Jackie's Revenge Part 4

Ouch! My jaw ached where Ling had kicked me. I lay on the ground feeling ashamed that a small young girl had kicked my arse in mere seconds. Movement at the corner of my vision drew my attention. Across the playing field I saw Bobby flat on his back with Jackie lying on top. A pretty youthful looking girl with flowing long blonde hair, she was looking down at her older brother with a smug look of superiority. The short sleeved white blouse showed off lean firm looking arms. One was bent at the elbow with a thick strong forearm across Bobby’s cheek with the hand clamped over his nose and mouth. Bobby was trying to fight back, managing to hit his younger sister with his right hand until she caught it by the wrist. As I watched, she pressed his brother’s hand to the ground with a slight tautness in her arm overcoming any resistance on his part.

The sheer power of the situation didn’t escape me as the pretty girl two years my junior completely overwhelmed her older brother. She looked a very strong little girl as she pinned Bobby’s hand beneath her knee. The short pleated grey skirt had ridden up to the top of her thick short bare legs as they straddled her brother’s body. Her well toned thighs looked powerful as did the large calves she was kneeling on covered with short white socks.

“Mmmffff!” I heard Bobby’s muffled cries as she slid an arm beneath the back of his neck then clamped her hand onto her right bicep to lock it in place. I was astonished by how thick and strong her right forearm looked as it hugged the side of his face keeping her hand tightly in place smothering him. They reminded me of the sort of forearm professional women tennis players had yet she was just a young teenager! Bobby tried to wriggle his face free of her suffocating hand but the forearm swelled and rippled with writhing vascularity as it held her hand firmly in place. “Oh yes, struggle Bobby. I like it when you try to fight back then I can beat you some more” she taunted. Jackie looked so strong and dominant as she overpowered her older brother that I felt my groin tighten. She had subjugated him with ease, like she had the last time, proving that that hadn’t been a fluke. I knew Bobby wasn’t the most physical of guys but I seriously doubted most boys could stand up to the strong gymnast as she asserted her authority with strong firm arms and a solid upper body. Until she had kicked his arse in their back garden, I had realised that girls could beat boys in a fight. Well, I mean the normal ones, not the ugly butch CHAVs or ones who were skilled in martial arts like Ling. “Well that’s stopped your whining Bobby” she said giving him a verbal beat-down as well as a physical one making it seem very more exciting.

For his part Bobby wasn’t giving in quietly. He kicked his legs and bucked his body but his blocky little sister rode him like a bucking bronco never weakening her suffocating grip. Her thick socked covered calves snaked inside his lower legs and with a surge of muscular power ripped poor Bobby’s legs wide open in an instant into a very strong looking grapevine. Beneath the pleats of her short skirt, her hamstrings bulged like very solid dense curvaceous hills along the back of her short legs. They were toned and shiny looking very fit and very strong. “Mmmm!” Bobby squealed into her hand as her thighs swelled and expanded with sheer unadulterated power that my cock was rigid in an instant. While I knew gymnasts trained hard and had athletic bodies, I never expected that amount of muscle on such a young girl. Relaxed, Jackie’s legs were thick and sturdy looking but as they effortlessly pressed Bobby’s legs wide apart, they looked like those of a stallion and seemed more than capable of ripping his legs right off or at least snap them in two. “Mmmm!” her large calves became thick rugged diamond shaped slabs stretching her white socks as she rendered her older brother utterly helpless.

“Mmm! Mmm!” Bobby protested loudly as Jackie’s powerful grapevine pulled her body tight against his pressing her crotch hard against his stomach. The back of her short pleated skirt rode up exposing white knickers stretched tightly over very tight, very hard looking buttocks like bowling balls. Phroar! Her backside looked so sensational that I just wanted to walk across and run my hands over them except that I was too scared that she would turn on me and rip my legs off. “Mmmmm! Mmmm” he protested as she thrust with her pelvis punishing her brother hard.

Looking calm and in control, Jackie pressed Bobby’s neck into the crook of her left arm while still clamping his nose and mouth with her right. “So helpless Bobby” she told him looking down into his eyes. “Mmmmm!” Bobby’s cry of protest was muffled. I saw the hard tautness of her right arm and the thick cords in her forearm; strong powerful forearms that clamped her hand depriving him of air. No it can’t be! But there was no mistake as her left arm swelled into small hard biceps that dug into Bobby’s neck. The hold looked extremely tight and painful while she looked extremely powerful. Bobby was sweating profusely while his face turned red.

