The Exchange Device part 4

Elizabeth rolled over and stretched her arm over the bed, then stirred to wakefulness when she realized that Andrea wasn’t asleep beside her. A moment later, Elizabeth opened her eyes and then remembered that she’d gone to sleep in her own bed last night.

“Of course,” Elizabeth mumbled as she sat up in bed, remembering the events of the day before.

She remembered confronting Andrea over the most recent changes to her reality…and what happened afterwards. Elizabeth smiled at the memory of making love to Andrea for half the day, becoming lovers in fact and not just because that was what their new history said they were. It had been incredible, making Elizabeth quite happy about her new status as a lesbian.

Elizabeth remembered talking with Andrea about her moving in across the street, but these talks had happened before yesterday, before this reality had even existed. Still, Elizabeth thought that she might have to bring the subject up with Andrea.

After a minute, Elizabeth climbed out of bed and began lifting her weights. She always enjoyed doing this first thing in the morning, at least for about ten minutes or so. This wasn’t intended as a serious workout, merely a way to get the blood flowing and help her wake up.

“Much better,” Elizabeth announced when she was finished.

Elizabeth stood in front of the mirror and posed a little, admiring her body and knowing that she owed it all to Andrea. Andrea’s QSD was responsible for nearly everything that she saw in the mirror and that she had in her life. She couldn’t help but feeling grateful to Andrea for all of this, though she also felt a little worried as well.

The more Elizabeth thought about it, the more she realized that Andrea had the power to change her at any time without her even being aware of it. As long as Andrea had the QSD and Elizabeth’s scan, there was absolutely nothing that Elizabeth could do to prevent these changes. And unless she was close enough to the device, she’d never even realize that they’d happened.

“Damn,” Elizabeth muttered, suddenly imagining what it would be like to wake up as a scrawny kid again and not even remember that any of this had happened.

Elizabeth trusted Andrea to a degree, but she knew the busty scientist well enough to know that she couldn’t resist experimenting…and getting a little personal in the process. And though she liked to think that Andrea would at least talk with her about any of the changes she wanted to make, Elizabeth couldn’t help but remembering the various QSD volunteers whom she’d been tapping for their traits without their knowledge.

“At least I don’t have to worry about her taking these away from me,” Elizabeth said with a smirk, flexing her biceps and then cupping her breasts. Then again, she wouldn’t put it past Andrea to make her a little larger in both areas. Elizabeth didn’t think she’d really mind that, just as long as she actually knew about it and remembered.

After a few minutes, Elizabeth shook her head and tried not to worry about such things at the moment. She didn’t have any real reason to believe that Andrea was making alterations without her knowledge, other than that last one when her sexual orientation had been changed. And at least then, she knew that Andrea had done something to her, just not what. Still, she decided that she was going to have to talk to Andrea later on, just to ease her concerns if nothing else.

Elizabeth showered and got dressed, then went to go get herself something to eat. When she went into the kitchen, she noticed Mark sitting at the breakfast nook with a bowl of cereal.

“Morning,” Elizabeth greeted him, pleased with herself as she didn’t automatically start to call him pipsqueak or tiny. Still, she couldn’t resist staring at him for a moment, having a hard time believing her runt of a little brother had once been her bully of a big brother. “So, what are you up to today?”

Mark stared down into his cereal and was obviously self-conscious as he responded, “I was gonna check out those martial arts places you told me about...”

“Great,” Elizabeth said, trying not to sound too interested as that might turn Mark off from the idea. “Do you need a ride or anything?”

“I’m good,” he told her with a faint smile. “I’ve just got to go clean Doctor Harwen’s house first.”

Elizabeth nodded at that, trying to keep from smirking. She remembered doing that job quite well, especially since it was only a week earlier for her, and it was all she could do not to give Mark advice on it. He definitely could have done a better job, but she didn’t want to be the one to tell him. And since Andrea didn’t seem to care much, Elizabeth just let it go.

Since Elizabeth didn’t have to meet with any of her clients at the gym until late that afternoon, she was holding off on her daily workout until then as well. She took her time eating breakfast, then sat back to watch some TV for a couple hours while Mark ran across the street to take care of Andrea’s home. It was only once Mark had finished with that and left to check out the martial arts classes that Elizabeth decided it was time for her to go over.

