“Excuse me, but.......are you alright?” spoke out Adam York in an ultra tender voice, as he looked down towards the visibly upset young woman sitting before him. Adam was a highly gifted and intelligent 21 year old, who couldn't help but notice the emotional state of this beautiful young girl; though she tried to conceal her upset and worrisome feelings, Adam was quite astute and able to sense right now she needed help, and very possibly, a friend.

“Yes......no......I'm sorry, look I.......I just need to go......” Mercy Church made out as she wiped the last remnants of tears from her eyes, standing up to her full 6' 1” foot height, several inches taller than her newly arrived helper before her. A fact that did not go unnoticed by Adam, nor did her full, thick and shapely overall physique, one which dwarfed his thinner frame by comparison.

“No, no please, wait.....” Adam replied in a soft, caring tone, as he reached out for her departing hand, holding her still before him. Though while she clearly had the physical strength to tear herself away from him with the utmost ease, Mercy held herself still before the adorable and clearly kind man, looking down into his eyes as he looked into hers, and for the first time in a long while, she felt at peace and safe. “It's OK, I'm only here to help” he made out in a voice that melted the heart of this statuesque 19 year old girl, which was followed with them both taking a seat in this large college classroom, and talking about what was bothering her so.

It seemed that she was having an extremely difficult time with this class, thanks in no small part to its Professor, who was known for being very tough and moving very fast. While not being unintelligent in the least, the teenage girl was juggling many things at once in her college career, both academically and outside of school, all of which together helped cause this minor breakdown in this, her toughest class.

Adam listened to each and every word she spoke, replying only with words of encouragement and support, even going so far as to offer his tutoring services for this subject (for which he was a Teacher's Assistant and extremely knowledgeable in), free of charge, which clearly was of invaluable service, one that she couldn't be happier about, as was seen by her angelic smiling face, and her nearly rib-crushing hug of this much smaller man. An embrace she was slightly embarrassed about giving him (to such a powerful level anyway), though one that thrilled Adam to no end, one that in an instant brought them both closer together (emotionally more than physically) than either would have thought possible.

The young couple met several times over the next few weeks for tutoring, when Mercy's busy schedule would allow, and before long their feelings towards one another could be held back no longer and they started dating. Mercy, grateful for all Adam had been doing for her (the least of which raising her grade in her most troubled class), had fell for him in a way unlike she ever had before, and the slightly older man felt the same way in return. While he had certainly noticed her unparalleled beauty in her first few classes, such loveliness was paled by the warmth of her heart and her extremely playful and fun-loving attitude; something they had each grown to know in one another, all too rapidly, as time went on.

Of course being young lovers as they were, it wasn't long before physical love met with their emotional feelings, their first sexual session being engraved in Adam's mind forever, remembering his his first time with this teenage girl, who seemingly possessed a physique not only taller and larger, but firmer and stronger than he ever thought possible. Their love-making sessions mixing in her Amazonian physique all too frequently, as she held his smaller frame in a variety of different positions, all of which showing off her massive strength advantage, all of them bringing them both to the peaks of sexual delights.

One such time, while Mercy was completely lost in her erotically charged lust, resulting in the breaking of 2 of Adam's ribs, while she was furiously grinding into his body, which happened to be enveloped within her thick, shapely thighs. An act that brought her to tears afterwards, wanting never to cause harm to her lover, though as so often happened in their relationship, Adam (who was feeling only minor pain at that act) comforted her and told her everything would be alright, and for her not to worry so. Though while he did put her at ease this night, and while she took the absolute best care of him following, Mercy vowed to always protect her loving boyfriend, defending him from all harm and pain (doing so on several occasions against rough and rowdy college boys that sought to bully her much smaller man); something she did with much success throughout the years, and into their life as husband and wife, with Adam supporting her needs and desires as well.

Though try as she might, much to her untold distress, there was simply no defense for Adam against what hit him in his 32nd year, nearly 10 years into their extremely joyful marriage; no protection from an event that would rip the very heart and soul from the 31 year old Amazon woman, and all too loving wife.


Adam hated to hear his wife cry, to see the tears flowing from her normally glistening eyes, to hear her breath erratic due to her emotionally beating heart, to feel her body quiver and shake due solely to a broken heart, and he vowed before God, and to himself, to always be there for her in such times; to comfort and hold, to love and support, to look after and take care of her for all the days of his life – a life that he and his beautiful Mercy were told only minutes ago, would be ending all too soon.

“It can't be true, it can't be!!” near yelled out the heart-broken woman, as she crumpled into her husband's nearby sitting form, her powerfully built Amazonian form giving in to his much smaller frame, who no matter how much weaker he was physically than his super hard, super strong wife, would always be there for her during her times of hardship and pain.

“Shhhhhh, it's alright Baby.......it's......it's all going to be alright.....” Adam slowly and softly breathed into Mercy's nearby ears, as he gently stroked her broad, rippling back, trying his best to calm his loving wife, not to mention himself, as he was just as shocked at hearing such news as she was; though as always to him, his pain, his need, took a backseat to his true love's own.

“It's Not going to be alright! Didn't you just hear what he said, you're sick, you're Dying! How is that alright?!?” Mercy angrily made out as she stood up from the soft chair, towering over her diminutive husband, as well as the Doctor sitting as his desk nearby. She of course wasn't angry at Adam, her dearest love, for whom she would do Anything and Everything for, her rage was due to the news of his illness, a very rare and fast moving cancer, that she was just told would allow him only another month of life, just one more month for her to spend with her loving little man.

“No! This isn't happening! I'm not going to lose you!” she continued on with the utmost emotion, her ripplingly hard and muscular bodybuilder physique flaring and expanding with her words, easily tearing through her form-fitting (though elegantly worn) attire. “You!! You're going to fix this, you're going to help him! That's your job, to save lives, so save him, Save My Husband!!” she growled out towards the Doctor, flipping over the massive wooden desk between him with a single arm, as she grabbed him around his collar, lifting him over a foot off the floor and shaking him wildly.

Mercy wasn't an overly aggressive or angry woman, she had a warm, loving heart, and cared very much for many things in life, none moreso than her husband Adam; though her infrequent times of losing her temper and letting her anger show were usually dealing with him. Her protective nature towards her much smaller man, against any who would dare cause him harm, was swift and absolute; something the newly terrified Doctor was getting a taste of here and now, his unfortunate diagnosis making him a temporary target for Mercy's Amazonian wrath.

“Baby! Baby, shhhhh, relax. Put the Doctor down and just relax” Adam spoke out in equal parts firmness and gentility, as he stared into his wife's tear stained eyes, watching as her lips quivered in emotional pain, as she lowered this man back to his feet, which was followed by her dropping to her knees, crying her eyes out; an act that was instantly followed by her husband, who held her tight and firm into him, doing his best to relieve her agony, while he himself dealt with the shock that his life, more specifically his time with his one true love Mercy, would soon come to an end.

It took nearly a full day for this loving couple to get full control of their emotions and come to grips with this cruel and undeniable fact, that Adam had precious little time left and neither of them wished to spend it in a state of dark despair any longer. In fact, quite the opposite, as they both came to an agreement to live this next month to its fullest, traveling the globe to their heart's desire, doing anything and everything they wished while they still had the chance to do so (their financial security set, due to Adam's brilliantly business-oriented mind).

So early the next morning, the all too excited couple planned out their next several weeks, allowing enough time at home for some intimate moments for just the two of them when their time was nearly up. Their first destination, an exotic tropical location, where Adam could enjoy the peace and tranquility of its white sandy beaches and beautiful blue skies, not to mention the site of his gorgeous hard-bodied wife in an assortment of skimpy bikinis – though as so often happened when these Opposites-Attract lovers went out, excitement and drama seemed to find them all the same.


“Hmmmmm, isn't it just lovely here Baby?” cooed out the soft, sensual tones of the beautiful female bodybuilder, as she lay next to her man on the warm sand; both of them under a wide-brimmed umbrella, watching the sun slowly approach the distant sea-line, relishing this picture perfect locale and their time together in it. Both of their bodies covered from neck to toe in the all too comforting grains of soft sand, only their heads sticking out from underneath their concealing mounds, resting comfortably on soft, thick beach towels.

“It's Heaven Baby, absolute Heaven” Adam instinctively replied back, his words striking an obvious chord with Mercy, who instantly connected Heaven to his all too sudden end. “Hey, we still have plenty of time left, and plenty more to do, OK? Besides, I still feel great, more than enough to take on the likes of you, my little Wuss Puss” Adam added on with words of tenderness and laughter, bringing back Mercy's breathtaking smile with teasing words and a jovial tone.

“Oh, is that so? Well, bring it on Baby, Bring It On” she cooed out with a pouting of her full lips, which was followed by movements of her cover up form underneath the sand, movements which were followed with a slight crackling sound, mixed with a hint of unseen male's moans and cries.

“What, you think your weak little baby girl body can stand up to the fury that I possess!” Adam teasingly continued on with a growl and a wide grin, as he emerged from his sandy covering, playfully flexing his body before Mercy, with a physique that held less muscle than she herself possessed at the age of 16, which itself was a pale comparison to the massive mounds of sexy female muscle this 31 year old Amazon now contained.

“Oooooh my, what hope do I have against such male muscle power” Mercy breathily teased back with a sexy smile, as her body continued to gyrate and pulse underneath its soft sandy shell, a few more cracks and cries were barely heard as she did so. “I guess I'll just have to contend with picking on weak little baby-boys, like this one, eh Lover?” she cooed sexily to Adam while shaking her body once more, this time with the purpose of flinging the last layers of sand off of her muscle-packed form, revealing not only it to her long time love, but something else as well.