Her domination of him was so complete that all he could do was limply wave his arms. I could imagine the feel of such tight intimate contact with a sturdily built young girl in a school uniform and knew that if it were me that I would have a raging boner as she took control. I was getting pretty stiff just watching it! “Is that all you’ve got Bobby? That’s almost nothing” she taunted him. From the subtle play of the muscles in her arms and the power emanating from her legs, I knew that she was toying with him. The young girl could have put him away long before now yet she kept taking him to the brink then pulling him back. The thought of how dominant she was made me even stiffer and I even began to envy him, wishing that I was in his place. “Mmmm!” a loud suppressed cry soon dispelled that wish as a powerful wide forearm pressed down hard pushing his neck harder against her bulging bicep.

Bobby’s arm went limp and in alarm I got to my feet but before I could a take towards him, Ling stepped in my way. “You should have stayed on the ground, Chris” the petite Chinese girl said. “It would have been less painful that way” she added. “Please Ling. Jackie is going to kill him or give him brain damage or something” I pleaded, too terrified of the cute Oriental kick boxer to try and barge past. Ling turned slightly to watch Jackie then looked back at me over her shoulder. With her long auburn dyed hair flowing over her shoulders, her cute little nose and small pouting thick lipped mouth she was absolutely gorgeous. However her calculating dark eyed stare made me nervous. “Do you fancy Jackie?” she asked. I never expected that and didn’t know how to answer, I’d never really thought of it before. She was just my mate’s kid sister who I’d grew up with; his little brat sister that often made a nuisance of herself and ratted us to Bobby’s parents. My eyes fell from that gaze and I found myself staring at the back of Ling’s very short pleated skirt and the backs of her great looking legs. “Do you fancy me?” she asked more softly which made me look up in a flush of embarrassment.

I flinched nervously as the small Chinese girl turned to face me then reached out with her hands. They landed softly palms down at the top of my chest on either side. Her smile made me nervous as she asked “Do I take your breath away, Chris?” I was too flummoxed to answer. Her hands moved up to cup my face as she pressed her body against me, looking up at me with those dark wells of enchantment that were her eyes. The exotic looking young schoolgirl studied me, angling her head slightly from one side to another with a bemused look on her eyes. “Do I make you speechless, Chris?” she asked softly. Lord, I wanted to kiss her but she scared me and I had good reason.

WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP a barrage of small hammers pounded my gut in a blindingly fast non-stop pumping motion of her short arms. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP Arghh each punch in itself wasn’t particularly strong but the cumulative effect made my insides tense and shrink. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP small hard fists slugged my collapsing middle as if I was a punch bag. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP each punch landing immediately after the one leaving me no time to catch my breath. WHAP WHAP WHAP I tried to tense my stomach muscles but it was too little too late. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP urrrrgh her steady stream of fast punches seemed to be getting harder. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP my face getting redder, my diaphragm flatter. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP I was paralysed unable to move as the cute Oriental flattened my innards. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP my body was creasing around my middle under the terrible non-stop barrage. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP face raised; mouth gasping; unable to breathe. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP Feel ill, head spinning, heart pounding in my ears. The terrible onslaught finished and I collapsed to the ground as though the force of her punches had been the only thing holding me up. I curled up into a tight ball, rocking back and forth trying to force my body straight so I could breathe, my mouth open vainly trying to draw air. A shoe stepped onto my head and I gazed up along white socks, short but lovely bare legs to an itsy bitsy pleated skirt with white knickers visible from this angle. Arghhh the cramps took me and I was unable to look anymore. “Yes, Chris, I know I make you speechless” she said.

I lay on the ground feeling like a truck had just run over me. Nearby I could hear the sound of rapid thumping but was too wrecked to look. The sound of approaching footsteps over the grass alerted me to Jackie’s return and in a panic I tried to stand but found that my legs weren’t working properly after that grapevine. I had only got to my knees when Jackie pressed something into my hands. It was a piece of steel tubing about two feet long and an inch diameter with the walls about 4mm thick. “I found this over there” she said nodding towards the scaffolding. “Go on, try to bend it Bobby” she challenged. “Can’t, Too thick” I grumbled, not really interested. “Oh gone on, please try. It will impress Mary” she said. I tried but soon gave up, making no impact on the straightness of the bar. With a tut, Jackie took the piece from my hands.

