Magos, Matilda, and the Evil Eye

Island hopping vacation of the Greek Islands provides a "Charming" get-a-way for a young married couple.

"Any attempt to control the environment or the self by means that are either untested or un-testable, such as charms or spells.”
A modern definition of Magic

1. The use of a mysterious tool endowed with special powers (such as a wand, amulet, talisman, or mark).
2. The use of a rare magical herb.
3. A divine figure that reveals the secret of the magical act.
Three requisites crucial to the idiom of "magic" according to The Odyssey

Autumn, Fullerton, California
Matilda lay back on the table marveling at how professional and sterile the room was. The place was practically the kind of place that a real doctor or even a chiropractor would use to treat patients. The door opened and a young man in his early twenty’s entered. His head was completely shaved and his arms were covered with tattoos from the wrists up to his shoulders. Matilda knew that they were called sleeves, and knew that she was in the right place for a tattoo. She smiled at him and he smiled back, saying “Good afternoon, Matilda is it?”
“Yes it is.”
“I’m Hank. I’ve been doing this for five years, and I’d show you some of my work, but my partner tells me that you’ve pretty much already made up your mind on a design?”
“Yes, it’s called a nazar.”
“Right, it looks like a fairly simple design, I can add shading or a scroll with a name in it…”
“No thanks. I just want the nazar as it is.”
“You know, in a way, it kind of looks like an eye.”
“So I’ve been told”, Matilda said with a bit of a smile.
“If you’re ready, we’ll get started.”
“Endoxie, whenever.”
“Come again?” Hank looked confused, but managed a smile.
“It’s Greek; it means okay.”
“Endoxie”, Hank said with a smile placing a cigarette between his lips, “why don’t you remove the blouse, and we’ll get started.”

Summer, Aegean Sea, Crete, Greece
The water-taxi’s motor made a loud whirring noise as it labored to a full stop. The young Greek deck hands cast the mooring lines out, and dropped anchor. Matilda and Gregg Pritchard stretched out as the nearby seats were vacated by all of the other pushy tourists. They would wait for a less crowded boat to take them a shore, and besides, it was quite pleasant to just sit back and take in the beauty of their next destination on their 10-Day Package Tour of the Greek Isles.
Matilda stretched out her already nicely tanned legs, and carefully placed the heels of her bare feet in Gregg’s lap. They both looked at each other through dark sunglasses and smiled warmly at one another. Gregg looked his lovely new bride up and down, finally focusing his gaze squarely upon her delicate cleavage.
“See something you like?” Matilda teased.
“Nah, I was just admiring…”
“Nah?”, Matilda spoke loudly. “You mean you don’t like my small breasts then?” Gregg’s face flushed with color, before giving his thought another try, “Of course I like your breasts. I love your breasts. No dear, I was actually looking at the blue necklace that you picked out yesterday.”
“It’s called a nazar.”
“A what?” Gregg asked leaning forward to better examine the necklace.
“It’s a nazar; it’s supposed to protect me from ‘you know’, the “evil eye!”
“Ah, I see.” Gregg said with no small amount of sarcasm in his voice. Matilda pulled it from his fingertips, but wasn’t completely successful at stifling a giggle that had rose all the way up from her belly. The two leaned in to kiss as newlyweds often do, but both began giggling once again.
After the sickening sweet, giggle-kiss fest had passed, Gregg looked up and said, “I think I should try and get my money back.”
“Why?” Matilda asked.
Gregg smiled and let the sarcasm out at will now, “well, it must not be a very good nazar, because that man has been staring at us since we left the last port. Now he’s not even trying to hide it.” Matilda turned around to look at whomever Gregg was talking about. Hanging on the wall inside the ships cabin was a picture of the late actor Anthony Quinn, famous for portraying title character in the famous film of the 1960’s, “Zorba The Greek”. In the picture, Anthony Quinn was glaring down at them as if they had killed one of his goats while zipping through Stavros on an Italian-made scooter. They both began laughing again, and decided that this would be a good time to exit the boat.
The two made their way to the back of the boat passing a few other fellow tourists that had decided it best to wait for the rush to pass as well. The two never noticed the dark haired gentleman sitting at the bar ignoring his frappe. He, himself was too busy glaring at the two stupid Americans, specifically the stupid blonde woman with the necklace on, to be bothered to drink his terribly overpriced frappe. Nectarous Zoroaster had been stupid himself once, and lost the amulet. Today would be a day of redemption though. He sat the newspaper down which he had been pretending to read, and followed the happy couple out towards the smaller boats. He began whistling a traditional Greek song, about birds or something like that. As Matilda and Gregg stepped onto the small craft that would take them from ship to shore, Zoroaster nodded at the deckhand. The deckhand looked at Gregg and Matilda and then gave him a wink in return. The two other deckhands nodded back at Zoroaster as well. Gregg and Matilda seemed oblivious to the entire exchange.

