"OK Billy, you know what to do" spoke a young boy in a very malicious, taunting manner.

"Nooooo, please Bobby, dont hurt her" cried out a young girl in response to her older brothers' torturings. "Ill do your chores, I promise, just please leave her alone"

"Well, I dont know......what do you think Billy?"

"Hmmmm......well, I think my chores could use some help too" the young boy snickered to his twin brother.

"Okay, Okay, Ill do them all. Just please, gimme her back" Mary cried out, tears flowing down her face as she did.

"See, told you it would be a snap to get her to do what we wanted" Bobby spoke out to his brother Billy. "Here squirt, catch!!", as he threw the young girls doll high over her head. "And those chores better be done by the time Mom and Dad get back, you hear?"

"......yeah......(sniffle).....yeah, I hear......." Mary sobbingly made out.

"Come on Billy, lets go meet the guys at the park for football"

"Yeah!!!" Billy excitedly replied, as he and Bobby both made their way outside to their bikes, leaving their little sister Mary home alone.....crying and very upset.

"One day......" she thought to herself, through her tears and sniffles, "....one day, Im going to make you guys pay.......and then youll be the ones crying......." She then got up, retrieved her much abused doll, and started to do her older brothers' chores.

Bobby and Billy were both classic bullies. Being so close to one another, as most twins are, and also being very athletic and strong for their age of 14, they made quick work out of most of the kids in their neighborhood. Which unfortunately extended to their kid sister, Mary. Mary is only 9, and while shes a good girl and has never done anything to deserve their constant harrassings and bullyings, the two boys made sure not to leave her out nonetheless.

Whether it be abusing and destroying her favorite dolls and toys, or scaring away and harassing all of her girl friends when they came over to play, Bobby and Billy never let Mary forget who was boss when it came to the kids in town, and especially in their house. While they wouldnt hit or beat Mary, they certainly used their superior height and strength to hold her still and immobile while they tortured and destroyed the things she loved, and generally made her childhood life a living Hell.

This behavior continued until late into her 12th year, when the only thing that stopped it was the fact that both boys were now away at their first year of college. Both of them very capable athletes by this time, both of them going to college on football scholarships, with hopes that one day one or both of them would turn Pro. This was the break Mary needed. For the first time in as long as she could remember, she didnt have to live in fear and intimidation of her two "loving brothers".

For her 13th birthday she asked her parents for some weights and exercise equipment, to "play around with" with her friends. Marys father didnt approve, he didnt like the idea of his young daughter playing with weights and all, but her mom got them for her anyway. Mary took to them like a natural, and as time went on she converted alot of their unused basement into quite the
professional looking gym.

Mary wasnt the only one to use this basement gym either. She had many of her girl friends, most of which had at one time or another been ruthlessly bullied and teased by her older brothers, come by and use it as well. And they all had the same inspiration to grow bigger, harder and stronger......... Bobby and Billy. They would NEVER let them, or any boy, push them around again. EVER.

Throughout the next few years Mary and her friends spent most of their free time in her gym. Pumping their young, but VERY developing muscles, to their limits, and beyond. Even Marys mom got involved in lifting, and has since developed an incredibly well muscled and shapely physique.....which she used to "persuade" her husband to let the girls fix up the basement with more and more weights and equipment over the years.

Though as much as her mom and her friends grew in muscle size, shape and strength, none excelled as much or as far as Mary did. Not only in muscle size, but also in height as well. She was the best female athlete in school, which meant she was the best athlete overall since her and her friends made short work of all the local male jocks. Her 6' height, combined with her incredible facial beauty and phenomenal physical strength and power, gave her the ability to intimidate any man with so much as a look.......something she and her girl friends made a habit of doing where ever, and whenever, they pleased.


Bobby and Billy spent most of their college years out partying, hooking up with girls by the handful, and just living the typical college jock lifestyle. They made it to the Varsity team their Sophomore years and had both grown into very large men from all the physcial training and weight lifting needed to play at that level. And of course, the bigger and stronger they got, the more and more they bullied those smaller and weaker than themselves. A bad habit from their childhood that seemed to have gotten worse over the years.

They never came home for summer or winter breaks. Spending most of their vacation time training and practicing for football, which as they approached their Senior year, eventually did pay off. Both of them were promised a place in a Minor League football association just after they graduated, and it looked like theyd have an excellent chance at going Pro from there. Both of them were thrilled beyond belief, and couldnt wait to go home to gloat and brag in front of all their hometown family and friends.

So after the Fall Semester of their Senior Year, with only 1 semester left before they graduated, they did something they havent done in almost 4 years......they came home.


"Theyre coming home???" Mary excitedly cried out.

"Yes, theyre both coming home on Friday for the holidays. And its about time too....youd think theyd forgotten they even had a family" huffed Marys mother. "They said they had something BIG to tell us all. Though knowing your brothers, they probably just want to show off and shout off their big mouths in front of everyone again. I swear Mary, theyre my sons, and I love them with
all my heart, but sometimes with the way they act, I just want to......"

"Yeah, I know Mom.....believe me, I know....." Mary chipped in, then in a more serious tone she said, "......Mom, its time"

"I know my baby" her mother replied proudly, as she reached over to grab her young daughters extremely tight and well muscled shoulders. "Ill get your father and I out of the house for a few days, leave you and your brothers alone. Just remember what I said, nothing TOO harsh, ok. Theyre still my sons you know"

"Oh Mom, its not like Im going to kill them or anything.........maybe just a few broken bones?" Mary poutingly asked.

"I dont want to know" her Mom chirped out laughing, as she playfully cupped her ears. Then she turned back to Mary, and in a more serious tone, said "Nothing permanent Mary, ok"

"Oh Mom, I love you" Mary happily made out, as she reached over and gave her mother a tight loving hug. "Im going to go call Mandi and Lucy and the rest, this is going to be so great!!!" Mary then jumped around the room like the little school girl that she was, and ran anxiously upstairs to her room.

"What was all that about?" Marys father said as he came in from outside.

"Just Mary. Shes excited her brothers are finally coming home from school"

"Yeah, I have to say, so am I. I havent seen those boys for some time now"

"Dave, how about you and I go away for the weekend? Maybe go to a nice Bed and Breakfast, do alittle sight seeing......or maybe just never leave our room?" she erotically cooed.

"Maria, the boys are coming home this weekend, and I want to see them first thing. You know how much Ive missed them both"

"I know Dave, me too, but Mary really wants to welcome her brothers back herself, and it has been a while since you and I got away" Maria cooed again as she sexily approached her husband. She then wrapped her strong powerful arms around Daves body, bringing her lips sensously to his ears, and breathed "I could wrap your cock in my tits and flex you to orgasm again baby....would
you like that?" Maria teased as she proceeded to bounce her muscle packed breasts up and down, so close to Daves lust filled face.

"...well.....I guess we could.....I mean, the boys could wait......er......for Mary........GOD, do I love you Maria!!!!" he passionately cried out, shoving his face into her full firm pecs as she slowly, but firmly, wrapped her arms around his head to gently and lovingly pull him in closer.

