The Duet - Part 01

Her biceps bulged massively, ballooning with sensual muscularity from her arm. The solid ball of hard tissue jutted under her skin, transporting every man looking at it into muscle heaven. A strong hand held up a heavy-looking dumbbell, creating the unbelievably expanded muscle I couldn't help but stare at. Bent, curled, this arm produced a globe of intensely striated beef flexed into stone-like visions of pulsing magnificence. Licking my lips I took in the gleaming skin painting enticing highlights around the round shape of her arm. Each blob of light accentuated the titanium hunk of flesh and the swollen vein running over it. Looking at that perfect specimen of female power with my trousers and underpants lying round my ankles and my hand jacking my full-on erection I was to shoot my load very soon.

I turned the page there she was again, in a black sports bra presenting a glorious double-biceps pose. Letting out a loud moan I started rubbing myself harder, ready to come any moment now. This latest edition of “Muscle Girl” magazine had me hard like never before as fast as never before. Having the house to myself for at least another hour I had sneaked into my little sister Linda's room to get a peek of the latest ample beauties in print and take the taste of female muscle before relieving myself of the pressure that would surely burn in my balls. I only wanted to flip through a couple of pages to get a glimpse of what this issue had to offer when the very bodybuilder I was masturbating to caught my eye and made me get right down to jerking off. Usually I would be in my own room, or the bathroom, choosing from my own collection of jack-off fodder, but this time I found myself unable to control my urges and started jerking off right there, in front of her desk.

“What the hell is going on here?!” came a loud voice from behind me.

I jumped and spun around, knocking down the magazine on the floor, almost stumbling over my pants, to see my sister and her friend Nina standing in the door, staring at me. Both of them were wearing tracksuits covering their large physiques as each of them was wide enough to fill the doorframe from side to side.

You see, the reason why my sister had the current as well as every single previous issue of said magazine was that she is an avid bodybuilder herself. A few years ago she had started exercising and has since blossomed into a big powerhouse of strength and brawn. And even though I have liked muscular women for a long, long time before Linda even touched a dumbbell I have never once looked at or thought of her that way. Thankfully, she's always in baggy clothes around the house, showing the breadth of her body but no details. And since one could presume that under her wide shirts there was my dream girl of womanly muscularity I felt less and less comfortable around her as she filled out her once loose sleeves more and more.

Yet, living under the same roof as her had given me great masturbation material. The walls in her room are plastered with pictures of hulkettes she had apparently outbulked a some time ago, her book shelf is filled with literature on how to pump a slender girl into a buxom amazon and, most of all, every month brand new pictures from the largest of muscle gals in every edition of “Muscle Girl” magazine get delivered to our doorstep for me to borrow and aid my fetish. In addition, ever since she convinced her best friend Nina to start building her body as well, our house gets treated to regular visits from that gorgeous teen with an angelic face and an even more impressive physique.

Shocked as I was I could only stand and stare completely dumbstruck at the two big girls staring back. Linda glared at me in anger with a note of surprise to find me in her room in this very position while Nina had her eyebrows raised and bit her lip, trying to suppress a wide grin. At that very moment there should have been more important things to take care, but apparently my brain decided to try and remember something about them coming home earlier. I seemed to dimly recall overhearing Linda saying something about them cutting their workout in the local gym short that day to come to our place for a shower and an afternoon of hanging around. Yes, in that instant that seemed more important that I was standing in front of my little sister and her mate naked from the waist down, sporting my erection at full mast, throbbing in the air.

Linda entered the room and came towards me with a big, determined stride, her entire body tensed to signal that she wasn't too happy about this situation. Nina also stepped in and leaned against the wall by the door, obviously enjoying to observe this scene from a distance. Finally it occurred me to pull up my pants and regain at least some decency. As I picked up my pants my sister walked past me to the magazine on the floor lying next to her desk. Still not receding, my hard dick made it impossible for me to pull my underwear or even my trousers over it, but at least I could hold it up and cover my shameful, embarrassing erection.

With my sister busy picking up the magazine and her friend away from the door, I realized I had clear path out of that room. Bolting for the door, even though I was stumbling over my loose trousers hanging over my feet, I was still able to quickly cover the distance between the desk and the exit, much too fast for Linda to react and hold me.