Zoroaster strolled across the gangplank between the water-taxi and the smaller craft; he was tall and stout with a solid belly, grey but well styled hair, and a large black moustache. He dressed in typical modern, Cretan attire, kaki style slacks, a white polo shirt, and a black sport coat. He looked positively out of place on this part of the island. Most of the people on this trip were dressed in swimming attire and not much else, Gregg and Matilda included. Zoroaster sat towards the stern of the boat, facing the Pritchard’s and the bow. Matilda gave Zoroaster a sunny smile, and Gregg tried his hand at a bit of Greek, “Kali Merra”, he said, meaning “good morning”, but as it was already past noon, the proper phrase would have been “Kali Sperra”. Zoroaster cocked his head back and said, “yassu” in a very unfriendly sounding baritone register.
The ship to shore’s small engine roared to life as they pulled away from the water-taxi. Matilda squeezed Gregg’s hand as they gave one another a shoulder hug. Zoroaster was keeping a close eye on them, but still his head remained back with his nose arrogantly in the air. A smile touched the corner of his mouth as he reached into the inside pocket of his sport coat, placing his fingers on the gun that was tucked away. He didn’t take it out yet, but he just wanted to put his mind at ease that it was still there.
Gregg may have been oblivious to the fact that the deck hands were planning his and his wife’s demise, but he caught on fairly quick that the ship to shore craft was taking an entirely different route of travel to the shore. “Excuse me”, he said, “Aren’t we supposed to be going over there?” Gregg was pointing to the lagoon where the other tourist had been dropped off; some were drinking water, while others were sipping beer and alcohol. Gregg also noticed that some of the tourists had removed what little clothing they were wearing, and many of the women were laying out topless on the most beautiful piece of beach that he had ever seen with his naked eye. “Signo me”, he tried again in Greek. Gregg was looking past Zoroaster who was directly in front of the small crafts skipper. He never even saw the gun pointing at him and his wife, but Matilda did.
“Gregg honey, I don’t think our tour is going to include that part of the island today.”
“What do you mean it’s not going to include that part of the island? I’ve been looking forward to this particular leg of the trip for months now. We were supposed to rough it for a day or two in paradise. Where is this malaka taking us?”
“Calm down Mr. Pritchard”, Zoroaster said, “or may I call you Mr. Gregg?” When Zoroaster said, mister, he pronounced it “meester”.
“What the fuck…” Gregg’s eye’s finally found the gun.
“Calm down Gregg. I don’t think this gentleman means to harm us.”
“Listen to your wife, Mr. Gregg. She seems much smarter than she looks”, Zoroaster said smiling at Matilda’s blonde hair. Zoroaster began speaking rapidly in Greek to the two men on the small craft. It sounded to Gregg and Matilda as if they were angry and shouting at one another, but they truly weren’t. About the only word that either of them could make out was “malaka this” or “malaka that”. Gregg kept his sunglasses on, and tried to keep his bearings. Matilda pushed into Gregg and fumbled with the nazar around her neck. Nectarous Zoroaster paused mid-sentence and met with Matilda’s eyes briefly before continuing with his barrage of insults that he was hurling at the skipper. The other deckhand told him in Greek, that he had to be careful reacquiring the nazar from the lady. If obtained against her will, it may lose some of its power and become useless. “That’s what the old man is for”, Zoroaster said in plain English.