"Mmmmmm......enjoy your weekend Mary......Ooooooooo"


Later on that week......

"Mom!??! Dad!?!? Christ man, where the Hell is everybody? You told Mom we were coming home today, didnt you?" Bobby asked his brother, as they both set downthe many bags and suitcases they carried in with them.

"Yeah, I know I did. Talked to Dad too. You think theyre mad weve been away for so long?"

"Nah..........well, I dont think so. I mean, we had to practice and train right? If we had come home for every break and holiday they wanted us to, you think we wouldve gotten that amazing football offer? Were going to be Pros Billy, professional football players!!!! Im sure Mom and Dad understand."

"Oh yeah? So where is everyone, Bobby? Christ, I dont even see Mary around" Billy confusedly asked.

"Yeah, Mary. God, almost forgot we even had a slave....er.....sister" Bobby teased, as both of them gave mean chuckles to one another.

"Yo Mary!!! You home?" Billy yelled out, which echoed all over their seemingly empty home.

"Bobby? Billy? Is that you???" excitedly cried out the voice of a little girl, a voice which came from just upstairs.

"Mary?!? Is that you?" replied Billy.

"Nope, not Mary" the young girl continued, as she energetically bounced down the stairs. "Its me, Lucy. You know, Marys friend, Lucy Masters. Dont tell me you guys forgot all about me........well, you have been gone a while I guess. Remember, you used to pull my pigtails and chase me all around when we were younger?" the girl continued.

"Yeah.....yeah sure, now I remember. Sure Lucy.....Marys fat friend" Bobby harshly teased. "Seems she hasnt lost much there, eh Billy" he then whispered to his twin brother, as they both quietly chuckled again.

The reason they both thought she was still the fat little girl they remembered from years past was the fact that Lucy was wearing a baggy sweat suit, which to the untrained eye, led them to believe her large bulk came from fat......instead of the rock hard, pulsating teenage muscles that filled Lucys
16 year old frame. She was quite an attractive girl, at about 5'7". Long black hair, pulled back in her trademark pigtails, framed a very pretty young face.

Lucy smiled at the rude and hurtful comment Bobby just made about her size, knowing full well how wrong he was. "Come 'ere guys, its been so long, I feel like I need a hug" she spoke, as she swiflty walked over to the two much larger boys and hugged them both at once, one arm around each of their waists. Her urge to literally break them in two right then and there almost overtook
her senses......"but not now, remember the plan, plenty of time for that later", she thought to herself.

"Ugghhhhh....easy Luce......." whinned Billy.

"Arrrhhhhhh......yeah girl.....go easy on us.....uh, its been a ....er....long trip, and were bushed"

"Oh, Im sorry guys. Must be all this "bulk" Im still carrying" Lucy mockingly replied, as she slowly released her crushing grasp. "Looks like you two studs have bulked up over the years as well. Wow, you guys are huge!!" she mockingly continued.

"Well yeah, cant be a wimp and play college ball you know. Here, take a look at this" Billy said, as he pulled back the sleeves of his shirt and flexed both arms, with very sizable biceps rising up from them both. "Go ahead Lucy, feel these babies"

"Welllllll....." she cooed as she reached up and felt Billys quite massive arms. ".....looks like youve been working out hard there Billy. You been keeping up with your brother, Bobby?" she asked.

"You kidding, I bench 350 for reps, and squat close to 600. Pipsqueak here cant even bench 325" Bobby egotistically bragged.

"Yeah, just ask him who can beat who running laps around the field" Billy snapped back. "Say Lucy, what are you doing here anyway, and wheres Mary?"

"Mary asked me to wait here for you both, she just left to pick up Mandi and Jenny. Were all going to have a sleepover here later tonight, your parents went away for the weekend and gave us the house. But now that youre both here, I should be going. I have to get my stuff ready for tonight, but Ill be back........maybe Ill see you both later?" she cooed, as she lightly stroked the chins of the two boys with the tips of her fingers. "Ta ta fellas"

Bobby and Billy stood there, staring at Lucy as she skipped out the front door, almost in shock. "God, did she change since weve been gone", they both thought to themselves.

"See......" Bobby spoke out as he slapped the back of Billys head. "......I told you you forgot to call Mom and Dad. Why would they have left for the weekend if they knew we were coming home today?"

"Hey!!!" Bill replied, rubbing the back of his head, "I DID call!! I told you I remember speaking to them both, Dad even said he couldnt wait to see us today. I dont know why they decided to leave"

"And whats with HER?" Bobby asked, pointing to the door Lucy just walked out of. "I thought she was going to snap me in two there, and her back, did you feel that??"

"Yeah......yeah, I did. It was hard, I mean HARD. Man, Ive felt softer guys on our football team. I dont know whats going on here Bobby, Im as confused as you are"

"Eh, who cares, lets just bring these damn bags upstairs and then Im off to bed, that drive killed me here"

"Yeah, tell me about it. 10 hours trapped in a car looking at your ugly mug isnt exactly how I wanted to spend my day" Billy joked, as Bobby again slapped the back of his brothers head.


"Actually, now that I think about it, this all could work to our advantage. If Mary and her girl friends are going to be spending the night here, with no parents in sight, this would be the perfect oppurtunity to remind them all whos back........and, whos boss" Bobby evilly snickered.

"Yeah......I always knew there was a reason I kept you around. heh heh" Billy maliciously agreed. "Just like old times, eh Bobby?"

"Just like old times Billy." replied his brother, as the two young men slapped High 5's to one another, picked up their bags, and made their way upstairs to their rooms, each planning to grab a quick nap before the nights festivities.


"Shhhhhhh.....I think theyre all in the basement" Billy quietly made out to his brother, as they both tried as best they could to silently make their way down the stairs to the houses main level.

"Man, we must have been bushed. Weve been out for hours, and I didnt even hear any of them come in"

"Yeah, kinda hard to believe listening to all the noise theyre making now. What, do they got a live band going on down there? Youd think they were trying to wake us up or something."

"Well, who cares, let 'em make all the noise they like" Bobby schemely made out. "Itll make our job of getting downstairs unnoticed that much easier"

"Yeah, good idea man......" Billy said with a grin, ".....now come on"

The two of them then proceeded to slowly made their way thru the den on their way to the basement door. Thoughts of all the cruel and bullying things they were going to do to Mary, and all of her little girl friends, ran through both their minds. They had been gone a long time, and while they had continued their harrassing ways with many others during their college years, it just wasnt the same as when they used to torture their little sister and her wimpy little friends. This was going to be a night they would all remember for a very long time.

Suddenly, as they passed by the rooms trophy case, something caught Billys eye. Being athletes for most of their lives they were used to trophies displayed all over the house growing up, but something about this particular display seemed somehow different.....something was odd here.

"Hey, Bobby.........Bobby!!!"

"WHAT???" He screamed back.

"Shhhhhh....what are you, crazy??"

"They cant hear us, with as loud as they have that music, I can barely hear you!......now what do you want?"

