How my wife Ellen got even bigger Part II

The vision of a women at 4"10 and 176 lbs. of muscle is an incredible sight. In my wildest dreams I could never have envisioned my wife with that kind of muscle. And the softball size biceps at 17.25 inches were absolutely incredible. I had been working out for years and I barely have 17.5 inch arms after a great pump. Her chest was now 50 inches and her thighs at 30 which were way bigger than mine. When you add her 17 inch calves and softball size shoulders you have one large mass of muscle lust.

This was more than enough for me, but when your wife of that size and strength tells you she has only one goal in life, and that is to become as big and muscular as humanly possible, then you don't dare argue! The airport reunion night from last year in September was only the beginning. It became beyond obsessive after that!

Her routine has developed as follows. She got up early every morning and ate a huge breakfast of 6 eggs, oatmeal, and a massive 64 oz protein shake along with all of the creatine and supplements professional bodybuilders consume. She would have two medium size meals at work and take another large shake and energizer in the early afternoon. Then her grueling workout would begin for three hours every day but Sunday. The amount of food she consumed at dinner would put a football lineman to shame. Two to three chicken breast, double helpings of fruits and vegetables, and another large protein shake before bed and sex. I was never too tired for her, and the bigger she got, the hornier I became. It was so exciting seeing her eat at the dinner table with every movement of her arm as she ate inflating her massive biceps. I think.... no, I know she gave an extra squeeze on purpose to to see me moan with pleasure. By the end of November, after another 12 weeks of this workout regimen, I couldn't help but ask her the latest progress on her growth. "I thought you would never ask" Ellen said and went into the bathroom for a tape measure. "If I show you how huge I'm becoming, I want you to promise you won't get mad, or overly excited, and have a premature orgasm!" "I promise" I said fully knowing I couldn't keep such a vow. She stepped on the scale and I saw it break the 200 pound mark and rested on 204! She let out a moan at that point and I think she had an orgasm but tried to hide it from me. After gaining her composure (and me doing the same) she raised up her arm and flexed her bicep exclaiming " now get a load of this mountain of muscle!" I wrapped the tape around as tight as I could and it read 20 inches! "Oh my God!" I cried, after which she just laughed and said "Oh, my bad, I forgot to fully flex!" Then the tape settled at 21 inches! That did it, it was all over at that point! I exploded, and I haven't even touched her yet. Ellen now weighed more than me and had arms three inches bigger than I did. I mean I had been working out for 20 years and thought I had a pretty good looking body, but she has already blown me away in less than a year. What a turn on! She loved the power she now had over me and said "You better get recharged little man, you ain't seen nothin' yet!" Ellen then stepped back a few feet so I couldn't touch her massive girth as she modeled her mammoth mountain of muscle. "Clean yourself up and check out my other measurements" I grabbed the tape and she pumped up her chest and said "measure this!" "Am I in a Little Ample Annie cartoon?" I asked myself! Her chest was 56 inches, her thighs were 36. and her calves had reached 18! She then picked me up and threw me in the bed and said "Now you better satisfy me for at least an hour or I may have to really hurt you!" I had no problem performing multiple times so I was spared (for now). After the wonderful sex, she told me she had not cycled the steroids for this 12 week period and had still obtained tremendous growth without it. But her new steroids had arrived and she had very lofty goals for this next three month cycle. So I better hold onto my britches! How much bigger can a 4"10 woman become? I guess I will soon see.

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