The small craft finally came to a stop at a tiny cove on a remote part of the island. Zoroaster motioned with his weapon towards the shore, and said, “Ella”. The Pritchard’s stepped out of the craft and into the water that was thigh deep. The deckhand and Zoroaster followed closely behind them placing the gun in Gregg’s back. “Look”, Gregg began, “this is idiotic. I have money back at my hotel in the safe. Why don’t you take us back and I’ll give you enough money to buy whatever you want. My wife and I have lots of it. What possibly could we have that you want?”
“Be quiet, Mr. Gregg. We shall get to that in good time. For now, keep walking and don’t try anything brave. I will kill the both of you.” Christos, the deckhand that had helped Zoroaster escort the Prichard’s off the boat snorted as he knew well that Zoroaster was incapable of such things and this was all talk, but he on the other hand. He would kill Meester Gregg and take his wife with no worries, “ti pota” he said cracking himself up.
“What did he say?” Matilda asked.
“He said nothing”, Zoroaster replied, “It means nothing.” They continued walking up the cove with limited sand, but it did have quite a spectacular cave. The Pritchard’s looked up towards the cave, and back towards Zoroaster. He nodded and said, “ne, keep walking…ella!”

The cave was a good fifteen to twenty degrees cooler inside than the beach and under different circumstance would have been a welcomed relief. As for today, it was foreboding and made Matilda shiver. Gregg himself began to feel claustrophobic even before they set foot inside. Zoroaster shouted, “Christos tora”, the deckhand grabbed the woman, while Zoroaster knocked Gregg to the ground keeping the gun pointed at his head. Matilda struggled as she was dragged from Gregg’s site. She shouted out in Greek, “ohee”, which means “no”, and Zoroaster and Christos snickered at the woman’s plea for help. Gregg looked up at Zoroaster and said, “He better not fucking touch her.” Zoroaster laughed before striking Gregg across the bridge of the nose. It wasn’t enough to completely knock him out, or even break his nose, but goddamn did it hurt like hell.

Matilda was taken through a small tunnel within the cave that opened up to a larger area. There was an old man lying on the ground, with his wrists and ankles bound. He did his best to sit up and gain his composure. Christos pulled two sections of rope from his man-purse and tied up Matilda with them.
“Nice purse”, Matilda spit at Christos the deckhand.
Christos looked at Matilda, “that’s nothing” he grinned pulling out a knife from his man-purse, “you like this better?” He pointed the tip of the knife up to her left eye and pushed the blade against her cheek. “Tell me, and this!” Matilda was silent. He grabbed her breast with his left hand, and slowly made his way towards the nazar resting between her breasts. His hands and especially his fingernails were dirty and he smelled like a mixture of sweat and cologne. From across the cave a raspy voice spoke up, “Christos, osch!” Matilda felt relieved as the man let go of her breast. He tied her up, gave the old man a swift kick, and walked away. “Malaka!” he said as he left the two of them alone.

The pain in Gregg’s nose had dulled from feeling like a railroad spike had been driven through it to that of something smaller like an ice pick. His eyes had cleared enough so he could see once again. He tried to stand but found his legs and wrists had been tied up, struggling against the ropes, he yelled, “Hey motherfucker, what have you done with my wife?”
“Ah Mr. Gregg, I see you’re feeling better. Please, call me Nick. My name is Nectarous Zoroaster, but everyone calls me Nick.”
“Fine, how about I call you Mr. Nick then?”
“Actually, I’m a Doctor, just like the funny cartoon with Homer and Bart.” Gregg must have given him a puzzled look, so Zoroaster said, “Hi everybody, I’m Doctor Nick!” But when he said it, he pronounced it neek.
“Ahhh”, Gregg replied with no amusement whatsoever. “What is it that you want from us?”
“In time Mr. Gregg, first tell me something about yourself.” Zoroaster sat upon a rock and folded his hands. If it hadn’t been so dark, Gregg would have actually been amazed to see that the man looked genuinely interested in what he had to say.
Gregg started out by talking about his childhood in San Diego, California, but Zoroaster stopped him, “that’s nice, but tell me how did you and your wife meet? Why have you come to Greece?” Gregg began talking about Matilda, while Zoroaster sat and listened as did Christos who was standing in the shadows unbeknownst to both men.

