Chapter 7 - Three


Katey's apartment was significantly bigger than mine, and quite higher. Apparently it connected to the floor above so it had an almost 20 foot living room and a balcony in her apartment. Her furniture was also bigger than mine, bigger than average even, just the right size for her, too big for me, and still too small for Megan. This set up combined with the two girls towering me made me feel even smaller than usual.

Megan was a few steps behind me.. struggling with the door. This world really wasn't built for her, she hit the frame with her shoulder and I though the whole wall would go down the way it shook. She wore a white t-shirt still torn at the sleeves and back from threatening Matt before, and below a wide knee length dress hiding her immense thighs.

"Megan, how much have you really grown."

"Well, I don't know yet bu I guess at least 6 inches judging by how tall you are in comparison to these girls" she said lightly caressing one of her breasts. "But then again they have grown as well so who knows. hi.. hi.."

"Wow, Katey your place is quite big, much bigger than Joeys, a girl can really stretch here." And she did use the opportunity to stretch her wonderful body.. Standing on her toes her arms outstretched all the way up.

"I would love to grow this big for you my little man".. she said pointing to the highest point she could reach, about 10 feet high.. "But then I´d have to be really careful not to stomp my little Joey..." I swallowed hard remembering the dream in which a 10 and a half foot tall Megan raped me and crushed my body like a grape in a moment of passion.

"By the way Joey I have a present for yo. I was thinking of you the other day, I got soo horny I could hardly control myself I grabbed a cooking pot and used the handle to relieve myself, ans also to practice something Katey taught me...., I brought the pot for you, i wan´t you to see how badly my muscles want you" She handed me a pot that looked like it was run over by a steamroller, the metal part was completely flat almost paper thin, and the handle was crushed and mangled.

"What the.."

"Katey was teaching me how to use muscles inside my little kitty, they are much stronger than I thought so I had to learn how to control was so hard thinking of you, and my thighs just went ballistic on the poor thing. It took them mere seconds to flatten it."

"I feel a bit horny again I want you to slap my ass..., you´re my boyfriend now I want you to do it often" I sheepishly extended my hand slapping that immense expanse of flesh at my shoulder level.

"No tiny, not like that I want you to slide you hand under my dress and then slap it.." I did as she asked sliding my hand along the immense muscles in her thighs and circling around the expanse of her ass, my hand was so tiny compared to even only one of her cheeks. I gave her a light slap.

"Harder, boyfriend, and grab it also"

I tried slapping harder, and grabbing, it was incredibly soft at touch and I could feel massive muscles dancing underneath.. "Like this tiny" and one of her hands grabbed a handful of ass shaking it and slapping it red, if I had not moved my hand she would have probably broken my fingers.

"Hi hi a few more inches and I could hide you under my skirt, and you should also let me sit in your lap now, like proper boyfriend and girlfriend"

"But Megan, you might be a bit too big for.."

"Let´s try.. I´ll be careful"

Feeling slightly woozy I sat down on the couch. Where on a normal couch I could put my legs on the floor and sink in the couch in this case the seat was so long that if I sat back completely my knees didn´t reach the end of the seat. She sat right next to me and placed her thighs in my lap, put together and spread out by the couch they were as wide as my legs were long. And they were heavy, brutally so there was just too much muscle in them, each of her legs must be at least a hundred pounds of muscle.

"Are you ready.."

"Wait wh.."

She raized herself on her hand and slid over my lap.

"Megan, your´re breaking my legs please"

"but I dind´t even lower my weigh fully.. oh well.. hm how about like this" She swiftly got up hiked her skirt and lowered her weight again this time I sank between her thighs and ass cheeks, so only a smaller portion of her weight was present. She was still so heavy that i could hardly breath but I could survive it. She lowered her skirt completely covering me. One of her hands
found my erection and began stroking it through my pants. She used her other hand to touch herself...

"Ohh tiny I like you like this.. very very much.. I could have you hidden under my dress like this in public and rape you without anyone knowing..."

Her thighs also reacted huge muscles contracting mercilessly on my legs pushing them into the sofa... She leaned forward spreading her ass cheeks and started lightly rubbing against me, as a consequence she was sliding the sofa back and forth without even noticing. Luckily Katey came in at the moment..