Trapped snug and tight within Mercy's steel hard, rippling muscular frame was another man, one almost as big as she, though all too clearly from his pain-wracked face and helplessly held pose, no where near as strong. She continued to look up at her husband with a deviously sensual glare and an erotic licking of her lips; his eyes utterly glued to this all too sexy scene, just as his cock instantly stirred to life, a sight that involuntarily made Mercy's muscles pulse and pop, which was as before followed with a series of body snapping and male screams.

“Awwww, what's the matter Stud, don't you like my Crushing Cuddle?” Mercy spoke out in a seductive tone, as she squeezed her arms, legs and chest even harder around him, holding every inch of his body completely immobile in her crushing embrace. Her name for this hold an all too obvious one (cuddling her prey so form-fittingly tight, it was as if he was enveloped in muscle), one of the many holds she had learned to give to truly deserving men who foolishly attempted to bully, intimidate or overall hurt her Baby, Adam. Something this all too unfortunate man had recently done, classically kicking sand in her husband's face while trying to claim she for himself; though what happened next was a swift muscle crushing ass-kicking from the less than thrilled Mercy (not earning her name in the least during such time), and soon after a Crushing Cuddle, complete with an assortment of broken ribs, to further teach this battered man a very valuable lesson.

“Hmmmmm, you're lucky my man and I are looking for a nice, relaxing night, or I'd be breaking more than just your ribs, Much More” Mercy continued on in a slightly more threatening voice, pealing this man's face from within her smothering breasts, looking at him with a perfect mixture of anger and sexuality. “Now apologize to Adam, and make it good, or I Swear I'll rip you to pieces right here and now!” she made out, followed by another series of hard, tight squeezes, causing the barely conscious man to use his last remaining breathes to utter an apology to the ultra aroused Adam, before falling limp and unconscious onto Mercy's all enveloping body.

“Wimp” the punishing Amazon tauntingly made out, as she benched his 230 pound frame a few times above her laid out frame, before tossing his still form clean off her; doing so with such strength that his body flew up and over the sandy dune they were laying against, rolling helplessly down its other side. “Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted, Honey?” Mercy made out in an all too sexy voice, as she snapped off her bikini bottoms straps, revealing her awaiting and sexually throbbing pussy for Adam's pulsating cock to enter. Adam couldn't remove his shorts fast enough, as he dove onto his Amazon wife's muscle bulging body in near record time. Not afraid in the least of its bone crushing power, their years together proving to him time and again that she could use her physique for Pleasure just as easily and effectively as she could for Pain. And while he was not one to condone violence in any form, he just couldn't help but get Horny As Hell anytime his beautifully buff bodybuilding wife put a well-deserving man in his place.

Mercy of course welcomed her lover's incoming body with open arms (and legs), taking him into her, and inside her, was always a given to this all too loving couple. Holding him in virtually the same position as her formerly mangled man, his smaller frame laying fully on her powerful Amazonian physique, his head resting on her thick, muscular chest, her arms and legs cuddling him snugly into her; though unlike moments ago, this time there was no crushing squeezes, no painful pulses, only the soft, tender touches of one lover to another. Touches not only from her fingers, as they danced and played across Adam's body, tickling his sides, massaging his back, feeling his butt, but also from her aching lips, which were drawn to his own, as well as his nearby neck and ears, like bees to honey.

Less than a minute after their making out began, Mercy guided Adam's cock into her moist hot pussy, something which caused them both to give sensual moans of delight and tingling erotic sensations to flow all about their sexually quivering forms. In and out went his long, throbbing cock, his hips giving slow, easy thrusts up and down, as her innermost tightness managed to tantalize and massage every inch of his impressively sized member all at once. Orgasmic sensations coursing through their bodies like a series of erotic fireworks, as Mercy cuddled Adam into her even more, wanting nothing more than for them to be One, as physically as they were emotionally. Though such tightness made it a bit harder for Adam to continue his inward thrusts onto her golden glistening form, something Mercy noticed all too well, as she cooed out an ultra soft “Relax Baby”, which was followed by her hands tenderly grasping hold of his hips, as she now used her strength alone to lift her husband up and down, in and out of her increasingly wet vagina.

“Did you like when I kicked that guy's butt, my Sweet? Do you like it when your big, strong, sexy musclegirl takes apart a jerk like that?” she cooed into his awaiting ears, alternatingly from side to side, as her muscular chest gave his head a series of sexy pec flexes. Knowing full well that such Muscle Talk always got him going, whether completely made up and imaginary to speaking of events that have actually happened, Mercy knew Adam Loved such sensually spoken words, whisper-like and oh so femininely soft, a stark contrast to the unreal physical power and dominating strength his amazing wife equally possessed.

“Did it turn you on when I draped him across my big, wide, broad back and just Bent him in half til he cried? Did it make you hot when I had him in a tight headlock and nearly cracked his head between my bulging biceps and rock hard pecs? Did it make you horny when I trapped his head inside my thick thunder thighs and just Crruuuusshed him til he begged for mercy......well, Mercy he got, but not the kind he wanted, eh Baby?” she breathed out to her husband, who could only give moans of utmost approval at her words, as his member was being moved in and out of her dripping wet love-hole.

Just then, as they were both about to reach their sexual peaks, sounds from others approaching were heard off in the nearby distance. Adam and Mercy choose this spot for its apparent seclusion, though it seems others may have had the same idea and were now on their way over. Not wanting to stop this latest sexual session in the least, Mercy quickly grabbed over their large, thick blanket and covered nearly all of their sexually enjoyable forms, leaving only her flawless face and chest (which Adam's head still rested on), exposed. Of course underneath this towel was another matter entirely, as while Mercy did stop her lifting of her husband's body, their pleasures ceased not for a second' as she was now using just her vaginal muscles to rub and massage her man's thick, meaty cock, continuing their love making in total secrecy, but at even greater levels.

Not one for being overly shy about anything she did in public, one couldn't have a physique like hers and have such a mindset, Mercy knew that Adam was much less confident and comfortable about such things. So up and over came their soft covering, where they could both continue on with their all too intimate moment, looking like more than a loving couple cuddling on the soft sandy beaches than a pair of Hot and Horny lovers ready to Burst at any moment. A ruse that fooled the passer-bys all too well, as they came and went on past, these “intruders” getting not a hint of the nearly head-splitting levels of ecstasy they were both in the process of enjoying. Ecstasy that seconds later, thanks in large part to Mercy's pussy pulsations and teasing touches, Exploded into final release, as they both groaned wildly with delight, Mercy continuing to milk her man's large dick until she was sure she took in every last drop of his juices.

“Hmmmmmm God, that was Amazing......do I have to keep supplying you with men to crush in order to keep getting such pleasures?” Adam softly spoke in a clearly joking tone, as he looked up onto his wife's beautiful face, while continuing to rest his head on her full, firm, thick breasts.

“Oh, I think I can find other ways to give you pleasure, my Love” Mercy cooed back with another kiss on his lips. “Though considering how fast that man-crushing session happened after we got here, I wouldn't put it past my using that tactic to arouse you again, and again, and again” she concluded with a smile, as she wrapped her body around his once more, holding him onto her as he did in turn, as they relished this first of many more such Fantasy situations to come.


“So, comrade, is that your woman?” spoke out to Adam from a suddenly appearing man, as he was about to order he and his beautiful wife a drink at this all too hot and happening night-spot. The foreign locale of this famous club lent a bit to his all too forward question; this man's tone guttural, his look lecherous, his attitude sexual, and all clearly directed at the stunningly gorgeous Mercy, who sat a few tables back from their section of the bar.

“Yeah, yeah that's my woman” Adam half-heartedly replied with a near rolling of his eyes, thinking couldn't they go anywhere without some jerk hitting on his wife; though truth be told he was more than proud to have such a woman under his arm, loving him and only him, so such behavior from men didn't truly bother him; though this man with his up-front and in-your-face manner (a common attitude for bar-hoppers from this country) managed to tick Adam off quite a bit more than usual.

“Yes, she is Amazing! I like her sturdiness, her size, I bet she make good in the bedroom eh?” the man made out with a laugh, as he slapped Adam on the shoulder, an act not done for the purpose of hurting, though due to this man's impressive size, and his own weakened condition, still caused Adam to lose his balance slightly nonetheless. “Say, if you don't mind me asking.....”

“Why do I get the impression you'd ask even if I minded?” Adam abruptly added, looking back and waving at Mercy, still sitting down patiently at their table, looking the perfect blend of classical elegance and lusting sexuality, which never ceased to melt his passionately beating heart; especially when she smiled back at him, waving in return, letting him know she wanted nothing more than him and all he was willing to give her.

“Ha, that is good. No serious, how is sex with a woman like that? I mean look at her, those breasts, those legs, that ass, she is big and sturdy, just like I like them” the man continued on with an all too perverted look on his face, staring at Mercy, especially her exposed voluptuously stacked cleavage, with a true look of Want and Desire in his eyes. “Yes I would dive right my cock into her and not let go until she begged me to stop” he continued on, moving more and more from just uncomfortably forward to crude and obnoxious.

“You mean until she broke you in two, asshole” Adam thought to himself, wanting little more than to complete his current task, and return to his wife with their drinks. “Yeah, she's great.....now if you'll excuse me, I really should get back to.....”

“So how much do you want for her?” the foreigner spoke out with a surprisingly amount of calmness in his voice.

“I'm sorry......what?”

“I ask how much for one night for me and your woman. I pay good money, yes, and show her a Very Good time, like only a man of my size can”

“Now hold on right there buddy! If you think.....”

“Come now, I make no offense, I mean it as compliment. For such a small, plain looking man to have such a Goddess, it is quite an honor. Of course, one must always watch for those who wish to claim such a prize for themselves – either from money, or just to Take her!” he spoke out with a devilish grin, now crossing from crude to threatening, as he leaned more heavily into Adam's smaller frame; though as physically over-matched as he was, Adam still held his ground, his attitude a courageous protector for someone that would never need protecting.