Meanwhile Matilda and the old man were getting to know one another too. “Are you okay? Who are they and what do they want?”
“First, my name is Eftiki Magos”, the old man said. “I was brought here not of my own free will, like you.”
“And them?”
“Many questions Mati, perhaps not the best time to explain, but I will try.” Magos told her the names of her captors and the nature of their business. Zoroaster, he told her, was a practitioner of ancient magic, and that the talisman around her neck was of great value to him. Ultimately though, both men were misguided souls, and that nothing good could come from this. “The nazar around your neck is very old, and Zoroaster seems to think that it was the first ever made.”
“But it isn’t; is it?”
“No, still it is old. Not ancient, but old, maybe one hundred years old. What do you know of the nature of the Nazar Mati?”
“I know that it is supposed to ward off curses.”
“Very good, but not quite…the nazar protects the wearer from the evil eye.”
“The evil eye? I always thought of that as some sort of old wives tale. I was only kidding about that!.”
“Ohee, it is something that is very real, and can be very bad. The evil eye is associated with a powerful emotion. Do you know envy?”
“Envy?” Matilda let out a chuckle as the word passed her lips.
“Do not take this lightly. The evil eye can make small children very sick, and young women like yourself are very susceptible to the destructive force of the evil eye, Mati.”
“I’m sorry Magos, but why do you keep calling me that?”
“Mati is not your name, no?”
“It’s Matilda, but when I was a little girl, that was what my grandfather called me.”
“Do you object then?”
“Not at all.”
“Good. I need to teach you a few things about protecting yourself from mati.”
“From me?”
“No, in Greek, we call the evil eye, mati, katalevess?”
“I think so.” Matilda said with a smile, but she was still struck by what he said. She may have “understood” or “katalevess”, but still she was struck by how the words sat in her head, “I need to protect Mati from mati.” She foresaw no favorable outcome from any of this. Not at all.
Zoroaster offered Gregg a cigarette, but he turned it down. Zoroaster smiled as he blew smoke from his nostrils, “Ah yes, you American’s are very health conscience, no?”
“Yes”, Gregg laughed, “I guess so.”
“Very good, I smoke too much some days, perhaps. So, now I am going to tell you what I want to do. I will tell your wife that something bad will happen to you, if she does not hand over the necklace, perhaps.” Gregg nodded as Zoroaster explained. Christos turned and headed back towards the other two captives. He removed more rope from his man-purse and pulled off his shirt as made his way to the back of the cave.

“So my nazar isn’t really all that old, but because Zoroaster believes this to be true, then it doesn’t really matter because he’s convinced himself of its power and…”
“Matilda, be quiet. I think someone is approaching.”

“Christos, bring the woman over here.” No answer from Christos.
“Ella Christos, tora!” Still no answer, “Mister Gregg please stay put, and I will not have to hurt your wife.”
“Uh, you did tie me up after all; it’s not like I’m going to get too far.”
“Please, I no want to hurt anyone here”, Zoroaster said as he went to look for Christos. Zoroaster never saw Christos hiding and waiting in the shadows only three meters away. Christos wasn’t nearly as tall as Zoroaster, but he was quite strong and had long arms with excellent reach. Christos leapt on top of Zoroaster, put him in a headlock and then forced his head into the wall of the cave, knocking him senseless. Zoroaster was barely aware of a woman’s scream when Christos jumped him.