"Look at these" Billy spoke out, pointing to the mantle which housed several of the rooms many trophies.

"So, Mom puts our old football and wrestling trophies out for display. Shes been doing that since we were kids, so what?"

"Oh?? And did they always have the name Mary Abbott on them, or did you legally change your name back then and not tell me?" Billy sarcastically made out.

"What? Gimme that!" Bobby said with a puzzled look on his face, as he grabbed the trophy from Billys hands. "Mary?!? This isnt right......Hell, this isnt even one of our trophies. Look at the dates, we were in college then. Christ, this one was just this past season?!?!" he spat out as he, along with his brother, rummaged through the many trophies around the room. "OK.....ok, relax, so Marys an athlete. Shes taken over in her big brothers footsteps, so what?"

"So what??? Look at these trophies. Football? Wrestling? They didnt have co-ed football or wrestling when we used to go here Bobby, and that wasnt that long ago"

"So what are you saying Billy? That Mary plays on the Boys Teams??? That she wrestles and plays football against guys? Little Mary? Dont be stupid!!" Bob scolded. "Theyre probably just from some stupid little girlie flag leagues. You know, like some kinda after school thing, for extra credit or something"

"Yeah.......yeah sure, that must be what theyre from" Billy said in a self reassuring tone. "Mary, playing those sports against guys close to our size, and getting 1st Place trophies in them.....God, what was I thinking there?"

"Hey, its cool. I was alittle surprised myself for a second. Now just relax, we gotta put our game faces on here, we got a job to do, all right?"

"Yeah...." Billy replied with a malicious grin on his face, "......this is going to be so cool. What do you say we have them all clean our van tomorrow morning, inside and out?"

"That going to be before or after our breakfast in bed?" Bobby maliciously added, as they both started laughing. "Lets do it!!"

Then the two young men, gently turned the basements door knob, carefully opened the door and slowly moved their considerable bulk down the stairs as quietly as they could........down to their unsuspecting sister and her friends, down to have some long awaited fun, down to show them all whos in charge now.

As they made their way down the stairs, and got closer to Marys little slumber party, they could hear all of the girls giggling, laughing and all round having a fun time. No doubt huddled together talking about boys, doing one anothers hair and make up, and of course dancing around to the thumping music, which now that the basement door was open seemed to shake the entire house.

At least, thats what they figured was happening. They still had a second door at the bottom of the stairs to go through before they could actually see what was going on. Their plan was to just jump thru the door, and using the element of surprise as well as their much practiced skill at intimidation and their naturally bullying ways, theyd have every girl in that basement screaming and crying in no time flat.

Or so they thought............

Before they could so much as turn the second doors knob they were swiftfully grabbed from behind, by the backs of their necks, by what felt like an incredibly powerful pair of hands. They were quickly turned back around, and pushed face first into something that seemed at first soft and tender, yet quite firm. With the lights in the basement hallway out, and their faces being mashed into some unknown form, they had no chance to see who or what had attacked them. Suddenly and without warning, the once softish material they were being crushed against turned stone hard, causing both boys to yelp and scream in pain, as they felt like they were both trapped in some kind of super strong stone vise. Try as they did to break free, pushing with all the strength both of them had, they couldnt budge themselves an inch. Their strength quickly began to leave them, as even more darkness enveloped their senses. Their lack of breath, and the crushing force of whatever superhuman force had ambushed them, had caused them both to pass out, limp and weak as rag dolls, in their attackers vise-like grip.


Pain.......pain and dizziness.......pain, dizziness and weakness........and the sound of little girls giggling........??? This is what Bobby and Billy slowly and groggily awoke to.

"Wha.....uhhhhh......what the hell........" Billy moaned out, slowly allowing his vision to clear and focus. His brother started coming to as well, with the same puzzled and confused thoughts running through his head.

"Welcome home boys" a cute young feminine voice said. "Its been such a long time, I cant believe youre both finally here" she continued, in a very excited tone.

"Mary?!?!" they both dumbfoundedly uttered. As their strength started to return, both boys slowly got up and surveyed the surrounding basement. They quickly noticed they were surrounded by almost 10 young girls, and in the the lead of this very surprising pack, was their sister Mary.

"Yep, you miss me? I missed you guys HEAPS" she made out with a huge smile across her beautiful young face.

Mary stood, hands on her hips, much taller than both boys ever thought shed be, and with an aura of confidence, pride and power that almost floored the two boys. She was dressed in the usual teenage girl sleepover attire; flannel sweat pants, Backstreet Boys T-shirt, girlie socks with the little pom pom balls on the back. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, an almost devilish smile very evident across her beautiful face. As they continued to look around they noticed that a great deal of their quite spacious basement area had been taken over by tons and tons of weights and exercise equipment.

"Mary, what the hell is going on here!!!" Billy yelled out at his sister, as he felt his strength fully return to him. "What the hell happened out there, and whats all this stuff all over the place? What, Dad go gym crazy after we left?"

"Yeah!!! We want answers, dammit!!! You got about 5 seconds to tell us whats going on here, OR ELSE!!!" Bobby added.

With that, the girls all started giving off little giggles, which shocked Bobby and Billy even further. These girls were supposed to be afraid of them, they were supposed to run in fear, scream in terror.....but instead of hiding and begging for mercy, they were laughing. Anger was growing like mad in both young men, as they realized they were being made fools of. And NO ONE makes
fools of them, certainly not their teenage sister and her girl friends.

"Now listen up you little....." Billy harshly spoke out.

"No, you listen!" Mary interrupted. "You think you boys are going to torture and bully and just make all of our lives Hell like you did when we were kids? You think you can just come back after 4 years of being gone and push us all around, make us your slaves, just cause youre boys? Just cause youre bigger? Well, I have just one thing to say about that......" Mary playfully made out, as she slowly brought her arms out to her sides, wrists and elbows just slightly turned in. Slowly, and VERY powerfully, she brought her arms across her very ample chest, flexing all of her bodies massive muscles to their fullest in the classic FBB intimidation pose, the Most Muscular.

The two boys stood in shock and amazement as they watched Marys previously loose fitting outfit incredibly get tighter and tighter by the second, as Mary herself seemed to be getting larger and larger. Her head slightly tilted forward, displaying a very cute youthful smile as she continued to expand her body well beyond the capacity for her outfit to contain them. Her sweats and T-shirt soon began to tear, then rip, then burst apart, revealing her flexing fully before them in a two piece exercise leotard, which left very little to the imagination.

As she slowly relaxed her flex, her body seemed to get alittle smaller, though it was still a huge mass of solid vascular teenage feminine muscle. Mary looked like a seasoned FBB many years her senior, all the while still maintaining her childlike youthful glow and appearance, along with an
amazingly sexy feminine side as well. Shed introduced her fantastic hard body to many a guy in this fashion, but never had any of them been as rewarding or as pleasurable to her as doing it for her brothers now.

