Balancing Debts

Balancing Debts
By Morpheus

Heidi held her head high as she walked across the college campus, trying her best not to show any sign of the humiliation she felt inside. She was aware of other students staring at her and whispering as she went past but refused to give them the satisfaction of seeing her break down and cry like she wanted to. Besides, she'd done enough crying about this last night and felt cried out for the moment.

When Heidi reached her class, she let out a sigh of relief at the fact that she no longer had to face every other person on campus, though that relief quickly faded once she realized that it also meant she couldn't run away from the stares of everyone else in the room. She grimaced and focused on taking good notes for the lecture, thankful that it gave her something to focus on besides her problems.

The class was Anthropology 101, not a subject which she was especially interested in but it did fulfill one of her requirements and was available at a convenient time for her schedule. The instructor was Professor Lawrence, an old man who had a bit of a resemblance to Albert Einstein as well as the reputation for being a bit absent minded. His lectures were always a mixture of boredom and amusement as he'd go on about some topic no one really understood only to forget where he was at in his lecture and then abruptly go off into some other unrelated topic.

Normally Heidi would have been watching for when Professor Lawrence went off topic, something that happened often enough that there was actually a class pool as to when it would happen each day. However, today she kept getting distracted by the other students around her.

Heidi felt ice fill her veins as she heard something from behind her. It was her own voice, barely more than a whisper. The person behind her was playing that video...the one that had been taken of her without her knowledge two days ago and then passed around campus at lightning speed. Yesterday she'd found out about this and by now, just about everyone had seen it. Her cheeks turned bright red and she crouched down further into her seat in shame.

Once the class was over, Heidi was about to leave when Professor Lawrence asked her, "Could you stay a minute? There's something I need to speak with you about."

"Of course," Heidi responded with a forced smile. She had a dreadful feeling that this was either about a bad grade or that she was going to be lectured about the video which hadn't even been her fault. She really hoped it was the former as the latter would have been far too embarrassing.

Professor Lawrence scratched his head absently then went to his desk to pick up a book. "You should probably read chapter seven," he said as he handed the book to Heidi. "I really think it will help you." And then, he went back to his desk, muttering something about having to come up with a new lecture.

Heidi looked at the book Professor Lawrence had given her and shook her head with a sigh. It was a thick book on comparative cultural beliefs, one that looked like it would probably be boring reading. Still, at least he'd given something to help with her grades rather than the lecture.

When Heidi was back in her dorm room, she closed the door with a strong sense of relief, thankful that she was finally away from all of those watchful eyes. She grimaced in frustration and muttered several profanities in the direction of the people responsible for her current problems.

"They think it's funny to make my life a living hell," Heidi spat out angrily. "I wish I could get even with them..."

Then Heidi looked to the mirror that hung from the back of her door and glared at her reflection, wishing she was glaring at THEM instead. She couldn't understand why they'd picked her as a target for their abuse since she didn't really stand out in any way. She didn't even look like the nerd stereotype who was the traditional victim of these kinds of people, though admittedly she didn't have much of a figure. In fact, she was almost built like a boy with small A cup breasts which were easy to overlook.

Heidi turned away from the mirror and decided to do what she always did when she needed to forget about her problems, play some music. Heidi sat on the edge of her bed and pulled her flute out of its case and began to play a soft melody that she'd practiced countless times. She'd played this so often that she did it without any conscious thought. Of course, she would have preferred playing her piano since she'd always found that even more relaxing, but she hadn't been able to bring a full sized piano to college with her nearly as easily as she could bring her flute.

Twenty minutes later, Heidi was feeling calm and relaxed again. She put her flute aside and then turned her attention to the book that Professor Lawrence had given her. She frowned slightly as she opened it and flipped to chapter seven like he'd suggested, then paused in surprise when she saw there was a folded sheet of paper tucked between the pages right where that chapter began.

"What's this?" Heidi mused, thinking that it must be further instructions on what she needed to focus on.

After reading over the paper, Heidi blinked and then had to read through it again twice more. The paper was a photo copy of something which had been written in another language, one which she didn't know but thought that it looked like something Asian. However, someone had then written notes in English which appeared to be a translation of this strange writing.

At the top of the page the first note which had been written in blue pen said, 'This is a spell to summon a being who can grant you revenge against those who have wronged you.'

"I could use a little revenge about now," Heidi said with pursed lips.

