Detailed Index to the Jim Priest Stories

Detailed Index to the Jim Priest Stories
By Jimp
This provides a short summary and expanded spoiler for each story.

Each story can be read in isolation although a better understanding of the
overall story arc would be gained by reading the rest of the series.

## = SPOILER ALERT, avoid these if you prefer to discover the plot for
yourself by reading the story.

(c)JIM P 2011 [email protected]


Phase 1. The Original Series: corruption and a secret Amazon sisterhood

JIMP#1: Squeezed by the Landlady

Jim Priest gets a taste of what's to come as he is squeezed between the
powerful legs of his landlady, legs developed from years cycling up a steep
hill each day. She forces him to pay rent in an unusual way!

## University student Jim Priest is attracted to the powerful legs of his
landlady, Ms.Jakes, legs developed from years cycling up a steep hill each
day. She gives Jim his first taste of the power of a woman's legs as she kicks
and squeezes him helpless then forces him to worship her as part payment of
his rent.

JIMP#2: Cameraman Thrashed by Female Presenter

Jim drunkenly tries to assault a sexy middle-aged TV presenter who beats him
up with her sexy legs before delivering a unique form of justice.

## Jim recalls his first job as a trainee cameraman following the sexy legged
TV presenter Sue Doreley. Some years later working as a contractor, he
drunkenly tries to assault the sexy middle-aged presenter. Sue proves more
than capable of defending herself and beats Jim up with her fists and sexy
legs before using his face to satisfy herself.

JIMP#3: The Nutcracker

A sexy big-busted girl enjoys smashing men in the groin gaining Jim an enemy
for life.

## Jim recalls his classmate, Kim Shrubb, who enjoys taunting boys and men
alike with her sexy big bust and smashing them in the groin. The obnoxious
Scott Morris is singled out for especially brutal treatment of extreme ball

JIMP#4: New Beginnings and the Dominant Horsewoman

Investigating a series of mysterious break-ins, Jim is beaten up by the karate
skills and powerful thighs of an upper-class horsewoman.

## Jim becomes a private detective and is hired by Sir Humphrey Smthye-Jones
to investigate a series of break-ins at Bristlingdown Manor dating back over
100 years. Scouting the boundary of the estate, Jim encounters an arrogant
upper-class horse rider, Lady Helen Windthorpe, who beats him up with her
karate skills and forces him to worship her using her powerful thighs.

JIMP#5: Enter the Japanese Schoolgirls!

Scott is beaten up by 4 oriental schoolgirls in his care, and sexually

## Scott letches after the woman at the job centre and is forced to become a
camping guide for Japanese students. Alone with 4 girls, he reverts to his
lecherous ways, however the girls punish him with their martial arts skills
before forcing him to sexually humiliate himself. Scott is offered the chance
to spy on his old nemesis Jim Priest then is beaten up by the muscular Anne.

JIMP#6: The Return of the Dominant Horsewoman

Bobby Priest gets a painful lesson on how to serve an upper class woman.

## Jim's teenaged son, Bobby, encounters the sexy Lady Helen Windthorpe who
drives him to her home. She uses her powerful thighs to force Bobby to worship
her. Following a demonstration of her karate skills, Lady Helen demonstrates
how she breaks in horses using her strong legs then shows how dangerous a
stiletto heel can be.

BOBP#1: Wrestling my Little Sister

Bobby is humiliated wrestling his powerful younger sister in his garden then
again in front of the whole school.

## Teenaged Bobby Priest is shocked by the muscular development of his
pre-teen kid sister, Jackie, and the effect she has on his mates and himself
whilst practicing her gymnastics in the back garden. Following an arm-wrestle,
Jackie totally humiliates her older brother in front of his mates with her
superior strength and wrestling skills. She completes his embarrassment by
exerting her dominance in an area taboo for siblings. Jackie repeats the
humiliation in front of the whole school.

JACKIE#1: Training Teacher

Jackie dominates a bullying teacher with her powerful body and lethal legs.

## Ling shows Jackie how to enslave a boy. Bullying teacher Mike Jefferson
regrets picking on Jackie Priest as she brutally humiliates him in front of
the class with her powerful muscular body then enslaves him.

JIMP#7: The Boxing Stable Girl

Scott is badly beaten up and taunted by a big busty stable girl.

## While Jim and Detective Michael Jenkins investigate the home of Lady Helen
Windthorpe following her attack upon Bobby, Scott tries to assault the
extremely buxom stable girl Sarah MacKensie. Sarah gives Scott a brutal
demonstration of bare knuckle boxing while taunting him with her huge breasts
interspersed with ball busting, face sitting and smothering.

