Muscle Story Part 3 - Kat at the beach

"You better hurry up and put that bikini on babes" warned Jen. "People are coming from the left". Kat was frantically fumbling around behind the beach towel Jen was holding up for her.

Due to a sudden act of shyness on Kats part she had decided to wear something more concealing to the beach instead of her mail ordered red bikini. "What the Fuck are you wearing?" Laughed Jen as Kat rushed to the car. "I hope you got your 'kini under those board shorts. What's with the tie-died t-shirt? You ain't one of Kesey’s merry pranksters you know". Jen made her go back and grab the sexy stuff. She could put it on when they reached their destination. James and one of his friends were in the back. Kat hopped in the front and slammed the door shut.

Kat was still feeling shy when the curtain was drawn and she stepped out on to the sandy stage. It felt nice on her tootsies. She shuffled around for a bit, curling her toes under the grains of sand looking sheepishly at Jen who was standing there smiling back with hands on bronzed hips. Sexy Jenny looked confident, but Kat was feeling anything but. Why wasn't she? She already knew the answer but chose not to dwell on it. She ignored her insecure thoughts and made a bee-line for the sea screeching with anticipation. Jen ran after her, giggling wildly. They had reverted back to small children in the blink of an eye. The sun was baking hot and the sea pulled them towards it like Indiana Jones to the holy grail. Jen knew she had made the right decision to make Kat go back for her bikini. I mean what was she thinking, She looked hot. She ran behind Kat and watched her firm buttocks bouncing and then disappearing into the surf. It was cold.

Kat emerged from the sea running her drenched hair back with her fingers. She knew all eyes would be on her. James would be back from fetching the rest of the stuff from the car and would most probably be sat topless on the beach watching her and Jen leaving the water. Her arms and shoulders flexed as she squeezed the water from her long hair drawing it into a pointed ponytail. Her body elongated revealing tight abdominals, she languished in the stretch. She imagined James intently watching her in slow mo like a muscular bond girl appearing before his eyes. She looked down at her legs and feet. She felt good. All her insecurities felt like they had been washed away by the sea. Kat had been reborn. So what if people stared at her muscles. If they don't approve that's their problem. She smiled at Jen who was looking quite the specimen after a week’s intense weight training at the gym. My, my look at those nice set of abs she thought. She had helped Jen train them and she was feeling proud of her achievements. Kat bounced around excitedly spinning Jen in circles. She was glad she had broken through her shyness and was looking forward to what the day had in store.

Kat was slightly put out to realise her sexy bond girl impression hadn't been witnessed by James or by his not so hunky friend at all. They were still not back from the car. "there they are" pointed Jen. The two lads had been sucked into a game of beach volleyball by some pretty girls further down the beach. Jen shook her head and smiled at Kat. She did a cartwheel, shrugged her little muscle shoulders and skipped off to fetch her shades from the car. Kat sat; legs stretched out straight and wiggled her toes in the warm breeze. Jen enjoyed her new toned physique, Kat could tell. Her abs were coming through nicely and her quads and calves really stood out. If she got any more muscular Jim would have no reason to leave Jen for her. "God what a thing to think. I'm a right creep" she said out loud. She glanced over at the volleyball game. James had an admirer clinging on to his bicep as if she was flirting with it. James likes biceps though, she thought, and Jen wasn't keen on lifting heavy enough for any real development there so she had the upper hand.

When Jen returned wearing her black bug-eyed sunglasses Kat was nowhere to be seen. Neither was James nor the volleyball gang. She noticed a group of people gathered round the steps of the Baywatch hut. Someone was hurt.

As Jen approached the hut she saw a soggy out of breath Kat standing on the steps with a towel draped over shivering shoulders, her abs contracting and relaxing with each deep intake of air. Jim was standing besides her holding her shaking hand.