Elizabeth went to Andrea’s house and knocked on the door before just walking in. Andrea was already on the way to answer the door and grinned at the sight of her.

“Hello tall and sexy,” Andrea exclaimed.

Elizabeth didn’t waste time saying anything and merely grabbed Andrea, giving her a passionate kiss. By the time she pulled away a minute later, she was turned on and ready for more.

“I love it when you do that,” Andrea blurted out, looking up at Elizabeth with an adoring expression.

“I know,” Elizabeth responded confidently. She looked down at her short and busty lover, enjoying the size difference and knowing that it turned Andrea on even more. Then she put her arms around Andrea, pulling in for a hug and saying, “Now, are you going to walk to the bedroom or do I have to carry you?”

Andrea hesitated a moment, then hopefully asked, “Can you carry me?”

Elizabeth chuckled, then picked Andrea up and carried her to the bedroom, setting her down on the bed. Then she bent down and kissed her again, getting even more turned on.

“Now get undressed,” Elizabeth ordered Andrea in a dominating tone, knowing how much her busty lover liked that. “No. Slowly.”

Andrea grinned at that, then stood up next to the bed and began to sway and dance to her own inner music as she slowly began to undress. Elizabeth watched in fascination, suddenly understanding why men loved going to strip clubs.

“I haven’t done this in awhile,” Andrea said in a sexy purr, then paused to giggle and add, “Actually, I’ve never really done this, though I certainly remember doing it in this reality…”

Elizabeth silently watched as Andrea continued to dance and remove her clothes one piece at a time. And once Andrea was done, Elizabeth picked her up and held her against the wall while kissing her. Andrea moaned in delight, obviously loving every moment of it.

“You’re so strong,” Andrea purred when she could.

“Let me show you just how strong,” Elizabeth said with a grin, lifting Andrea up and setting her down on the bed before joining her.

Two hours later, Elizabeth and Andrea were still naked in bed, sitting up against the head board with Elizabeth’s arm wrapped around a contented Andrea. Andrea leaned into Elizabeth nuzzling up against her with a dreamy smile.

“I feel so safe and protected in your arms,” Andrea said with a happy sigh. “You have no idea how nice this feels…”

“No,” Elizabeth admitted. “But it feels nice holding you like this.”

After a minute, they both finally began climbing out of bed. Elizabeth absently moved several of Andrea’s toys out of the way and smiled as she watched Andrea slip on a silk bathrobe.

Elizabeth went to her and wrapped her arms around Andrea again, giving her another gentle kiss. “Just couple days ago, I never would have believed we’d be doing this.”

“And now here we are,” Andrea responded with a wry smile, “in a relationship that’s been going on for months.”

“Which reminds me,” Elizabeth said, her tone going serious. “Have you ever done any changes to me that I don’t know about?” Andrea heisted for a moment so Elizabeth scowled. “What did you do?”

“Well,” Andrea admitted with a weak smile. “The day I performed the first exchange on you, I got curious...”

“And…,” Elizabeth encouraged her, trying to stay calm and in control.

Andrea reached up and ran her fingers through Elizabeth’s long blonde hair. “That night, I switched your hair…just to confirm that you wouldn’t notice.” Then she hesitated a moment before blurting out, “I meant to change it back, but it looked so good on you.”

Elizabeth reached back and felt her hair, then let out a sigh. She’d been so proud of her hair, what had once been her best feature. At one time, she’d thought it was her only great feature, but now it turned out that it hadn’t always been hers. Still, she couldn’t remember ever having any other hair.

“Just don’t do anything like that again,” Elizabeth told her firmly.

“Of course,” Andrea quickly agreed. Then she put her arms around Elizabeth and looked up, exclaiming, “Still, it does look good on you. And so do those breasts and muscles.”

“I am rather fond of them too,” Elizabeth responded with a smirk, flexing her muscles and watching the intense look in Andrea’s eyes.

“You’re so much bigger and stronger than me,” Andrea said almost dreamily. “It’s so sexy…”

“Well, you’re still a lot smarter than me,” Elizabeth reminded her with a grin.

“True,” Andrea agreed with an amused look.

“I suppose we should clean up,” Elizabeth mused, giving Andrea a gentle smile and saying, “You go first.”

