want to clear the stage.

Looking around to make sure everyone was OK, she smiled as the bullets bounced off her body with satisfying pings. Setting her body as though she were about to start a race, she tensed her formidable muscles and zipped off the stage toward the men. Everything slowed down to a crawl as she leapt into super speed. Cherishing the feeling, she casually moved toward the thugs, easily snatching the guns from each man.

Coming to a halt, Kelly stood in front of the men, all of whom looked with confusion at their empty hands.

Kelly, hugging the guns against her pumped up chest, cleared her throat, pulling the men’s attention toward the short, insanely muscular woman in front to them. “Looking for these boys?”

With a quick tense, Kelly blasted her muscles bigger, expanding her super muscled chest forward and pulsing her biceps as big as volleyballs, crunching, bending and cracking the guns noisily.

The men all looked on with disbelief as Kelly released her grip and the ruined guns fell to the ground.

Kelly. “Now would you men care to explain what the hell you think you were doing?”

Another thug ran toward the scene, carrying a rifle with a large sight. He was huffing and puffing.

Sniper Thug: “Well I got Superman, but this short, fat woman stepped in the way of the last shot. She must be wearing Kevlar, because the last shot hit her, but she didn’t go down. And the funny thing was she looked just like…”

The sniper thug paused as he looked over the rest of the team. His gaze soon met the Super Woman he had worked into his sites.

Kelly. “Fat?”

Moving forward with super speed like a pro, Kelly snatched the rifle from the thug and resumed her position. The sniper thug looked shocked, wondering what happened. Kelly whistled to draw his attention. The rest of thugs followed suit.

Kelly, holding the long barrel with both hands smiled sweetly at the sniper thug. “Looking for this?”

With a steady movement, Kelly turned her wrists down and bent the shaft. A metallic groan indicated that this was no trick. Within seconds the barrel was in a U. Kelly tossed the ruined gun down with the rest of the destroyed weapons.

Kelly. “Now where were we? Oh yes. You gentlemen were going to tell me what was going on.”

The thugs looked at each other. After a brief pause one man pulled out a knife.

Brave Thug. “Screw you bitch!”

Raising her eyebrows, she watched with interest as the man lunged forward, looking to plunge the blade into her side. Not moving an inch, Kelly snickered as the knife scraped against her invulnerable skin and the blade snapped at the hilt. The thug pulled his arm away in pain as the blade clanged to the ground.

Kelly. “That wasn’t very nice.”

With a flick of her wrist, Kelly reached out and backhanded the Thug, knocking him off the ground and spinning him completely around. He fell to the ground in a heap.

Placing her fists on her hips, Kelly gave her mega muscles a gentle pulse, pulling up her muscles into a super heroic pose. She tensed her muscles, enjoying the looks of shock the men all shared and the sound that her muscles made when she tensed them. Talk about intimidating.

Standing on her toes, her calves bulged up to the size of soccer balls, nearly touching each other between her legs. Her thighs expanded, sweeping across her upper legs like two bags of cement and flexing so large that the teardrop nearly engulfed her knees. As she held the flex, the muscles writhed and expanded, exposing every fantastic detail for all to see. Her shorts were nearly lost among the her raging muscles, pumped to an unnatural degree. Tensing her abs, the blocks of bullet proof muscles popped across her midsection, covering every square inch, looking both incredibly sexy and terrifyingly intimidating. With her fists planted on her hips, her triceps blasted out into two dense horseshoes eight inches thick and as she held her flex, half inch thick muscle blocks raced around the pulsing, striated masses. Her biceps bulged up like twin bowling balls, pressing into her back and into her expanding chest. Her lats spread wide, expanding out to the crook of her arms. Kelly tensed her chest and her pectorals plowed forward, condensing into twin basketball slabs of fem muscle, stretching the fabric taught and pushing the big red S outward for all to see. And on top of all of this intimidating muscle was the pretty head of Kelly Ripa, with a nasty smile etched across her face. The men all started to turn white.

Kelly. “Now shall we try this again, or do I have to get nasty?”

Chapter 5.

Before the men could spit out an answer, the sound of a helicopter pulled everyone’s attention back toward the stage. A large man with a mask and two other muscular men with guns jumped out of the helicopter and onto the stage. The helicopter rose back up into the air quickly.

Kelly turned back toward the thugs and sighed. “Well it looks like your boss has arrived. I believe the police can handle you boys.”

Zipping back into super speed, Kelly flashed forward, giving each thug a gentle “tap” with the force of a sledge hammer, sending them hurting backward and down to the ground.

Slowing back down, she smiled at her handy work and walked toward the stage. Reaching the edge of the stage she looked over at the producer, who had snuck back up to see what was going on.

Kelly. “Who the heck is that anyway?”

Producer, still a shaken from the gunfire. “I believe he is about to let everyone know.”

One of his bodyguards had located a microphone and handed it to Toro who positioned himself next to the fallen Superman.