Of course, this whole thing was nonsense since there was absolutely no such thing as magic spells. It looked like Professor Lawrence was probably trying to make her feel better by giving her this. It was like those voodoo dolls you could get for your ex-boyfriends, the kind which didn't really work but which you could use to stick pins in so that you at least felt like you were getting even. The fact that magic didn't exist was irrelevant as long as this could make her feel at least a little better.

Heidi looked over the notes that described how to pronounce the actual spell and then began to read it aloud. As soon as she finished saying the words, she felt a strange humming in the air and looked around for the source. Several feet away from her, a glow began to form in mid-air and suddenly there was someone else standing there in front of Heidi.

Heidi gasped in surprise and confusion, looking towards her door which she'd locked behind her. Then she looked at the newcomer who'd just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The newcomer was a woman with dark hair and who was wearing a nice white suit. However, Heidi then noticed the woman's eyes which were all black except for the pupils which were a strange gold color.

"Who are you?" Heidi blurted out, more surprised than afraid.

The woman gave Heidi an amused look and answered, "My name is unimportant...and probably unpronounceable to you. I am here because you called for me."

Heidi looked at the paper in her hand and gulped in realization. She stared at the woman and her eyes went wide as she realized what she'd just done. "Are you going to hurt me?"

That seemed to amuse the woman even more and she smiled faintly before saying, "Certainly not. In fact, I am incapable of harming you unless you attempt to harm me first."

Heidi nodded in relief, believing the woman since there didn't seem to be anything at all threatening about her. "This spell said you can help me get revenge," Heidi said carefully. "Is that true?"

"It most certainly is," the woman responded, her expression turning more serious. "I can help you get revenge...if justified."

"Justified?" Heidi asked cautiously.

"Revenge is justified if the other person harmed you intentionally," the woman explained to Heidi. "And if it was not provoked. You see, intentionally harming another without provocation creates a karmic debt...and my power is to balance that debt." She paused to give Heidi a warning look before adding, "If your revenge is not justified, the results may not be pleasant for you."

"Oh," Heidi responded meekly. She considered the people she wanted revenge on for a moment before nodding, "I think this is justified."

The woman nodded at that as though she had expected no other answer. Heidi realized that just about anyone who was out for revenge would think that they were justified. She felt a moment of doubt but then reminded her that these people definitely had it coming...whatever IT was.

"Just to be clear," the woman told Heidi. "I can not avenge every wrong and slight in your life, merely the most relevant."

"There are three people," Heidi whispered

"That is doable," the woman responded casually. "Now there is the matter of payment."

"What kind of payment?" Heidi asked with a gulp. Then she paused and her eyes went wide in realization and she gasped, "You want my soul..."

However, the woman in white just laughed. "No, I am no demon to be interested in souls. Your soul holds no interest to me." She paused for a moment before continuing, "As I told you, my powers work to balance a karmic debt. At this time, there is no debt or imbalance between us so I can neither help nor harm you. But if you give me something of value, that creates a debt between us and I can then balance the scales by acting on your behalf."

Heidi let out a sigh of relief then reluctantly told the woman, "I don't really have much..."

"I am not interested in money," the woman said dismissively. "What I need is something of value to you..." She stared at Heidi for a moment with a look that seemed to go right through her. Then the woman relaxed and smiled faintly. "Your music should be perfect."

"What?" Heidi asked in confusion.

"Your musical skills are the result of a great investment of time, effort, and emotion," the woman told Heidi. "Give me your musical skills and I shall give you your revenge."

Heidi could only stare at the women for a moment in surprise, hardly able to believe that she'd ask for something like that. Then Heidi considered her musical skills, learned during several years of music lessons and then being a member of her high school orchestra. Those skills were indeed valuable to her and were a large part of who she was.

"All right," Heidi said quietly. She shook slightly as she said this, her mind going to those she wanted revenge on and thinking that this might be worth it. "It's a deal."

"Then it shall be so," the mysterious woman told Heidi with a gentle smile. "When next you encounter your intended targets, the debt between you shall be balanced. If your revenge is truly justified then they shall pay their debts with what they hold as valuable. However, if your revenge is not justified then it shall be you who pays."

With that, the woman bowed her head as she began to glow. The air began to hum just as it had done several minutes ago and a moment later, it all ceased and the mysterious woman with the white suit was gone.

"Unbelievable," Heidi whispered, hardly able to believe what had just happened.

Heidi pulled her flute out again but then just stared at it blankly for a minute, realizing that she couldn't quite remember how to play it. She knew that you were supposed to blow into this one hole and then use these other ones to control the sound. However, she couldn't quite remember exactly how to do that. In fact, it felt as though she'd never played the flute before in her life.