“If you so much as look at her again, I'll......”

“You'll what, little puny man-mmmppppphhhh!!!!” the larger man growled out with a malicious glare, before his face literally disappeared, vanished behind the surrounding surface of the most perfectly shaped, lusciously thick, incredibly firm breasts Adam had ever seen; those of his Amazonian wife, who without warning slipped behind this man and held his head locked tight (as her hands were doing to his arms) deep within her full, firm tits.

“Oh Baby, I meant to ask you if you could hold the ice on my drink, oh and maybe make it a double?” Mercy made out both sexily and casually, without a hint of effort in her voice, as she continued to hold still and smother out the obnoxious man that had so clearly been bothering her Love. As large as this man was to Adam, she in turn was to him (thanks in part to her 4” high-heeled pumps, bring her height to a truly statuesque 6' 5”). She then bent down slightly, giving Adam a passionate kiss on his lips, before making her way back to their table - or so Adam had thought, as less than a minute later he received his sought after drinks and proceeded to return to his table, which to his surprise was empty. After placing their drinks on its hard surface, he looked around for his muscle packed Mercy, and while normally a man in such a situation, in a foreign country no less, would be quite nervous and worried about his missing wife, Adam learned long ago that his beautifully buff bride could more than take care of herself.

It didn't take him long to spot his luscious lover, a bit off in the corner of this hot and happening night spot, a bit away from the lights and music that flowed all about this place, still with their uninvited guest in tow - or that would be, in tits - as she still had him smothered in her thick, meaty breasts, this time facing him head on, or what was left of his head from this clearly painful position, which was just his eyes and forehead, that were wide and crinkled enough for Adam to tell he was in for a harsh lesson here and now. Upon closer observation he could see that Mercy was holding him several inches off the floor, though not with her arms (which were sexily placed on her wide, womanly hips), but solely with the power of her pulsating pecs. A clearly angry look across her still model-esque face, her lips moving with passion and purpose, telling him off for threatening her Baby; concluding by letting him know how truly lucky he was that he Didn't have a girl like her at home, for surely she would Crush him to pieces for being such an arrogant, brutish asshole.

“Sorry Baby, I was just off powdering my nose, I hope you didn't miss me?” Mercy cooed with a sexy smile, as she rejoined her husband at their table, taking a sip from her newly received drink with her full, sensuous lips.

“I always miss you, Honey......I will always miss you” he replied with a sudden surge of emotion, as uncontrollable thoughts of his upcoming end flooded his mind. “I will Always be with you Mercy, you will Never be alone......know that always”

“No, no it's too early for talk like that Baby, much too early” Mercy replied as she reached over to grasp his hands within hers, as sudden signs wetness appearing in her eyes. “We still have so much to do, so much more time together, please Baby, please......” she added on, usually being the one to be supported emotionally by her husband, it was now she that had to play that role to her normally confident Adam. “Was it that guy? Did he bring you down like this? I'll kill him, I swear to God, I'll.....” she near roared out with anger, flexing and flaring her thick, shapely physique to the point that the fabric of her dress would have burst apart at the seems, if there was much of it there to do so. Her arms bulged to rock solid 18” hardness, her legs rippled with 27” of power, her thick chest exploded to amazing levels; all of which were left almost entirely uncovered, allowing the material of her dress to emerge from such a muscular explosion mostly unscathed, with only a slight rip down the back of her attire, due to the massive expanse and hardening of her broad back and lats.

“No, no Baby, it wasn't him.......well, not entirely, anyway” Adam spoke out, instantly calming his all too protective wife. “I guess he just reminded me, again, that Im so small and weak.......I just wish that I could take care of you better, protect and defend you, look after you, like a real man should for his wife......” Adam made out emotionally, not one to let his much smaller frame in comparison to Mercy's get him feeling down (he being 6 inches shorter, and 60 pounds lighter than she); though every so often, such thoughts did pop into his mind, and he wished beyond hope that he could give her all that she deserved – little did Adam know, he did so already, each and every day of their lives together.

“Oh Baby....” Mercy made out as she brought herself closer to him, holding his hands firmer now, yet with the utmost tenderness, as she looked into his adorably cute face, and spoke “.....Adam, you have done nothing but support me, take care of me, look after me, since the first day we met. Your very first words to me proved this so clearly, Baby, I would be Nothing without you” she went on, using a single hand to ever so gently tilt his defeated looking face up to her own. “It was you that helped me pass that class so many years ago, you who gave me the support to take up my bodybuilding full time, you who gave me a life of love and happiness that I could never have imagined. You took me away from feeling like a tall, buff freak and made me feel like an Amazon Princess. Everything I am, I am because of You, never forget that......and Never, for one second, think you're not a real man, you're the only real man I've ever known” she concluded, giving Adam a soft, loving kiss on his lips, while tracing the side of his face gently with her fingertips. “Trust me, you're a thousand times the man that creep was, Okay?”

“He was a real jerk, wasn't he?” Adam made out with a slight chuckle and a returning grin.

“Huge jerk, major league jerk, yes” Mercy smiled gorgeously in reply, relieved to see Adam looking happy once more, though still quite upset at the brute of a man that recently put him in his previously depressed state. Then, with devilish thoughts and a devious grin, she leaned over and cooed into her husband's ears. “Do you trust me, Baby?”

“With all that I am, my Love. Why do you ask?”

“I think I just had an idea on how we could spend the rest of our evening”

45 minutes later........

“Thank you so much for agreeing to come back with us Ivan, I hope I didn't care you with my little muscle cuddling before?” Mercy sexily made out, as she lead a large Russian man, the same one she and Adam recently had altercations with, into their large, beautifully laid out hotel room.

“Ah no, no of course not. I was only playing your game, see, I play well, yes?” the 6 foot tall, 190 pound man made out, with more than a bit of lying nervousness in his voice.

“Oh yes, you played that part very well. For a second there I thought you were really a wimpy little baby boy, who had really pissed his pants, over the strong, powerful He-Man you really are” the towering Amazon cooed, as she lead him further into their suite, right into the bedroom, where laying on a soft, full couch, was Adam, all smiling and ready for what came next.

“You, here? I don't understand....”

“Shhhhhh, it's alright my Sweet, I just thought, since you're such a real man, and my husband here is clearly so “small and plain looking”, that maybe you could give him some tips on how to handle a woman, like me?” Mercy breathed out sensually with a finger hanging seductively and innocently from her lips. “If you could show him, how a real man should handle a big, sturdy woman like me, I would be ever so grateful” she breathed sexily, moving closer to the large but still smaller framed man, trailing her erotically moving finger from her lips to his chest, tracing it up and down his hairy, exposed pecs.

“Ah, yes, of course I can do that” Ivan proudly declared, his full confidence (and cockiness) now returning to him. “I tell him before he cannot be enough for woman like you, but he get upset. Don't be upset little one, I show you how a real man can satisfy a woman such as this” he continued on, his words being both parts supportive and insulting.

“Yes please, by all means, show me how it's done” Adam replied with an all knowing smile, as he sat back comfortably on his couch, his cock already starting to stir at what he knew was to come next.

“Yes, well first you must show the woman who is in charge, who is boss. When you want her, you grab her, you throw her down and take her, like this!” Ivan roared out confidently to Adam, before turning to Mercy, bending down to pick up her 210 rock hard body in his arms, a feat that he seemed to be having some real trouble doing, unable to even budge her a single inch. Try as he might, his strength was all too insufficient to move the statuesque supergirl before him; not so much due to her impressive (though incredibly well proportioned) weight, but her own muscular resistance to this act as well. Yes, the powerful man struggled again and again, angle after angle, over the course of the next minute, while Mercy played the innocent, unknowing woman, as Adam lapped up the total humiliation she was causing this buffoon before them.

“Uh, should I be doing it just like that then?” Adam teased out.

“No.....no.....this should be much......easier......” Ivan replied with clear frustration and exhaustion in his voice. “Bah,.......uh.....I forget.....first, you must remove her clothes before getting her on bed” he continued on, trying to save face by changing his sexual tactics.

“Oh, but I really could use the pointers for that move, seeing it in action really would help me know what to do” Adam made out, playing his part to a T. “Baby, do you think you could?”

“Of course, my Love, anything for you” Mercy sensually spoke to her husband, as she scooped Ivan into her arms with ease, cradling him like a baby against her lush, hard physique, walking around the room as she did so. Ivan felt enveloped in her muscle packed form, a physical fear that combined with his emasculation, made him all too uncomfortable, even if it did make his cock jump to attention all too instantly. Mercy carried him around like this for several minutes, smiling at Adam's nearby form, while teasingly giving little crushes in on Ivan using her steel hard 18” biceps.

“If you're going to show my husband how to be a real man, we need to do it right and proper” she whispered into Ivan's nearby ears, before tossing him onto the bed, where he bounced high on its soft, full mattress. “As for the unveiling of this body of mine, allow me” she cooed out, followed by the instant and effortless ripping in half of her form-fitting mini-dress, revealing her Amazonian physique nearly completely (a sexy black lace bra and matching panties now her only attire) to her new “lover” for the very first time; a sight he took in with eyes and mouth wide open, especially as she proceeded to hit a few sexy poses with her ultra muscular form. “Where do you want me now, Stud?”

“Yes.....I......over here, on bed, with me” Ivan anxiously spoke out, removing now his shirt and pants, leaving his well formed body almost fully exposed, with the exception of a pair of dirty looking underwear and equally unkempt socks. Mercy then looked at Adam, giving him a “Don't Worry Honey” wink and smile, before making her way towards and then onto the bed, focusing once more on this foreign man sharing their bed. “Now, you take your woman on the bed with you, you move her into your position, and then.....”