Magos and Matilda saw Zoroaster enter the opening to their part of the cave, and it wasn’t until the last second when they saw Christos leap out like a monkey and latch onto him. Matilda screamed, “look out!”, but it was too late. Zoroaster was down, and Christos had tied and dragged him out of site while they watched helplessly.
“Matilda”, Magos whispered, “Listen to me and repeat what I say, and do what I do exactly.”
“Okay.” Matilda was finding it hard not to cry now.
“Athena our lady, if Matilda is suffering the curse of Mati, protect and release her from its hold! You must repeat this three times, and then spit into the air. Katalevess?”
“Yes, I understand.” Christos re-entered the cave, and began dragging Magos from the cave, he told him to keep his mouth shut in Greek.
“He is looking at you with much envy; you are no longer safe!” Matilda began struggling against the ropes, but could not break free. She began calling for help. Christos dragged Magos next to Zoroaster and left him there.
“What are you doing? Have you lost your mind Christos?” Zoroaster hissed.
“You can have your silly necklace when I am finished with my business. I told you I only want the woman!”
“This was not the plan! I told you that we had to get the necklace first, and then you could do whatever you wanted with them you rabid dog!”
“I don’t believe in curses and magic. I only believe in this!” Christos pulled out his knife and headed back to the back of the cave where Matilda was attempting the prayer that Magos had just taught her.
Matilda was trying her best to remember the incantation or prayer or whatever it was that Magos had taught her, but everything was happening too fast. She remembered the last part, but could not remember which goddess she was supposed to mention by name. She thought hard, “was it Aetna or Athena? One was a volcano in Italy and the other was the capital city of Greece, that couldn’t be right. Aphrodite was the goddess of love; she probably wouldn’t be the one either. Then she had a thought, “our first night we stayed at the Artemis Hotel, wasn’t she a goddess?” “She’ll have to do”, she said out loud.
Christos stood in the mouth of the back of the cave where Matilda was alone. His shirt was off and he was glaring at her. His mouth was held tight and there was spittle forming in the corner of his lips. His arms were at his sides, and he was wielding the knife.
“Artemis our lady, if Matilda is suffering the curse of Mati, protect and release her from its hold!”
“Artemis our lady, if Matilda is suffering the curse of Mati, protect and release her from its hold!”
“Artemis our lady, if Matilda is suffering the curse of Mati, protect and release her from its hold!” Christos took a step towards Matilda, as she hocked up and spit into the crazy man’s eye. He began yawning uncontrollably and then dropped the knife. Matilda let out a long yawn herself and then all at once, she cried out as if she were in great pain.
“What are you doing in there!” Zoroaster yelled at Christos.
“Ti pota!” Christos said as he yawned hard again. “I’m doing nothing to her.” He took a step towards Matilda who was pulled tightly into a fetal position. “Lady, you okay?” He asked her with true concern.
Matilda wore a grimace on her face, and her eyes were closed tightly. Her hands were balled up into tight fists. Her body began to shake. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at Christos who was standing over her now.
“Endoxie?” He asked, “everything okay?”
“Never better.” Matilda relaxed and took in a deep breath. Her chest rose high and rapidly and began to expand. The seams running up the side of her tank top began to strain against her rapidly growing form. She let out another shriek when the seams burst to make way for her giant lats. Next her arms began pulsating as more muscle formed growing to massive proportions. Christos took a step back from her, but couldn’t completely remove himself from what he was witnessing.
The ropes that Christos had used to tie her were beginning to strain against her ever increasing size. Matilda’s thighs were now bulging and growing as were her calves. Giant veins surfaced and pulsated up and down her legs as the muscle formed and grew. Matilda was in a great amount of pain from the ropes that still bound her legs and wrists as they were now incredibly tight against her wrists and ankles that were much bigger than when Christos had first tied them. She let out another shriek as the ropes finally snapped. She was free.
Matilda stood up and bumped her head on the ceiling of the cave. Her muscles were clearly not the only thing had grown evidently. She stood almost seven feet tall now. Towering over Christos, he tried pleading with her, but Matilda was not having it. She leaned over and picked him up by the neck and violently shook him before tossing him into the wall across the cave. Christos never moved again. Matilda had snapped his neck like a twig. Matilda looked around for Zoroaster, or anyone else that might be a threat to her, but she was by herself. She called out for Gregg.
“Matilda”, Gregg answered back, “are you alright?”
“I’m fine baby.”
“Did he hurt you?”
“No, I think I took care of him. He won’t be bothering anyone anymore.”
“What’s going on?”
“Gregg, you’re never gonna believe it. It might be best if I just show you.” Gregg looked at Zoroaster who looked positively panic stricken.