Kat was a heroine. The noisy ambulance had been and gone. The hairy lifeguards gathered around her congratulating her and petting her arms. They were enjoying the company of their gorgeous saviour with the insanely toned body who had done their job for them. In the Kat like manor she had sprung to life upon seeing a drowning soul. It was instinct. She sprinted through the sand like the liquid metal man in terminator 2. Her arms pumping at her sides, hands moulded into sharp spikes to cut though the air. Her long hard legs pounding the sand into submission. She hit the sea with epic force. The mass of her muscle instead of slowing her down parted the water like a buff Jesus. She launched head first into the white frothing surf her smooth body gaining her advantage over the current. Kat was streamlined, she was a muscular torpedo. With her arms stretched in front of her head she darted through the waves, the water racing past big tensed triceps and over smooth bulging shoulders as she propelled herself with powerful legs. The water she displaced was noticeable as far across the globe as Japan, manifesting itself as a giant tsunami, she knew that for sure. She was a heavy lump. Was one life worth saving if whole towns were being washed away and killing thousands? She brushed off the consequences of her presence in the water and finally reached the drowning man. She panicked. Now what to do? He was thrashing about violently and wouldn't have looked out of place in a mosh pit. He was taking in mouthfuls of salty water, the choking making him panic even more. He grabbed hold of Kats shoulders and dragged her under in a state of confusion. She took hold of his arms and with her epic strength lifted them off and returned to the surface with a gasp. The salt was stinging her eyes. She wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, her biceps tensing hard on his sides to secure the flailing man in place and with her mighty legs she kicked. She could feel the water viscous like syrup pushing on every inch of her legs as she trod water and kept the now unconscious man above the waves. She let out a war cry to the heavens. The strain to her quads and calves was as intense as any of Kats gym workouts and she knew that when it was all over she would be feeling and seeing the benefits on her body. This thought was fuel for her muscle brain and she continued to tred the water all the way back to the beach, hoping she hadn't squeezed the poor man to death in the process. All if a sudden her little thrashing feet found sand. Relief. She felt like the old man from the straight story who drove his lawnmower across America to see his dying brother. She felt like she had won gold in the Olympics for water treading. The coastguard ran up to take the unconscious man from her arms but hesitated just a second to register the sight of Kats dripping wet muscle body. The coastguard grudgingly turned his attention back to his job and allowed Kat to adjust her skimpy bikini and collapse into James's welcoming arms.

Jen parted the group of pretty volleyball girls and hairy lifeguards to get to her soggy friend as she first approached the scene. She heard the girls talking about Kat. "look at her body. All those muscles! Yuck" One girl remarked making a face. "she looks amazing" another said "I think it really suits her". The jury’s out on that one then Jen thought as she past the beached man being resuscitated and mounted the step to greet her hero pal. "What happened? Did you pull him from the sea?". "She certainly did" said James proudly. "She fended away a giant shark in the process too. She got it in a headlock and gave it a brutal nuggie". Kat tried to laugh but coughed instead. "Here come the paramedics. I think he's gonna be ok" she said. James was relishing the job of being comforter to Kat. He rarely had a chance to touch her and he could pretty much get away with groping her in this situation. With his arm discreetly around Kats back he stroked her shoulder. Kat tensed up hard so he could feel what she had to offer. He slowly ran his fingers down to the very top of her triceps. She slowly straightened and stretched her arm to make the horseshoe shaped muscle stand out. James's heart pounded, his penis stirred in his shorts. His fingers came to the obstruction. He could barely bring himself to negate the steep climb to the peak of her solid triceps but gave it a good go anyway. Agonisingly slowly and with every nerve ending zinging he traced the smooth skin of Kats gorgeous tricep with his fingertips and then giving in to the urge he grabbed the whole thing gently with his hand. It was hard and big. And so was her tricep. It was one of his favourite handfuls ever. "The volleyball girls really took a fancy to you didn't they jimbo" grinned Jen looking round at them both. Jim quickly removed his roaming hand from Kat. "Um, well, they were a couple players down so we gave them a hand. It was Mike's idea". Mike rolled his eyes. "They were only one player down and I’m pretty sure they preferred to have the guy with all the muscles and not some skinny pale guy like me playing". Kate took her que to compare bodies. Mike wasn't skinny but in comparison to Jim he was a rake. She wanted to place both hand on James's chest and worship his body. She wanted him to worship hers. Kat bypassed Jim and reached straight for his friends’ abs and ran her fingers down the ridges. They weren't at all bad. Quite firm actually. "That is no way skinny" She chirped. Mike blushed. "Cheers". It was all he could muster in his flummoxed state. He had just been rated by the most incredible looking woman he had ever seen. James had mentioned Kat to him before the trip. He had warned him of her imposing stature which in turn led Mikes brain to build up an inexperienced image of a buff chick, complete with manly voice, flat breasts and square jaw but since he'd laid eyes on the shining beauty that was Kat, clad tantalizingly in her little red bikini he had not been able to stop his intrigued eyes from wandering back to her. Her body was not at all like he had pictured. Instead of the stocky woman he had expected she was all curves and shape. Her muscles complimented her body and enhanced her femininity tenfold, giving her a palpable strength and posture that made girls around her seem lacklustre and slightly hunched, even the hot ones. She had real clean muscle he thought. Big, very big muscle but smooth extremely lean and she hadn't over worked her chest either. She had retained her boobs. That was important as Mike was a boob man, and a leg man. And my fucking god if she didn't have the mother fucking legs of a Greek goddess. He had been gawping at her during the time she spotted the sinker. He watched her long muscular legs as she did her mad dash into the sea, the volleyball spanking him on his head as if to tell him off for staring. He was still staring at Kat now, standing on the steps of the lifeguard outpost. "You did a good job muscles" one of the older lifeguards said walking past them and into his hut. Kat shrugged her shoulders as if to say "yeah It wasn't bad I suppose".