“And what position would that be?” Adam mock-innocently asked.

“With her open legs of course, so you can mount her, and Take her! Here, I show you” Ivan continued on, casually moving his hands to Mercy's full, hard legs in an attempt to separate them for his easy access, so soon forgetting how moving any part of her body against her wishes, was all but impossible. “You......just......move......her......legs........apart.....” he struggled to make out, using all of his body's strength to move her legs, once more trying for over a minute, using several different angles to do so, though her body held its legs-locked position like a marble statue.

“Is, is this part of the foreplay?” Adam once again jokingly asked, this time a little giggle escaping his mouth.

“No! Is no joke, but I show you good joke with my fists if you don't shut up!” Ivan threatened as he stared angrily at Adam, his frustration at being unable separate the legs of the beautiful woman before him more than enough to boil his Russian blood.

“Relax Lover, if you wanted these legs of mine apart, all you had to do was ask” Mercy erotically spoke, separating her thick, shapely, muscular legs out wide, so wide that Ivan was noticeably impressed that a woman of her size could be so flexible, as his lecherous smile at seeing this made him turn his attention back to her and away from Adam, Mercy's leg-splitting plan all along.

“Ah yes, good, now I show you!” he barked out, before lunging and slamming his near 200 pound frame onto Mercy's own, an act that would have caused some real pain to a normal bodied woman (to even the more hefty women in this locale), though her strong and shapely physique took it in complete stride. Ivan then proceeded to furiously grind his all too aroused body into her own, enjoying the feeling of his growing cock across the rippling of her abs, relishing in his rough touches on her thick, rounded bubble butt, loving his face being crudely mashed into her full, firm and meaty breasts. His act all devoid of romance, of foreplay, of any and all caring about his partner's feelings at all, as his body simply rubbed against hers with no technique or style in the least.

The only thing that saved him from being torn to pieces by Mercy's massive muscles from this act was that they were all still wearing their undergarments, and therefore prevented this from being an actual attempt for him to enter her; though be that as it may, with a nod of approval from Adam's nearby laying form, Mercy knew it was time to add in a bit of crushing muscle fun to this poor excuse of a sexual session.

So with a series of acted out moanings from her ruby red lips, Mercy curled her arms and legs around Ivan's still thrusting form, controlling his movements more and more until he was locked tight and immobile on her, though such lust did he have for her voluptuously shaped body that he didn't notice this in the least – that was until the slow sensual squeezing started, until his lungs air was gradually being forced from his chest, until his face began to turn beet red and growing amounts of pain were felt on nearly every inch of his body.

“Oooohhh yeah, this feels soooo good” groaned out Mercy in an erotic fashion, though feelings of arousal were far from her mind, she was having too much fun playing that part, pretending to be in the midst of sexual ecstasy, as she used her powerfully build body to squeeze and crush the foolish man trapped within. “Oh Baby, he's so right......Mmmmmmm.......this is So how to take a woman like me” she near giggled out, as she continued rolling around their bed, flipping Ivan all about her, controlling his every movement and position; while bouncing her big, hard frame all over him, mangling him within her arms, legs and chest, all filling with more and more solid female muscle.

“No! Agghhhh! No, is not......Aarrgghhhh!!......not right! Please, please Stop! AHHHHHH, You Kill Me, STOP!!” the once cockily confident Russian male roared out, as his helplessly held body could take no more, especially after a few final Pops and Snaps that came from his mangled form (namely his ribs and even some from his nose, which was currently sandwiched tight within her vice-like pecs), all at the hands of this super gorgeous, yet insanely strong, woman he was planning to Fuck til she begged him to stop – the Irony was not lost on anyone here.

“Oh my, whatever happened here?” Mercy spoke out in a mockingly innocent tone, looking down at the painfully moaning man beneath here, looking back at the all too aroused form of her husband, while giving him a sexy blown kiss from her lusciously full and all too smiling lips. “Oh dear, are you alright? I guess I got a little carried away there, its been so long since Ive been with a real man, I guess I just let myself go too much.......Mmmmmmm, but did it feel Good!” she cooed, moving her hands down to her panty-covered pussy, giving it a bit of a feel as she moved her hips back and forth in a sensually grinding motion.

“Ah yes.......is good......I just.......forget about that.......now is time for actual Fucking, yes!” Ivan made out, the sight of this gorgeous woman before him, in such a clearly aroused state (or so he thought), overcame his current level of pain, as he once again tried to take over this sexual session. He then directed Mercy to lay down on her back, this time promising to keep her arms and legs held wide open, allowing him the access he needed to her golden moist pussy, without having to worry about being enveloped and crushed to agonizing oblivion within her cable-like limbs.

Mercy did as he asked, Adam trusting her fully to have this latest act not go too far, something that he knew Ivan couldn't force on her even on his best day. So with a seductive separation of her long, lean, muscular legs, the beautiful Amazon cooed out “Show me what you've got, Stud”, causing the sex crazed Russian to pull off his underwear with lightning speed, now kneeling over Mercy's laid out form completely naked, looking as confident as ever this night, as his hard, throbbing erection stood proudly from his powerful physique – or so he imagined.

“Hahahaha, where.......where is it?” Mercy laughed out at the final unveiling of Ivan's member, clearly making fun of its size, or lack thereof, which caused the cocky man before her instant and untold embarrassment.

“What, what do you mean, is right here!” he roared out, holding his increasingly flaccid cock in his hand, showing it off to his latest sexual conquest; though all Mercy could do was laugh, rolling around on the bed like a little schoolgirl, causing Ivan's race to redden with each passing second. True his erection wasn't what one would normally call tiny, but it was far from the giant slab of man-meat that his attitude portrayed it out to be, nor was it even close to what her smaller, “plainer” husband was capable of. So she saw an opportunity to humiliate Ivan further, and took it!

“Oh come on Lover, stop teasing me and get that dick hard for me. I'm all moist and ready for you Baby, stop....hahahahaha......stop playing around” Mercy continued to tease, now being joined by Adam, surrounding Ivan in stereo laughter.

“You Do Not Laugh At Me!” he growled out to Adam as he turned around in his direction; in true bullying fashion, picking on the one who was his physical inferior, over the one who could crush him to bits without even trying.

“Oh Baby, don't be mad at him because you have such a small cock” Mercy breathed into Ivan's ears, as she instantly appeared behind him as they both knelt on the bed, wrapping her thick, hard arms around his upper body, both to hold him in place and to allow her hands access to his fully erect 6” dick. “Don't get mad at my man because he's so much more than you'll ever be” she spoke out again, this time in a less sexual, more threatening tone, as she proceeded to squeeze in on his torso with her arms from behind. “Don't you Ever even Think about raising your voice to him again, you hear me!” she continued on, now going from threatening to anger, as she crushed him further, causing a few more Pops and Cracks to emerge from his already bruised chest, as well as a mangling of his cock in her once pleasurably playful hands.

She then removed herself from this bed, standing up to her full towering height, looming over Ivan's still bed-ridden form, while hitting a very well practiced muscle posing display. Her years of being a professional in the sport of bodybuilding allowed her to move with perfect grace from one muscle pose to the other, hardening and expanding her Amazonian physique in an all too intimidating fashion, while adding in more than a bit of sexual overtones to the mix, the perfect combination of Sex and Power!

“You call yourself a real man, with that pitiful excuse for a dick? Don't make me laugh, worm!” she roared out, grabbing hold of and lifting his body high above her, before slamming it down on the bed hard enough to cause him to bounce almost a foot off its soft mattress afterwards. “You thought you were going to just Take Me, force me to service you, without having a say at all??” she growled out again, repeating her body slamming act on him once more. “You thought for one second you could compare yourself to Adam, my Love, my Life, my Man! You're a joke, with a cock that couldn't even please a goat – which is probably what a Loser like you uses it for most, isn't that right!!” she concluded, her body harder, thicker and stronger looking than Ivan had ever seen on a woman (not to mention most men); a physique that had overwhelmed him time and again this night, causing him more humiliation and pain combined than ever in his life (yet one deep inside he couldn't deny he desired and craved more than any woman he had ever seen). Something it seems wasn't to end just yet, as Mercy then grabbed onto his cock and started to Pull straight up, stretching it out to Incredibly Agonizing levels for the Russian brute, so much so his body was actually being lifted off the bed solely by his nearly ripped-off member.

“There you go, now you're getting close to what my man carries! Too bad I have to spend so much time stretching it out to get it this way!” Mercy made out, bouncing him up and down slightly by his now elongated 10” dick, as both she and Adam relished in the screams of pain she was causing him to emit, as well as at this latest act of her vast physical strength, something that Never ceased to get them both hot and horny for each other.

“No......is impossible......Ugghhhhhh......he cannot be.........so big.......Arrrgghhhhh!!” Ivan barely made out, while trying his best to use his arms to ease the lengthening pressure that was being put on his heavily pulled shaft.

“Oh really?” Mercy coolly replied, before giving Ivan one final lift, this one several feet off the bed, causing the worst wave of agony on his member yet, before letting go and sexily sauntering over to Adam. “Are you ready, my Love?” she cooed out in a complete opposite tone than her previously spoken words to Ivan.

“Always for you, Baby” he replied, as she stood up from his comfortable couch, while Mercy took to her knees before him, sensually removing his blue boxers in an all too erotic fashion, revealing his own erect cock, that made both Mercy and Ivan gasp at its sight - hers in lusting arousal, his from total shock.