"Oh God," she exclaimed, suddenly realizing the full extent of the price she'd just paid. She could only desperately hope that it was worth it


Heidi felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement as she sat outside the sorority house, waiting for her target to come by. It had been two hours since she'd called upon that strange woman in white and made that deal. In that time, she'd proven to herself that she'd lost all trace of her musical skills and abilities. In fact, she couldn't even read the sheet music anymore. And though she mourned the loss of this part of herself, it also convinced her that the magic was definitely real and that she would indeed get her revenge.

Then Heidi finally saw the girl she'd been waiting for, Emily Brewer. Emily was a very beautiful blonde sorority girl, one who was quite used to using her looks to wrap people around her finger and get whatever she wanted. In fact, Heidi was sure that Emily was passing all of her classes with male professors solely by using her charms.

Heidi had a particularly sour taste in her mouth as she considered the way Emily flirted with the male professors, especially since Emily had used this to play a cruel prank on her. It was a cruel prank that Heidi had done absolutely nothing to earn.

Last semester, Heidi and Emily had been taking a literature class together. Heidi had enjoyed the class and had worked hard on the paper that was to be such a large part of their final grade. When she’d turned it into the instructor, she’d been certain that it would earn a very high grade.

Unfortunately, Heidi had been shocked when the instructor told her that she’d never turned in her paper and had failed the class as a result. She’d been forced to take the class over again, all because her paper had mysteriously disappeared after she’d turned it in.

Only afterwards did Emily reveal that she was behind this, laughing at Heidi and happily taking credit for her failing the class. It seemed that Emily had not only flirted with the instructor in order to get a passing grade in the class, she’d also taken the opportunity to steal Heidi’s paper from his office.

“That bitch,” Heidi hissed, certain that Emily was also involved with the video which had been making her life miserable lately, though Heidi had no actual proof of this. Not yet at least.

Emily was coming out of the sorority house with two other girls, both of whom were also gorgeous. Then the other two went in one direction while Emily went the other.

The strange woman had told Heidi that she would need to encounter her enemies in order to get her revenge and this was the perfect opportunity to deal with Emily. Heidi just prayed that it worked. After all, she’d paid a huge price for her revenge.

Heidi marched straight towards Emily who noticed her and gave her a smug look. “I’m amazed you haven’t run away,” Emily said. “I mean, after that video and all… How embarrassing…”

“Fuck you,” Heidi responded.

“Oh, that’s so clever,” Emily mocked. “Did it take you all day to think that up?”

Heidi glared at her angrily but then froze as she suddenly felt something shift, though it was hard to describe exactly what that something was. An instant later, she felt a warm sensation rush through her entire body, causing her to gasp aloud. From the look of confusion on Emily’s face, she felt it as well.

Then as Heidi watched, Emily began to change right before her eyes. The sorority girl’s hair went from lustrous to limp in mere seconds. A splattering of acne spread across her cheeks and forehead. Her breasts, which were normally nice and firm began to sag until they looked like the breasts of a fifty year old woman rather than those of a twenty year old.

At the same time, Heidi’s auburn hair began growing longer, becoming richer in color and far more lustrous. The traces of acne vanished as her complexion improved, becoming smooth and perfect with every scar fading away.

“Oh my God,” Heidi exclaimed, grabbing her breasts as she felt something happening with them. They were still small, but instead of being flat, the word ‘perky’ now applied.

Heidi stared at her hands, noticing that her nails had lengthened and had become perfectly manicured. She quickly looked over her body, noticing that just about everything had improved. Even her lips had become pouty and kissable though she could only tell that they felt slightly swollen.

“What happened to me?” Emily demanded, staring down at herself in horror.

Heidi stared at her again, seeing that it was as though all the beauty that Emily had been so proud of had been drained out of her. It wasn’t as though Emily was truly ugly now, though she was below average. It took Heidi a moment longer to realize where all of Emily’s beauty had gone.

“She lost what was valuable to you,” Heidi whispered in realization. “And I got it…”

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” Emily demanded angrily, “Fix this RIGHT NOW!”

“You owed me a debt,” Heidi told her, starting to laugh. “And I just collected on it.”

For a moment, Heidi was afraid that Emily was going to attack her, but instead, the other girl turned and ran back into the sorority house. Heidi was thankful for that as she wasn’t sure how she would have dealt with a physical fight.

