I didnt consciously want to become a female bodybuilder, but maybe subconsciously I did. I was always athletic with a great, slim body, but I longed for some decent muscle tone and abs. Friends said I looked like Debbie Moore and they envied my fit bod, but I knew I could do better. I hired a personal trainer and she had me doing loads of cardio and resistance training in order to sculpture a lean, muscular, but feminine physique. I really loved the feel of the weights as I lifted and always wanted to go heavier. Despite being the manager of a large company and having little time on my hands, I decided to train as a personal trainer myself and loved it. I then had the knowledge to do what I wanted in the gym, and I went straight to to the weights section.

I saw pictures on the internet of women with big muscles and they looked incredible and oozed sex appeal. It's what I wanted and with a strict diet and heavy training I slowly increased my muscle mass. I started going to a hardcore gym, deadlifting and squatting huge poundage and my muscles became massive. After a year, my thighs were thick with super definition. I had bulging calves, big boulder shoulders, sexy rock hard pecs, rippling abs, gorgeous peaked biceps and a muscular back. I felt great and loved posing in the mirror. My confidence went sky high and I feared nothing. I even dumped my loser boyfriend because he couldnt deal with the fact I was stronger than him.

One day in the gym as I sat bicep curling some 20kg dumbells I noticed a stunning, cute blonde girl staring at me. As I put down both dumbells I heard a voice, "Wow your muscles are incredible! You must be so strong!" I looked up, and it was the blonde girl.
"Thank you" I replied
"You must train, like so hard?"
"Yeah, but I love it, you know."
"Can I have a feel... of your arms?"
"Yeah sure," I starting to get used to people asking me to flex, but it was mainly from family members. I flexed my right arm and watched as my 16" bicep peak so perfectly. As I squeezed, her soft gentle hands worshipped the muscle. She smelt beautiful, and was naturally good looking and I liked the attention she was giving me. Her hand moved on to my shoulder then down onto my chest, but then quickley moved away. I smiled.
"My name's Jess by the way," and I extended my left hand
"Oh sorry, Im Marie."
I stood up and looked deep into her eyes.
"Well Marie after my workout Im gonna get a drink from the cafe. Youre welcome to join me if you wish" She was a little shorter than my 5'10 height, but had a gorgeously toned body.
"Yeah Id love to..." We stood there gazing at each other and in a gym that was quite empty to be fair, my hand clutched at her waist and I pushed her toward my hard body and our lips connected. After about 10 seconds, I tried to get my breath back.
"...or perhaps you'd like to cum with me to a shower cubicle?" I asked. She giggled and I lead her away. She went inside the cubicle first and leaned up against the wall, I entered and locked the door and turned to face her, pulling off my vest, my muscles so pumped, I stepped toward her and kissed her neck and rubbed my fingers on her moist vagina. "Oh Marie..." I whispered into her ear. It was my first lesbian experience.

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Operation Wolf: Bulging bicep muscles. This article is about my long time friend Robert "The Wolf" Peterson and how he worked his bicep muscles from thin "wire like" muscles to big bulging bicep muscles. Recently we met up and went over what he calls his "bulging bicep workout" mcpd questions. He had some interesting things to say about his bicep workout and how he achieved such well developed bicep muscles in such a short time. OK, I'll start by looking at looking at the Rob's background and his bulging bicep workout. Before starting his "bulging bicep workout" Rob had be training for about 1.5 years on and off. During that time he had gained about 12kg (26.8lbs) of muscle, but most of this muscle gain was on large muscle like the upper legs, glutes and chest security+ exam. He wanted to add size to his bicep muscles to keep them in proportion with his other upper body muscles.

After talking with personal trainers, researching online and getting advice from expenienced muscle builders Rob designed his "bulging bicep workout" a+ training. The bulging bicep workout was geared to hit the biceps really hard, once per week. Rob's bulging bicep workout takes about 1 hour to complete.

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