Standing over me in her white short-sleeved school blouse and tie, she looked like a sweetly smiling young girl as she gripped the tubing at each end holding it about a foot in front of her chest. Her arms tensed, the forearms tapering from her slim wrists to very thick near her elbow while her upper arms swelled as she strained against the bar. There was no way she would be able to do this, yet I had to admit that her stocky inverted triangular shaped upper body looked very strong. Still smiling, her forearms thickened with dense slabs of mass and tendons with thick veins like a network of creepers. Her biceps thickened into hard hills with prominent veins running up them. Then it happened, the metal pipe was definitely beginning to bend. Slowly at first but then gathering momentum giving way as my sister’s arms bulged and swelled. With a rising stiffness in my pants, I watched as the tube in my little sister’s hands was slowly bent into a horseshoe shape. I was gobsmacked, never realising that her arms were that strong. Yes, I knew she had biceps which she intimidated me with outside the bathroom but I had never thought how powerful they actually were. The thought made me feel weird, both scared of what she could do to me with those arms and strangely excited at the time with the feminine power she possessed. Strong yet feminine women with muscle turned me on and I’m afraid my sister was hitting the spot.

Jackie held the bent pipe in front of her chest with the ends pointing towards the ground in an inverted U shape. This accentuated the pronounced powerful shape of her upper body as she tried to close the ends of the pipe together with her elbows sticking out to the sides. Her uncluttered youthful small face was set in concentration upon broad square shoulders that sloped like an inverted triangle to her wide waist then sloped back out to her hips. Her forearms and bulging biceps looked terrifyingly powerful now as she unleashed strength that I could barely comprehend to force the ends of the metal pipe together. My cock was thumping against the inside of my trousers. I felt so sick having a raging hard-on for my little sister but the sheer muscular power she was demonstrating was a real turn-on for me and had me absolutely solid and there was nothing I could do about it.

Mission accomplished, the misshapen metal pipe was discarded and her eyes turned to me with a glint of mischief. I was on my feet frightened at what she would do next with those strong arms. With a shocking speed, Jackie was upon me whipping my right arm behind my back in a hammerlock. “Argh!” my left arm was then locked up in the crook of her arm which she wrapped over my bicep and then pinned against my body pointing straight towards the ground. Because she was shorter, I was forced to lean back bending slightly at the knees. “Wow Bobby that’s a stiff one” Ling’s voice rang out. OhcrapOhcrapOhcrap she noticed. I felt Jackie’s warm breath on my neck as she peered over my shoulder. “Yes Bobby. What is that big bulge in your trousers?” she asked innocently. No! I leant forwards struggling trying to slip my arms free but Jackie just laughed at my helplessness. “You really do fancy me don’t you Bobby dear?” she asked. “No! Don’t be stupid” I protested but I heard the shame in my voice. Jackie slipped her right arm around my right bicep mirroring my other arm. She had now hooked both of my arms. “This is a double chicken wing, Bobby” she informed me. “You are such a puny older brother. Any girl in my gymnastics class is stronger than you even the under 12s” she taunted as I struggled in vain to get my arms free. “I’m not using any effort to hold you, big brother, and yet you can’t do anything about it” she sneered.

I felt her take a step back forcing me to lean back further at a steeper angle. Then her hot breath was on my ear followed by the sensation of a wet tongue licking around my ear and the side of my neck. The sensation was driving me wild and I couldn’t help my body’s reaction. My embarrassing hard-on just got a lot harder. My shoulder plates were constricted as she forced both arms closer behind my back then suddenly I realised with shame that she was now only using one arm to restrain me. “No!” I shrieked in alarm as her right hand slipped down to the front of my trousers and took a good feel of my package. “Wow Bobby. Did I do that?” she gasped then giggled girlishly. “No Jackie please!” I begged as she began to undo my trousers. “That’s it Jackie. Let him know that you own him completely” Ling’s voice said. Oh crap, she was exposing and humiliating me in public! “Jackie, please no!” I cried with tears of shame running down my cheeks as she unbuckled my belt and let my trousers slide down around my knees. “I own you Bobby. I own you completely” her mouth whispered in my ear then her tongue was slurping all over it then running up and down my neck. The tactile sensations tingled all over and had my dick throbbing. You think I’m a pervert getting turned on by my own sister? Well you try having a girl lick away at your neck and ear and tell me that it doesn’t stimulate you no matter who she is. “Please Jackie. Don’t do this. Not in public, please!” I cried in frustration. “Wow! Bobby those underpants look painfully tight!” Ling giggled.

