The EXchange Device part 3

Elizabeth sat in the living room of Dr. Harwen’s house, sipping a cup of coffee as she described the details of her new life. It had been two days since Dr. Harwen had given her this new life and she had a lot she wanted to talk about. Fortunately, Dr. Harwen was patient and listened attentively as Elizabeth described her job as a personal trainer.

“That sounds quite interesting,” Dr. Harwen said once Elizabeth was done. She stared at Elizabeth for a moment and smiled before saying, “You seem to be a lot more confident now.”

“I feel more confident,” Elizabeth admitted with a grin. “I mean, I’m older, taller, stronger… I feel like I can do just about anything.”

Dr. Harwen laughed at that, giving Elizabeth an amused look. “You seem a lot more mature as well, which isn’t at all surprising considering your new age and experience. I know that my own attitude and perspective changed after my alterations.”

“Really?” Elizabeth asked curiously.

“I know you don’t remember the way I was originally,” Dr. Harwen explained pleasantly, pulling out a cigarette and then lighting it. She had a thoughtful look on her face as she blew a stream of smoke out to the side before continuing. “I was a lot less confident as well, at least when it came dealing with people and my own sexuality. I used to be quite plain looking and had gone my entire life without any kind of…romantic relationships. Then after my change, I not only had these new assets but all the attention that they’d brought me for my entire life. I also suddenly had the experience of having worked as an exotic dancer for a few years, which altered my perspective further.”

Elizabeth nodded at that, easily imagining what that must have been like for Dr. Harwen since she’d gone through a similar change after her first alteration. She’d gone from being plain to curvy, though admittedly, she hadn’t become as busty as Dr. Harwen at that time nor did her life change quite as much. Still, between that and her more recent changes, she could definitely understand.

“It’s amazing that your QSD can change things so much,” Elizabeth said, taking a sip of her coffee.

She absently ran her finger along the side of the coffee table, noting the dust in the side. In this reality, she’d never cleaned house for Dr. Harwen, though Mark was now the one who had that job as he tried saving up to buy a car. Elizabeth smiled faintly, thinking that Mark wasn’t quite as good at it as she’d been.

“Actually,” Dr. Harwen responded thoughtfully, “I’m just amazed that things haven’t changed more.”

Elizabeth stared at her for a moment before asking, “Okay… Why?”

“Have you heard of the butterfly effect?” Dr. Harwen asked. Before Elizabeth could answer, she explained, “In time travel theory, it refers to the idea that creating even a small alteration in the past could result in a chain reaction of unexpected alterations which could create a drastic alteration of the present.”

“Like going back and killing Hitler?” Elizabeth asked.

“Think smaller,” Dr. Harwen told her, smiling as she watched Elizabeth. “Imagine going back in time and stopping a dog from being hit by a car. Later, that dog bites a man who is on his way to a date. Because of being bitten, he misses the date. The baby that he would have conceived with his date that night is no longer conceived so a person who would have existed is no longer born. Now imagine if that person would have grown up to be a doctor who saved the life of a little boy, and that boy would have then grown up to invent cell phones. Because you saved that dog, cell phones no longer exist and you would have changed the entire world.”

“It sounds like science fiction,” Elizabeth pointed out skeptically.

“Indeed,” Dr. Harwen responded with a chuckle. “But this is an idea often discussed by those who are interested in the concept and theoretical consequences of time travel.”

Elizabeth blinked at that. “So your QSD is a time machine too?”

“No,” Dr. Harwen quickly assured her. “I think we’re getting off track. What I mean is that when the QSD altered reality and our own histories, I would have expected the changes to our current lives to be even greater. For example, I graduated with the same specialty, have created the same patents, have worked for the same employers, followed the exact same line of research to create the QSD, and I even moved into the same house. Any of those details could have been altered quite easily but weren’t.”