"Hey, where´s the shrimp..." Megan spread her legs showing my tiny ones between... "Neat he´s completely invisible, you could rape him in public like that, just don´t sit to hard on him or he might end up in a hospital... Come on I have a present for you.. "

Joey find the tape measure i wan´t you to measure us when we return, and bring the scale from the bathroom"

"Oh yes.. hi hi" And I could feel Megan´s immense frame get of me. "Ohh I like how you squirm under me, I think I´ll be doing that to you a lot"

Megan and Katey disappeared into a room.. While I was looking for the meter I could hear Megan´s gasp of surprise and a grunt from Katey, I guess she just got one of Megan´s trademark bonecrushing hugs, after that only giggles and whispers could be heard from the room. I found the meter, and finally the scale. It could measure up to a 1000 pounds, it must have weighed at least a hundred pounds I could hardly pull it, I stopped and laughed at this point, I was barely able to drag something that was probably lighter than one of my girlfriend's legs... Megan is about 8feet, I can reach to.. a maximum of 7 feet when on the tips of my toes, the weight scale is 6 inches high, meaning 8'6" hmm... even a chair would be hardly enough. I dragged the scale to the stair leading to the upper gallery. If the stairs are 6 inches each I would need three onyl to reach, and then another three to be as tall as Megan, so I positioned the scale.

Katey was the first to come out ducking, in her 10" shoes and absolutely nothing fucking else, her F-cups bouncing into each other as she swayed sexily into the room. I was so distracted by the sight that I didn´t even notice Megan coming in behind me...


As I was turning around she dropped her dress over my head and pressed my face hard into her snatch...

"Ooohhhh... I love theese shoes... he´s the perfect size now.. I can hide him under my dress thank you Katey.. And you my man are

now the right size to kiss my little kitty.. finally.. Mhmm..mmmm.. oohh.. Bite me little one"

"Damn he looks so tiny between those monstrous thighs of yours but might wanna let him breathe as well.."

"Joey.. thank Katey also for these"

"Em.. wha.. w."

"For these silly" And with a very loud thud dropped one massive foot in immense 12 inch platform shoes right 2next to my foot dwarfing it immensely... and also almost loosing balance

I slowly stammered out a thank you... Megan meanwhile tore off her dress standing in her full naked glory in front of me... I was as tall as her vagina... each of her thighs was probably wider than my entire body.. Looking up I could see her monstrous breasts barely within reach obscuring her face... In my dream she was much bigger compared to the apartment, but the same size to me as she is now...

"Mhmm.. I love theese, a few more inches and I can step over you completely... "

"He´s a bit shocked, how about hose measurements then.. and after that shrimp" she took out a bottle of baby oil "You have to oil us"

"Oh he prepared everything near the stairs so he can reach.. So cute..." She stood on the scale

"Cmon let´s see how tall we are now..."

I went up the stairs, my original plan of 6 steps brought me to the middle of Megan´s breasts. She used the opportunity to giggle and bury my head in breast. It took three more whole steps to make up for the scale and heels. I was now as tall as Megan, and also almost five and a half feet in the air.

"Oooh... tiny.." she exclaimed picking me up over the stairs lifting me high up into the air and then while kissing me wrapped me into her meaty arms crushing all breath out of me.. I almost fell down when she put me back...

"Wow if you get any stronger you´ll accidentally kill him with one of those hugs. "

The weight scale had a built in 7 foot mark, all I had to do was measure the difference.. and so I did marking the tape at 2 feet and 4 inches...

"That means that you are.. hm.. well with the shoes 9 feet and 4 inches, and actually 8 feet and 4" tall 6 inches in a week. Holy fuck..

"Mmm.. yess.. and I was wondering why i was so hungry all the time.. and horny also.. " she said with a wink

"Katey´s Turn.., what about the two of us together" Megan said lifting Katey up on her shoulders.. They were now forming an almost 11 feet tall tower of breasts ass and female perfection...

"Hm.. Joey go and sit on the upper level I want to try something.., and Megan do something about his clothes before that.. "

Megan reached out grabbing a handful of my clothes on each side and just pulled them all apart in one violent motion... As soon as I sat down, my legs hanging over the edge through the fence. Katey took my penis in her mouth, she was at the right level to give me blowjob while I was sitting on a balcony.

"Nice idea" Megan said "Let me also try something, I wanna play with your Kitty" she said turning Katey around and let her tongue slide into Katey. At Katey was working hard on my erection I could see her face turn to absolute shock as she was discovering the length of Megan´s tongue.

