Bigger is Better 6

Sally was still out cold, when Lai took the huge, black strap-on
penis lying by her side.
It was twenty inches long. Lai looked at it and lay down on the
bench and began to insert "Mr. Pleasure" into her.
On her first thrust, she took 1/3. Her next thrust, she had over
half of it in her. She thought, "This is suppose to be a big one.
On my next thrust, I will have all twenty inches inside me. Damn
am I that big? If I am, then there is not a person in the world
who can fill me! And with my over sexed body, no one
can possibly satisfy me totally, sexually."
She then trusted the mighty "Mr. Pleasure" in taking almost all
twenty inches. She let go and allowed her pussy muscles to
manipulate the dildo. She moved it in and out at will. She came!
She continued to pump in and out coming countless times. She was
in her own world.

Sally shook the cobwebs from her head.
"That looks delicious," Sally said as she walked over to where
Lai was laying climaxing.
"That girl is incredible. Not only does she have the most
incredibly muscular body I've ever seen, but damn, she is so sexy."
She realizes that the sight of Lai is actually arousing her.
Lai opens her eyes upon hearing Sally stirring in the room.
"Well I guess you have rested enough. I am still horny and I hope
you are willing."
"After that ride, I didn't think you would be able to go again so
soon." Sally says.
Sally walks over and stands over Lai. She flexes her chiseled
abs and Lai stares at solid rock. The dildo in her cunt, Lai lays
back, spreads her legs, ready for the brown muscle-girl. Sally
then swung her leg over Lai and strapped on the dick and began to
move her pelvis rythmically.
Then she ran her hands slowly up Lai's massive thighs, thighs she
knew could crush a boulder.
Deeper and deeper the dildo went. In and out, in and out, deeper
each thrust until Lai thought it couldn't go any further. But
further it went. Lai was gasping for air, clutching at Sally's
hard ass, trying to pull her all the way into her. Lai's arms
exploded into the largest, hardest pistons of muscle as she helped
pump the dildo in and out of her.
Sally played her fingers along Lai's bulging biceps, up to her
striated shoulders which were turning red hot from the exertion,
down her strong jaw, and then around her red hot nipples.
"MMM. That's right. Rub my big nipples. Make them hard. MMMM.
Squeeze them hard! See how big they are! Feel how hard my nipples
are. You are doing this to me." Lai gasps.
This makes Sally very hot and, suddenly, she feels herself about
to come. She arched her thick, super strong back while pressing
down on Lai's huge pumped-up pecs. But instead of giving in to her
pressure, Lai's power packed pecs pushed back with every pump.
"YESSS! You have more than a handful there. That's right. Make
me come! Yes! YES! Harder! YESSSS!!!!!" Lai screamed.
As the muscle-ladies approached climax, they started to shiver
violently and the bench gave in to their humoungous bodyweight and
The two muscle-maidens came to their feet and Sally un-strapped
the "Mr. Pleasure".
Lai ran her hands over Sally's mighty abs. They felt like rocks
jutting out just under the skin and Lai slowly caressed every one.
"She's enjoying this!" thought Sally "and, hell, so am I!" Lai
moved on to caress Sally's pumped-up pecs. She felt her nipples
harden and pumped even harder, turning each breast into a huge slab
of iron hard muscle - just to thrill Lai!
Moving up the shoulders Lai massaged gently, admiring the doorway
width and
bowling ball sized muscularity, smiling, almost purring! Sally
could hardly
wait and struck an eye-popping double biceps pose - leaving Lai to
run her
hands over the two of the biggest arms in the world - 50" of pure
Lai whispered "Christ Sally, your arms are gorgeous!" as she
grabbed the
huge balls of muscle.
Sally responded to her touch by repeatedly flexing her huge
biceps as tightly as she could, almost to the point where she was
shaking from the strain. Lai gasped at the hardness of her muscles
and said, "Oh my! I guessed your muscles were hard, but I didn't
know that they were this HARD!"
Sally smiled and said, "You can feel them anytime you want, I
like your muscles too. I was thinking about feeling two in
particular actually." With that said, Sally ended her impressive
muscular display and moved her hands down along Lai's side while
stepping toward her. Her hands came to rest on Lai's buttocks
where she stretched her fingers to hold as much of Lai's well
developed bottom as possible.
Lai slightly jumped as Sally's hands firmly squeezed her lower
portions, but she quickly settled back into their grasp. She then
moved her own hands around to Sally's buttocks and took hold.
With her hands on the muscular butt of "The Nubian Goddess", she
said, "Your butt is almost as hard as your biceps girlfriend."
The two muscle-girls then closed their eyes and leaned to meet one
another's soft, warm lips for a moment of passionate exchanges. As
their lips touched, Sally squeezed in her butt turning her
glutes into two solid masses of muscle. As soon as this happened
the passion in Lai's kisses further increased and she pressed her
hands strongly into Sally's bottom.