“If she looks like that,” Heidi whispered as she stared at her perfectly manicured hands, “then what do I look like?”

Heidi went to the nearest building with a bathroom that was open to the campus and then looked in the mirror. She gasped at what she saw since it was her, but a gorgeous version of herself. She had all of Emily’s beauty added on top of what little she had of her own. If anything, she looked even more beautiful than Emily had.

“Incredible,” Heidi exclaimed in delight. “This was better than I’d ever imagined…” She laughed, deciding that she was looking forward to balancing the scales with the other two. “That should be very interesting.”

Heidi was tempted to just pose in front of the mirror and savor her new beauty, however, she knew that she still had two more people she needed to visit in order to get her revenge. Not only did they deserve her revenge every bit as much as Emily, if not even more, but Heidi was eager to see what effects it would have on them. She could barely wait.

It didn't take Heidi long to find the other two, a fact made much easier since they were together. However, Heidi didn't approach them since she wanted to deal with them one at a time. Instead, she kept back and followed them until she found an opportunity to get them alone.

"That bitch," Heidi muttered, glaring at Nicole Benz from where she was standing a good distance away.

Nicole Benz was another sexy sorority girl as well as Emily's best friend. She was arguably the sexiest girl on campus and was usually described as having the best tits and ass. She had a killer figure with E cup breasts that were perfectly shaped and were fantasized about by nearly every guy on campus.

The trouble Heidi had with all three of these people had started with Emily, probably due to Heidi doing so well in the literature class while Emily was failing it...until she seduced the instructor. Heidi strongly suspected that Emily had been jealous over this which was why she’d messed with Heidi that way. Unfortunately, Emily's hatred of Heidi seemed to have spread to her friend who took it a step further.

For months, Nicole had been insulting Heidi at every opportunity and even spreading false rumors around campus. That had all been bad enough but then Nicole had escalated her viciousness by vandalizing Heidi's dorm room and then playing that horribly cruel prank a few days ago. Heidi burned with shame and humiliation as she remembered it, knowing that her revenge against Nicole was definitely justified.

Two days ago, Nicole had cornered Heidi and was being particularly nasty with her verbal abuse, nearly having Heidi on the edge of tears. Then a guy had come to Nicole's defense, insulting Nicole and chasing the other girl off. Heidi had of course been quite grateful, especially since he was tall, muscular, and quite handsome. Ross was a bit of a jock but he'd seemed so nice, sweet and caring. So when he'd asked Heidi if she wanted to have a drink or two with him, she’d happily agreed.

Heidi had gotten a little drunk and then found herself getting hot and heavy with Ross. He’d sweet talked her clothes off her and got her all excited while he gave her a massage with scented oil.

Up until that point, it had been very romantic but then Ross had excused himself to go to the bathroom and ‘get ready’. Heidi had positioned herself on the bed, eagerly awaiting him coming back to her. But then the door opened and two dogs came in and went straight at her, drawn by whatever was in the oil Ross had used and began licking her naked body.

Heidi had been horrified, confused, and afraid when the dogs came after her but the true horror of her situation didn’t dawn on her until Ross came back in with his pants on, laughing at her and saying that these were the kind of lovers a dog like her deserved. Nicole had come out of the closet where she’d been hiding with a camera, laughing at Heidi and revealing that Ross was her boyfriend.

“You really didn’t think he’d ever be with someone like you,” Nicole had mocked her, laughing while Heidi ran from the room in tears.

"That lying bastard," Heidi muttered bitterly as she watched Ross kissing Nicole. She wondered how she ever could have trusted a word he said. Of course he'd come in as her knight in shining armor to save her. She should have known he was too good to be true.

Heidi continued following Ross and Nicole from a discreet distance until they left campus and entered a nearby club. Normally Heidi would have had to wait in line to get into a place like that, especially dressed as she was now. However, with her new beauty she found that she merely had to smile at the man watching the door and he happily waved her through.

Heidi spent the next twenty minutes watching Ross and Nicole from a distance while fighting off advances from various guys and trying to avoid attention. Normally she would have been delighted to have this much male attention, though at the moment it was just a distraction she could do without. But then she saw Nicole separate from Ross and go to the rest room. Heidi grinned at that and followed after her.

Nicole was standing in front of the bathroom mirror when Heidi went inside, touching up her makeup. She didn't seem to notice Heidi coming in and certainly wouldn't have recognized her even if she had. Heidi just took the opportunity to look Nicole over, wondering exactly what price the other girl was going to pay. Of course, after what had happened with Emily, Heidi already had a good idea.