"You see, my dear loving brothers, Ive been busy since youve been gone, we all have. All the weights and gym equipment here, theyre mine, not Daddys. Ive been working every day for the past 3 1/2 years, 5 hours a day, non stop, to build this body.....these muscles......this strength. All 6 feet, 195 rock hard, super strong pounds of it. And I owe it all to you two" Mary giggled, as she continued to flex and expand in a series of powerfully looking FBB poses. "You see, for all the times youve used your size and strength again me and my girl friends growing up.....well, we just thought youd like to know how it feels to be the weaker and helpless one. hee hee hee"

"What the hell are you talk........" was all Bobby could make out, as the sounds of ripping and tearing clothing could be heard, almost echoed, throughout their basement. As Bobby and Billy looked around in awe, they noticed the rest of Marys friends flexing and posing and literally ripping
their outfits to shreds with just the expanse of their muscles and strength. Each of these young girls, all of whom the boys slowly begin to recognize as ones theyve tortured as kids, bursting with muscles and power, yet still maintaining their youthful girlish good looks. Each of them wearing their own skin tight workout outfits, revealing most every inch of their athletically toned and muscular young bodies.

"You remember the time you threw all my Barbie dolls in the tree in my backyard?" Marys friend Mandi Hall softly made out, as she sauntered over the the two boys, flexing and bouncing her very prominent and luscious muscles in their faces. "It took me weeks to try and get all of those down then.........I wonder how long itll take you boys to get down after I do the same to you. Tee hee hee"

"And the times you would run along side me as I was riding my bike home from your house?" spoke out Vicky Stamper, another of Marys childhood friends. "You remember how youd make me fall, and that one time when I really scraped my knees bad and was crying in the middle of the street? Well boys, Ive waited quite a while to return the favor.......and make no mistake, you will cry" she cooed as she looked over her incredibly wide back, finishing off her intimidating posing routine with a massive lat spread.

"And dont think Ive forgotten all of that hair pulling and those fat jokes, boys" breathed out Lucy Masters, pigtails and all, as she made her way closer to the two young men. "And you both still owe me a real hug with this babies wrapped around you" she said as she flexed her 17" arms to their fullest, "and I intend to collect"

These situations happened with each of Marys girl friends. Each one had been harrassed, teased, bullied and/or tortured by both Bobby and Billy for a great deal of their young lives, and this was their payback......this was their revenge. Giggling and laughing as young girls do, they all took their time to intimidate and threaten their childhood bullies - but none took more pride and enjoyment out of this than Mary, for it was she who got it the worst.

"See this body, boys? See these muscles? See its hardness, its strength? Im going to take so much pleasure from wrecking you two boys. Ive waited my entire life to be able to get you both here like this, to get my body hard and strong enough to be able to do things to you like you did to me.......and so much more" she continued with an evil grin, flexing all the while as she did so. "I used to date the local college wrestling champ, til I beat him in front of his friends that is......and I was only 15 when I did that. Now I go for older men, even older than you guys. I love the looks on their faces when they finally see my hard muscular body fully. When I lift them up, crush them in my little girl hugs, throw them around like rag dolls.........Hey, thats kinda like what you used to do to my dolls as a kid, isnt it boys? Well, looks like Ill be able to return the favor soon enough" Mary giggled yet again.

"Look here girls...." Bobby finally spoke out, trying to put on a tough man front. Trying to pretend he wasnt greatly intimidated by the young amazons all around them both. "......I dont know what GAME youre trying to play here, but if you think a bunch of muscle bound teenage girls is going to scare us, then you think again!!!!"

"Yeah!!!" Billy then joined in. "You dont think weve seen muscular girls before? Were athletes, KIDS!! Were in top physical shape, big and strong men, who could take on 5 of you at once if we wanted to! We play college ball girls, which means we bounce around guys MUCH bigger than you, muscles or no!"

"Bigger yes.......but stronger, not a chance baby doll" spoke out one of Marys other girl friends.

"Shes right boys. Sure, SOME of you men may have bigger muscles than us little bitty girls......" Mary breathed as she flexed her huge 18" biceps and her massive 29" thighs. "......but as for strength and power, well, you MEN are by far the weaker sex. Lucy tells me you can bench 350, is that right Bobby? And Billy not even that much. Tsk tsk....where have all your muscles gone guys?
Lucy herself can bench 650, for reps. Sure she may be one of our strongest here, but even our "weakest" could take you both on together and not even break a sweat"

"650 lbs!!! Yeah right, sure. Let me guess, you can lift a small car all by yourself, is that it Mary?" Bobby said in a mocking tone.

"No.....dont be stupid Bobby...........actually, I can lift a large car all by myself. You shouldve seen what I did to my last boyfriends car when I found out he was cheating on me. Maybe Ill prove it to you later by overturning your van for you. But no, I dont think youd need much proof later on.....not after what weve got planned for you" Mary excitedly chirped. "Still, maybe Ill do that anyway......and if the two of you together can lift it back, then maybe.....maybe, well all wash your car, eh Billy?"

"Shit man, she heard us......."

"SHADDAP!!" Bobby snapped at his brother. "This is all bullshit man.....BULLSHIT!!"

"Ohhhh, I see you still need some convincing, eh big brother? Well, I think we can more than arrange that. hee hee"


"You say you could take on any 5 of us, eh? Id guess you mean in a fight, not in running away or chickening out?" Mary teased, as the rest of the girls started laughing. "Well, how about I change those odds alittle bit, in your favor of course. After all, you are my brothers, and I do love you both" Mary continued in a little girl voice. She and her teenage amazonian friends had them both back against a wall, and while both young men were trying to put up tough macho fronts, Mary could see, as could they all, that this was all just an act. That these powerfully looking girls had these two very large, colleged aged boys terrified. Oh, but this was only the beginning, they havent seen anything yet........... "What do you say you both, together if you feel you need to, take on just one of us girls? And to make it fairer, Ill let YOU boys choose which girl itll be"

"Youre kidding, right? Youre all going to just sit back and watch as me and Billy beat the Hell out of one of your friends?!? Whats the catch?" Bobby cockily spoke out.

"No catch. No trick. And to make it even better, if you boys manage to make any of us submit, pin us for 5 seconds, or knock us out, you can go and none of us will ever bother you again" Mary continued. "Or maybe youd prefer breakfast in bed, Bobby?"

"Dammit!" Bobby thought to himself, "They did hear us at the top of the stairs. Whats her trick here, whats she trying to prove??"

"Bobby?.......Bobby, what do you think?" Billy quietly made out to his brother. "This some kinda trick. I mean come on, both of us against an one girl, that we get to pick out, whats the catch??"

"I dunno man....but stay cool" Bobby whispered back. "OK girls, you got yourself a match. And WHEN we win, you all have to be our slaves for the rest of the weekend, until Mom and Dad get back. Just like old times, eh Mary?" he foolishly teased.

Anger started to swell in Mary, as Bobbys taunting made her think back to ALL the horrible things they put her through growing up, but these emotions soon disappeared. She had waited much to long for this moment to let her rage consume her and cause her to rip her brothers in two just
like that. She wanted this to last, and last it will............besides, shed promised her Mom the boys injuries wouldnt be "too bad". "OK boys, youve got a deal. Now, which one of us will it be?" Mary asked.