The fine moment were broken by me, as I awoke from my
When I saw the two hugely muscled girls standing in a tight
embrace, I had to swallow, amazed again at the levels of
muscularity in these girls - they were bigger and more ripped than
any man I had seen, much less any woman. Immediately I began to
notice a certain state of arousal below my belt. I was again
caught between my natural urge to be disgusted with the non
conformist well muscled feminine physique, and the undeniable urge
to grab these female blocks of muscle and lick the sweat off of
their bulging, grossly over-muscled breasts.
The girls broke their embrace and looked at me. Sally raised her
gigantic arms in a double biceps pose, pumping those mighty guns up
to at their 50 inches.
"You really like us little bodybuilding girls, eehh?" Sally
said, laughing. "I think you do, or at least one part does."
Gazing down my body and seeing my full-fledged erection sticking
That did it, I instantly came and a few drops of my semen spattered
through the air and onto Sally's thick legs.
A storm passed over her pretty, if not gorgeous, face and I knew I
had done something wrong, and felt real fear. I did not know what
was going to happen, but I knew I probably would not like it.
"Now, you little shit," Sally started in a dangerous whisper,
"that wasn't very nice. Here I display my thick...., HARD.....,
muscled.... sexy - girl's body for you, and you decide to come on
"Uhh... !" I began, confused and in fear of the likelihood of an
impending beating from this muscular behemoth.
Leering, Sally locked her bulging arm around my head in the
space of two seconds. "How does that feel?" she asked, flexing her
arm a little, knowing that if she flexed fully, she would snap my
neck like a twig. "Are you turned on now?" she laughed cruelly,
twisting her body so that his face slammed into her rock hard
breast. "Does that turn you on?" Sally asked, laughing.
"Lick that crap off my leg!" She said dangerously. "If you're a
good little boy, maybe we won't have to hurt you badly." I
protested weakly for the space of time it took Sally to flex her
arms again, then allowed the muscle - goddess to lead my face to
the spatter on her massive thigh. I licked my own juices,
disgusted at myself and madder than ever.
"Very good," Sally smiled, releasing me. I fell to the floor,
clutching my head. Her hold had been like a muscular vice grip.
She needed some discipline, and then a good fucking to end it all.
My cock jumped at the thought of taking this girl, showing her that
her muscles were good for one thing, and that was for me to feel
while I fucked her brains out.
Lai was laughing, that muscle - bound bitch was laughing at me. She
striked a double biceps pose that made her small breasts jiggle,
then flatten and square off as the muscle underneath was drawn
outwards. The tops of her arms surged, muscles wriggling under her
skin, looking as if they were trying to break free of their binds.
Her arms swelled to what I knew were well over 50 inches, and fear
again struck me like a truck.
"How dare you... " I began, and as quick as lightning Sally
drove a fist deep into my stomach. I doubled over, and Sally
was laughing too, standing over me. I looked up, through a sheen of
tears, to the sight of Sally's concrete abdominal muscles before
"Listen wimp," Lai addressed me, "Just so you don't get the wrong
idea. Anything Sally or I choose to do with you is solely for
our pleasure, not yours. You're our slave now and you'll serve us
as long and as often as your performance satisfies us."
"No fucking way!" I replied. I got up and started for the door,
forgetting it was locked.
"An amusing choice of words," Lai said smiling as she stood in my
path, hands on hips.
I threw a slow short left hook at her stomach. She made no attempt
to stop the punch. My hand thudded against the steel wall of
abdominal muscle, but nothing happened. She was just standing
there, still smiling. She clasped her hands behind her neck and
scrunched her abdominal muscles. I had never seen such deeply
etched muscles on any physique, male or female. Lai smiled. I spun
around to retreat and there was Sally.
"Let's make a little wimpy sandwich," she called to Lai. Both
girls linked arms and pulled together, with me trapped in between.
As they pulled tighter the unyielding force of their steel - hard
muscles squashed me.
"Do you like slam dancing?" Sally asked. The girls pulled apart
only to slam me from both sides. They repeated this maneuver
several times until I slumped to the floor between them
"You are so amazing". Lai said to Sally, "Your muscles are so
Sally started feeling the solid mass of Lai's biceps and said,
"You're right
about that, but look at yourself, You're all muscle too!"
Lai brought her arm up and flexed her massive bicep. "I am the new
supergirl!" she said.
"Lets go hit the weights and get these little muscles of ours all
pumped up!"

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Did you just seriously copy-paste a story from Diana the Valkyrie that's over 9 years old, and is itself just a re-edited copy-paste job of other stories on the site?


Based on the name of the "author" I'd venture it was translated to German and was brought back to English. I remember this series. The first story was great, but it went down hill quickly as the idea of this guy growing women more muscular through sex was tossed aside.

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