Toro: “People of Metropolis and across the world. I have taken down your Superman. He now lies at my feet. And soon I will be more powerful than Superman ever dreamed of. I, Toro will be the one to rule over Metropolis and within a short time, the World!”

Raising his hands, Toro gave the signal for his men to shoot the ray into him to receive Superman’s amplified powers. As the crowd buzzed with anticipation, Kelly casually walked onto the stage. The two bodyguards were keeping their eyes on Toro, so by the time they noticed her she was within 10 feet of their boss.

Kelly stopped and folded her muscular arms over her prodigious chest, making sure her stretched out S was still seen. Her upper torso seethed with bulging muscles tensed up bigger than Superman’s once again, showcasing an intimidating, super feminine look. Kelly bounced up and down on her bare toes, flexing her legs gently, rolling forth massive thighs and calves. She was becoming accustom to flexing her muscles to intimidating size and then allowing them to recede back down. Now she was preparing to confront a super villain. Or at least that’s what she hoped for. This must be the boss those men she first listened into alluded to. She released a knowing chuckle.

Just as Bodyguard 1 was about to approach Kelly to confront her, his cell phone rang. He answered quickly, looking to dismiss the caller to get rid of this fat woman dressed in some sort of Superman outfit. His expression changed from confident to fear in a matter of seconds as he looked at his boss and at the large woman standing nearby who no longer looked so fat.

Toro, ignoring the movement behind him, looked up toward the window where the men were supposed to be. With his hands still raised, he had anticipated some sort of super sensation, but figuring he had must have received the powers by now, pulled his arms back down and resumed his speech.

Toro. “Now with my ultimate powers, I will show the people of Metropolis who the true Superman is! You will all bow before your master. For I will…”

The bodyguard tapped him on the shoulders. Toro spun around, greatly annoyed that anyone would interrupt him in his moment of triumph. The bodyguard whispered into his ear and pointed at the nearby Kelly, who smiled broadly and waved.

Toro’s eyes widened. He pulled up his cell phone and yelled at the bodyguards. “Shoot her.”

Kelly backed away, still getting used to the fact she was bullet proof and winced as the men shot her and then shook her head as the bullets ripped her uniform, but bounced away with familiar pings. Grumbling to herself for backing down, she put on a serious face and took a step forward just as the helicopter flew down toward the stage. Toro threw the microphone down and raced toward his ride.

Realizing that shooting her was useless, the bodyguards began to shoot at a cameraman who had stayed up to continue filming. This provided the necessary distraction as Kelly turned and zipped between the men and camera, remembering Superman’s advice to protect the innocent before apprehending the villain. Smiling to herself for her insight, she once again nodded with satisfaction as the bullets continued to ping off her invulnerable muscles.

Toro yelled at the pilot. “Get us the hell out of here. Now!”

The bodyguards jumped into the helicopter also, continuing to shoot their guns toward the stage. Kelly looked around, frustrated that the villains were getting away. Stepping toward the rising aircraft, Kelly tilted her head up as the helicopter rose quickly.

Thinking to herself, she rolled her eyes. Of course. If I received Superman’s powers I can fly. Tucking her left arm to her side and pushing out her right arm she jumped into the air.

And right by the helicopter. The whoosh of air sent the helicopter spinning momentarily and the pilot struggled to regain control. Kelly yelped with fear as she continued to sail up several hundred feet. And then plummet back to the earth. Her eyes widened. Why can’t I fly? As she roared toward the helicopter her mind raced.

Kelly spoke out loud to herself. “Wait. What was in that Superman FAQ? He mentioned how he could fly. His power of flight was like a muscle he had to learn to tense. Kind of like clenching his behind.”

Unfortunately for Kelly, she zipped right passed the helicopter again, this time back toward earth. Kelly’s indestructible body smashed into the stage with a crunch, breaking through to the ground below. The pilot cursed again as Kelly had caused another large draft that disrupted the helicopter flight.

Toro tightened his grip on a handle. “Would you get us out of here already?”

The pilot grimaced. “I’m trying. That stupid bitch keeps creating unstable air flows.”

Finally regaining control, the pilot started climbing once again. By the time the helicopter was 100 feet into the air, Kelly emerged from the hole in the stage, jumping up with much more control, a confident smile returning to her face. With her muscles pumped up bigger than Superman, she flew toward the helicopter quickly.

Toro cursed and the bodyguards reached out to fire their guns at her, but Kelly arched her approach to stay out of the line of fire and within moments she grabbed the landing bar and began to pull the helicopter down.

Toro: “What’s happening? Why are we going down?”

The pilot sighed. “It’s not me. It’s.”

The bodyguards pointed out the door and Toro craned his neck. The first bodyguard looked on with fascination. “Her!”

Kelly could feel the strength of the helicopter as it struggled to rise, but even flying, she could also sense the power in her muscles as she pulled the aircraft down. Once she reached 20 feet above the stage, she paused and looked up.

Kelly: “OK boys! Everybody out!”