The vollyballers had invited Kat and her friends to join in a giant volleyball game. Kat held a giggling little girl on her strapping shoulders so she could join in; the baby sister of one of the vollyballers. The little girl was in awe. Kat was like superwoman to the wide eyed little girl. "How did you get all your muscles?" The little girl asked as Kat lifted her up. Her small fingers grabbed at Kats pronounced trapezius, using them as climbing handles. "I found them" Kat joked. "Where did you find them?” "I found them behind the sofa so I decided to wear them because they looked nice". The little girl laughed and put her hands over Kats eyes. "No. How did you reeeally get them?". She wasn't being fooled. "Well. I got them by lifting really heavy things. If you lift really heavy things all the time your muscles will grow big like mine". "Am I really heavy?". "No you are as light as a feather. I could throw you as far as the sun". Kat went to throw the little girl up through the atmosphere but the girl clung on to Kats head and screamed.

The game was getting serious; the only thing lightening the competitive mood was the comic dance of Kat and her little giggly cling-on chasing after the volleyball. "Poor Kat. Aren’t you knackered after rescuing a drowning man and now hauling that screaming thing around for twenty minutes on your shoulders?" Asked a mildly concerned Jen. The truth was that Kat was seeing all this vigorous activity as extra muscle training. She was having to hold tightly onto mini screamer and it was giving her biceps a nice little workout. Plus she was well aware that they were bulging away and on show to James. Kat knew they were looking fine, she just knew. She also knew James was getting excited about the way Jens body was coming in. She was looking sharply cut, her abs in particular. They were rising up in relief of her flat tummy like firm little islands with every lunge she made at the ball. It was turning Kat on to see her friend it that way. James's hands were wringing Jens tiny waist at any chance they had to cop a feel of her firm abs. Jen knew she needed to steal Jims attention away from Kat or she would lose him for good and the only way to do so was to give him what his muscle brain desired - hard muscle, pure and simple. Kat knew Jen had started her retaliation, maybe she had to find herself a new muscle god to win over or maybe, just maybe all three of them could be lovers. She pictured all three of them in bed under cool, soft, white bed sheets playfully wrestling each other in a tanglement of perfect body parts and kissing lips. She flexed her hard round biceps at the thought. This could happen! This little girl could be their love child. The three of them would take it in turns to carry her upon their shoulders at the park.

Kat imagined coming home from a long day at work to her horny lovers. The both of them ambushing her at the door and lifting off her top as she enters the house, wildly caressing her muscled torso as if they had planned the attack in advance. They would take sexy hot baths together and soap each other’s bodies and experience orgasmic new platitudes of sexual perfection. The sex would be out of this world. They would work out their hard naked bodies in their home gym and once they were suitably horny and feeling pumped they would do it right there on the bench press. James's hard cock pumping into Jen's primed muscular body while they both watch Kats first rate bicep muscle forming into a monumental peak as she sits and performs slow preacher curls for them with one arm. They would sync their erotic movements, James watching Kats intense muscle rise and fall and pumping in time with it, becoming at one with it. The giddying sensual sight of the hard bulge sitting atop Kats strong arm would cause James to tense his whole body uncontrollably, causing his thrusting penis to reach its muscle overload and shoot its hot cum deep inside the pussy of his freshly pumped muscle girl. They would trade places so Jen could get her bicep workout and Kat could get her pussy filled. It would be the perfect arrangement. Now all Kat had to do was convince Jen.

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