While never being a tall, muscular man, Adam was truly blessed with a massive, world class member, one that was never moreso than when around his dream wife, Mercy. As such, especially after another amazing display of her female muscles (one of his all time favorite forms of erotica), his shaft stood out thick, hard and proud before him, staring down Ivan with its 12” length, with little bubbles of pre-cum drippling from its purple headed tip.

“Mmmmmm, don't want that going to waste, Baby, allow me” Mercy breathed out before slowly engulfing his shaft into her mouth, massaging it with her lips up and down, tickling it with her tongue; all while on her knees before him, a position Ivan could only dream to have this woman to be in for himself, realizing that this plain, ordinary man could handle this woman in a way he never could; a lesson he learned all too painfully this night, one he would remember from this day on, as he took advantage of this loving (and currently distracted) couple's time together, and quietly made his way (bruised, battered and beaten as he was) out of this room - something neither Mercy nor Adam at this stage cared about in the least.

The only thing that mattered now was each other, and quenching their heavily built up levels of lust and arousal that were coursing through their bodies. Something Mercy was doing in spades here and now, as her playfully probing tongue and tight tender lips massaged Adam's member to erotic perfection. Her moans and groans of delight, all too genuine and real this time, matching her lover's own in perfect unison, as getting her man off in such a way, in any way, was just as arousing to Mercy as if the pleasures were being performed on her. Something that Adam made real all too soon following, as he slowly moved her mouth from around his cock, and gently gestured his love back to her full height to join him. Her massive muscular size and towering height dwarfing his frame before her, though as always Adam felt not an ounce of embarrassment or emasculation in the least; his confidence never higher than when he was spending such time alone with Mercy, his lover, his soulmate.

They then kissed, passionately, lovingly, sexually. Their lips locked and smacked against one another, as their hands trailed and danced about their all too desirable bodies. Adam never once tiring of the feel of his wife's hard, firm, sexy physique, while Mercy loved his fit little body and all the amazing things she could do with it. No words were spoken, as none were needed with these two so-connected lovers, as they continued to kiss and grind their still standing forms into each other, with all too incredibly lusting results. Before long, Adam's expert fingers were unraveling the latch to Mercy's bra, something he was uncharacteristically having slight problems with; something that caused the statuesque Amazon to smile, as she gently pushed Adam slightly away, before placing her hands on her womanly hips, and in a swift savage motion, exploding her lats out with such force that the rear strap of her lacy bra burst in two, causing this sexy piece of lingerie to fall to the floor, exposing her unreal breasts before her all too eager husband.

With a returning smile and a gaze of lust in his eyes, Adam once again locked tight against Mercy's hard, muscular form, his face nuzzling in between pecs the size and fullness of a Playboy Playmates, yet filled almost entirely with rock solid muscle. A womanly chest that was capable of crushing almost anything that came between them, yet was just as skilled at giving her special man an all too comforting chest massage, pulsating her pecs in perfect rhythm and motion, as if to roll and rub his all too welcoming head and face; though using his tongue as he was while inside, it was proving teasingly difficult for Mercy to fully control her breasts squeezing levels, as such lusting sensations always caused her muscles to swell, to expand, to harden!

“Be careful Lover, you remember what happened to that beer can I had in here the other day” Mercy cooed out sensually and a sexily smile. “Cruuuuuussshhhh”

“Mmmmmm, don't you mean beer cans Baby? I had such a hangover the next morning, but drinking from your breasts was More than worth it” Adam replied back as he removed his head from his wife's smothering chest, now kissing the front of her gigantic globes, tickling her ever erect nipples with his tongue as he did so.

“Mmmmmmmm, you always know the right things to say, my Love” Mercy breathed out, before using one of her hands to angle his face back up to her own, taking his mouth with her lips once again, as she used her other hand to travel down to her dripping wet panties, snapping them off with a casual (yet powerful) flicking of her wrist. “I want you inside me Baby, I need you inside me” she moaned out as she placed both of her hands on his cute, tight little butt, easily lifting his body off the floor and guiding his massively thick cock deep inside her tight, moist pussy. An act that caused them both to groan Loud with lust, which continued on and on as Mercy moved her lover's form back and forth, in and out, up and down, across her glistening golden body.

Adam rested his head on Mercy's full, thick chest, his arms caressing her rippling back (as far as he could reach across its ultra broad expanse, that was), as his legs were locked tight across her bullet-proof waist; while this beautifully buff woman held him perfectly, with seemingly no effort at all. Such sexual tactics were not unusual for this couple, he being a much smaller, weaker man than she (not to mention one incredibly attracted to female muscle) it was all too common for Mercy to use her strength mixed within their sexual sessions. From over the shoulder hand-jobs, to pec flexing chest fucks, to the classic Standing 69 position, this gorgeous champion musclegirl was all too experienced in using her more powerful body when making love to her man, and this night was clearly no exception – a fact that Adam appreciated more than most any other, as it meant that he could save his strength some from what would otherwise be a very exhausting act, something his illness made increasingly difficult for him now, how much so was something he hid from his wife as much as he could.

“Oh God Baby, you feel so good inside me! Cum for me baby, cum for me, and let my pussy drink in all of your juices, my Sweet” Mercy breathed into his ear in between moans of delight, as she used her vaginal muscles to squeeze his throbbing dick inside her, a well practiced finishing technique that rarely, if ever, ceased to make her man Erupt! A few seconds later that is exactly what happened, as Adam could hold back no longer, allowing his shaft to shoot forth its tremendous levels of cum, Mercy's squeezing pussy milking it to perfection, making sure she claimed every drop for herself, as her own fluids suddenly washed down to mix with his, once more hitting their climax in virtually perfect unison.

Mercy held Adam in this position with as much tenderness as she showed strength, even after the final drop of their fluids were expelled, holding him closer now, tighter into her body, as she began to slowly rock herself back and forth, almost like a Mother would do for her child, though never once forgetting held in her arms was her man, her husband, who she loved more than Anything in this world – one whose precious time with her was running out, a fact she tried to fight with all she was, though one she knew in the end would come to be nonetheless. “I love you Baby” she whispered in his nearby ears, lovingly holding his body aloft and into her own for several minutes afterwards, trying her best to fight the tears welling up in her eyes – trying, and failing.


“Say my friend, that beautiful woman there, is she your girlfriend?” spoke out a male voice from behind Adam, just as he made his way to the bar of this outdoor, tropical hot-spot. His admiring gaze fixed upon Mercy as she enjoyably danced on the busy floor of this club. Her soft, frilly, floral print sun-dress concealing only what needed to be, revealing quite a bit of her firm, shapely physique, not an unusual act at all for this locale, on this warm, comfortable night. Her long brunette locks tossing to and fro as she bounced her body to the music, a single flower adorning her hair by her left ear, stayed perfectly in place, making her look like a true Tropical Goddess.

“Yes, that's my girlfriend, my wife in fact, she's with me, we're married, even though I'm a plain and ordinary little nothing. Maybe you want to buy her from me, threaten to beat me up and take her then!” Adam turned around swiftly and harshly replied, this scene hitting home with him, as it was all too reminiscent of Ivan's initial words several days ago.

“Ho my friend, my apologies, I merely meant to comment on her beauty and commend you on being such a lucky man. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend and I shall leave you alone now” the darkly skinned, clearly fit man made out, doing so in a sincere and earnest tone, seemingly not wanting to cause trouble or upset Adam in the least with his previously spoken words.

“Hey, hey.....look, I'm sorry, I just, you just......I didn't mean......”

“Hahaha, slow down, trust me, I understand where you are coming from. Truly, I meant no disrespect, and no, I'm not in the market to offer a price on your wife” this man joked back, making Adam feel more at ease than before.

“Yeah, I'm sorry about that, you just reminded me of someone else”

“Well, if you reacted to him as you did to me just now, I pity how he must have ended up against your all too passionate wrath”

“Oh trust me, my bark is worse than my bite” Adam replied with a smile, holding his hand in friendship to this new man before him, “Adam” he solidly spoke, giving his name in a polite fashion.

“Marcus, a pleasure to meet you Adam” the other man replied, shaking hands with his new acquaintance as he did so. “So, what brings you to our part of the world?”

“A long story, I'm afraid, and not one with a very happy ending” Adam replied, his thoughts darkening, if only for a moment.

“For that I am truly sorry, my friend......though for now, let us enjoy this night to its fullest, that is if you and your wife don't mind some company from me and mine?”

“Not at all, and I'm sure my wife would agree. Where is the lovely Mrs. Marcus?”

“Kayla is her name, and if I may be so bold, she is the most beautiful woman in all of Brazil” Marcus made out with a proud smile and in an equally proud tone. “She is......aaaahh, right over there.......and it looks like she's found herself some company, again” he continued on, a wide smile across his face and a wink in his eye, something that struck Adam oddly, as it seemed as if the woman he had pointed to (who was truly breathtaking in her beauty) was being hit on by a seemingly drunken man.

“Shouldn't we do.....” Adam made out in his always present protective way.

“No no my friend, you just sit back, relax and enjoy the show........one I have a feeling after looking upon your wife you won't be all too unfamiliar with” Marcus politely interrupted with yet another warm, friendly smile.

The two bar-bound men then turned their gaze to the gorgeous woman off in the distance, a truly stunning feminine creature, perfectly tanned island-girl skin, long flowing black hair, a face that could instantly jump on any fashion magazine's cover, and a body that was filled with lush shape and womanly curves.

Neither of the men could hear exactly what was being said (the distance between them and the object of their vision, along with the loud music pumping about them, made such sounds inaudible), though it was easy enough to tell what was happening from their sight alone. This intoxicated male clearly was truly to hit on the lovely Kayla, which at first it appeared as if she declined gracefully and respectfully, a friendly smile on her face and a No, Thank You being clearly seen exiting her lips. Though as so often happened with men who are high on alcohol, they don't take kindly to being rejected, so he attempted once more, this time a bit harder, to get his sought after prize, his face giving away the raised voice he was so surely emitting.