“I’m thinking of remodeling the bathroom,” Andrea responded with a grin as she started towards the bathroom. “Maybe add a shower or tub big enough for both of us at once…”

When Andrea was done with her shower, Elizabeth went in and cleaned up, taking her time under the hot water. She smiled faintly as she did so, thinking about the fact that she’d already had a shower first thing that morning and she’d be having another one that evening once she was done working out.

Once Elizabeth was finished showering and getting dressed, she went to the living room and found no sign of Andrea. However, as she looked for her busty lover, she noticed that the basement door was wide open, indicating that Andrea had gone down into her lab. Elizabeth hesitated for a moment, then went to the kitchen instead and began making a quick lunch for the two of them.

“This should do for a late lunch,” Elizabeth said once she was done. All she’d done was make up some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, but she was still pleased with what she’d come up with. After all, she was a college student and personal trainer, not a personal chef.

Elizabeth walked down into the basement carrying a tray full of food. She immediately saw Andrea sitting at the console desk, wearing the lab coat she often wore while working. Though Elizabeth didn’t see any real reason for the lab coat when Andrea was merely working on a computer, Andrea seemed to think it was important for getting into the right frame of mind.

“Thank you,” Andrea exclaimed when she saw what Elizabeth had brought. “I was getting hungry.”

“What are you working on this time?” Elizabeth asked her, feeling both curious and wary at the same time.

Andrea took a bite from a sandwich and stared at her thoughtfully for a moment before finally answering, “Something you said earlier got me thinking. I was just looking over some codes and trying to isolate the right ones.” Then she turned away from the console and focused on eating.

They ate in near silence, and once they were both finished, Elizabeth stared at Andrea for a moment and repeated, “Okay, what are you really working on?”

Andrea gave her a chagrinned look, then reached for the pack of cigarettes on the console. After lighting a cigarette and blowing a stream of smoke off to the side, she turned her attention back to Elizabeth.

“I was just isolating codes,” Andrea said carefully, giving Elizabeth an appreciative look. “And I wasn’t even planning on exchanging them this time. I merely wanted to see if I could isolate these particular codes.”

“And what codes would these be?” Elizabeth pressed her, knowing that Andrea was up to something. She’d seen a similar look in Andrea’s eyes before she’d altered Elizabeth’s sexual orientation.

Andrea hesitated for a moment before admitting, “The codes for intelligence level.”

“Intelligence?” Elizabeth asked in surprise.

Andrea nodded at that, looking just a little embarrassed. She gave Elizabeth another appreciative look and took a drag from her cigarette. “When you pointed out that I was still smarter than you, I got to thinking,” Andrea finally said. “You know how much it turns me on that you’re so much bigger and stronger than me…that you can physically dominate me if you chose. Well, I began to wonder what it would be like if you were smart enough to mentally dominate me as well…” At this point, she was blushing bright red. She put her cigarette out and then quickly added, “I wasn’t actually going to exchange anything this time, just see if it was possible. I don’t want to risk altering my own reality too much.”

Elizabeth stared at Andrea in surprise, then grinned as she thought about it. She actually kind of liked the idea of being smarter than Andrea as well as stronger. “It sounds like it would be fun.”

“What?” Andrea responded, not expecting Elizabeth to be as interested in the idea as she was.

“It would be fun being the smart one for a change,” Elizabeth pointed out, quickly adding, “As long as I can still be the big one too…”

Andrea grinned at that and then began typing on the console. A moment later, a holographic image of her appeared on the desk, then seconds later, Elizabeth’s image appeared as well. She typed a little more and then stopped and leaned back with a faint smirk.

“The code was fairly easy to establish,” Andrea explained with a smug look. “All I have to do is activate it and we’d switch intelligence levels.” For a moment, she stared at the controls in front of her, then she let out a sigh. “It would be quite an interesting experiment, but unfortunately, I don’t dare perform it. There are too many variables in an exchange of that type and I don’t dare risk that drastic a change in my own timeline.”

Elizabeth nodded at that, feeling just a little disappointed though Andrea had already said she wasn’t actually going to perform this exchange. Still, Elizabeth wondered if maybe she could talk Andrea into testing the QSD’s ability to switch intelligence anyway, just with someone other than herself as the donor.

Andrea let out a sigh, then shook her head and mused, “It wasn’t a very good idea anyway. I mean, I can’t keep letting my own personal quirks influence all of my experiments. It might be fun, but it just isn’t professional.”