"Uh, were gonna need a sec, ok?" Billy requested.

"Yea, sure" Mary answered.

"But dont take too long, boys.......some of us might get restless waiting and decide to take you up on your earlier 5 against 1 offer" chirped in Mandi, as she let out girlish giggle mixed with one extremely powerful looking ab and thigh pose.

The two young men quickly turned away from their muscular young captors, and joined in a huddle to discuss their plan of attack. Occasionally looking back at the group full of girls, as if to size them up, no doubt picking the smallest, least threatening one to beat on. And thats exactly what Mary and her friends had planned. After a few minutes, Bobby and Billy emerged from their huddle, and with a very cocky and confident attitude about them, they made their choice.

"Weve thought long and hard about this ladies, and weve decided to take on Paula over there" Billy spoke out with a large grin on his face, pointing to one of the teenage muscle girls.

"Pauline" Mary corrected.


"Figures you guys would pick our smallest girl, you cowards" Mary chirped, with almost a hint of laughter underneath. "What do you say Pauline, you all set? Ready to have alittle fun?"

"You betcha!" Pauline excitedly replied. "Ready boys?" she teased further.

"Just go alittle easy on 'em Pauline, we dont want to break our little toys so early in the evening" Mary said, which was followed by round of girlish giggles.

Pauline Siegel was a very attractive girl of just under 17 years old. Her 5'4" frame did make her the smallest in this group of young amazons, but by no means was she a "small" girl. Her very ripped and lean, yet quite muscular, 135 lbs. certainly earned her a place among these powerful young girls. Her tight washboard stomach a legend, even in this group. She was famous for showing of her abs, always wearing belly shirts and bikinis where ever possible. Even now, she stood before her awaiting crowd and her two outclassed victims, in a sexy skin tight two piece work out leotard, which proudly displayed her brick hard abdominals.

She had been bullied by both Bobby and Billy as a child as well, and was one of the first to jump into Marys "working out bandwagon" years back. And in addition to her gym training with her girl friends shes also studied karate and judo since she was 13, and the culmination of both of these trainings have made her quite the champion, in and out of the martial arts arena. Since she had to split her time between her workouts in Marys gym, and her training of the martial arts, she wasnt as big or as muscular as her amazon girl friends. But make no mistake, she was no less dangerous than any of them, something many an unsuspecting victim, usually an arrogant boy or man, has unfortunately found out over the years.

Pauline then stepped forward, and sexily made her way to a large area on one side of the basement filled with mats. She then seductively curled her finger over to the two young men, calling them forth to join her. As Bobby and Billy slowly made their way to the mats, they couldnt help but notice all the young muscle girls having trouble trying to hide their giggles and laughter, something which left them both alittle unnerved and even more puzzled. Surely they didnt think this one litle girl had a chance against both of them together. They were both quite large at 6' 4" and 240 lbs, especially for their age, and theyd been working out for YEARS. How could she even have a prayer of winning against them???

Pauline then began a quick stretching routine, not really because she needed it, more to show off her amazing flexiblity to her two soon-to-be-hurting victims. Both Bobby and Billy couldnt help but notice how flexible she was, and they were taken alittle back by it. Though they still did little to prepare themsleves for the upcoming match, thinking they really didnt need it. As she finished her stretching, she slowly rose up and assumed a classic karate stance. A wicked smile crossing her face. She then proceeded to do her kata, a series of well placed and practiced martial arts positions and movements, flowing together to make quite a beautiful, yet lethal, demonstration. She did this again not so much to warm up, but more to intimidate, and it certainly seemed to be working. The two boys couldnt help but give slight GULPs as they watched her move with such grace and control, strike with such speed and power. They couldnt help but think to themselves that this match might not be as easy as they originally had planned.

"What the Hell is this Bruce Lee shit!!" Bobby objectioningly spoke out.

"Yeah, I thought we were gonna wrestle, what gives?" Billy added.

"I never said wrestle boys, I said fight" Mary replied with a cute little grin. "Of course, if you guys wanna wrestle, Im sure Cindy here wouldnt mind a go at you both" she continued, as she pointed to another young muscle girl, who then proceeded to both invitingly pout and intimidatingly flex her voluptous power packed body. "Then again, maybe youd like to try your little sister on for size. I AM the high schools wrestling champion you know" she continued as she gently placed her hands
on her luscious hips and expanded her sides into a very powerfully looking front lat spread. "And for the record boys, those trophies in the den, theyre for the now CO-ED wrestling and football teams. hee hee"

"Come on guys, I promise not to hurt you TOO badly. Which is more than I can say for what you both used to do to Roger" Pauline spoke out. "You remember Roger, dont you? My brother......the little boy you used to push around and knock down anytime he came to your house to get me when we were kids. No? For shame boys, Im sure he remembers you both, in fact I know he does. When I told him last night you two would be back today, and what we all had planned for you........well, I dont think Ive seen him happier, EVER" Pauline said, as the thoughts of how they would treat her poor innocent littler brother made her fume with anger. "You see, if ether of you EVER tried to do anything like that to him today, Id have to give you some of THIS......" she yelled, as she swiftly punched a hole in the nearby wall. "And some of THIS......." she continued, as she
completed a perfectly executed spinning kick, which again put another hole in one of the basements hard walls. "And Id finish you off with some of THIS....." she concluded as she flipped her way over to the nearby punching bag, and with a series of hard hitting, fast moving, punches and kicks, she ripped the poor bag to pieces.

"Sheesh, Mary......I hope your brothers know how to plaster walls" Lucy joked.

"Theyll learn Luce......with the right kind of incentive, theyll learn" Mary replied, both girls giggling as she did.

"I tell you what boys, Ill make it even easier for you" Pauline continued. "Ill give each of you one shot at me, right in my gut, and if you can so much as make me flinch, Ill conceed and youll both be declared the winners"

"One punch? As hard as we can? And if we can knock you down, then we win?"

"Thats the plan. Boy Mary, theyre not as dumb as we remembered, eh?" she teased, which was followed with yet another round of girlish laughter. The boys were steaming now, being laughed at and made fun of by their little sister and her girl friends was driving them mad.

"OK you little bitch, youre on!!" Billy yelled out.

"Bitch eh?" Pauline replied in a surprisingly calm and cool voice. "Well see whos going to be whos bitch soon enough I think. OK, whos first?" she asked, as she gently patted her exposed six pack abs.

"Ill take this one Billy" spoke out the slightly stronger brother. "Ill have this whole thing wrapped up before you can spit, then well have some fun with our new slave girls, eh?"

"Yeah! Yeah, I can think of more than a few things I want them to do even now" Billy arrogantly agreed.

Bobby then stepped up to just a few feet away from the awaiting Pauline. He did alittle mock boxing, throwing some punches, getting his feel up, his fists ready, his strength surging. Hed knocked out more than his share of men, and they were ALL much larger than this little girl before
him. He was so going to enjoy this. Pauline, seeing he was just about ready, slowly gathered up her long red hair and held her hands behind her head, pushing into prominence her amazingly hard and cut abdominals. Bobby then used all the power he could muster, all his adrenaline pumping strength, and threw at this little girl one of the hardest punches he had ever thrown in his life..........THUD. Thats all that could be heard from the basements pitch quietness. Well, THUD followed by several sharp CRACKS.