Showing no mercy like a typical girl, superbrat kicked the backs of my knees forcing me to the grass then crouched down behind me. A thick smooth skinned bare leg hooked around from behind and caught the heel of a shoe into the top on my pants then began to push them down. “Jackie, no, please don’t do this” I begged but the cruel bitch sister from hell didn’t listen as she continued to pull down my pants while the double chicken wing immobilised my arms. “Please Jackie; I’ll do anything you ask. Just stop” I cried. This was the worse humiliation of my life and I would give anything for it to end. My pants were stretched right down by her shoe and I could feel a sock covered large hard calve muscle rub against my erection. The thought of such muscular calves rubbing my dick only made it worse. The tongue was back, writhing and sliming me, driving me to distraction. “Please stop” I begged in tears. “I own you Bobby, all of you. Physically, mentally and SEXUALLY” this last word was whispered loud in my ear. I was being sexually humiliated by my own sister and I felt sick to the pit of my stomach. The worst of it was that I couldn’t stop her stimulating me.

On my knees, I was helpless as her hand reached around and closed around my erection. “Urghh! It feels disgusting” she exclaimed. Weeping I felt my dick respond to her warm soft touch and grow even harder. Jackie and Ling’s giggles burned my ears but thankfully I couldn’t hear Mary laughing and prayed to God that she wasn’t watching this shameful humiliation.

Groaning on my hands and knees in front of a great pair of never-ending legs, I was shocked when Mary leant over and hauled me to my feet by the front of my shirt. “Get on there” she ordered sternly indicating the roundabout. I hesitated but then even more shockingly a big hand seized my throat. “Kkk! Kkkk!” I croaked as she throttled me while forcing me against the big wooden skirt around the bottom of the old-style roundabout. “Kkkk!” not only was her hand large, easily enveloping my neck, but the long fingers were very strong. It felt like she had just reached in and grabbed my windpipe and was now throttling it directly. “Get on it” the dusky cool young beauty ordered in a stern heartless voice. “Kkk....!” her strong fingers shut off my windpipe and with my head spinning I had no choice but to clamber backwards onto the nearest cake portion, as some of the parents called it after the wedge shape game piece each portion resembled.

With relief she released my throat and clambered onto the same piece of cake lying on her side next to me piercing me with her brown ‘come to bed’ eyes. A stunning length of nylon clad thigh swung towards me, bending at the knee and rubbed a long full calve against my groin. The stocking and suspender effect was really very sexy and my groin stiffened. “Do you want to feel my legs?” she purred seductively. “Phroar! Yes please” I responded without thinking. That big sexy shapely calve was rubbing me hard and I couldn’t resist reaching out and running my palm along her lanky firm thighs still unable to believe how thick and long they were. To my disappointment the calve moved away but then my eyes went wide with astonishment as Mary stretched one amazing long limb towards the sky and the other stretching towards me on the wooden cake seat. Her short skirt had pulled right back and the sight of her crotch covered by white knickers had my todger rising. She seductively ran her hands along the inside of her thighs. Oh God, she really wanted it! “Lay in here. Taste a bit of paradise” she purred in such a sexy voice that I was there in an instant.

Laying between her sexy legs, the one that had been pointing skywards descended and gently lay across my stomach. I ran my hands over the vast amount of thigh looking so sexy in the faux-stocking nylons. “Oh Mary, you have great legs” I moaned as I turned my head to face her and tried to lean forwards to kiss her. WHUMP! “Orrrgh!” her large fist slammed right in the middle of my chest, her hard knuckles biting deep. “Sssshhhh!” instantly her large sexy legs turned to steely hard columns crushing the air from my diaphragm. Oh Lord! I swear that my hand that had been resting on her thigh moved outwards as her thighs swelled with hard solid muscle just beneath the surface of her sexy smooth legs. “Urrrgnnn!” I groaned as her big legs crushed with a fiercely strong force. Although she wasn’t athletic like Bobby’s sister, I was shocked that her sexy long legs were inflicting serious damage on my middle. They were squeezing so hard that it was hard to expand my chest to breathe. Under my palm, her leg felt like a nylon clad pillar, sexy but unyielding. Her long arms wrapped around my head and pulled it close to her lovely face. “Now let’s see why they call you Superrod” Mary purred in a sensuous voice then her long warm wet tongue started flicking all around my neck and face while her legs crushed the stuffing out of me.