“Hey!” I heard her voice from behind me, but I was determined to get out of there as well as the house.

I had made it through the door when suddenly I tripped, hard, and fell forward, landing unbraked on the floor. Though I didn't miss a beat in trying to get up and sprint away, I felt I was being held. Turning around I saw Nina, grinning widely, standing on my pants' legs, effectively holding me in place. I tried to wiggle myself out of them a the thought of panic in my head became louder and louder, but could only watch in horror as Linda approached me and to wrap her strong hands around my ankles and pull me back in. Sliding over the floor on my back I was placed in the middle of the room when my pants finally slipped off, leaving me in nothing but my shirt as well as my underpants which had slipped off and were now tucked under my balls.

Linda threw my pants into a corner of the room and stood above me, her fists against her hips, towering over my terrified form. You don't see many teenaged girls who can fill out a supposedly baggy tracksuit as fully as her. I heard the door close and the lock click before Nina stepped over and mirrored my sister's monumental pose. Too stunned to move I dreaded what would come next. I didn't have to wait long when suddenly Linda placed a hand on the scruff of my neck and one sleeve and easily and harshly hoisted me into the air and onto my feet. The distinct sound of tearing fabric quickly filled the room, as her rough handling ripped my shirt in a couple of places. Putting me right in front of her I didn't feel any less intimidated by the fact that I was taller than both of them. All I could do was marvel at how imposingly broad those girls were, forming almost a half circle around me just by standing shoulder to shoulder. After a few tense moments their eyes fell on my crotch, still unclothed and sporting a dick as hard as can be. I guess the terror I was experiencing didn't counter the exciting fact that I was alone in a room with two incredibly well built teenage girls.

“Well, well,” Linda spoke, “what do we have here?”

“We better pull his underpants up.” Nina added.

“You're right.” she replied. Putting her hands on the underwear around my pelvis she untucked them from under my testicles before suddenly yanking them up in the most painful wedgie I could imagine. The pants cut deep into my balls and ass crack as she wrenched the material just up to breaking point. My feet left the floor as my little sister had easily lifted me up a few inches to, apparently as slight teasing, inflict this pain on me, tauntingly smiling at my agony. I howled loudly, as I lost track of everything in the room for a second except the feeling of my balls wrangled. The next instant, she had put the fabric around my still unyielding dick and let go of my pants. Landing on the ground I didn't brace myself in time so my legs collapsed and I fell forward. The girls caught me and stood me on my feet, eyeing me closely.

“Good that that's covered now.” Nina said.

Linda motioned her eyes towards my crotch and quipped “We don't want anybody laughing at that little thing, do we?”

They took turns in smiling at each other amused and mischievously, looking me and my throughly embarrassed frame up and down as well as quietly contemplating what to do in this situation.

“So, my big brother likes big muscular girls?” my sister asked, her voice feigning innocence.

“Yeah, I'm really surprised.” Nina answered, giggling. “You never told me Grant had such good taste in women.”

“Then I guess he'll really like this.” Linda replied.

With that she crossed her arms before her bosom and grasped the front of her sweatshirt. Arching her back she started pulling it up, exposing her upper body to me. Even though she was doing it slowly, deliberately, I could hear the occasional faint sound of cloth ripping. When she was finished, my eyes nearly bugged out. My supermuscular sister stood before me in only her baggy pants and sports bra. Her skin was slightly damp and shimmered in the light of the room. It was my sister, but, damn, I had to admit she looked really good.

I looked at her astonishingly narrow midsection and the impressively etched abs she sported, even unflexed. Above were her incredible pecs, protruding from her chest and producing a deep cleavage of thick flesh. Her small breasts sat on top of it, covered in the stiff fabric of her sports top. Her lats pushed out her colossal arms to make them hang at an angle from her body, presenting her back muscles even from the front. The halters on her bra were several inches thick, wrapping over most of her chunky traps that led to wide, balled shoulders. Her arms were imposing mounds of flesh bulging with massive biceps on one side and jutting triceps in the other. A neck like that of a bull connected her herculean body to her face, smiling at me with a satisfied look.