"Arrrghhhhhh....." Bobby yelped out, as he grabbed his right hand. His slightest touch on it was near agony, as he figured several of his fingers were broken.

"What? What happened??" Billy questioned.

"What do you THINK happened, idiot!!!" Bobby scolded back.

"Jesus Christ Bobby, she just barely moved back an inch, and she didnt flinch at all?!?!"

"Well Duh!!, boys. What, you think these abs are just for show? You dont think I practice receiving hits in karate class? I take it back Mary, they are as dumb as I remembered" Pauline teased. "Youre next Billy. This time, hit alittle harder, maybe your brother weakened me enough so you could get thru. hee hee"

Billy was completely and utterly shocked. Hed seen his brother fight, most of the time along side himself, and hed NEVER seen Bobby be as ineffective against an opponent as this.....and this was just a 16 year old girl!!! It must be some kinda trick, shes gotta have something underneath, somewhere.....something!. Pauline yet again curled her finger at Billy, coaxing him to come forth and take his own turn. Billy then got a devilish idea........if he couldnt get thru her rock hard stomach, and that was obvious from the way Bobby was still grasping his very sore hand, hed go for somewhere alittle more vulnerable. Hed go for her face. Not exactly proud of what he was going to do, but he had to do something........besides, shed asked for it.

Pauline again gathered up her long raven locks and placed her hands behind her head, and flexed her steely abs. The rest of the girls muffling laughs as they knew her stomach was way too hard for either of them to get thru. Theyd seen her fight before, and they knew that a few broken fingers was the least of Bobby and Billys worries. Billy, like his brother, tried to gather up all the strength and power he could, all of it, into one solid hay maker of a punch.

"Come on cutie, dont make me stand here all day" Pauline taunted.

"OK, you asked for it little girl" Billy grunted, as he threw one of his hardest and fastest punches at her unprotected face..........or thats what he was aiming for, anyway. Just inches from his fists impact against her beautiful young face, Pauline swiftly grabbed his exposed arm with both her powerful arms, and with very little effort , threw him over her shoulder, nearly 7 feet into the air, where he slammed into another of the basement walls about 15 feet away.

She slowly walked over to Billy, grabbed him up by his wrists in an extremely painful hold, and chirped out "You guys are soooo predictable" She then effortlessly threw him by his wrists back again onto the mats, near where his brother still stood, protecting his now swollen hand. A look a fear now very evident on both their faces, as they knew that even two against one, they stood little chance against this young martial arts amazon. "That, Billy, was for that cheap shot just now..........This, is for Roger" she spoke harshly, as she moved closer to them both, anger
filling her mind, a vicious smile crossing her face.

What happened next was a sight to behold. This beautiful young girl threw, tossed and just overall mandhandled the two much larger men like they were toys. Her great physical strength and her amazing martial arts ability, all of which fueled by an intense rage, made her a nearly unstoppable opponent against Billy and Bobby. Try as they did, and they did try, their attempts were futile. Her strength, her speed, her ferocity, and her overwhelming fighting skills, made her clearly vastly
superior to them both. She punched, kicked and flipped them around, all with that same vicious grin, loving every second of it. Pauline had waited too long for this day to finally come, and she was enjoying it immensely. For the next 20 minutes, she would mercilessly taunt and tease them both, all the while holding them fast with special nerve-ending holds, while forcing them to apologize to herself and her brother, Roger. Over and over, the sounds of tear filled "IM SORRY"s
could be heard echoing throughout the basement.

When Pauline was finally finished with her two badly beaten practice dummies, for now anyway, she swiflty knocked them both unconscious with two expertly placed karate strikes. The last sounds both boys heard before falling into oblivion was of young girls clapping, laughing and
cheering all around them. Darkness had never been more welcomed by them both.........


Sometime later, Bobby groggily started his awakening. How much later, he had no idea. All he knew was how much pain he was in, and the fuzzying rememberances of how he got in this shape. One little girl did this to him, to him and his brother BOTH. He couldnt believe it, if he didnt see
and FEEL it for himself, hed never have imagined it to be true. While his consciousness was slowly returning to him, Bobby stayed completely still. Playing possum, with the hopes that somehow theyd maybe forget him and leave him alone. Though his eyes were closed, and his aching body motionless, he could still listen to all of the activity that was going on around him.........and listen he did.........

"..........so then he said, "My God, Ive never seen a girl with such big muscles in my life". And his eyes so bugged out, you shouldve seen his face. hahahaha So then I start doing this little flex n strip tease for him, making my muscles jump around as I erotically removed my cute
little cheerleader outfit.........he practically melted right there in his chair"

"Hahahaha......yeah, I could just imagine. Soooo, go on, what else?"

"Yeah, "tell me more, tell me more". hahaha"

"Well, then I sexily made my way over to him, flexing my "babies" here as I did. I bent down, gave him a seductive litle pout and put his face inbetween 'em, and started massaging his face with just my breasts. He shot his load all over himself within 20 seconds"

"Yeah God, I cant tell you how many times Ive gotten my Dave off like that. What is it with boys and breasts? hahahaha"

"Must be a maternal thing. Though I dont know how many mothers can make their breasts bounce and move just using their pec muscles. hahaha"

"Hey, how is Dave doing by the way? I havent seen him since......well, you know"

"Hes doing ok, recovering nicely the Doctors say. He should be out of the hospital the middle of next week........God, I feel so bad about that.........I didnt mean........"

"Hey girl, take it easy. You didnt do it on purpose, it was an accident. He knows you love him, he knows youd never hurt him on purpose"

"I know.......but still......"

"But nothing, it was an accident baby, dont feel so bad, ok..........Besides, he knew about our little club here, what you do down here with us, not to mention how damn STRONG you are, youre one of the best wrestlers in the state for Chrissake girl. hee hee He knew what he was getting himself into. Its not your fault he got you so HOT that you nearly snapped him in two during an orgasm"

"Yeah Cindy, dont worry, hes going to be back home in no time, youll see. Then you can show him how an amazon girl can not only crush her man, but also be gentle and loving to him as well"

"Yeah.....youre right......thanks guys, I feel alot better now"

"Jesus Fucking Christ???" Bobby thought to himself. "She accidentally put her boyfriend in the hospital, just while having sex??? What the Hell did I get myself into here??"

Panic struck Bobby hard and fast, but he still did his best to stay still and unmoving. The fact that he was also quite scared stiff helped him greatly at accomplishing this. As he concentrated on trying not to move, and on ignoring the great pain he was in, he couldnt help but evesdrop on
another similiar conversation at the other end of the basement..........

".......think after I lifted the back end of his car the other day, it wouldve given him alittle hint at what Im capable of. But Noooooo. Was that not a big even hint? Maybe I shouldve put a hole in the roof of his car? Damn jerk, cares for that thing more than he cares about me!!!"