The tall big schoolgirl squeezed me tirelessly while I tugged and pulled at her arms and legs until I was left panting with shortness of breath and exhaustion. All the while she tantalised my face and neck not only with her tongue but also peppering it with kisses from her luscious mouth. “Please, I...can’t..take..any..more” I panted reluctant to admit defeat to this beauty. She kissed me full on the lips, the type of long drawn out kiss that I always fantasised doing with her except with her legs relentlessly crushing my gut the kiss was suffocating me. “Mmmm!” although the sensations were extremely pleasant and my erection pressed painfully against the inside of my trousers, I becoming very light headed and felt drained. The beautiful young schoolgirl was zapping all of my energy. “Arghhh!” I groaned as she at long last broke off this kiss leaving my head spinning. A hand felt the front of my trousers. “So that’s why they call you Superrod. Well you better keep that thing away from me or you’ll become Broken Rod” her voice purred.

For a brief moment the pressure around my middle eased as Mary twisted her legs so that the crook of the upper leg was positioned in the middle of my belly. It was like a nylon clad leggy pyramid with the knee at the top, a long calve on one side and a long thigh on the other. “Mmmmgh!” I groaned as her legs tightened, the upper leg flattening a deep groove in my belly. “Superrod” she chuckled. “Superwimp more like”. Again she began to tease with her tongue and mouth on my face and neck while her legs tried to scissor me in two. “Arghh!” I tried to push away the leg guillotining my middle but it was like a steel bar buried tight in my gut. “Superwimp meet the wimpkiller” she whispered in my ear then kissed and licked me, driving me wild with sensual torture while my strength was being drained. Her kisses became suffocating but the probing tongue was too much. “Nnnn nnnnnn” I messed myself. “Urghh! Dirty boy”. “Arghhhh!” I cried as she poured a fresh wave of additional power by raising herself up on her hands and pouring the strength through her legs. “Argghh!” I couldn’t believe that a young girl who looked like a beauty queen could squeeze so hard with her legs. My head started spinning, the world turning grey.

I was on my hands and knees as my younger sister crouched behind me with one hand on my dick. Her right hand was stroking my dick while her left arm clamped across the top of my left arm and chest securing itself on my right shoulder to prevent me from escaping. “You’ve only brought this on yourself” Jackie told me earnestly. “Please Jackie no, this is sick this is wrong” my pleas fell on deaf ears. I tried to crawl away but her left arm restrained me, the forearm rugged and strong just below my face. “Oh look how hard you’re getting ‘big’ brother” she teased. Her hand was really pumping, my dick responding the only way it knew how. It felt absolute huge and pumped up. “Please you are my sister. This is wrong” I begged again. “Oh Bobby. You see all the nice things I can do for you if you’re good” she told me.

In desperation I kicked back and managed to get her thigh. “Ow! You bastard!” she snarled. The unexpected kick made her left arm lose hold of me but she caught my ankle before I could get away. She pulled back my ankle so roughly that I probably would have fallen on my face if she hadn’t whipped her left arm under my belly to support me. I felt the top of my thigh pulled over something firm and I glanced back to see that she had her right leg bent at the knee out at 90 degrees to the line of my body with my right leg hooked over it. She wrapped her right arm around it to keep me in place while her left hand snuck to my dick and resumed the humiliating hand job. Oh crap I could feel the pressure building up, I was going to squirt soon and there was nothing that I could to prevent it. “That’s it Bobby cum for little sister” the words were disgusting from my little sister’s mouth but at the rate she was masturbating me it would come true at any second. No, no, no. I tried to kick my right leg free but Jackie held it firmly in place on top of her thigh. “Ooh! You’re leaking. Bobby!” she exclaimed in wonder and my face burnt with shame.