With that, Andrea walked away from the console and started towards the stairs to leave the basement. Andrea looked at the mess from lunch and let out a sigh, not at all surprised that Andrea would have forgotten it. After all, if someone didn’t clean up after Andrea, the entire place would quickly turn into a mess.

“I’ll get this,” Elizabeth said, putting her empty soup bowl onto the tray and then reaching for Andrea’s. Andrea had left hers sitting right on top of the console, and as Elizabeth reached for it, the bowl fell over and hit the keyboard. She almost immediately began to feel a now familiar pressure and blurted out, “Oh shit…”

Elizabeth gasped as the pressure built, both within and without. She glanced to Andrea, who stood there frozen with a look of surprise on her face as she was hit with the growing pressure as well. The pressure grew even greater than it had been when Elizabeth had exchanged age and size with Mark. She dropped to her knees as the pressure became so powerful, so painful that she was sure it was going to crush her. Only then did it finally pop, creating such a powerful relief that Elizabeth collapsed completely.

When Elizabeth’s senses returned, she found that she was on the floor. She grunted and slowly began to get back to her feet though she still felt a bit dazed.

“Doctor Martin,” Andrea exclaimed, then paused to gasp, “What did I just call you?”

Elizabeth looked at Andrea, who appeared just a little different than she had a minute earlier. Her auburn hair was longer and was hanging loose to the middle of her back. She looked a little younger as well, as though she was in her late twenties rather than in her mid-thirties. And then there were her clothes which were more revealing than normal. She had on a tight pair of jeans, a pair of stiletto heeled shoes, and she was wearing a shirt that revealed a nice amount of cleavage. Elizabeth definitely approved of the sexier new look.

Then Elizabeth looked down at herself and saw that she was dressed differently as well. Most noticeably, she was now wearing a white lab coat over her clothes, just like Andrea had been wearing before this.

After several seconds of just looking herself over, Elizabeth looked around the lab. It was no longer THE lab…or even ANDREA’S lab. It was HER lab. Everything was different, with the work stations and equipment being organized in new locations. However, the QSD still remained in the same place.

“It seems the code exchange worked,” Elizabeth mused as she turned her attention back to Andrea and gave a wry smile. “Congratulations.”

Elizabeth took one more look at the QSD, silently removed her lab coat, then started up the stairs to see what she’d find in the rest of the house. A minute later, she saw that the rest of the house looked just as different as the lab had. There was new furniture and décor, though Elizabeth had a feeling that it had been like this for several years. And as she walked from room to room, she was hit with a powerful sense of familiarity and a certainty that this was her house…her home.

“I can’t believe how much everything has changed,” Andrea said, sounding just a little nervous. “I didn’t mean to do this…”

“You did say you didn’t want to risk messing with your own timeline and reality too much,” Elizabeth pointed out. “It looks like you were wise to be cautious.”

When Elizabeth passed a mirror, she paused to stare at her reflection, feeling a little surprised by what she saw, though a growing part felt that this reflection was perfectly normal. She was older than before, and after just a moment, she knew that she was twenty-six. Her clothes were also different as well, more professional but also a bit sexy at the same time.

Andrea stared at herself in the same mirror before suddenly blurting out, “Holy shit… I’m a stripper…”

Elizabeth gave her a curious look, though a new memory that slipped into place told her that this was true. She smiled faintly as she remembered watching Andrea dancing on stage at the club.

“And a very good one too,” Elizabeth teased. Then she asked, “What all did you program the QSD to exchange?”

“I think I only had it switch our IQs,” Andrea answered with a thoughtful look. Then she winced and admitted, “But it’s a little blurry now…”

“I need to think about this,” Elizabeth said, going to the living room and sitting down in a comfortable recliner…her favorite chair. Then she closed her eyes and rubbed at her temples as she considered the situation.

Elizabeth was used to new memories slowly slipping into place and filling her in on all the details of her new reality, but this time she didn’t want to wait a couple days to get everything. Instead, she focused on her life and all of her questions about it, forcing the new memories to come rushing in to answer those questions.

“I’m a scientist,” Elizabeth stated, knowing this to be a simple fact.

As the new memories slipped into place, Elizabeth was able to piece together her new reality and quickly develop a complete image of it. She knew that she’d always been a genius, graduating high school years earlier than normal and going straight into college. Of course, she’d had a number of scholarships due to her brilliant mind, but she’d still helped pay for her tuition and living expenses by working as a personal trainer. Even after graduating, she’d continued to work out every day and had even competed in a few bodybuilder competitions.