"Some guys are just jerks Sammie, dont let it get you down, ok? If he doesnt treat you as you deserve, then just dump him and move on"

"Dump Him!?!? Oh no, I dont think so. Hes going to see things my way, or hes going to be in a world of pain. Could you imagine him buying those stupid hub caps for his car instead of a decent Valentines gift for me?!? Well, hes going to learn how a girl like me needs, and more importantly EXPECTS, to be treated. Hell learn, or hell die trying!"

"Sam, I agree with you ok, but you gotta take it easy on these guys here. Youve been through 6 in as many months, all of them some of our schools biggest jocks, and youve left them all destroyed wrecks. I mean sheesh, the way you stuffed Danny into his gym locker like that, and for what, cause he was alittle late picking you up the night before?"

"Well that, and cause Sheila didnt think a big guy like him could fit into a little gym locker like that. Guess I proved her wrong"

"Yeah, 13 broken bones for Danny later, sure"

"I.....am going.....to die" was all Bobby could think, as enormous feelings of regret swelled within him. Regret of his actions, regret for being the cruel, tough bully he was. Regretting most of all the
consequences he and his brother would soon undoubtedly face at the hands of these teenage female powerhouses. Speaking of Billy, where was............

"Hey girls, looks like weve got a live one here"

"Bout time, I was beginning to think Pauline had killed them both"

"Hey, I took it easy on them, just like you asked Mary. Didnt want to spoil the fun for the rest of you by putting them out of commission so early" Pauline teased.

Bobbys heart stopped, they knew he was now awake, and his torture was about to start all over again. As thoughts of him attempting to make a run for the basement door in an attempt to escape his bullying captors swirled in his mind, he suddenly heard a man screaming.......Billy!!!

"No, no more, please!!!" Billy yelled.

"Awww, come on Billy, youve been alseep for over an hour now, didnt you regain any of your strength from your nice little nap?" Mary teased, which was followed by a round of girlish giggles.

"Mary, Mary look, Im sorry, really, I didnt mean any of it, it was Bobby, he was always the ring-leader, he made me do it all, Please have mercy!!!" Billy terrifiyingly blurted out.

"THAT FUCK!!!" Bobby thought to himself, realizing it wasnt he who had been discovered awake, it was his brother. A brother he was going to KILL when, or if, they ever got out of this. "I mean come on, he was easily as much to blame is I wasssssss..........."

"Look what we got here girls, looks like this ones wide awake as well" chimed Lucy, who was holding the much larger boy off the ground with just one of her super powerful arms. "Lucky us, now we get to play with our new toys again. hee hee Here Sammie, catch!!!"

"Whhhaaaoooowwwwww!!!!!" was all Bobby could make out as he was effortlessly tossed across the room from the massively muscular Lucy over to her equally voluptuous and powerful girl friend, Sammie.

"Hey, this guys light as a feather. Wanna try Mandi?"

"Sure, give him a toss over here" Mandi said with a wicked smile.

Sammie then threw the screaming Bobby back across the basement to the awaiting Mandi.

"Whhooopppss", Mandi teasingly chirped, as she moved her pumped up muscle bound arms out of the way at the last minute to let Bobby come crashing down on the hard floor with a THUD. "Awww, Im sorry Bobby, must be all this butter on my hands from the popcorn" she teased.

"Hey, lets not leave Billy out of the fun" Mary added, as she gathered up her big brother as easily as if he were a small child, and threw him back across the room into another of her young amazon girl friends arms.

This humiliating and powerful display went on for close to 30 minutes. Each girl giggling and cheering as they tossed these two large men around to one anothers muscular embrace. The beatings they had recieved before this had left both Bobby and Billy VERY sore, and incredibly sensitve to the touch. A fact that couldnt be forgotten while being thrown around and handled like rag dolls, only to crash roughly into one of the many hard bodied super girls grasp, and that was IF the girls decided to actually bother catching them. The two once proud, now utterly defeated,
men were crying and begging for them all to stop, but they showed the same level of mercy as Bobby and Billy had shown on them as kids...........none.

"Ok girls, new game, this ones getting alittle old" Mary excitedly made out. "Cindy, Lucy, you girls ready?"

"You know we are" they both practically spoke out in unison, as they started flexing and enlarging their already menacing physiques. Only the semi-elastic material of their leotards kept it from ripping and tearing to shreds from these girls super powerful bulges.

"Good.......just remember, nothing too drastic, the night is still young, and we have all day tomorrow to play with our little toys" Mary sadistically added.

With that Lucy and Cindy, two of the most muscular and powerful looking young girls, stepped forward and slowly began to herd Bobby and Billy back onto the large area of mats, laughing and smiling like little girls as they did. An area these two young men were only too familiar with,
their beatings from just one smaller girl was still engraved clearly in their brains. The two boys were very much battered and beaten, both mentally and physcially, and they realized they could do nothing to stop any of these girls from doing anything they wanted to do with them. They could only pray that this would all be over soon. Unfortunately for them, they couldnt be farther from the truth.

"What do you say boys? You wanted to do alittle wrestling before, what say we give it a go now?" Cindy mockingly asked with a vicious grin over her beautiful young face.

Cindy Hughes was yet another of Marys friends that the two boys used to harrass and tease without mercy. She was a tall and lanky girl growing up, something which was used against her many a time with Bobby and Billy. Being called Beanpole, or Olive Oyl, or flat chested were only a
few of the torturings Marys brothers inflicted on her as kids. With big Coke-bottle glasses and a face full of freakles, she was almost too easy a target for these much experienced bullies.

Though as girls often do during that age, Cindy blossomed into one incredibly attractive young girl. Her chest filled out tremendously, which was only helped more so by her many many hours, weeks and years in Marys gym. Building her body, her strength, her confidence, to its ultimate. She would never let anyone treat her like she used to be treated, and at her now 5'11, 180 lb. power packed, rock hard physique, that wouldnt even be a consideration. She was very happy now with her boyfriend Dave, who loved her inside and out, muscles and all. She would never dream of hurting him.......well, not intentionally anyway. Too bad for her soon to be wrestling partners, neither of them was Dave.

"Now.......now, wait a sec.....I didnt mean.....you cant be serious......please......." Billy exhaustedly spoke out.

".....Mary....please......we can barely stand.......please......" Bobby continued.

"Awwww, come on guys, dont tell me you two big men are afraid of rolling around on the floor with us two gorgeous gals? You know how many guys would give a fortune to be able to get what were going to give you for free. You should be honored"

"Oh, and just to show you were nice girls, and because we see youre both in such horrible shape......well, go easy on ya. hee hee" Lucy taunted as she gave a playful wink to her fellow wrestlerette. "I get Billy......Bobbys yours, Cindy"

"Mmmmmm, I wouldnt have it any other way Luce"

The two young amazons quickly grabbed these two larger, though MUCH weaker men, and proceeded to throw them all over the mats. Sometimes holding them against a nearby wall using just their very well endowed chests, sometimes lifting them high over head and bending them over their shoulders, sometimes clamping their massive thighs around their heads or waists, sometimes just ramming their gyrating steel hard hips into them from above..........but ALL the time, twisting and bending and crushing them until their screams again echoed throughout the basement. Billy and Bobbys very formidable strength, a strength theyd both spent years building and training, was useless against these two teen powerhouses. Their beggings and cries only seemed to fuel their torturers fire.