“Tell her not to hurt me.” Zoroaster said in a panicky voice. Behind them, Magos began laughing wildly. From the back of the cave, heavy footsteps made their way towards them. The footsteps boomed and echoed as they got closer.
“Matilda, what happened? Oh my god, look at you! What the hell happened to you!” Matilda crouched down and began kissing Gregg’s face. In spite of taking care of herself, she was very happy and relieved to see her man. She held out her hand and caressed his face with one hand, and tore the ropes from his wrists with the other. He tried putting his arms around her, but wasn’t completely able to reach all the way around her, she was so huge. She let out a giggle as she imagined what the two of them must look like together.
“I love you Gregg!”
“I love you too…and you’re so…big now.” Gregg said with some trepidation.
“Don’t worry”, Magos said, “this isn’t permanent.”
“It’s not!” Gregg and Matilda said simultaneously.
“No, Matilda used a protective charm against the mati, and the protection is only good when there is a possible threat. Clearly, the charm has worked, albeit a bit too well. You must get rid of the nazar. Too much power for you.”
“But what if I don’t want to get rid of it?”
“Matilda!” Gregg said, sounding a bit whiny. “You can’t possibly want to stay like this?”
“Gregg, I feel so incredible though”, she said with a bit of a yawn.
“The protective charm is already fading.” Magos announced. Matilda sat down almost knocking her head against the cave wall.
Meanwhile, Zoroaster had slipped out of his ropes and had reached for his gun, “yes, Matilda, you must not be allowed to posses the nazar.” He took a step towards her pointing the gun at her. “The nazar, give it to me.”
Matilda stood up, she was no longer as tall as she had been, but was still quite muscular. “You’ll never have this” she said, taking a step towards Zoroaster. The gun fired nearly missing her head, and Matilda began chanting silently, but quickly. She let out another banshee like cry as she grew taller and gained even more muscle mass than previous.
Scared out of his wits, Zoroaster dropped the weapon, turned tail and ran. Matilda chased after him, leaving Magos and Gregg alone. Gregg began untying the knots in the rope around Magos’ hands. The two men chased after Matilda and Zoroaster. When they reached the entrance to the cave, they saw Zoroaster in the boat, and Matilda trying to swim after him. Gregg and Magos called after her to come back. They watched as Matilda finally gave up and swam back to shore. She emerged from the water wearing only her string bikini that was barely covering up her massive form. Once out of the water, she yawned and fell to the beach. Gregg and Magos watched as she shrank to her former form. Off in the distance Zoroaster and the tiny boat traveled towards the most beautiful sunset Gregg had ever seen. Magos suggested that they rest for the night, as Matilda would be unable to travel for a while, but it was an easy hike to the part of the island where the water-taxi’s could pick them up around noon the next day. Gregg looked back at Matilda who was sleeping hard, and felt a ton of relief wash over him.
Gregg reluctantly agreed to allow Matilda to keep the nazar while they were still in country, and Matilda reluctantly agreed to surrender it to Magos once it was time to leave. While they never really required it’s protection again from Zoroaster, Matilda did call upon its protection their second to the last night in Greece while they were in Athens. They had decided to have one last night out, and had gone to a posh night club for dinner and dancing. The hostess at the bar had been watching the two of them all night and had flirted with Gregg one too many times for Matilda’s tastes.
After the two of them had spent what felt like hours on the dance floor, Gregg tried telling Matilda that he wanted to sit down, and needed some water badly, but the techno music booming from the sound system had been too loud for either of them to communicate with much success. Gregg finally gave up and resorted to using hand signals. Matilda thought that he just wanted another drink, so she remained on the dance floor while Gregg went to take a load off his feet and get some water. Gregg looked back at his wife while she continued shaking it for all it was worth. He smiled and blew her a kiss, which she never caught.
As Matilda went on dancing, the hostess from the bar met Gregg at the table, and proceeded to sit at the table with him while she took his order for more water. Matilda caught site of Gregg and the slutty, little hostess at their table. It looked as if they were enjoying themselves a bit too much. The little bitch even put her hand on Gregg’s thigh as she laughed at one of his stupid jokes.
Then Matilda saw it with her own eyes, the tramp that had been looking deeply into Gregg’s eyes, broke eye contact with him, and then shot a quick glance at her as she stood on the dance floor. Matilda’s hands balled into fists as she glared back into the eyes of the hostess. The hostess repaid Matilda with a dirty look, and that’s when things started going south for the two-hundred or so patrons inside the overcrowded night club that last night in Athens for Gregg and Matilda.