Elizabeth nodded as Dr. Harwen lectured, though she didn’t understand exactly what the doctor was getting at. Still, it was interesting to watch Dr. Harwen get so excited about something like this.

“Reality has already shown that it doesn’t change merely by editing the QSD scans,” Dr. Harwen continued, seeming to be thinking aloud more than explaining this to Elizabeth. “There seems to be a conservation of energy effect in that it can’t merely alter code, but it can exchange code from two subjects. I believe that this is a further example of reality being resistant to alteration. Reality appears to alter the least amount necessary to institute these code changes, though admittedly, this is mere conjecture at the moment and would need much more study.”

“Speaking of study,” Elizabeth said, not wanting to bring up the subject but knowing that she had to. “I believe you were already studying me.”

“Of course,” Dr. Harwen said, giving Elizabeth a strange look. “The experiment that you’re helping me with relates to that as well. But if you’ll come down into my lab, there is something else I’d like to test.”

Elizabeth sighed and stood up, noticing that Dr. Harwen was still watching her carefully. She really hoped that Dr. Harwen wasn’t about to make her switch back, though Elizabeth suddenly realized that there wasn’t anything she could do to stop it if that was the case. Dr. Harwen could switch her and Mark back at any time and the only way she’d even know about it afterwards was if she was actually in the lab and near the quantum processor when it happened.

When Elizabeth reached the lab, she was startled to see that the holographic image of her was already up and on display. She glanced to Dr. Harwen, who was looking back up at her with a thoughtful expression.

“What?” Elizabeth asked.

“I wanted to try something else,” Dr. Harwen said, quickly looking away from Elizabeth and going to the console. “I intend to transfer something a little more subtle this time, something that should have a lesser impact on reality.”

“Okay,” Elizabeth responded, giving Dr. Harwen a curious look. When Dr. Harwen didn’t say what it was she wanted to transfer, Elizabeth became suspicious. “And what is it you want to do this time?”

Dr. Harwen looked a little uncomfortable for a moment, the turned her full attention back to the console. “I’d rather not say just yet. I’d rather see your reaction to the changes without it being biased by preconceived expectations.”

Elizabeth hesitated a moment, not liking the idea of being changed again without knowing what kind of change it was going to be. However, it didn’t seem that Dr. Harwen was going to remove what she’d already been given, so she nodded her agreement.

“I already identified the area of code we need to exchange,” Dr. Harwen said, bringing up the image of another woman and then typing on her controls.

A moment later, Elizabeth felt a faint tingle through her body, though she didn’t feel herself changing like she had before. She did feel the pressure building, but it wasn’t nearly as strong as either of the other times she’d gone through this. She suspected that this meant Dr. Harwen was right about this being a much smaller reality adjustment. Once the pressure popped, Elizabeth stood there, not feeling any different.

“What did you do?” Elizabeth asked, looking down at herself and not seeing anything different either.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” Dr. Harwen responded with a faint smirk.

For a moment, Elizabeth and Dr. Harwen stood there staring at each other, then Elizabeth looked away, feeling embarrassed. She shook her head and said, “I’ve got to get going.”

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow,” Dr. Harwen said as Elizabeth began to leave. “And I expect a full report on what you notice.”

Elizabeth just nodded as she left the house, pausing when she stepped out the door and scowling. For some reason, she had a feeling that she’d accidentally left something behind or had forgotten to do something, though she couldn’t quite remember what. Then with a sigh, she began walking back across the street.


Elizabeth parked her truck in front of the local mall, then looked over at Mark whom she was giving a ride to. He gave her an odd look, as though he wanted to thank her for it but also as though he was suspicious of her motives for being nice.

“I’ll be at the gym for the next two hours,” Elizabeth told him. “Give me a call on me cell and I can pick you up afterwards…”

“Thanks,” Mark said, finally looking relieved.

“You know, you are welcome to come with,” she offered, though she knew Mark wouldn’t accept. Thanks to the reality alterations, her little brother had lost all interest in working out and building muscles. He was giving a half-hearted attempt at home when she spotted him on her weights, but she knew he wouldn’t accept her offer.