"Come on guys, you said you wanted to wrestle, wheres your fight?" Lucy teasingly asked.

"Yeah, if we dont think youre trying, were going to punish you both much, much worse. hee hee hee" Cindy giggled.


"UGHHHHH.....MERCY.....PLEASE, ILL DO ANYTHING.....AHHHHHH........ANYTHING!!!!" Bobby followed.

"Oh, youll do anything alright, youre going to be OUR slaves from now on, and just to remind you whos your boss now.........." CRACK, SNAP.

"AARRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Bobby screamed, and then passed out, as Cindy had effortlessly broken 2 of his ribs in her amazingly powerful bear hug.

"You see that Billy? Maybe I should break some of your bones to get you to see whos boss?" Lucy playfully threatened her man.

"NO!!! Oh God No, Please.......Youre the boss!!! Please, were your slaves.....just dont...please, dont......." Billy terrifyingly made out.

"Shhhhhh, my little man....." Lucy breathed into his ears, as she lowered her head close to his own. She, holding him completely immobile in a devastating grapevine hold. ".......Shhhhhh, its going to be ok......" she spoke soothingly to him, ".......I have big plans for you Billy. You know, I always thought you were cute growing up, even when all you would do was call me FAT" She then powered her hold, which caused Billy to deafeningly scream out as he felt as if his legs were going to be ripped in two. "Maybe later we can meet up, you and I, and get alittle better acquainted? Awwww, look at me, pretending to ask you, like you actually have a choice. hee hee" she giggled.

Still in her inescapable grapevine position, Lucy then lowered her luscious full breasts down over Billy face, completely cutting off his air. Try as he did, he couldnt move her an inch, and in less then a minute he was out cold, smothered unconscious by this teen girls muscle packed chest.


Bobby and Billy woke up for the second time that evening, weak, groggy, and in a great deal of pain. As their minds slowly cleared, they were swamped with images that will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives. Images of being helplessly and completely manhandled by muscular
teenage super girls. They couldnt even comprehend how they both got into this situation. The night began with them planning to come down to their little sisters sleepover party and scare, tease, and all round bully her and all of her girl friends to tears. Instead, it was they who ended up
in tears, crying and moaning as consciousness gradually began returning to them.

"Uhhhhh......Billy.....Uh, you awake?" Bobby barely made out through his 2 broken ribs.

"Ahhhh, yeah......yeah, I think so........" Billy weakly replied.

They awoke, back in their parents basement, the scene of their inevitable massacre. Destroyed by young girls, not even college aged, yet MUCH stronger than they would have ever thought possible. As their wits eventually returned, Bobby and Billy realized they were alone. Not a
teenage muscle girl in sight.

"...ahhhhh......Billy,.......where are they? Where did they go??" Bobby asked, as he carefully got up, gently holding his injured chest.

"......I dont know, man.......But, God....my head is killing me.....uhhhhh......what the hell did they do to us?"

"Hahaha. My two dear brothers......." spoke out the cool, calm voice of Mary, as she slowly emerged from a dimly lit corner of the basement. Sauntering her amazingly powerful and sexy physique over to her, now again terrified, older brothers. ".......we did to you, just what you were going to do to us. Just what you both had done to us all growing up. You used your size and strength to push us around, to scare and hurt us, to make our lives a living Hell!!" she continued, with a now heated tone. "And for what? Cause youre men? Cause you WERE stronger?? Well,
my loving brothers, look whos stronger now...." Mary taunted, as she slowly bent down and picked up a incredibly heavy looking barbell. "....things are sure going to change around here" As she began to curl the huge weight, her biceps swelled tremendously, as her wicked smile grew almost as much.

Just then, the sounds of thumping and bouncing, mixed with mens screams and girls laughing, was loudly heard from upstairs.

"Wha.....what the Hell is that???" Bobby jumped.

"That, is the Clarke High School Football team.....or most of them anyway. You remember Clarke, dont you boys? Our rival high school? The school that would always beat your guys asses when you used to play them? Well, that losing record sure has changed since my girls and I started playing sports" Mary breathed, continuing her incredible curling display as she did. "We knew if we leaked the news to them that the sexiest female athletes at our school were having alittle sleepover party here, that theyd eventually make their way over here to crash it.........well, I guess its our turn to do alittle crashing, huh boys? Or should I say, crushing?" Mary teased, as she proceeded with little effort to bend the solid steel weight bar completely over onto itself.

Bobby and Billy stood frozen in fear in front of this young amazonian princess. The little sister they used to bully and push around, was now easily more powerful then both of them combined, and it was very clear that she would be doing the pushing from now on. Billy and Bobby could now hear more clearly the very same screams of pain, shock and fear from those high school boys that they themselves made all during the course of the night. But what sent chills down their spines even more, was the sounds of the girls laughter. Giggling and toying with these undoubtedly bigger men with ease. Turning what should be a frightening experience for them, into one fun and exciting night for the young amazon girls. These boys had been tricked, just as Bobby and Billy had.........and like Bobby and Billy, they were going to PAY.

"Now, this is how its going to be, my two new slave boys." Mary made out, as she slowly circled the two boys, grabbing and kneeding them painfully as she did. Her body one of sculpted marble, theirs was nothing but soft and weak male muscles. Muscles she would crush and tear and destroy any and every time she wanted. "You both will do anything I want, at a moments notice, or I will brake you. If you dont do it fast enough, I will brake you. If youre foolish enough to resist, I will brake you. Actually, come to think of it, Im going to brake you both anyway. Hee hee" she teased, as her two overmatched playthings suddenly started wetting themselves. "Oh, and if you think Mom and Dad are going to step in and save you boys, DONT! Mom has spent almost as much time down here working out as I have, and shes 100% behind my "training" of you both.
As for Dad.........well, lets just say Mom has him pretty much under control" Mary giggled as she said. "Now, lets go outside and see that van of yours. I heard it was pretty dented and beat up, nearly overturned too, with a few tires popped"

"WHAT???" Bobby surprisingly yelled out.

"When did that happen??" Billy shouted.

"Oh, it didnt.........yet" Mary giggled. "Now, who were you two yelling at just now? I think you both need to learn how to talk to a girl, my darling brothers. Lucky for you, Im more than able to teach you" she spoke out, as she grabbed Bobby under her mighty muscular arm, threw Billy over her powerful broad shoulders, and carried them both back over to the basements large area of mats. "I suggest you boys pay attention now, or youll both have to stay for alittle extra help. hee hee hee"

The two defeated men could only uncontrollably cry in fear and terror at the events that surely awaited them from their amazonian sister........this night, and from many many nights yet to come.


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