Though Kayla stood her ground, seemingly unintimidated in his actions, as she crossed her arms over her full, luscious breasts. Finally the man had had enough and grabbed the Brazilian beauty with a vice-like grip on one of her arms, an act that was met with an instant extension of one of her thick, shapely legs, landing her high heeled foot right into his groin, which caused him to fall to his hands and knees before her. The girl then did something that took Adam back a bit, she turned her gaze over to her husband Marcus, giving him a sensual, seductive stare that could only come from such an ethnic beauty, and a blowing of a kiss from her full lips, before taking a step forward and engulfing this drunken man's head in her thick, meaty thighs - an act that was followed a second later with his body jolting about on the floor as if he was being struck with 100,000 volts of electricity. Jolt after jolt after jolt sprang forth into this man's pain-wracked skull, its power source not an electrical generator, but the hard, powerful legs of the gorgeous young woman before them.

“Come now my friend, surely with your wife built as she is, you're not unaccustomed to seeing such sights as this?” Marcus teasingly spoke to Adam, as he put his arm around his new friend's shoulder.

“Yes......well, no.....no, but my wife, well she's a professional bodybuilder, who has more strength in her fingers than I do in my entire body. And well......”

“And Kayla doesn't look like an Amazon woman, is that it? Well, let me tell you about Brazilian women, they are Famous for having big, full, shapely legs and thick, round butts, not just big and thick, but Hard and Strong as well!” Marcus made out, as he and Adam continued to watch Kayla ever so casually pour on the power of her thighs, causing the man beneath her a clear amount of agony as she did so. “Brazilian women are very strong in the lower body, their curves are a perfect mixture of womanly softness and muscular firmness; in Kayla's case, more on the firmness side, I guarantee you that” he added on with his now trademark smile. “Add in to that she is also very skilled in the art of Capoeria, a blending of dance and martial arts, and well, let me say that I very rarely need to come to her rescue.......as I'm sure you yourself can understand, eh?” he concluded, looking up to the stunning and statuesque Amazon that just joined this party.

“Looks like you've made yourself a friend Baby, care to introduce us?” Mercy spoke out in an all too friendly tone, clearly seeing that this unknown man was causing Adam no grief or aggravation in the least.

“Oh, yes of course. Mercy this is Marcus, Marcus my beautiful wife, Mercy”

“You do her a disservice merely calling her “beautiful”, my friend” Marcus made out with a sly smile as he gently held Mercy's hand in his, bringing it to his lips for a gentlemanly kiss on her fingers.

“Oh, I like him” the fun-loving musclegirl chirped out with a smile, as she then lovingly cuddled her full, hard form into and around Adam's much smaller frame. “So, what are we all looking at.......oh” Mercy then focused her eyes towards the scantily clad, though tastefully dressed Kayla, watching as she concluded her leg squeezing session; her man now utterly exhausted, his neck trapped now between Kayla's thick, softball-sized calves, which rose up and down for another few seconds, before knocking her latest “admirer” unconscious. “Oh, I like her too” Mercy spoke out with a delicious grin, which was followed with full introductions of this foursome, and a few shared drinks on one of the many outdoor tables in this amazingly scenic beach-front nightclub.

It wasn't long before their discussions turned from “nice to meet you” to “the sexuality of a strong woman”, something Adam swiftly noticed that Kayla clearly was all over, not just on her luscious lower half, but also impressively on her upper body as well. Sure she didn't possess the overall muscular size that Mercy did, more a lush fitness girl over a shapely female bodybuilder, though Kayla's arms looked more than strong enough to not only be able to pin Adam down in an arm-wrestle, but Marcus as well; something she did minutes later with a little coaxing from a widely smiling Mercy.

The gorgeous musclegirl truly loving her time here in their latest globe-hopping locale, where women that possessed similar physiques to her own, with voluptuously thick, shapely and curvaceous firmness, were all too common and well respected. At this point in her journeys with her husband, Mercy had focused much more on enjoying life with Adam than committing to a full-on workout schedule; as such her normally more ripped and cut physique now gave the appearance of lush, full womanly curves; curves that still contained more than its share of muscular definition, though not at the level of her usual champion bodybuilder days. In fact, Mercy proved to fit in so well among the other women of this area, that the amount of men who gawked at or approached her asking to feel her muscles was down to a bare minimum; Perfect for giving her the alone time she desired to spend with her adorable husband, along with newfound friends, that was.

About an hour into this gatherings extremely fun-filled set of drinks and discussions, Adam had to excuse himself to use the bathroom, something he did more to help mask his growing level of fatigue, due no doubt to his illness; which try and he did to hide its affects from those around him (even his lovely Mercy), he knew in the end he could only do so much. So after several minutes away, Adam returned to his wife and their new friends, though what he didn't know in the time he was gone that Mercy had explained their situation (and his fatal disease) to Marcus and Kayla, a fact that broke both their hearts, as they truly did like Adam very much. Though Marcus' mind swiftly whirled, as he soon after made a suggestion to the two buff beauties before him; one that they both were thrilled with taking on, one that would surely be a real treat for the now just returning Adam.

“Sorry guys,......I guess just can't hold my drinks” Adam spoke out with a smile, as he pulled out and then sat in his formerly used seat, noticing that Marcus did the exact opposite as he did so.

“No problems at all, my friend. Unfortunately, I must be off, I'm afraid I have some things to attend to, though I hope you don't mind keeping Kayla company while I am gone?” Marcus made out in a very personable way, as Adam looked across the table to see two of the most gorgeous women on Earth smiling back at him.

“How could I possibly refuse” Adam replied, shaking Marcus' hand with the promise to see one another a few more times during their stay in Brazil. “So ladies, what's on the agenda for tonight?”

“Actually Baby, Kayla helps run a local gym around here, and I'm feeling a bit out of shape with all our partying. Would you mind if we got in a quick workout?” Mercy spoke with pouting lips and a little girl's tone.

“It would be no problem, I assure you. I have keys and we would be completely alone. What do you say, my cute American friend, are you up for a little female muscle flexing?” Kayla added in, a more sexual tone to Mercy's teasing innocence, both being all too effective to Adam's lust for stunningly strong supergirls.

“Well, as I said before, how could I possibly refuse” Adam made out with a smile, as the threesome stood up and made their way towards their new destination. A not too distant gym, which was quickly opened by Kayla, who then welcomed her guests both inside, before giving them a quick tour of this very well stocked and neatly made out gym.

Kayla then gestured for Mercy to follow her in the back, giving them both a place to change for their upcoming workout. Before doing so, they jointly grabbed hold of one of the long, soft looking couches in the reception area, giving Adam a very cozy and comfortable spot to lay while they got themselves ready, and for the upcoming sights that lay ahead. There he laid, his body getting the rest it surely needed, while one part of his anatomy couldn't sit still for a second, that of his raging hard cock, which never ceased to stand full and strong whenever he watched his beautiful bodybuilding wife workout or flex her muscles in any way, shape or form.

A few minutes later the two lovely ladies returned to this very lucky man, both wearing the skimpiest bikinis Adam had ever seen, the normal style for such insanely hot Brazilian women as Kayla, while Mercy's slightly larger frame, using one of Kayla's own bathing suits, made her outfit look even smaller on her.

“What do you think Lover, do you like?” Mercy playfully spoke, as she and Kayla posed sexily and seductively before the still laid out Adam, whose throbbing erection was becoming even moreso upon their return, something that was all too obvious to them both.

“Ooooooh, I think he likes our bodies, don't you agree?” Kayla cooed out softly, walking around the back of Mercy's broad, thick frame, tracing her fingertips sensually across her hard, thick frame.

“Trust me Sweetie, my man knows how to appreciate a hardbodied woman.....such as me......and such as you” Mercy added on, focusing her attention on Kayla's curvaceous form, bending up and down sexily to caress her full, thick legs and bountiful bubble butt.

“Well then, why don't we see how Hard we can make these Bodies of ours” Kayla softly spoke, sensually licking one of Mercy's ears as she rose back up to her full height before her, just as the two insanely beautiful women turned to Adam, blowing him a soft, seductively sexy kiss.

The two strong and shapely women then made their way to each area of this gym, pumping and hardening their clearly full and athletically firm physiques to their limits on each one. All too easily lifting and carrying the couch that Adam was so comfortably laying on from station to station, with him on it all the way, as they relished in the showing off their physical strength, mixing each exercise with more than a bit of erotic flirtations, all of which drove the all too deserving man wild with lust - the true purpose of their trip here to begin with, not to get in a hardly needed workout, but to give Adam a show that he would never forget. A show that included not only erotically performed weight lifting, but also more than its share of female on female flirting, teasing, touching, kissing and even a bit of licking. Each woman admiring to the fullest one another's firm, hard, strong bodies, all the while gazing over to the always nearby Adam, never letting him forget that this was all for him.

A fact they proved seconds after finishing their last heavy set weight lifting exercise, followed by the usual tender, tickling touches of their now glisteningly golden forms, as Mercy and Kayla then turned their full attention to Adam, standing before him fully pumped and body hard; something that might intimidate the Hell out of a lesser man, though this one was all too familiar with such sights, their warm, sexy smiles letting him know it was all Pleasure for him this night as well.

Mercy then sauntered on towards the backside of the sofa, and with a sexy grunt she lifted it (and Adam) off the ground and into her body about chest high. She gave the clearly heavy piece of furniture a few playful pops, bouncing Adam up and down like a fun little ride, looking down at him with a loving smile as she did so, before bouncing him gently from the couch onto Kayla's awaiting arms, arms which now looked and felt so much stronger than he had ever imagined on his first glance of this gorgeous exotic beauty.