Turning her wrists, the helicopter tilted harshly to one side, dumping Toro and his bodyguards onto the stage.

Kelly looked up at the pilot: “You too mister. Don’t make me come in there.”

Swallowing nervously, the pilot unhooked his belt and jumped to the ground, landing on top of Toro with a thud.

Snickering to herself, Kelly gave the helicopter a quick flip and it rotated end over end, crashing into the 1 million pound weight still embedded into the back of the stage. The explosion shook the stage and sent a plume of flames into the air.

Concentrating, Kelly gently blew a kiss toward the flames and slowly increased the intensity until she had enough wind generated to extinguish the flames. Nodding her head with satisfaction at remembering another Superman FAQ about not overdoing the super breath thing, she floated gently to the stage and landed gracefully.

Regis, running back on stage and grabbing a microphone headed toward Kelly and with an excited smile, gripped her wrist. Kelly smiled at him as he pulled her arm into the air.

Regis: “Ladies and gentlemen! I give you KELLY RIPA!”

The crowd exploded with cheering and clapping as Kelly blushed, waving to the crowd with her other arm.

The police raced on the stage, apprehending Toro and the rest of his henchmen.

Toro: “When I get my hands on those two idiots, I’m going to break every bone in their body!”

The Special Crimes unit also moved quickly onto the stage with a stretcher and pulled Superman onto it. Kelly moved away from Regis and turned toward Superman, looking at one of the men caring for him.

Kelly: “Will he be OK?”

The officer smiled. “Of course. He IS Superman after all.”

Superman was quickly sped away even while the crowd was still cheering and buzzing. Reporters were all piled up along the end of the stage yelling at Kelly to answer questions. Ignoring everything for a moment, she used her new vision to look for the two men she had heard first talk about the gun and what they had done to her. New to the power, she had a hard time focusing and by the time she did, the two thugs were gone. Or at least she didn’t see them. Since they had already likely left the room, she wouldn’t even know if she was looking directly at them. The producer pulled up next to Kelly and was looking to pull her off stage. Giving the building across the street one last look, she sighed and followed the producer off stage.

Allowing herself one last wave to the audience, she stepped away into a quickly assembled military test. There were many people anxious to talk to her.


Superman stared at the large screen showing the scenes from the recent event. He turned toward his colleague. “So what the hell happened out there? How could a two bit criminal obtain a weapon that powerful? How could this woman become so strong, or flex up muscles that big?”

Batman shook his head. “I’m still investigating. The crystal inside the gun is alien in nature. Perhaps fashioned by Darkseid. I’ve got J’ohn analyzing the remains of the weapon back at the Watchtower.”

Superman: “Well we need to figure out how to reverse the effects.”

Batman : “Why? Because you got humiliated on Superman day?”

Superman grimaced. “No. Because nobody should be THAT powerful. My god Bruce, not only did she bend the Apokolips bar, but she bent it against her chest!”

Batman: “Yes. I saw the video. She may be immune to Kryptonite too. Is that why you’ve petitioned to keep her out the League?”

A rumble cut the conversation short as both men looked around. Batman punched a few buttons on his computer and Superman scanned the area, but since Batman had the cave lined with lead, he couldn’t see very far.

A loud crash soon followed and Kelly floated in, sporting her own sleeveless, stomach bearing spandex outfit with a bright pink K on the front. Her outfit also included a short pink skirt and ankle high black boots. She had chosen the outfit to expose as much of her pumped up body as possible while still trying to maintain some modesty. Kelly’s muscles had remained bigger than Superman’s and she looked amused at Superman’s shocked expression.

Kelly: “So I hear you want to keep me out the League and are looking to take my powers away.”

Superman: “They’re not your powers, they’re mine. Just, uh, amplified a bit.”

Batman remained stoic, but was concerned that Kelly might be able to see through lead and hear into the cave, even with his electronic silence generators.

Kelly folded her muscular arms over her equally muscular chest. “No matter. Wonder Woman has agreed to allow me train at Paradise Island. I should be up to League standards in no time. And if you try anything, I’ll be able to hear and see you coming. Trust me on that one. And if you try and make it personal.”

Kelly paused for effect. “You know what I’m capable of.”

She smiled as she started floating back up. “Or at least you think you do. I never did get to push my strength to the limit out there. I’d love to let loose some time.”

Kelly shot out the cave with a whoosh. Superman stood there with a grimace on his face.

Superman: “We need answers.”

Batman turned toward the screen, holding his emotions in check as he always did, but responding in a sarcastic tone.

Batman: “Yes sir. Right away.”

The End?

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Hey GBM, I love the spin you put on this story, I am a fan of Kelly Ripa's anyway, but seeing her body fill up with those humungous muscles and seeing her doing feats of strength like this really made my day. Hope to see you write more stories like this one very soon. Jeremy Wilson, loyal fan.

I agree with Jeremy!Very very nice story!
Please,i would like to see part 2!

j2001's picture

One of the best stories ever.
The descriptions are incredible.

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