"Jesus christ how loooooong.. oooh.. what is that thing Megan.." her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as she was experiencing Megan´s 12" tongue burried deep in her vagina.

"Give me tiny.. I want him in me now... "

Katey was firmly clutching Megan´s head with her legs and still shaking in orgasm... but Megan was impatient.. she reached up and tore out the fence supports pulling me down. Her arms exploding in muscle as she was holding both of us.. effortlessly. She placed me on one of Katey´s wooden kitchen chairs..

"I wan´t you soo bad tiny.. I´ve been thinking of you the entire week..." The tip of my fully erect penis was near her gate..

"I couldn´t even train I just ended up destroying all the equipment... I am completely loosing my mind over you"bAnd her vagina swallowed my erection landing massively in my lap...One arm crushing me against her body.. her breasts were now so big that my head was buried in them even though she was so much bigger. And with each heay thud of her ass on my lap, her breasts would slap my face painfully. Dear god she was really horny speeding up. She grabbed the chair back and simply tore it away to be able to hold me with her arm, her and thighs were crushing the chair, the wooden seat broke, as did the legs of the chair I could now feel her thigh's crushing embrace on my pelvis, we fell down to the floor, the seat crushed between her insanely huge teenage thighs. She continued pounding me into the floor, her lovely hair cascading around us, her breasts slapping in the air above me heavily into each other.

"Oh yes... yes tiny... Fuck me, fuck me hard" she was screaming as she threw Katey on the sofa. Megan hypnotized me with those sexy deep eyes, I didn't even feel the pain anymore as she was pounding me into the floor. And with a loud scream she came, her thighs ballooning with power her body growing above me, one of her fists punching a hole in the floor, and another one. Her legs pressed me really hard but she didn't brake anything, she was really looking after me. Although seeing and hearing her fist punch a hole through the floor scared me shitless...

"Now about those measurements tiny.. quickly before I tear you apart." Megan said and rolled of me laying on her back.

She just fucked me right through a chair and punched a hole in the floor, off course I obeyed. Katey who was still in shock followed me to be measured. She was 7'10" in her shoes. And weighed in at 250 pounds. The scale groaned in protest when Megan stood on it and the numbers kept spinning a while, finally stopping at 740 pounds.

"Holy Fuck Megan that's almost three times my own weight, and at least five times the twerp, are you sure he can survive you"

"That's what..." Megan said pumping her body "we are mhmmm.. " she takes a melon from the table putting it in her cleavage "find mhmm... out... either he survives or mhmmmm..." and with an audible moan the juice explodes from within her cleavage.

"Mhmmm.. my muscles really did grow a bit lately...Wanna measure them.. Here measure my bicep" she said pumping away furiously.. the problem was she was pumping away 8 feet in the air, so I climbed the stairs. Before my face was a huge hunk of meat growing to the size of my waist. Her arm was almost as big as my body. I circled her hand with the tape, it measured 32". Just to check I measured my waist to 34"..

"Megan your arm is almost as big as my waist, only two inches smaller"

"Looks like I have a little more muscle to gain to be big enough for my big guy... I will have to work my arms harder. Now measure my chest" she knelt down her massive chest heaving, pumping growing...

"You must put the tape under my breasts you know.." I obeyed lifting each heavy breast, Megan's eyes were following me lustfully, her nipples erect. I could see it wouldn't take long for her to loose control again. Her chest measured at 68 inches.

"Now over my breasts tiny, I want to know how big they are getting for you... I had to buy new bras just the other day"The 100" tape was just barely enough to measure the 96" inches over her breasts... Her chest 7 and a half feet around. She stood up again for the other measurement. I swear I will never get used to that. Her hips were next at 38 inches just slightly bigger than her arm. er ass at 65"... and finally the part I was afraid of.. her thighs. I had to pull my arms around her thigh, and I knew it was a trap just waiting to crush something.

"Come on tiny don't be afraid they don't bite.. they just squeeze" she said making her thighs grow into each other rubbing them against each other. As she relaxed I gave one of her thighs a hug with the tape measure. I could almost reach the widest part of her thigh without bending. As I put my arms around I could feel her thigh grow and spread my arms apart. I felt like I was holding on for my life as brutally massive muscles grew and pulsed in my embrace, when she was done I could barely reach around, and her legs were hot from all the muscles working. Just as I was about to pull out her other thigh grew as well trapping my arm painfully.

