Armwrestling match f/f

Armwreslting Match Between Two Titans

Colette Guimond 5-2" tall 19" biceps

Jessica Work 5-8" tall 17.5" biceps

Much anticipation preceded the meeting of these titans. Would the seasoned stalky Colette prevail with her massive muscles on a petit frame or would the youthful towering challenger Jessica overcome due to her mechanical advantage and intense power packed in her growing physique? The question would soon be answered as the two enter the contest room and belly up to the table. At this point it is only a mind game as each one sizes up her opponent and tries to wield the most intimidation possible.

The simple count of "one, two, three" begins the contest and the two lock up and kind of test each other first. Colette clearly holds back at first and as Jess ramps up her power. Colette starts to realize that she could loss some ground so she starts to power up and puts on the full force. Jess feels the irresistible pull of Colette's full horse power and barely can hold on. Both are now pulling with all their might, muscles are flexed but no one is moving. If a tape was pulled out we would see both girls swelling up as their arms fight each other and both develop a huge pump. Before long is feels for them like the end of a heavy arm workout. Jess's bicep muscle feels like it will burst though your skin but she is empowered as she noticed that Colette’s is as well. Colette is sweating and shaking some - giving Jess hope that she may be close to giving up. Suddenly, Colette rallies and makes a Herculean effort to power Jess's arm down and it starts to falter but determination keeps her from yielding. Now Jess is holding on at an impossible angle, only 3" from the pin but she feels just a little weakening of Colette’s grip, not much but just enough to pull together her own rally against Colette.

The odds are against Jess at this point but saving nothing for later she musters all the strength her youthful body has and concentrates all her might into her right bicep. Colette, exhausted, fights back but Jess has already made enough gain to keep the momentum going. Looking down to her arm Jess finds a grandiose feeling as she see her bicep rise and peak as her arm flexes in favor pulling Colette down. The burning of Jesse’s tired bicep is ignored as she gains on Colette.

Colette has such a mountain of powerful mature muscle that she would seem impossible to beat. But the movement of Jess gaining on Colette causes such a rush of adrenalin and other hormones that a feeling superpower fills her young body and just keep slowly moving to pin Colette down.

Once Colette is a few inches from defeat and Jess can almost taste it - the sight of her opponent’s pumped bicep and the feeling of her powerful hand going down to Jess’s strength gives her a warm feeling of intense pleasure and confidence. Finally a rush of euphoria as Colette just quits and her hand slams down to the table in utter defeat.

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Nice work - loved the story. The description of the muscles on these two women is awesome... loved the way they battled!
Thanks for adding the story.

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