At that critical moment a wild desperate idea came to me. Pushing for all my worth on my arms, I kicked up with my left leg. THUD! There was a satisfying contact with something firm and body-like. “Ooooo!” Jackie squealed as I fell on my face as she let go off my leg in the moment of anguish. I tried to scramble away and had barely got to my feet when a blocky feline slab of anger collided with me. “You pig!” BLAM a small fist smashed into my face with such shocking force that I felt my jaw yank to one side and the next moment hit the ground. Absolutely terrified, I tried to get away on hands and knees but the raging inferno in the white blouse and pleated skirt leapt upon my back. “Pig!” BLAM! Her hard fist hammered the back of my neck driving me to my belly. My sister fell across my back, hooked her arms around mine and pulled them behind my back and forced me to roll onto my back.

A furious looking Jackie leapt astride my stomach and slammed my arms to the ground either of my head. No mucking about just SLAM! And my arms were pinned by a shocking overwhelming wave of girl strength. The little angry girl jumped forward pinning my arms with her knees then drew back her fist. “No Jackie, P...”. BLAM! Her fist blasted my mouth rattling my teeth and making my jaw ache. “You blooming pig!” she was really pissed. “Jack..kuuugh!” She shut me up by her small hand seizing the front of my throat, her strong small fingers gripping as hard as pincers. She drew back her fist again. BLAM! The brute force of her small fist terrified me as it fell with crushing force, leaving my head whirling seeing stars and my jaw and teeth badly aching.

She rose into a crouch leaning over me and drew back her fist. BLAM! “Borrrrph!” a small hard fist drilled with frightening power hollowing my stomach right through to the backbone or that’s what it felt like. “..... ....!” I was brutally winded in an instant. Any thought of creasing up vanished as my terrifying little sister leapt back astride my chest and pounded me senseless with her small fists. BLAM! My right cheek nearly broke under that impact. BLAM! Her fists were like steam hammer blasts so powerful that I was terrified she would genuinely break my face. Urrr I felt so weird, completely out of it and out of air. “You don’t kick girls between the legs Bobby” she scolded angrily. “Now apologise” she demanded. I opened my mouth but nothing came up. My lungs weren’t working after that dreadful gut punch. She raised her first. I shook my head frantically, tears of fear in my eyes. My face burned red as I tried to snatch the air to say the words. The effort was making my head spin, making me feel faint.

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If I was there, I'd just tell Bobby to quit being so freaking moral, why risk more pain if you can get pleasure instead. I mean I know it's sick that it's his sister, but I'd rather cum and be humiliated, rather than spend a month in a hospital. Of course I'm sure he wouldn't know what he was kicking back at, just trying to free himself, but if I was in that situation, I'd just surrender. I can see his dilemma, but I when I was reading the story I was shouting in my head "cum, just cum, and it'll all be over." Of course, I could've been wrong, but his situation just didn't get worse, it got a lot worse because he was too proud or stupid to not give in to what Jackie was doing. He was already humiliated in every single way, I think Ling and Mary probably couldn't have had any worse feelings for him than they did at that point anyway. I don't know, maybe I'm all upside-down on this, but I guess incest doesn't gross me out and is one thing I enjoy seeing in stories like this, so that may have influenced my feelings, I just enjoyed a lot up to that part, and I guess that last part didn't do it for me. I would've been more for him cumming and just getting over it mentally, emotionally, and physically. I know it must be hard for him to admit his sister's superiority over him, but eventually, there's no use fighting it anymore. At least that's my opinion, sorry for the rant, just putting my feelings out there. I liked the story overall, though, thanks for sharing it with us.

PS: Loved the bar bending scene, that was great, I'm a fan of upper body strength, and it was cool to see her offer it to him first, so he could show that he couldn't do it, while she was able to. Always love strength comparison scenes where the smaller girl is far stronger.

PPS: As you can see by this message, your writing did bring me in and get me emotionally involved and made me connect with the characters, Bobby and Jackie especially, so really good job on that. I'll leave you alone now. :P

Thanks for the feedback Jeremy-Wilson, all I can say is wait til the last part (5) :-)

I can't stand the pain and brutal beating of the character, and I don't see any valid reason why they're doing it. - Feed the Children

I can't stand the pain and brutal beating of the character, and I don't see any valid reason why they're doing it. - Feed the Children

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