Just then, Heidi felt the same strange shift that she'd felt with Emily and then a moment later she noticed the front of Nicole's shirt starting to deflate. Heidi felt a dark glee at the sight, especially as she felt a warm tingling in her own breasts.

“Yes,” Heidi whispered as she felt her breasts starting to grow.

After several seconds, Heidi’s bra began to pinch painfully and then it suddenly snapped and broke. Her breasts continued to grow, pushing out the front of her shirt in a way that she’d only dreamed of before.

Nicole finally noticed what was happening to her and grabbed her own shrinking breasts in horror, exclaiming, “What’s happening to me?” She sounded like she was on the verge of panicking which only made Heidi laugh. Then for the first time, she seemed to really notice Heidi standing there a short distance away.

“You look like you’ve lost something,” Heidi teased her, grabbing her own growing breasts and smirking.

The growth stopped with Heidi’s shirt being stretched to the point where it was about to just burst open. She stared down at fantastic breasts in delight and then noticed that it wasn’t just her breast that had changed. Her whole body had grown new curves and she now possessed an unbelievable figure with a slender waist that went well with her killer breasts and ass.

“What’s happening to me?” Nicole cried out in horror, drawing Heidi’s attention back to her.

Nicole had lost all of her once impressive curves and was now built like a twelve year old boy. She was now even more flat-chested than Heidi had been a short time ago. All of her clothes hung off her in a way that really pointed out how much of her figure she’d lost.

“This is awesome,” Heidi exclaimed in delight, absolutely loving how great it felt to have all these new curves.

She looked at herself in the mirror and gasped, absolutely amazed at how unbelievably sexy she now looked. She had all of Nicole’s impressive assets along with Emily’s beauty, somehow making her look even hotter than either of the other women had before.

“YOU DID THIS!” Nicole screamed at Heidi.

“Only because you asked for it,” Heidi responded with a smirk. “This is revenge for what you did to me.”

Nicole just stared at her with a look of hate in her eyes but there was no sign of recognition. She still had no idea who Heidi was or why she’d done this.

Heidi went to the door but Nicole started coming towards her. Heidi stopped out and asked, “Are you sure you want all those people to see you like that?” Nicole froze and stared at the door in horror as Heidi left, too humiliated by her complete and total lack of curves to dare go out in public like that which gave Heidi the chance she needed to get away.

“Oh yes,” Heidi purred as she cupped her impressive new breasts. “I can definitely get used to this.”

For a brief moment, she was tempted to go confront Ross but then decided that this was too public. She made her way through the crowd and left the club, suspecting that it wouldn’t be long before he left. Either Nicole would come out and they’d leave in a panic or she’d stay hidden in the bathroom and he’d think she ditched him.

Heidi waited outside the club for half an hour, growing more and more impatient before Ross and Nicole finally came out. Nicole had a large coat wrapped around her, hiding her complete and total lack of curves. Heidi smiled, suspecting that it had taken her this long just to gather her courage enough to leave the bathroom like this.

Just as Heidi started walking towards them, Nicole saw her and gasped pointed, exclaiming with a look of fear and anger, "That's her... That's the bitch who stole my breasts."

Ross glared at Heidi though his expression was grim and more curious than afraid. Then he smirked, staring at Heidi's breasts with a look that revealed just how much he appreciated them. She felt a mixture of amusement, embarrassment and pride at that but knew she'd have to get used to that kind of attention from now on. However, at the moment she had other concerns.

"You owe me a debt," Heidi told Ross, ignoring Nicole for the moment. "I'm here to collect."

Ross suddenly jumped forward and grabbed her by her upper arm, his fingers digging in painfully. Heidi tried pulling away but his grip was far too strong. She felt a moment of fear but it vanished when she felt that strange twisting sensation inside of her again.

"Make her give me back my breasts," Nicole told Ross.

Then Ross blinked in confusion, demanding, "Why are you grinning?"

"Because you don't scare me anymore," Heidi answered, grinning even more broadly as she saw that his clothes were starting to become loose. At the same time, her own clothes became even tighter than before.

Ross finally seemed to notice that he was changing and let go of Heidi, instead grabbing at his arms which were rapidly losing muscle. Ross seemed to deflate right in front of Heidi, with him losing not only muscle but height. He'd already lost several inches and was continuing to shrink. Ross gasped in horror as he realized what was happening to him.