Before she could even try to begin to have a rational thought, Matilda had spit out Magos’ protective prayer twice already. There was a moment where reason tried to rear its annoyingly pointy little head, but thankfully hysteria was there to quash any attempt at rational thought. Matilda said the prayer a third time, spit into the air, and let out a long hard yawn, before the transformation hit.
On their last night out, the happy couple had decided to dress up a bit and go out with some style and class. Matilda was wearing a form fitting, black dress that only covered one shoulder like a toga, exposing her bare back completely. The skirt was extremely tight, and made from a somewhat stretchy material coming down to just above her knee. Because of the dresses unique design it actually managed to stay on her body until they made it back to the room.
Like before, Matilda’s back, lats and shoulders grew first. Her chest bulged and formed massive pectoral plates with deep cuts. The part of the dress that covered her shoulder looked thin and strained over her giant torso. Her arms grew next. Matilda’s biceps looked like they would burst as they had grown so fast, but didn’t. Her arms hung at her sides and Matilda was finding it hard to keep them straight, they were so large now. Matilda’s legs began growing longer and expanding with muscle. She was pretty sure that she was taller this time than the last time the change had occurred. The skirt of her dress that had once come down to her knees (almost), was now barely covering her pelvis. To the unsuspecting onlooker, she just looked like some huge bitch that had been at the beach all day, and had decided to go to a night club wearing a funky bathing suit.
Matilda began walking towards the table where Gregg was standing and trying to get the hostess to leave for her safety. At first she had thought about holding her ground, and then must have thought better of it, as she tried fleeing the area. This was not to be as Matilda was on her like, like a python on its prey that later becomes dinner. Matilda grabbed the hostess and had her in what looked like a sleeper hold to Gregg. He shouted out, “Matilda, no!”
“Fuck off worm!” Matilda yelled back at him, “I’ll deal with you in a minute.”
“Matilda, this isn’t you.”
“What do you mean? Do you want me to go on being a little scrawny bitch, like this one?” She said holding the hostess down with one hand, and pointing down at her with the other.
“No, no, no! That’s now what I mean. You are a beautiful woman, and you look more amazing to me now than ever. I can see that.”
“Yeah, but this anger-jealousy thing is not you. You are a sweet and good natured woman that would never hurt a fly.” Gregg placed his hand on her cheek caressing it gently. “Let her go.”
“Are you made at me?”
“No baby just let her go. Come on; let’s go back to the room, before…”
“Before the cops get here?”
“No baby, before you know…you change back.”
“OH!” Matilda felt herself get extremely warm inside and knew that she had to be blushing hard. She looked around the club and then down at the hostess who was laboring to breath a bit. “I’m so sorry Miss.”
“Endoxie.” The hostess had said, but Gregg didn’t think that she meant it. Matilda stood up and helped the hostess back up on her feet. Gregg slipped the hostess a fifty euro note, and apologized himself. The two looked at each other and made their exit from the club and headed off into the night.
Winter, Anaheim, California
Matilda sat at the large conference table and did her best to pay attention to the speaker’s unoriginal PowerPoint presentation on market strategies for the magazine that she was working for. Matilda was an editor and hated attending this type of meeting; to her, it was a grand waste of time.
While she was physically there in the meeting, in her mind she was far, far away on a sailboat headed from one Greek island to another. In her daydream, the sun was always setting and she was usually wearing nothing, wearing almost nothing, or wearing only jewelry and not much else. Her hair was long and flowing and she was usually surrounded by many admirers.
Matilda’s daydream ended suddenly as she felt a pair of eyes staring at her. She casually scanned the room, but saw that no one was staring at her. As she dropped her eyes, she caught a woman directly across the table sneak a quick glance her way. Matilda looked down at her hands in her lap and noticed that her blouse had partially opened. She did her best to button the one stubborn little button that had come undone without drawing too much attention to herself. As she fastened the button, Beth, the woman from across the table got a great shot of the ink between Matilda’s breasts.
Matilda looked across the table at Beth from accounting and saw her mouth the words, “tramp”. Matilda slowly allowed a grin to cross her face and she took out her notepad and began writing:
Our lady, if Matilda is suffering the curse of Mati, protect and release her from its hold.
She wrote it two more times, and then picked up her bottled water and took a large drink. All at once she spat the water out of her mouth and pretended to cough and choke, and then Beth from accounting who was sitting directly across from Matilda, began to yawn uncontrollably.
The End

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