“I believe I know what happened,” Elizabeth said after a few minutes, still thinking of her career and how she’d bought this house because it was across the street from her family.

“Shouldn’t that be my line?” Andrea asked with a nervous smile, not sounding very confident in that.

“Not anymore,” Elizabeth pointed out wryly. “Thanks to that last exchange, I’m the scientist now and you’re my stripper girlfriend.”

Andrea groaned at that. “Great. An empty bowl falls onto the machine and suddenly I’m dumb…”

“Not dumb,” Elizabeth pointed out, feeling just a little hurt since that was her old intelligence level that Andrea was insulting. “You’re just not a genius anymore.”

“Okay,” Andrea said with a sigh, giving Elizabeth a curious look as she said, “Go ahead…”

Elizabeth smiled faintly at that, then explained, “I believe these unexpected changes are further evidence of the theory that reality resists changing any more than necessary. You’d invented and patented a number of things before you began work on the QSD, and several of these things have been used across the planet. When the QSD accidentally exchanged our intelligence levels, it created quite a problem. You see, in this new reality you no longer had the intelligence or expertise to invent those items, so reality would have had to erase all of that from existence and create countless alterations across the planet as a result.” She paused for a moment before adding, “It’s another example of the butterfly effect…”

Andrea just nodded at that, though she stared at Elizabeth with the same expression of awe and attraction that she had whenever she watched Elizabeth work out our show off her muscles. Elizabeth noted Andrea’s reaction to her explanation and smirked faintly.

“Instead of making all those changes,” Elizabeth continued, watching Andrea as she did, “reality took the easy way and altered so that I am now the one who did those things instead of you. Since I was too young to have this kind of education and accomplishment, it made me older. However, it didn’t exchange our ages but merely gave me six years of your age, along with your intelligence. I believe that this may be because if I was any older, I wouldn’t have been able to have the same parents and that would have resulted in greater changes instead of less. As it is, my parents were now teenagers when they had me.”

“Wow,” Andrea exclaimed, looking impressed. “You make it sound like reality is intelligent or something.”

“Perhaps it is in some fashion,” Elizabeth answered with a shrug. “Maybe that is what people refer to as God. Or maybe this is an automatic function of conserving energy and balance. I don’t know enough to do more than guess.”

Andrea giggled at that and said, “You sound like you’ve always been a genius scientist.”

“It’s already starting to feel like I have been,” Elizabeth admitted. “But you know how this reality assimilation works.”

“Yeah,” Andrea admitted with a sigh. “I do. I’m already starting to think of myself as a dancer…”

Elizabeth nodded at that, watching Andrea with mixed emotions. On one hand, she felt sorry for Andrea and everything she’d just lost, but on the other, this latest change was actually quite interesting.

“Well,” Elizabeth said, standing up and teasing Andrea. “You were curious about what it would be like if I was smarter than you, so what do you think so far?”

Andrea stared up at her for a moment and then blushed as she admitted, “Actually, it’s kind of a turn on…” Then she quickly added, “But I still want my smarts back…”

Elizabeth gave Andrea a hug, then admitted, “I’m not sure switching back is going to be as easy as switching was. You remember the pressure we felt this time…”

“It felt like it was going to kill me,” Andrea responded with a worried look.

“I’m afraid we may have pushed reality to its stretching limits with that one,” Elizabeth pointed out grimly. “It seems you and your inventions had a bit more impact on the world than I’d imagined, and reality was strained when we nearly undid it all. We may need to let reality recover a bit before attempting something that drastic again. I’m concerned that if we try to push reality too far, it may just decide that the path of least energy is to simply erase the QSD from existence…or worse.”

Andrea’s eyes went wide with that and she gasped, “Oh…”

“Don’t worry,” Elizabeth assured her, giving her another firm hug and promising. “Everything is going to work out fine.”

Andrea grinned happy at that, then gave Elizabeth a kiss. “You have no idea how happy it makes me when you talk like that.”

“I think I do,” Elizabeth responded with a smirk, giving Andrea a deep kiss before she started for the basement. “Let’s go take a look at the QSD.”