“No thanks,” Mark responded, quickly climbing out of the truck and adding, “I don’t want to turn into some kind of muscle head…”

Elizabeth chuckled at that and mused, “If you only knew,” before driving away.

When Elizabeth reached the gym, she immediately went into the locker room to change and get ready to work out. Today, she was here just to work out, not to work with any of her clients. She chuckled to herself as she considered how much she was looking forward to this workout, especially when she realized that before any of these alterations, she’d avoided the gym just as much as Mark now did.

A few minutes later, Elizabeth left the locker room and walked past Paul at the sign in desk. He nodded to her but didn’t flirt or even say anything, which was fine by Elizabeth. Paul wasn’t her type and she didn’t want to deal with him trying to hit on her and wasting her time.

Elizabeth went to work on her legs, well aware of the fact that people were watching her. It was to be expected for a woman as tall and athletic as she was, and she had to admit that she did enjoy the attention. Of course, she took advantage of the opportunity to watch some of the other people who worked out as well.

One man caught Elizabeth’s eyes and she watched him a little as he worked out. He was shorter than her but noticeably more muscular, definitely in a level where he could actually compete. She couldn’t help wondering at his workout routine.

Then Elizabeth’s attention was drawn to a young woman with a tight body and perky breasts. She kept glancing at this woman, feeling almost drawn to her. And when the woman ran on the treadmill, Elizabeth kept taking looks to stare at her firm and perfectly shaped butt.

“What am I thinking?” Elizabeth muttered, focusing her attention on what she was doing. She knew perfectly well that she couldn’t afford to get distracted while doing the squats. That could lead to injury.

Elizabeth remained focused on what she was going, but between exercises, she found herself looking around at that tight bodied woman or another one she saw with generous breasts. She licked her lips, enjoying the sight and feeling slightly turned on. A part of her was startled at the fact that she was attracted to these women, while another part felt that this was perfectly normal, that this was one of the reasons why she enjoyed coming to the gym so much.

“So that’s what she did to me,” Elizabeth muttered.

Ever since Elizabeth had gone through her most recent alteration, she’d been wondering exactly what had been done to her. She still felt the same and hadn’t noticed anything different in her life. Of course, while watching TV last night she’d thought several women were attractive, but those thoughts had felt so normal that she hadn’t even realized they were new. That was just who she was in this new reality.

Elizabeth finished up and went to the locker room to take a shower…a cold shower. But when she stepped into the locker room and noticed that the woman with the tight body was in there changing, she couldn’t resist smiling. After all, if she was going to be attracted to women, then this was definitely the place to be.

After Elizabeth finished with her shower, she went to her locker and paused at the sight of a petite but very cute young woman. She was a full foot shorter than Elizabeth and built almost like a gymnast. She also suddenly struck Elizabeth as very familiar, even though Elizabeth had never seen her before. Then the new memories slipped into place.

“Kirsten,” Elizabeth greeted the tiny woman with a smile.

“Hey, tall and hot looking,” Kirsten responded with a broad grin, looking up at the still naked Elizabeth with a very appreciative expression.

Elizabeth almost blushed at the new memories she had of Kirsten, though she was enjoying them a great deal as well. In this new reality, she and Kirsten weren’t dating, but there had been a couple incidents of spontaneous sex. The last time had been a month earlier when they’d both been at the gym late and the locker room had been completely empty.

On a sudden impulse, Elizabeth bent down and grabbed Kirsten, giving her a deep kiss. A part of her was shocked by her own behavior, though a much larger part of her enjoyed every moment of it. After all, she was now a strong and confident woman who had no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

“Wow,” Kirsten exclaimed. “You want to do it now?”

Just then, two more women came into the locker room. Kirsten blushed and quickly moved back before the women got into a position where they could see them. Elizabeth let out a disappointed sigh but thought that it was probably better this way.