At the same time, Heidi moaned in pleasure as her body expanded and grew. Every fiber of her body seemed to be growing all at once. Her muscles became thicker while she even grew taller, all of which pushed her clothes to the breaking point.

Nearly every seam of Heidi’s clothes began to split apart at once and moments later, her clothes began falling off her and leaving her mostly naked except for some shredded rags. She laughed in delight especially when she saw realized that she was now looking down on Ross.

The changes stopped in only half a minute and when Heidi had finished growing, she now stood at a height of 6 foot 4 and had thick muscle over her entire body. However, the curves she’d stolen from Nicole and the beauty that she’d acquired from Emily both served to greatly soften their impact so that hard and sexy rather than big and bulky.

Heidi stared down at herself in amazement and then at Ross who was now 5 foot 3, both shorter and skinnier than she used to be. She towered over him and delighted in just how powerful she now felt. She felt as though she could do absolutely anything.

“I’ve never felt this good in my life,” Heidi exclaimed with a grin.

“Who are you?” Ross demanded. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Don’t you recognize me?” Heidi asked, suddenly grabbing Ross and easily lifting him off the ground. “Just the other night you had me naked on your bed…”

Ross stared at her with a confused look for a moment before he suddenly realized who she was. “Heidi?”

“Yes, Heidi,” she responded angrily. “The girl you humiliated…”

“Oh shit,” Nicole whispered, her eyes going wide in fear.

Heidi laughed at that, seeing that Ross and Nicole had just realized the same thing that she had, that she was now far stronger than either of them. They were now both helpless before her and there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop her.

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy this,” Heidi muttered, deciding that she was going to beat the crap out of Ross and Nicole both. She was going to enjoy every bit of her revenge on them.

But then Heidi suddenly realized something that held her back. The strange woman in white had said that this could only happen because Nicole, Emily and Ross owed her a debt and that her magic would balance that debt. If that was the case, then the act of being given their traits would have paid off their debts.

“Oh shit,” Heidi spat out with a grimace.

If Heidi beat the crap out of these two like they so justly deserved, then it might very well create some new kind of debt that she owed them. As far as she was concerned, it would have been a provoked act and there was no way revenge on her could be justified, but she wasn’t sure if the whole karmic debt thing would see it that way. There was absolutely no way that Heidi was going to leave things so that they might eventually use that woman in white to get revenge on her.

Heidi scowled and then unceremoniously dropped Ross to the ground, shaking her head and muttering, “Damn.”

Even though Heidi wanted to take her revenge even further, she knew that she couldn’t do that now. She couldn’t risk it and would just have to settle for taking the things that were the most important to them. There was already a great satisfaction in that and it would have to be enough.

“We’re even now,” Heidi said, giving a cold glare at Ross and then Nicole before she turned and walked away.

Heidi glanced down at herself again, grinning as she saw her impressive new body. It looked completely and utterly fantastic and felt even better. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind that she was going to enjoy having a body like this. Of course, she’d paid a very high price to get it. She was really going to miss being able to play her flute though maybe she could learn all over again.

Heidi also knew that she wasn’t going to risk someone else ever using the same magic against her so she’d have to be careful how she treated other people. However, that wasn’t going to be difficult since she’d been on the receiving end of the pain and humiliation that built up this kind of karmic debt and wasn’t about to do that to anyone else.

Then Heidi realized that it was going to be very difficult explaining her new body to everyone else on campus and that there were bound to be a lot of questions. There would also be problems as people realized that she’d gained her problems from Nicole, Emily and Ross.

After a moment, Heidi realized that she didn’t really have to deal with all that. It was hard enough walking around campus with everyone whispering about the video and laughing behind her back. No, the smart thing to do was just leave and start over somewhere else. This was the perfect time to start over with a whole new life.

Of course, Heidi knew that she still had several things to take care of before she left. For one, she’d have to find herself some clothes that fit because she was more than half naked at the moment and didn’t have a single thing in her closet that was in her new size. However, there was one other thing she had to do as well. She had to find Professor Lawrence and thank him for his help. She really owed him for giving her that spell and she’d learned the importance of paying your debts.

The End

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Another super hot transfer story from Morpheus.

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Thanks for posting, Morpheus! Great story.

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Great stuff Morpheus.

I especially liked the way you presented the Karmic Balancer's incarnation. Inhuman and regal at the same time.

You have a gift for giving the reader a lot of room to imagine the details while still having a fulfilling tale.

You keep writing and I'll keep reading!

Or else! :-)

...nothing or else... just keep on writing :)

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