“Tell me, my adorable friend, do you like my muscles? Do you like how easily I can hold you, lift you, carry you? Do you like feeling how firm and hard my body is........does it get you hard to be with such strong, powerful women, as us?” Kayla breathed softly into Adam's nearby ears, glancing then to Mercy, who quickly rejoined this coupling, her body the opposite of Kayla's, encasing her husband in an all too solid, yet completely gentle, cage of Female Muscle.

“Mmmmmmm, don't be shy Baby, this is all for you, my Love. All.......for......you.......” Mercy cooed sexily, as she used one of her hands to softly remove the tropical-style shorts from around Adam, releasing his cock full, and throbbing hard before them, at a length and size that made even Kayla gasp out in lusting surprise, which was followed by a smiling Mercy whispering out to her, “It gets bigger, trust me”

Kayla then looked over at Mercy, who gave her head a slight nod of approval, before lowering her thick lips over Adam's proud shaft; using her tongue to tickle and tease his cock with expert skill and ability, causing the still held aloft man to give instant moans of delight, as well as sudden thrusts and pops from his own, weaker male form. He looked over at his wife, his face utterly in love with what was happening to him, his eyes making sure from Mercy it was alright with her.

“Shhhhhh, you just relax and enjoy, my Darling, as I told you before, this night is all for you” she cooed out, lowering her lips now to his own, Adam Loving the dual sensations these lips were sending all about his body; feelings that were clearly echoed with the pair of power-packed women around him; each of them now groaning with arousal from this act, as they began to grind their lower halves, their aching sexual regions, into one another now; making sure to protect Adam's physically smaller form as they did so, for fear that their increasingly tight bodies would Crush him flat!

And so this threesome went, the two statuesque musclegirls holding Adam in a joint cradle carry, while rubbing their barely bikini covered bodies into each other. Mercy passionately, lovingly, sensuously kissing his mouth and lips with her own, while Kayla relishing the feel of his hard, thick cock inside her hot, moist, pleasuring mouth. Their moans and groans were growing louder by the second, no reason for them to hold back such sexually delightful noises, as they were completely alone here, so hold back they did not, and before long the three of them were practically screaming out in lust, before Adam erupted his full levels of cum into and then down Kayla's welcomingly open throat, while both girls drenched their bikini bottoms with their juices, as grinding hips and pleasuring lips began to slow down from this newly finished sexual session.

“My God.......that......that was Amazing” Adam could barely have the breath to whisper out, as he lay several feet off the floor, wrapped up snug in the arms and breasts of these two Muscle Angels.

“Well there's much more in store for you, my Sweet, so much more” Mercy breathed to her clearly tired, but all too erect, husband, as she kissed him on his sweat-covered forehead, before claiming him fully in her arms. She held him there like a baby for over a minute, the two lifetime lovers in Heaven cuddling in one another's arms, as Kayla watched their love with much admiration, which was soon followed by sorrow as thoughts of this couples all too sudden ending entered her mind.

Mercy then lowered Adam down to the couch once more, making sure he was perfectly comfortable, before making her way with Kayla in the back yet again for another all too sexy outfit change. This time both would be wearing something from Mercy's personal collection, always carried around in a duffel bag and at the ready when on vacation, which was a bit more involved than their previously worn swimwear, something that took a bit more time to dress into – an unfortunate fact for Adam, as when the two beautiful Amazons emerged from their dressing area, they saw not only their expected man before them, but several new and unwelcome males as well.

At the center of this grouping was the same man that Kayla had thigh-crushed and then left unconscious earlier this night, and around him four of his friends, all equally drunk, all surely looking for some payback against Kayla. Asking around, they found that she ran this gym, arriving through a forgetfully unlocked front door just after the bikini clad girls left for the back, they took their anger out on Adam, who after 10 minutes of threats and bullying, looked in quite the worse for wear.

“ADAM!!” Mercy yelled at the top of her lungs as she saw this sight, her Baby beaten and battered, being held up by two men, while a third looked to be in a striking position. These men turned her way and were instantly taken back, not only due to the sudden scream from Mercy's enraged lips, but also due to her thickly muscled frame (moreso than their friend had told them about, as he was describing Kayla) which was currently dressed in a very sexy schoolgirl outfit.

The Amazonian schoolgirl then growled out like mad, her newly adorned outfit bursting here and there from her sudden surge of muscular power and thickness, as she Charged into this grouping, tossing anyone next to Adam aside like a rubber ball, handing him swiftly, though carefully, to Kayla; who ironically enough was now dressed as a naught nurse, a role she played for Adam all too truthfully, kneeling on the floor, cuddling and nurturing Adam's injured form into her own, while Mercy dealt with this assortment of very foolish men!



Such were the sounds that echoed about this formerly tidy gym, as Mercy ripped into these men like a Woman Scorned! Always being protective of Adam, never moreso since finding out about his illness, and never once due to him being treated as badly as these men here did. Mercy was now utterly and completely devoid of her namesake, as she cracked ribs, broke arms and legs, crushed skulls, all the while ignoring their pitiful cries for forgiveness. The muscle-packed schoolgirl tore these fit and able men apart, not to mention several pieces of steel hard weights and machines as well, punishing them for hurting her loving little man, growling like an animal as she did so, leaving this group a shattered mess when she was finally done. Each of them with an assortment of broken bones, each of them laying still and unconscious all about her, each of them needing a month in the hospital to recover.

In the end of her brutal onslaught (which may well have continued had sudden thoughts of getting Adam medical care not burst into her rage-filled mind), a crying Mercy took Adam from his very caring nurse Kayla, as they made their way to the local hospital, luckily only a few blocks away. In the end his injuries were more superficial than serious, Adam later jokingly claiming he had rougher experiences in bed with his super strong wife; the same of which couldn't be said for those that did this to him, though that didn't stop Mercy from babying Adam for the remainder of their stay here, before returning back home for some peaceful alone time for the two of them.


“Welcome home, my Love” softly spoke Mercy, as she and a weary looking Adam finally made their way back into their home, the extensive flight and the no longer hidden affects from his ailment making him look weaker and sicker than ever. So much so Mercy had to hold practically all of his weight with her right arm, while carrying all of their luggage in with her left, an act of strength that would try a large man, though she did so in stride, making sure to give the utmost care to her now needy husband. “We're back Baby, we're finally back” she breathed into his ears, as she dropped their bags and cradle carried him in both of her thickly muscled arms.

Seeing him so tired and drained truly broke her heart, as while he was never as energetic as her extremely fit form, he had always been full of life, willing to give anything a go, especially if it meant bringing a smile to his wife's face. Though now he barely had the strength to stand, the long trip back to the States an equal cause as his illness for his current level of exhaustion, so she tenderly carried him to their bed, before tucking him inside its soft, warm covers, where she joined him a few minutes later, just long enough for her to change into her nighttime attire and for a deep, sorrowing cry that followed; as she spooned his frail looking form from the rear, holding him tight into her lush, hard body, before closing her eyes and dreaming of the past several weeks, which overall had been some of the happiest times in their lives.

It was over a full day before Adam awoke from his much needed slumber, a worried Mercy watching him almost non-stop with the utmost care, making sure his still form was just sleeping and not something much worse. Though at the time he actually woke up, she was no where to be found, at least she was not in their bedroom; so Adam rose up from his comfortable bed, and made his way to find his beloved wife. It wasn't long before he spotted her in their kitchen, sitting at their small table within, her face in her hands, the sounds of slight weeping clearly heard about her.

“Baby? Mercy, it's me......are you OK?” Adam spoke out in a concerned voice.

“Oh, oh Baby, it's you, you're awake!” she rose up excitedly, wiping tears from around her eyes, as she reached out to give her husband a tight, firm hug.

“Whooooff,......I wont be for long if you don't ease up on your hug” Adam half jokingly made out, something that made Mercy instantly release her loving man, guiding him to the table before them, where she joined him once more. They spent the next hour talking about various things, as they had so often done in their many years together, that was until the topic of what Adam would like to do next came about; he replying with strange request to perform an act that they had done so many times before, though one that still took Mercy completely by surprise and shock here and now.

“You want to what??? In your condition, are you kidding me!?!”

“Well, it's not like at my healthiest I ever stood a chance against you anyway” Adam replied with a slight grin.

“And in the condition you're in I could practically kill you......is that............is that what you want?”

“Baby, you know I'd give anything to beat this........to be able to spent a long full life with you.......but that's just not going to happen, and if I'm going to go out, I want it to be doing something I truly love doing, something we can do together. I want my last memory to be something I could take to Heaven itself and make them all green with envy. Please baby, do this for me........please” Adam emotionally made out, holding his wife's hands in his, looking deep into her eyes; as she pulled him close into her, resting his smaller form on her lap as they cuddled together with the truest heartfelt emotions coursing though their entire beings.

“Anything for you Baby........anything” she breathed into his ears, as both of them began weeping while holding onto one another tight.

They agreed to hold their promised wrestle-session the following day, Mercy wanting to make sure Adam was as healthy as he could be, feeding and nurturing him the entire previous day; filling his frame to its potential after such a length sleep, a potential that was barely on par with a child's, but it would be enough for Adam to fulfill his final, dying wish.

The next morning Adam awoke as he did the day before, alone. Wondering where Mercy had gone, he rose up from bed, ready to exit his bedroom to find Mercy, before he was greeted by a see-through lingerie wearing Amazon woman, his beautifully buff wife, who looked not too pleased at him whatsoever.

“And where do You think you're going, Little Man?” she barked out in a tough yet sensual tone, while flaring her lush, hard muscular form, causing her to totally eclipse the littler man from view. Her back and lats became so wide they took up the enter doorway, prohibiting him from leaving, as even at his strongest he couldn't hope to budge his way past this wall of womanly power!