“Maybe later,” Elizabeth told Kirsten with a wry smile.

Elizabeth quickly got dressed though she kept thinking about Kirsten and how cute she was. She could hardly believe how much she was getting into girls, or now normal it felt to her. Then again, being an amazon and coming to the gym to pump iron felt perfectly normal for her as well.

As Elizabeth left the gym, she pulled out her cell phone and saw that she had a text message from Mark, saying that he was ready to be picked up at any time.

“Then it’s a good thing for my little brother that Kirsten didn’t delay me,” Elizabeth mused, though she doubted that she would have minded the delay at all.

It didn’t take long for Elizabeth to reach the mall, pick up Mark, and then head back home. As soon she pulled into the driveway, Mark gave a quick thanks for the ride and then bolted for the house. For a brief moment, she thought about following after him, but then she reminded herself that she had something she needed to take care of.

Elizabeth slowly walked across the street and knocked on the door. She didn’t have to wait long before the door opened and revealed the busty scientist.

“Andrea,” Elizabeth greeted her, casually using her first name as though that was what she’d always called her.

“Elizabeth,” Andrea responded with a nervous smile.

Without thinking about it, Elizabeth grabbed Andrea and bent down to kiss her. Her whole body sparked with excitement and she was getting even more turned on than she had with Kirsten. Andrea kissed her back just as passionately.

New memories slipped into place, and when Elizabeth finally pulled back, she stared down at Andrea and knew that in this reality they were lovers. She felt a strange mixture of emotions at that realization.

“This isn’t what I intended,” Andrea said defensively as Elizabeth came into the house.

“And just what did you intend when you turned me into a lesbian?” Elizabeth asked her with a wry smile.

“I don’t know,” Andrea admitted nervously. “Just not this.”

“I think I need more of an explanation,” Elizabeth told her with a scowl.

Andrea merely nodded with an uncomfortable expression. “I think you’re right.” Then she let out a sigh and went to the kitchen while Elizabeth watched her, staring at her shapely ass. She came back a minute later with two cups of coffee.

“Thank you,” Elizabeth said as she accepted the coffee, though she simultaneously stared down into Andrea’s cleavage.

They both sat down in the living room and sipped their coffee, staring at each other uncomfortably. Elizabeth finally said, “This is a little awkward…”

“Yes it is,” Andrea responded with a self-conscious smile. “I remember you being the girl who came over to clean my house…but my emotions and new memories insist that we’re…much closer than that.”

Elizabeth nodded at that and continued to stare at Andrea, especially her magnificent curves. She licked her lips and got even more turned on as she remembered playing with those very breasts just a few nights ago. Of course, every inch of Andrea’s body deserved that kind of attention and Elizabeth now remembered giving it to her. However, Elizabeth didn’t say a word as she stared at Andrea, realizing that she was far hotter than Kirsten or that tight bodied girl from the gym.

“I suppose you’ll already know much of this from your new memories,” Andrea finally said, staring at Elizabeth with a look of obvious attraction. It wasn’t until then that Elizabeth realized that Andrea had stared at her like that several times since she’d exchanged ages with Mark, but until now, Elizabeth hadn’t recognized the look for what it was.

“I’m still getting the new memories,” Elizabeth admitted. “I didn’t even realize that we were… Not until I saw you at the door.”

Andrea smiled faintly at that, taking a sip of her coffee while still giving Elizabeth an appreciative look. She was no longer bothering to hide it. “I’ve already told you how I was underdeveloped before my own alteration. I had no romantic prospects so sex and romance were never part of my life. I eventually learned not to even think of such things and focused on my work instead.”

“You’ve told me that before,” Elizabeth said, having a hard time imagining that Andrea had ever been like that. But then again, she had a hard time imagining herself as a scrawny kid when she actually remembered being one.