With that equally amazing Nina repeated Linda's move. Accompanied by the sound of tearing fabric she took off her top as well and presented her glorious upper body to me. Her skin was also moist from her workout, gleaming in luxurious highlights. The scent of her perspiration filled my nostrils as I stared at her magnificent body.

I couldn't help but gasp at Nina's sensuously small waist, giving her voluptuous womanly shapes I have so far only seen in my fantasies. Fantastic hunks of abdominal muscles stuck out from her belly, creating divine trenches to be adored. My eyes wandered up to her pectorals, each a plate of juicy flesh with a deliciously glistening cleavage in between. It formed the base for her luscious bosom sporting a pair of small, but nonetheless mouth-watering teats, with two exquisite nipples visible through the enviable fabric covering them. Her lats, undeniable sign of feminine power as it gives her body those exquisite curves, pushed out her humongous arms to give her an even sturdier and more strapping appearance. Her bra was held by chunky traps that topped off her mighty body, spreading wide from her husky balls of deltoids to her broad, brawny neck in the middle. Arms bulged with exciting contours of bends and arches. There were her biceps, half moons of pure shredded strength and brawn, shining with the ambrosial fluids of her stupendous workouts. Triceps jutted from her even just slightly bent arms, casually reaching phenomenal breadths for anybody's amazement. Fitting with that incredible body was her radiant face, flashing me a wonderful smile as she looked into my eyes.

My boner throbbed, something that didn't go unnoticed by the massive queens in front of me. Linda grabbed the magazine and started flipping through the pages, holding it so that I had a good look of the women in there, suddenly appearing less stimulating than the real life girls in front of me.

“What do you say, Grant?” she asked, rhetorically. “Do we compare to the girls in here?”

Nina also looked at the magazine when a look of pure glee streaked her already amused face.

“Wait a sec,” she said, “isn't that the issue with the article on you, Linda?”

Ho-lee shit. Suddenly it came back to me. The reason Linda and Nina wanted to come home early is because they knew that the postman would have delivered the new issue of “Muscle Girl” with several pages of pictures and a short description of her. I didn't really pay any attention, but I distinctly remembered overhearing Linda excitedly telling somebody over the phone that she was going to be in a photoshoot and that she had to keep it secret from our parents. And this was the issue my sister was in – and Fuck! I had masturbated to it! Okay, not the pictures of her, but if I had turned another page or two I would have come across them.

“No!” I began, pleadingly, “I had no idea! I swear!”

“Oh, yeah?” Linda replied loudly in mock anger. She couldn't hide her grin but still scared the crap out of me when she raised the magazine to my face and bellowed “So you happen to overlook THIS?”

It was a double page of professionally shot pictures of my sister in a skimpy pink bikini, flexing one giant biceps for the camera.

“God, I swear to you, I haven't seen those. I was looking at somebody else!” I cried.

It was the truth and I hoped to god they would believe me. But, honestly, I couldn't deny that she looked gorgeous in those pictures and it made my boner throb. Nina, who had her eyes on my crotch the entire time and couldn't help smiling over my predicament, noticed.

“Doesn't look like he's turned off by the sexy pictures of his little sister.” she said cheekily.

Linda turned and looked at my still engorged cock and how it filled my underpants. She couldn't stifle a giggle, letting me know that they were teasing. But I still had no idea what they were going to do.

“You know, big brother,” she began, “maybe I could forgive you for sneaking into my room, and for using my magazine for your dirty business, but...”

Both girls stepped really close to me. Both with an unabashed look of joy in their eyes.

“... I think looking at your own sister that way is crossing a line. And I think we need to teach you a lesson.”

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Man, what a great story, I loved the description of the muscles on each girl, and of course the description of the guy being so turned on by each and every little muscle group was nice as well. You're one of the best when it comes to writing about both muscle description and sexuality in this genre. I really hope they're not too hard on him, after all, what male of any species could resist a body like the one's these girls possess?

iowabeefpackers's picture

Your stories are so fantastic. I look forward to reading them each time I see one posted. You don't by chance post anywhere other than Brawna do you? It doesn't always seem like the liveliest place.

Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate the stories :)
I try to post them all at once at Brawna, DianaTheValkyrie and Deviantart with my username Nelek7 (note the '7')

PS: Sorry for replying here, apparently Brawna removed the direct contact function.

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