JIMP#8: The Amazon Barmaid

Amazon barmaid Cynthia destroys 2 men sent to silence Jim with her powerful

## A Prince goes man hunting and is later punished by his wife's strong legs.
Jim investigates Councillor Reginald Cole who sends 2 thugs to silence him but
they hadn't counted on the fearsome muscular mature barmaid Cynthia Parrish.
Cynthia demands Jim worships her in appreciation.

JIMP#9: A Mistresses' Vengeance

Sir Nigel is destroyed by the karate skills of his pregnant mistress who he
has publicly dumped. Aroused, she forces Jim to service her.

## Jim visits Sir Nigel Forbes-Willington and observes a dispute with his
personal aide and mistress, Sarah Dean. A former karate champion, Sarah
literally kicks the man around the house in a leggy demonstration of female
power. She then forces Jim to service her needs. Scott breaks into Jim's
office and tries to force himself upon Jim's sister in-law, Marianne, and gets
ball busted for his troubles.

LADYD#1: The Kickboxing Amazon Princess

Royal bodyguard learns the hard way not to get in the way of the lethal legs
of an angry princess.

## Two Princesses play a prank on drunken Prince A. When his bodyguard Keith
tries to intervene, he is savagely beaten again and again by the kickboxing
skills and lethally strong legs of Princess D.

JIMP#10: Hospitals can be Dangerous Places

A powerful matron overwhelms Scott whilst a Nurse breaks bones battling 2
murderous thugs with her Aikido skills.

## Two yobs murder Sir Nigel in hospital then face the bone breaking Aikido
skills of Sister Susan Francis. The mighty Matron Caroline Charles overwhelms
Scott and forces him to become her personal pleasure seat with skull bending
face sits and muscle worship.


Prophesy of a world dominated by powerful amazons.

## Prophesy of the rise of The Slits, the death of The Web, the Amazon Queen
of the World, nuclear winter and the last free Stick.

SISLAW#1 Sister-in-Law's Christmas Present

Jim's sister-in-law demonstrates her self-defence skills from the lessons he
brought her and destroys a yuletide burglar.

## Jim pays for his sister in-law, Marianne, to take self-defence lessons. She
demonstrates her newfound skills to Jim then recalls how she accidentally put
her brother in hospital and totally destroyed a yuletide burglar.

JIMP#11: The Airfield - Part 1:The Loader / Part 2:The Security Officer And
The Loader Again

Jim Priest meets a female loader and amateur bodybuilder called Elaine. A
young buxom security guard demonstrates her judo skills on Scott. Together the
two women use their superior fighting skills to destroy opposition to a police

## Posing as a labourer, Jim infiltrates millionaire arms dealer John
Davison's airfield. He befriends Elaine, a loader and amateur bodybuilder and
encourages her to be proud of her physique and strength. With her confidence
raised, she beats up the workplace bully. The young buxom security guard,
Emma, demonstrates her judo skills when Scott attempts to molest her. Elaine
and Emma use their superior fighting skills to help Jim destroy armed
opposition to the Police raid lead by Detective Michael Jenkins. The Elite
Death Squad have a message for Councillor Cole.

BOBP#2: The Kickboxing Fight

The school bully is destroyed in a kickboxing match with a younger oriental

## Bobby recalls watching 8-year-old Ling Chan defeat 13-year-old Kevin Sharpe
in a kickboxing match. Three years later they have an unofficial rematch in
the classroom.

JIMP#12: The Lethal Slut

Cindy kills three men as part of her sex life and gives Jim a severe beating.

## John Davidson meets The Evil One. Jim is hired by Ian Bull to investigate
his wayward wife Cindy. Her deadly legs finish a blackmailing market
inspector; she sexually exhausts a swimming pool lifeguard and a personal
trainer; and gives Jim a severe beating with her toned muscles before
scissoring her husband for hiring a private detective.

JIMP#13: The Mother In-Law From Hell

Jim's mother-in-law has built huge muscles which she uses to punish her son
in-laws especially Jim who also suffers her ju-jitsu and sexual skills.

## (MOMLAW#1) Jim's previously grossly overweight mother in-law Paula gives
her son in-law Kurt a hard beating with astonishing strength. She demonstrates
her ju-jitsu skills to Jim and reveals her huge muscles for him to worship
before taking him with her awesome sexual skills. The Evil One inspects The
Elite Death Squad.

JPECHO#1: Echoes from the Past

Jim Priest is beaten up and dominated by an older woman.

## Professor Maurice Dupont decodes an ancient Amazon tale. Jim has a date
with a very mature buxom and muscular calved secretary Jean not knowing she
has a fetish for female domination. Despite her age, she gives him a savage
beating with her superior combat skills and fearsome legs. The Dragon destroys
the Prince's bodyguards then enslaves him.

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