“When I got my new assets,” Andrea continued, making sure to stick her chest out a bit further to draw Elizabeth’s attention, “my new reality changed that. In my altered history, I had plenty of opportunity to explore my sexuality and interests. It turns out that I was kinkier than I’d ever guessed.”

“I can imagine,” Elizabeth commented, giving Andrea a suggestive look and a wink. New memories kept slipping into her mind as she talked to Andrea, letting her know more about their new relationship as well as making it feel more comfortable and normal. Andrea blushed though she continued to flirt with Elizabeth as well.

“As you’re now well aware of,” Andrea continued with a purr, “I am bisexual. I love a woman’s soft and curvy body, but I also get turned on by a man’s big strong body.”

“And it looks like I have both,” Elizabeth said, smiling faintly as her new memories told her just how much that turned Andrea on.

“That wasn’t my intention,” Andrea quickly said with a bright blush. “At least not consciously. At the time I exchanged your code with Mark, I didn’t even fully realize that I had these interests yet. I was honestly trying to see if those kinds of traits could be transferred, though admittedly, my subconscious mind may have been influencing me more than I realized.”

“Well, I certainly can’t complain about the results,” Elizabeth admitted. She absolutely loved the new body she’d gained due to these experiments. “But that last exchange…”

Andrea blushed bright red at that. “After your exchange with Mark, it suddenly hit me how much you turned me on. You’re beautiful and sexy as well as tall and strong at the same time. I didn’t even know that was what I was into until then. It’s like you push almost every one of my buttons.” She let out a sigh. “When I exchanged your sexual orientation with a lesbian volunteer, I rationalized it as attempting to test a subtle exchange that might not have a large impact on reality. But, the truth is, I was hoping you might become attracted to me the way I am to you. I had no idea that the reality change would make it so we were already in a relationship.”

Elizabeth just stared at Andrea for a moment, admiring just how incredible her body was. “I can’t really mind it,” Elizabeth finally said, giving a wry smile. “I love my new body and life. Suddenly turning lesbian was a bit of a surprise, not to mention…” She shook her head, then admitted, “But you know as well as I do that this feels more and more normal with every minute. I’m already having a hard time remembering what it was about guys that I ever found attractive.”

Though this whole thing had been a surprise for Elizabeth, she still knew what she wanted, or more specifically, who she wanted. Without a word, she stood up and enjoyed the way Andrea was staring at her. Then she bent down and gave Andrea another kiss.

“We’re already together,” Elizabeth told her with some amusement. “I want to experience first-hand what I already remember.”

“Me as well,” Andrea admitted, looking both nervous and excited at the same time.

Andrea stood up, only to be held firmly by Elizabeth who kissed her again while simultaneously grabbing her breasts. Andrea moaned while Elizabeth continued feeling her up, playing with her breasts and delighting in this experience.

“You’re so big and strong,” Andrea moaned in delight, grabbing hold of Elizabeth’s arm and sighing. “So muscular.” She moaned again and quietly added, “You have no idea what this does to me…with you holding me tight like this.”

“I do know,” Elizabeth said as the memories had already come to her.

Andrea continued speaking anyway. “I love being held like this… It makes me feel safe and protected…”

“Enough talking,” Elizabeth told her, gently pushing her towards the bedroom where she remembered spending a lot of time over the last few months. “More action…”

Elizabeth grinned at how quickly Andrea hurried to the bedroom, though she was certainly eager enough herself. She couldn’t wait to strip Andrea of her clothes, to suck on her nipples and play with her sexy body.

Of course, Elizabeth already knew what Andrea wanted. Her new memories told her that Andrea was not only turned on by a lover who was bigger and stronger than her, but by one who would physically dominate her in bed. Andrea had a submissive side and got off on being gently dominated, which was something that Elizabeth was more than happy to do for her.

“Now then,” Elizabeth announced with a grin as she began removing Andrea’s shirt. “I think it’s time for whole new experiment…”

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