When Elizabeth reached the basement, she grabbed the lab coat from where she’d left it and absently put it back on. It felt like an old habit as well as quite appropriate since wearing it always made her feel more focused and professional while she was working. Then she went to the QSD console and began to examine it, frowning when the monitor was blank.

“Not good,” Elizabeth mused, popping open one of the panels to look inside.

For a brief moment, Elizabeth paused, stunned and amazed at the ease with which she was working on the QSD. Just an hour ago, this technology would have been completely out of her ability to ever understand, yet now, she felt comfortable and familiar with it. New memories were still slipping into her mind, assuring her that she had indeed designed and built the entire thing. The QSD was a project that she’d been working on for years and had been thinking about for far longer. It was her masterpiece.

Elizabeth couldn’t help but feeling pleased with herself, though she had to give herself a silent reminder that it had originally been Andrea who’d done all that hard work. This new reality had merely shifted all of Andrea’s hard work and the benefits of it to Elizabeth. That reminder was enough to deflate the pride she felt in her invention.

“Okay,” Elizabeth announced a few minutes later. “It looks like that last reality alteration overloaded the quantum processor and fried several boards.”

“What does that mean?” Andrea asked with a worried look. Then she paused to muttered, “I should know that…but I can’t quite remember.”

“It means that the QSD might as well be a giant paper weight,” Elizabeth explained patiently. She let out a sigh and added, “I can fix the boards, though the quantum processor will be challenging. I should be able to get the QSD working again in just a few weeks…maybe a month at most.”

“That’s good then, “Andrea said, though she didn’t seem completely certain of that.

“Think of this as a vacation from your old life,” Elizabeth told her with a chuckle. “Besides, it will also give reality a chance to rest before we try anything that drastic again. Personally, I don’t feel it would be safe to every try pushing it further. Even reversing this exchange might be risky.”

Then Elizabeth looked at the QSD again, thinking about what she’d have to do in order to get it operational. She couldn’t help but thinking about some improvements she could make during the repairs as well. After all, she still intended for the QSD to serve as the ultimate medical diagnostic machine, but the reality altering side effects made it just a little too dangerous to be used for that. Then again, she could hide the editing and code exchange functions, leaving them accessible only with an encrypted password…

“That could work,” Elizabeth mused with a faint smirk. If nothing else, it would prevent anyone else from being able to alter her without her permission.

“What was that?” Andre asked.

“I was just thinking about how much fun we can have like this for the next couple weeks,” Elizabeth said, giving Andrea a passionate kiss that left them both turned on.

“Oooh, you definitely have my interest,” Andrea purred, holding Elizabeth tightly for a moment before announcing, “And since I’ve got a whole new career, I think I need to show you some of my new dance moves…”

With that, Andrea slowly walked up the stairs, swaying her ass and giving Elizabeth a ‘come hither’ look. Elizabeth couldn’t resist grinning at the sight, though she hesitated a moment before following.

Elizabeth took one more look at the QSD, knowing that she would fix the machine but that the two of them probably wouldn’t switch back. Andrea was too turned on by the idea of having a lover who was not only stronger than her but smarter, and Elizabeth had to admit that she rather liked the current situation herself. They were already assimilating into their new reality quite a bit, and by the time the QSD was repaired, she suspected that they would both be far too comfortable as they now were to go back.

“But I will switch us back if Andrea wants,” Elizabeth quietly promised herself. However, she was quite confident that when the time came, Andrea wouldn’t want that anymore.

Elizabeth smiled as he removed her lab coat and hurried up the stairs, finding Andrea in the living room and already beginning to dance. She watched carefully for several minutes, impressed as Andrea was even better than she’d been in the previous reality. This new reality had unleashed Andrea’s sexiness even further and it was driving Elizabeth wild.

Finally, Elizabeth grabbed her lover, picking her up off the ground and kissing her passionately. Without a word, she began carrying her back to the bedroom, eager for another long and passionate bout of sex.

“You’re mine now, my diminutive and endowed nymph,” Elizabeth whispered into her ear as she put Andrea onto the bed and began taking her clothes off.

Andrea giggled at that, whispering, “Oh yes, talk nerdy to me my amazon goddess…”

Elizabeth just grinned at that, absolutely loving the power she had over her busty lover, as well as how much Andrea was turned on by it. She paused to flex her muscles for Andrea’s benefit, then bent down to kiss her again, determined that she was going to make Andrea so deliriously happy with this new reality that she’d never want to change it again.


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