Mercy then lifted Adam off the floor under his arms, giving him a few shakes in mid-air, before throwing him several feet away, where he landed on their bed, almost bouncing completely off and onto the floor below. She then demanded that he return to her towering form immediately, her high heeled pumps now making her a foot taller than his diminutive frame, which when he did as fast as he could, as she simply did the same physical act again and again. Lift, Toss, Repeat. Over and over she threw his body across their bedroom, just because she could, just to show off her amazing strength and total control over this much weaker male.

“Ah ah ah, you were too slow in returning to me that time, my Little Pet, and for that you must be punished!” Mercy sexily growled out, this time not lifting Adam up and away from her, but now wrapping her 18.5” arms around his chest and pulling him deep into her own rock solid physique. A bearhug hold, one that Adam had seen her execute on much larger, stronger men than he, even so on blocks of concrete and planks of wood, all of them suffering the same fate - Crack, Snap, Crunch!

Though this time her embrace was hardly using her full power, as this entire session was more a show at her lover's request, though saying Mercy wasn't using all of her strength was Not saying she didn't use enough to cause the breath to fly from Adam's lungs and his ribs to bend close to their breaking point. Though the dominating musclegirl knew full well how much of her vast power she could use here to give Adam the thrill of his life, while not causing any serious damage or injury.

“Disobey me again, Worm, and I'll not stop until I've heard at least three cracks come from your itty-bitty little chest! Now, on your knees and lick my feet!” she ordered out, releasing her husband from his ever so tight hold, allowing him to fall to the floor beneath her to fulfill her latest demand, which he did with all the ability he could muster. Something he did for the next several minutes, tickling his wife's sensitive feet like only an experienced lover could; unfortunately for him, that apparently wasn't enough to satisfy the very demanding Mercy, as her 19” calves instantly ballooned forth and surrounded his neck! Adam's hands instantly sprung to either side of these softball sized balls of muscle, feebly trying to remove them from around his squeezed tight neck, though as always his attempts to physically overpower his wife were all too useless.

“Hahahaha, you think you have enough strength in those beanpoles to make me release you, make me do Anything I don't want!? Ha, you're nothing but a little Baby Boy compared to me, but if you want to try out your strength against these legs of mine, why not try them at their strongest!” she viciously (though playfully so) made out, as she lifted his head up higher and engulfed it with her now 29” thighs. The strongest crushing part of her entire Amazonian form, enough to shatter men's ribs to splinters with near ease, enough to pop footballs flat, to shatter stones to dust, to make him beg for her mercy with even the tiniest little constriction, something she made him do here and now.

Of course Mercy was still playing her asked for part, never once using the power of her thighs against Adam in a harsh, punishing way in their past, though she had more than enough times teasingly played such a role in erotic foreplay, something that never ceased to get his sexual juices flowing to their Max!

“Whats this! You're getting off on such treatment, and without my permission!!” Mercy roared out, releasing Adam's head from her crushing legs, using one to nudge him onto his butt a few feet away, as she flexed her entire body full and hard in a Most Muscular pose. Her body literally exploded with Muscle before him, not just in size, but in hardness, as little rips and tears were all too clearly heard about her form-fitting lacy lingerie. Over and over she crossed her arms across her chest, leaning forward as she did so, while flexing her entire body thick and solid, especially her pecs, which turned from luscious breasts to rippling hard chest muscles right before his eyes.

“You want to get off, do you! I'll show you how I get My men off!!” Mercy shouted with a sexy growl, as she lifted and tossed Adam up and over her shoulders, positioning him perfectly in a backbreaker hold over her back, which without even trying she could have snapped him like a twig, though in the right hands this position could also be used to give out the right amount of pain, a true aphrodisiac when mixed with the right amount of pleasure, something Mercy's now cock pleasing fingers were actioning to utter perfection.

Adam's body held a lot in the air, his spine stretched and bent across Mercy's back and shoulders, as she gave him a continual series of pull-down pops, enough to sent wave after wave of pain and discomfort about him, though with unreal skill she mixed that with the stroking of his thick, hard cock, alternating from one sensation to the other like a Master Amazonian Dominatrix, filling her weak little man's body with massively conflicting feelings, which combined with the sight of her beautifully buff body while doing so (which she performed this act before a nearby full length mirror) truly drove him mad with Lust and Arousal.

Something Mercy could tell quite easily at the feel and sight of his huge, pulsating dick, something she herself felt as well, even though nothing was currently being performed on her currently, the very act of using her unreal strength and power in such ways, was always more than enough to get her own juices flowing; a fact that was proven minutes into this power-lifting handjob, as trickles of cum was seen exiting her moist, hot pussy, tickling down her defined muscular legs, as she moaned and purred like a muscle packed sex kitten. Her eyes half closed, her tongue peaking out to lick her quivering lips, as her head tilted back and over to her lover's own, who then gave her a nod that it was now time for their Final Climax.

Mercy then hoisted Adam up and over her, holding from like a barbell near 10 feet off the floor, before slamming him down onto their bed (in a controlled, though still breathtaking fashion), where she followed seconds later, her body enveloping his from above, her fully pumped and much larger form once more completely concealing his smaller frame from view. Only the lower halves of his legs could be seen in the middle of Mercy's huge straddling thighs, as she began to grind onto him with the utmost passion and love, not fully losing control to her erotic urges (as doing so would surely cause Adam serious damage), she was still fucking him hard and firm, nonetheless. So much so that a few slight Cracks and Pops could be heard underneath her hulking form in the midst of her manhandling love-making; which would have caused Mercy to immediately cease in her actions, if it wasn't for Adam's words to continue on, uncaring of the slight additional pain he was now in when compared to the unequaled delights they were both going through now.

Their hands danced all about one another's increasingly slick and sweaty bodies, Mercy groping and fondling much weaker form, while Adam tickled and touched every inch of her that his somewhat pinned hands could reach. The rock solid musclegirl erotically lifted and lowered her hips on her lover's pelvis, grinding their sexual regions together to devastatingly sexual affects, as their lips joined and re-joined each others, the smacking sounds of passion from their kisses a perfect blending to the orgasmic groans that escaped their lusting mouths. Never did these two have trouble arousing the other sexually, it was as if they were literally made for one another in this department, and this day was hardly an exception to that very solid rule.

“Don't.......don't hold back Baby.......I want you to let go.......I want it all Baby.........please” Adam slowly moaned out to his lover's nearby ears, begging her to let loose her power in this last sexual session of theirs; something he knew she always had to hold back on for fear of hurting him physically, a fact he always regretted in their life together.

“Anything for you Baby.......anything you want, my Love........” Mercy reluctantly breathed back in between her hip thrusts, hips which instantly guided itself over Adam's fully erect cock, lowering her vagina over it, engulfing it fully as they both moaned loudly from the sudden surge of sexual sensations that instantly flowed all about them.

Mercy's bowling ball glutes rose and fell onto her husband's waist with impressive force, her pussy so tight around his dick that these actions actually lifted him a few inches off the bed, before being slammed back down to its mattress, which felt noticeably less soft and comforting with her over 200 pound steel hard frame coming down on him. Though such adverse feelings didn't matter to him, nor where they overly felt next to the power of their lust; his only thoughts of leading his love, his life, his wife to her fullest peaks of sexual pleasure one final time. Even though he knew when she did so, harder and stronger did she become, an established side-affect of an Amazon's arousal; which on his small and sickly frame meant a few more Snaps from his chest, a few shattered ribs being a very small price to pay for his lover's total sexual release!

Something that happened mere seconds later for them both, as in perfect unison they Exploded their juices onto each other, their orgasmic screams echoing about their room, loud enough to mask the few final Cracks that came from Adam's barely breathing body due to Mercy's crushingly engulfing form, as wave after wave of their sticky, hot cum came flowing out of their bodies, drenching the other in their warm, passionate fluids. An end to their latest, and last, sexual session together, though as previously discussed, not quite the end for these two heart-broken lovers, as with firm maneuvering of her still straddling form, Mercy hovered her huge, powerful breasts over Adam's face, as he mouthed the words “Thank You” to her, she replying with a tear-filled nod and a whisper-like “I Love You” before lowering her chest onto his face, wrapping her thick, muscular arms around his head, and literally encasing him in an air-tight seal of solid female muscle – his final request for how he would like to leave this world, how he would like to have his life end. So much so that Adam hardly even struggled from this act, only his involuntary need to survive caused him to give slight buckings here and there; resistance which Mercy could have halted with ease when she was a buff young college girl, over the rippling female bodybuilder she had now become.

Thoughts of their lives together swirled around like mad about her mind, all that she had, all that she was, all she would ever be, was owed all to her loving husband, whom she vowed before God to love for the rest of their lives, and an eternity after that.

“I Love you my Baby.......” Mercy could barely make out, as tears rained down on her smothering breasts from her fully reddened eyes. She then lowered her lips to his forehead, giving Adam one final kiss from the core of her heart and soul, as she felt his resistance end, and his final breath escaping into her fully encasing chest. She then slowly removed herself from above him, repositioning Adam's lifeless body into her protective form, crying passionately as she cuddled him into her, rocking them both back and forth while doing so, moving both of them as one, her heart now broken and her will to live shattered beyond words...........


It had been 3 months since Mercy had lost Adam, her once happy life consumed with dread, sorrow and hopelessness, as one would feel after losing a true Soulmate, she had been living each day solely as a means to her end, when she would one day see her Love once more........that was until an unexpected Doctor's visit the previous week had alerted her to some surprising news, that she was expecting a child, a final gift from her husband before leaving her, conceived on his very last day with her, a gift that would turn her life around and make her see all the light and love her life still had to offer – a baby girl that she named, Eve.


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