"Ohh... did my little leg trap you.. sorry here you go.." she said releasing me.. Each of her thighs was an incredible 50" in circumference, and her legs put together a massive 80" I was standing there underneath my goddess shocked as she was smiling down at my insignificant frame.

"Don't you guys forget about me" Katey said and wrapped her perfect body around Megan's curves, bending her head upwards for a kiss. Megan sunk her tongue deep inside Katey's mouth, who took all of it, Katey was deepthroating Megan's tongue, their hand all over each other. Megan's massive playing with Katey's booty and breasts, making them seem so tiny in comparison. Katey's hands roaming the was expanse of Megan's body, caressing her muscles. Just as I though they forgot about me Megan brought me in between them holding me by my skull. The back of my head firmly against Megan's hot wet snatch, Katey adjusted wrapping her long legs around Megan's hips pressing her snatch firmly against my face. Katey whispered something to Megan and Megan used on of her powerful arms to lift Katey's snatch to her face and turn her upside down. This brought Katey's cleavage to my face and her mouth to my erection. Megan went into a slight crouch wrapping her thighs powerfully around my body. Despite the pain I was in heaven, Katey was sliding up and down Megan's oiled body rubbing her breasts against me sucking on my erection as Megan's tongue was buried deep in her pussy. Megan's rubbing against my head became more urgent needy, and as Katey was starting to scream in another orgasm Megan bent over grabbed me by the legs lifting me up and steping through my legs. I was now hanging by my legs upside down between Megan's monstrous thighs. As her thighs convulsed on me crushingly she guided my erection in her vagina.

"Ohhh.. Megan Dear God I love that tongue, don't forget what I told you"

I could feel suddenly painfull pressure not only from her thighs but from her vagina as well. It became so painfull I had started screaming...

"Oh, sorry tiny I have to practice a bit more not to hurt my little Joey, I'll try harder not to hurt you"

The pressure relaxed but my penis was still in a vice, and Megan was banging me against her harder and harder.

" gonna rip me apart.. Please"

"Ooohhh just a few more seconds tiny.. ooohhhh... a few more.. aaahhh.. Ohh.. Joeeeyy..." My feet were going numb from her grip, I felt like she was going to tear me in wo slamming me against her vagina, and as she came I could hear my ribs creaking under the pressure of her thighs.. Releasing my penis from her vaginal grip she casually lifted me by one leg to her face giving me a kiss...Dear lord, I thought to myslef, she really was capable of ripping both of us apart in a moment of passion.

"Oh honey.. I think I have to do something for you as well I know you'll love this" One massive arm supporting me she surrounded my erection with her breasts, and soon Katey also joined her. They were both tit fucking me with their oiled breasts, Megan's tongue passionately licking the tip, and Kate's mouth wrapping around the tip of my penis and Megan's tongue...I came like a firecracker spraying cum all over their breasts, completely covering them. I was completely spent, on the verge of falling asleep.

"Oh how cute, you look so tired... but I wan't more tiny"

"Oh, I almost forgot I'll be right back" Katey said as Megan was kissing my limp erection, and playing with her clit.

"Ta daaa" Katey said appearing with a massive strap on.. "Now the twerp can get a rest while I fuck you.."

"Mhmm.. Oh I love your thinking I just hope you're ready for this" Megan said raising to her full height and walking threateningly towards Katey. But she was swift, and nimble going around Megan and hugging her from the back. Megan liked the game and went down on her knees for Katey. But when she got really horny she jumped Katey tossing her on the floor and jumping her bones, grinding her into the floor. Taking Katey's lessons seriously she mauled the strap on with her pussy completely destroying it in the process.

Katey also suggested to Megan that I use a helmet while eating her, so she could let go... With a smile we tested it with a watermelon, Her thighs wrapped themselves hungrily around the helmet crushing the watermelon in a gory explosion followed by the helmet as she was orgasming aroused by the exploding watermelon. Concluding that the helmet would actually make things worse, I reluctantly place my head between Megan's thighs still covered in the red sticky juice like some pagan altar. Me and Katey had to change eating her for two hours until her drive went down. It was already very late, Katey invited us to stay at her place tonight. We both joined Katey in her bed, Megan was holding on to me like a teddy bear, not letting go. In the bed she placed me right next to her pressing me hard against her powerfull body, and pulling in Katey in front of me. My penis was lodged in between Katey's soft ass cheeks and I was covered by her massive leg.

"Good night tiny, rest well for will be along day for you"

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